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Man, over a year later and I still have a lot of feelings about Chara and Asriel’s relationship. So much so, that I really wanted to make my own Monster Soul Locket so that I could make myself sad and cry. 

Inspired, I went out to Hobby Lobby today to soul-ly buy a heart locket and chain then modified it so it would be inverted and worn upside down. With some wire cutters and a bit of super glue, I finished this in about two hours, and I only spent about four and a half dollars~

Sorry for the crap quality in the last picture. It was hard enough getting the angle right that didn’t include too much of my face. AND YES, I DID TAPE A PIECE OF YELLOW CONSTRUCTION PAPER ONTO A GREEN SHIRT, THANK YOU FOR NOTICING.

I had a lot of free time today, so I drew a picture of @littlelonghairedoutlaw‘s Composer AU (aka my new favorite au)! It’s like … a bit messy? … but I tried. I like to think of this as their first performance after the honeymoon! D’aww, look at them newlyweds …

*tries not to cry over what happens just eight years later*

Anyway hope you like this!

Here is my photo op experience with J2 - this was my first ever convention and it was literally the best weekend of my life. I have been waiting over 7+ years for them to come to Minnesota and meet them. I had the most unforgettable experience. 

It was the best experience i could ever ask for. I’m one of the people who got the most time with them which I am super greatful for. As you can tell in the picture my sister and I got Jerk and Bitch tattoos. We thought that we would do something that hasn’t been done before. So i was standing in line and as we entered the room, I shaking too death and crying. One of the managers comes over to me and says are you okay? do you need to sit, do you need some water. I said yeah, i don’t I am just super nervous I dont know how to act.

I got up too Jensen, i was literally crying and i started at him for like a couple seconds. And then he looked into my eyes and I said “Thank You for everything you do, On September 6th, I’ll be 3 years clean of self-harm.” He just puts his arms around me and says “Thats awesome sweetie, I’m so proud of you.”

Jared was such a puppy, he got all excited at the fact we had Jerk and Bitch tattoos so he was looking around and he goes wheres jerk wheres jerk. Once he saw it, his face lit up. 

Then Jensen looks at me and says “come here let me hold you, we will take a picture.” I was kind of crying in the picture as you can tell. But that was the best moment ever. After the picture Jensen hugged me for two mins literally that long and just let me cry. Everyone around us said awe, even some of the managers. He seriously wouldn’t let me go, I felt so safe and secure it was amazing. I said to him “i love you so much and he said i love you too.” I could tell that Jensen looked over and the photographers were getting mad but he didn’t care. Eventually he said “okay hun, go over and hug Jared, I know he will wanna hug you”

Then I went over to Jared, he was literally standing there with a huge smile on his face and my heart just melted. He literally went and hugged me right away and I said to Jared “Thank you so much for the AlwaysKeepFighting campaign, it means a lot to me, i love you” While Jared was hugging me he was literally swaying me back and forth it was amazing. Then Jared said “no problem, its my pleasure. I love you too, you’re such a doll.” the photographer looks over and said come on lets go. You could tell he was getting mad. But Jared said “just let me hug her.” He eventually let go of me and I left. I was crying and literally shaking to death. 

This was the best day of my life - I met my idols and I couldn’t be anymore happier. I hope all of you get too meet your Idol one day. It will change your life forever. 

Dante was one of my early video game crushes tbh.

Dante, Hwoarang from Tekken, Squall and Raiden. Tiny me had their pictures slapped all over my school books, I was nuts for these games, I completely thrashed them when my brother got bored of his PS2 and logged hundreds of hours replaying and unlocking all the things. I may be the one person who enjoyed DMC2 (At least until my brother bought me DMC3 for Christmas one year, then my whole world got flipped upside down)

Do ppl with functioning families ever realise how easy their lives are?

(not my picture set but I freaking love it!!!)

I just spent my morning listening to my crying grandma who believes my dad threw out her favourite carpet in front of her eyes (the carpet is still in the bloody garage because “he must have taken it back out of the trash afterwards”). But she even swears to have a witness of her coming back to the retirement home crying. [I suspect she’s bordering dementia cos most her storys start being messed up more and more]

This afternoon I have to go to my parents place for tea so I can listen to them fight over minimalistic things like how dare you accidentally throw out the newspaper before I could read it. They can go into vicious screaming matches over things like that.

Just to round up my day with a call to my other nana whose husband passed away this time last year. I call her every evening to listening to her day because she is used to telling someone about it. It’s 30 to 40 minutes every night I listen to her meeting a neighbour or going shopping for milk. After the routine things she goes on and on about how my mom can’t do anything right in her life and how my brother is the most useless young man she ever saw.

Through out all that I can’t cry, because if they can’t complain to me they will be at each others throats. 

If you bothered to read this up till here, let me give you some advise. If you don’t feel like curling up crying more days of the week than not because of your own family, they aren’t that bad. If you haven’t been told at age 13 that you’re the only reason you’re parents are still married (and of course therefore constantly fighting), you will be okay. Everyone has a bad day, just let it go. I’m sure your family will do the same for you.

(none are my pictures/gifs)

firstbeanstalk  asked:

Okay I just binge watched about five episodes of The Flash today and I came out of it deep in snowbert trash! So glad I found your blog and your video you made was adorable!!

[cont]  And sorry I just realized that you credited that video you posted, but I appreciate you posting it! Sorry bout that!

(Oops I did something wrong and published it before actually replying, my bad)

You can join me in the trash can, there’s plenty of room!! We’ll make it cozy and just cry over how beautiful Snowbert is!

And yes!! That video was adorable!! Because of it, I’ve started picturing Caitlin and Julian as Beauty & the Beast…… which is cool! I mean, awful… Dang it, it’s cool and I don’t care!!!

I’m actually making video with a Disney-song for them as well (almost finished with it) and I’m pretty sure I’ll finish it soon because holy crap did you see all that stuff in the new episode!!!!

Thank you for your ask!!

And to everyone else: the Snowbert-trash can is still open!! The more, the merrier!!

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i just read / saw the photos of Bigflo's showcase. seeing lex cry made me emotional since this is his official debut and like he said, he waited for this moment for a long time. i want good things to happen to bigflo, even the members that left (i still love them a lot), as they've went through a lot???? i'm going to stream and tell all my friends about them bc damn ;A; is there anything else we can do to help them?

(Seeing pics of Lex crying made me really emotional too… I was just crying as I posted all the pictures lol, I always have so much love and support for every Bigflo member new or old and so much has happened over the last few months, I just really want the best for them)

Streaming is our main goal right now!! And telling your friends is absolutely helpful, we’ll need help from tons of new fans/people willing to help if we want to pull off 1mil views. Anything else you could do would just be to promote them on social media as much as possible, and leave comments and replies on their social media/official pages to show them your direct support. They usually read all their comments so they’ll definitely appreciate it :)

Kane’s video to Gracie
[November 3rd, 2015]

So, two days ago, I posted a story I’d come across about a young lady with Cerebral Palsey who dressed as Kane for Halloween. Her mission was to get Kane to see the photos in hopes that he’d be honored.

Well, he saw the pictures, and was truly touched by them. In fact, he sent the video above to the parents, who posted the following status:

Friends, family, and every single person who helped get Gracie’s picture to Kane….THANK YOU!!! He just sent her a personal video message via Facebook messenger, and invited us to Raw in Greenville in a couple of weeks!!! I can’t stop crying!! I have never felt so thankful for anything in my entire life….My Cup Truly Runneth Over!!

This warms my heart. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped get the pictures and the story to Kane. Gracie is SO excited to meet her favorite wrestler!!!

(I look like shit, I was crying uncontrollably basically the whole time)
To be honest I’m still trying to figure out how this is real. It was so fucking amazing and I honestly cannot put into words what it meant to me. They were so sweet and I just can’t believe how perfect it was. I got my picture with Sleeping With Sirens and I was already crying a bit and then I turned toward PTV and they were all looking at me and I just kind of lost it like I started crying really hard and I couldn’t keep walking because I was just really emotional. So then Jaime walked over and pulled me in and walked me over to the rest of the band saying “it’s okay! Come on over.” which was pretty spectacular. So then I hugged them all and I was still crying a ton and I kept telling them how much I loved them and it was so surreal. So then they told me “stand in the middle” and so I did and we got ready for the picture but I couldn’t stop crying so Vic put his arm around me like it is in the picture. Once they took it, Vic said, “oh sweetheart, what’s your name?” And I told him my name and then I told them I had things to say to them so I told mike I loved his tattoos and then I asked tony what his middle name was (Vic was like “do you even have one?”) and he said it was a secret, and then I asked Jaime if I could touch his hair and he said “of course!” so I did (it was really soft) and I was still crying and then I told Vic over and over how much I loved him and then I told them all how much I loved them and I almost forgot to give them my letters and Mike was like “oh you’ve got our names in little banners on here!” which was very cute and then it was time for me to go and as I was leaving Vic said “can’t wait to see you tonight!” and Jaime said “yeah, see you in the pit!” and then it was over and I cried a ridiculous amount and I can’t believe that happened holy shit


I just had my graduation and oh my god I know I’m going to cry myself to sleep tonight. I looked horrible. It wasn’t even my clothes or my hair or my makeup. It was my body. I was huge. No not just fat or chubby. I’m OBESE. I’m over 200 pounds and over 6ft tall. My boobs are huge and wide and my thighs could feed every single person that is starving in the world. I’m one of the 4 obese girls in my year and they looked amazing! And the way I took the pictures as well…. My arms were spread and everyone could fit under them (and they did). My friends are so slim! They looked beautiful absolutely beautiful if you saw them you’d be in awe. I’m honestly holding back the tears… I definitely have to do something about my weight… Starting this Sunday 💪💪💪

Whenever I think about Caryl becoming canon I always get a horrible thought of one of them dying in the next episode. Like, I imagine that they’re finally together and then in the next ep a heard of walkers causes one to die, or someone sneak shooting from the bushes, leaving the other one upset as shit and crying.

So now with a possible Caryl reunion next episode, and everyone theorising that they’re getting together, I’m getting this thought again.

Like what if the picture of Carol next to the fire is part of their ‘get together’ scene, and in 7x11 one of them dies. For example, the Saviours find Daryl, and kill one of them. They could kill Carol and leave Daryl devastated, or just kill Daryl like they said they would.

Please get rid of my brain coz this overthinking is gonna fuck me over more than it already does in my life.

I love my japanese teacher so much. she is so kind, like a grandmother to me. Today i went to her house and there was a mix-up so she wasnt expecting me but she welcomed me in anyway. In the room where we sit she had a dozen pictures of labrador retriever puppies printed out and spread over her table. she said she just printed them out because she thought they were cute. She showed me one picture of a kitten and a puppy together and she said that when she was little she had no brothers or sisters so she just played with pets. she likes labradors best. i dont know my teacher is just so sweet it makes me want to cry.

Rehoming my kitties

Hey, its me. Aiden. I feel like shit for asking this but i need help. My sister cant take care of my cats anymore and i have no idea what to do. Im not charging anything i just want them to go to good loving homes. This is stressing the both of us out and shes having a baby soon and i dont want her to stress over this. Ill add pictures to this when i can of them both or ill have my sister add on to this…. inbox her: lovenaytia if youre intrested or of you want more details… id really appreciate at it. Anyone in the dallas/fortworth area is welcome to ask.

A women that I work with was just in chatting at my desk and saw my pictures of one direction and mentioned that she was sad they were breaking up, and I said well don’t be because harry and louis are going to get married during their break and she was like wait WHAT??? Fast forward to no joke, 5 minutes later, and she was crying over the rope and anchor tattoos and said that ‘I bet they only hold hands on that side because they want it to match up’. I then showed her the meet and great picture of them actually holding hands and she went ‘ahhh oh my god look at louis’ face when he looks at harry, wow that is love right there.’

See how easy it is.

MEET & GREET! Submit your meet & greet stories and photos to You are emailed back when they will be posted to the website.

last night (2/11/15) i met my favorite band in the whole world, pierce the veil. two years ago, i never thought it would ever happen. my dad drove me 3 hours just to see them. i immediately just started crying when i saw them because i didn’t believe that the men who saved my life were standing right in front of me. i walked over and vic hugged me. i gave him a snickers i got him for his birthday the previous day and it made him so happy, it was adorable. then we took our picture and i hugged vic again, hugged jaime, then left. i was really nervous so i forgot to hug mike and tony, i felt so bad :( i walked out of the m&g area and got my signed poster. i started crying again because i couldn’t believe that just happened. i met pierce the veil. i walked down to the stage and got second row, i was so close!! i watched their show and it was incredible. i never thought i’d be there. it was definitely a night i’ll never forget. :)