these are not mine lol


You’ve been feeling its presence for a while now yet you haven’t gotten up the nerve to sit up and look at it. Every night it crawls out from the mural on your door, the forest you had painted out of boredom one night. A slew of dark greens and blues mixed for a cold, almost ominous painting.

You’ve felt it from the first night, the room would get colder and you could hear the light clicking of claws on your wood floor it would crawl onto your bed post and then it would be silent. Somehow it never unnerved you and instead the presence brought you comfort and you always drifted into sleep not long after it’s arrival.

One day, one day you gathered your courage.

In the softest voice you could, you spoke.

“I know you’re there, would you like to rest with me?” You asked and the room felt colder than before. There was a bit of fear in your heart that you either scared it or made it angry but you tried again, this time you dragged your blanket off of you leaving a space for it.

“You’re from my painting, yes? You must be cold… I know it’s a dark damp place. I won’t hurt you.” You hear it moving before it crawls back onto the floor and there’s a moment of worry as you think it’s going to crawl back to the door.

But then you feel the bed dip as hands crawl onto the bed and while you desperately want to turn and see it, you don’t want to frighten it. As it crawls into bed it seems reluctant to be close to you. Then in a low gravely voice, it whispers out;


You take in its word nodding.

“I can make you warm, can I turn around?” You whisper and you feel a cold smooth surface against your neck, it nods into your neck and you smile. As multiple pairs of clawed hands gently reach for you. You slowly sit up and carefully turn towards it, there isn’t much light to see it in but you make out it’s form.

It’s head seemed to smooth and now you know why, it’s head was what looked like a cow skull, there was something black dripping from it but it didn’t seem to be soaking into the bed it’s body was hard to see but you saw at most four pairs of arms, it’s legs were curled up and still hanging off your bed and you gently reached out a hand to touch its chest, it flinched and let out a low rumbled and you pulled back but you must have misinterpreted the growl as it quickly turned into a whine.

“…Cold…” the voice was less gravely and more pleading and you nodded your head.

“Okay, Okay. Lets just curl up then.” You smile fondly at it and pull the blanket over the two of you as you lay down, resting on its chest. It’s arms envelope you and pull you in tightly and the rumble returns. The creature was extremely cold but in no time it started to feel a little warmer. It nuzzles into you and you smile leaning up to press a soft kiss on its mouth. The low rumbling that you have decided is purring stuttered slightly before it buried its face in your hair.

The two of you cuddled in silence (aside from the purring) until it let out a content sigh.