these are not in order bc i liked the way it looked

listen, if i walked into a bar and saw sebastian stan sitting there looking like this

i would order two shots of the strongest whiskey they got, down them both and then immediately turn around and walk out the way i came in bc honestly what the fuck

i’ll be posting pre-orders for my yuri on ice charms sometime soon!!

i love yuri, yurio and gru so much

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Not hating but personally i strongly dislike ushioi only bc oikawa and iwachan hate him like why would i want to ship my fave character with his rival lol

Well, strongly disliking something might not equal hating, but sending me this out of the blue.. kinda does. I mean, why did you do that? Okay, UshiOi is not your cup of tea, that’s cool, but it’s mine, you know? Why’d you go out of your way to tell me that? You knew that it would only upset me. 

I might be getting you wrong, but since you put this as a rhetorical question it definitely doesn’t feel like you’re asking me about my opinion on UshiOi in order to understand what’s appealing about it to me. If I’m wrong, correct me, but to me this is not what a friendly ask from a curious anon who’s interested in what I have to say looks like.

Moreover, I’m sorry, but you definitely shouldn’t be allowed to use strong words like “hate” because you clearly can’t handle them. There might be a million parallel universes, but in none of them Oikawa and Iwaizumi actually hate Ushijima. This is a shounen manga; it’s sports and school and comedy and deals with relationships between high school students who are passionate about volleyball. There are friendships and rivalries, jealousy, happiness, euphoria, disappointment, and whatever else, but there isn’t anything that could truly be called hate

A rivalry doesn’t equal hate, and actually having rivals can be a very healthy thing and is also pretty essential for the players’ development in competitive sports. There’s a lot more I could say about this, but I’m sorry, I don’t feel lke you’d care, and this is something that feels so obvious to me, I don’t feel like writing a long text about this.

Also, you do know that the rivals-to-lovers trope is actually a very, very popular one? People ship their favourite characters with their rivals all the time and for a lot of reasons. If you don’t, once again, that’s cool, but please don’t bother anyone who does with your negativity. 

The Cream to Your Coffee 1/2 - twoshot

All Rights Reserved

Part 1 of 2

(Bc coffeeshopAUs are so cute sorry)

Chanyeol eyes the customer in front of him warily, with interest: he’s cute, he thinks. Shortish and smol-bean-like, with bright, beady eyes and hair that shags over his slim face in an endearing way. He’s wearing a fluffy, wintery wool sweater that seems to shrink his form, and his cheeks are a flushed pink due to the chilled weather outside. Chanyeol’s eyes fall to the smaller man’s lips, which are like a smiley little bowtie under his nose.

“Are you sure you want black coffee?” asks Chanyeol, dubious.

“Yes. I’m sure.”

The barista tilts his head forward, eyebrows raised. “As in…no milk or cream? Just straight black coffee?”

The stranger shrugs, nods. “Mmhm. Yep.”

Chanyeol glances down to the pad in front of him and enters the customer’s order. “Sorry. You just - ” He looks up and sees the smaller man watching him, notices the cute tilt of his head and smile lingering on his lips. “ - don’t look like the kind of person that likes hardcore coffee.”

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That's alright, not your fault lol. But my question is about the afghan community in Iran, but more towards why do Iranians look so down on afghans? Bc for me growing up I always got the "Iranians are like the Americans and afghans are like the Mexicans" or "afghans ain't shit" or "afghans came from us anyways" and I'm really confused? Like how are they "below us" yet they came "from us" idk I love and respect afghan culture so much so I'm trying to understand why all he hate?

Well, let’s go all the way back to 1980 when the Afghan immigration to Iran (at least in large numbers) truly started, after the soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

The leader in Iran at the time said that Islam has no borders and he ordered the borders of Iran to be opened to Afghan citizens who wish to escape the war and come to Iran. 

In the same year, in 1980, Iran had a revolution, Iran and US relations became bad, really bad, many sanctions were put on Iran and also Iraq invaded Iran. So a lot happened. 

All of this led to a massive shortage of resources in Iran, you had to have coupons to buy food/gasoline/etc. This situation continued for a while after the war until the mid 90′s and what do politicians and uniformed and angry people do in a dire situation? scapegoat the immigrants. 

Ever since then many things changed, the dynamic between Iranians and Afghans changed. There was no longer an open border, so many had to come to Iran illegally and now they were seen as illegal immigrants that are taking the job from the locals, not as people who are escaping a horrific, decade long war. 

It became fashionable for some parliament members in Iran to blame Afghans and other migrants for the lack of jobs in their district, that helped the animosity.

Now, It’s important to note that not all Iranians have those feelings, majority DO NOT and you have to remember Iran itself was coming out a war that killed half a million, destroyed several of its major cities and was under decades long international sanctions that continue to this day.

So that’s a basic run down. Bottom line though, most Iranians like Afghans.

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Hello! First I wanna thank you for your "Magnus and Jewelry" gifsets, they are super awesome. Now, may I ask you if it's possible for you to share the psd you used here >> /post/150867071183 . Magnus skin looks the perfect color and I think it will help many people who have hard time with coloring POC characters. Thank you :)

I’m glad you like it!! I’ll share my base PSD since I don’t really work with fully colored PSDs. I color each gif individually; the lighting is just too different scene to scene. Like, the layers for this gif would make Magnus in this one as orange as the sun if I transferred them straight over.

Here’s the base PSD I’ve made that I use for everything:

☆ { DOWNLOAD }  ☆

You’ll notice it’s very dark/minimal; it’s literally just a base. The way I use it is that while I’ll always alter the individual layers of my base + build on them, the order they’re in rarely changes. Additional layers usually go directly above or under to brighten and color, but almost never in between. I have a color adjustment tutorial here.

I find more important than the PSD itself is knowing what your final outcome should look like. So I’ve made a palette for Magnus (using my base PSD) that should hopefully serve as a reference point:

[Note that this doesn’t include stylized colorings – that’s a more complicated topic and at that stage it really just depends on the individual set. Some are totally fine but others are more iffy which is why I encourage people to learn proper skin tones first before experimenting.]


“Chris temporarily lost touch with his niceness and called his friend a **** in so venomous a fashion that our lovable Caledonian felt moved to respond thus, ‘I’m going to fucking hit you in a minute’. ‘Well go on then!’ came the retort, sounding more like an order than an invite.”

being short my entire life has conditioned me to be the opposite of claustrophobic. youd catch me fitting into the smallest spaces i could possibly fit myself in just for funsies. i found a storage space my mom kept blankets in with a tiny bit of room left over and burrowed myself in there with a flashlight and books and chilled there for a week reading til she found out. i won hide and seek at school once bc no one thought to look in the thin lockers. while i was staying in the hospital they had to lock the closet bc i just liked to sit in there. if i find something i can fit in i’ll find a way

  • anyways please think about this soulmate au
  • where everything is in black and white until you see your soulmate and then BAM colour for days
  • and like here is raphael kinda just chilling bc he doesnt think he has a soulmate
  • God wouldnt give someone damned to go to hell a soulmate, he thinks
  • and so he lives his life and he protects the clan from camille whenever he can
  • he watches his brothers grow old and die as does his other family and any other friend he had
  • and he lives like this for years still a tiny baby getting used to vampire life
  • and around him people are meeting soulmates and are falling in love
  • and some get married and he is happy for them in his lowkey way
  • and life goes on like this. he thinks this is all life is ever going to be
  • and then comes this..this mundane.
  • he kidnaps him because camille orders it but he never really looked at him
  • he spares him a glance as they’re on the way back to the hotel
  • and B O O M there it is COLOUR
  • and its so shocking that raphael just orders the other vamp to drop the mundane in its cell
  • and he hides in his room
  • and is so shocked and lil baby looks at literally everything
  • he picks up every single object and admires it and the colour and its even sharper since hes a vampire
  • and like he looks over at his jackets and YES most are in black but its different mommm
  • and hes just in so much awe and once he calms down a bit it hits him
  • holyshitholyshit this mundane is his soulmate
  • raphael curses the goddamn universe
  • and so he goes into the cell and he lowkey meets him
  • cue the whole ‘you dont need me’ ‘on the contrary I DO’
  • and raphael watches simon freak out and talk nonstop
  • and hes just thinking good god what have i done that is /so/ sinful that god is punishing me with this
  • but deep down raphael likes this kid
  • it reminds him of this brothers and the noise and energy and he likes the kid
  • but then it occurs to him that he cant be with the boy. not if hes here against his will
  • and raphael may be a vampire but his mother raised a good boy and he isnt turning back on those ideals
  • and so he helps simon escape and spits out a ‘you mean nothing’
  • and he bitterly watches his soulmate leave
  • and for the next few days hes so bitter and The Worst to be around bc hes so /angry/
  • but hes slowly recovering and goes back into himself
  • and raphael freaks out bc one one hand does this mean that simon /wants/ to be with him? who would want to be with a monster like him??
  • and on the other raphael feels the need to protect him from camille
  • so he hisses him away and for the second time in his life he watches his soulmate leave him
  • but then eventually one bitter day he finds smon
  • realizes that camille did the Thing him and so he does the responsible thing
  • he goes to the Institute
  • and as the shadowhunters are flocking about and he wants to yell at them
  • he wants to tell them to be careful because god that person is /important/ cant you see how important he is??
  • eventually he Turns him into a vampire
  • raphael isnt sure how the soulmate thing will work
  • if the world will come in coulor automatically or if it’ll be black and white before turning into coulor?
  • he doesnt get a chance to ask
  • simon throws him in the truck
  • and he goes into his own personal hell
  • and raphael wants nothing more than to give him a hug to hold him and love him because raphael santiago has sosososo much love to give
  • but he holds back
  • the days go on as simon comes back into the hotel
  • but finally they do and its on raphael’s cue
  • bc raphael is an impatient boy
  • and he starts off about how theyre soulmates
  • and simon is confused
  • ‘how??’
  • ‘i saw colour from when i first glanced at you idiota keep up’
  • and simon gets really quiet
  • like rEALLYREALLY quiet
  • and it scares the hell out of raphael
  • ‘what?’
  • ‘i can see colour too…’
  • ‘yes thats what happens after you meet your soulmate dios mio’
  • ‘no. not when i saw you. when i saw…clary’
  • raphaels heart would have stopped if he still had one
  • ‘it probably just came in late since you just Turned’
  • simon shook his head
  • ‘no i saw everyone first. and it was a few days later and i looked at clary again bc she called me over and then…then colour came in for me’
  • raphael is shocked
  • and he has no idea what to say
  • simon quietly stands up and leaves bc he knows nothing he will say can make the situation better
  • and raphael watches his soulmate walk out on him again
  • and he thinks that yeah God would give him a soulmate after all
  • but his soulmate would come with a catch

“Fuck.” She whispers to herself as she gulps down another shot, it had been her….however many-th, she’d been drinking at the bar for what felt like all day, she had to. Because when Savannah was sad, this was the only way to drown out her sorrows. She orders another before looking at the person next to her, barely able to make out their face in her drunken state. “You know what? Life blows, don’t let anyone tell you different kid.” As if anyone could actually make out her slurs.

stevebuckypeggy rec list bc i’m trash, basically

i’m a little bit obsessed with this ot3 (and by obsessed i mean i read literally everything that gets posted in the ao3 tag bc i need it like oxygen) so i might as well do something productive with all this knowledge right?

so in no particular order, i present you the probably way too long list of stevebuckypeggy fics i love:

Strike Gold Along This Shore - steve and peggy are married and own a tattoo shop, one day bucky literally falls on peggy. yes it is as cute as it sounds. feat. genderfluid bucky and a cameo of foggy. 28k so far.

When They Sound the Last All Clear - this only has one chapter out so far but it is so beautifully written that i had to include it, it literally made me cry actual tears (and the summary looks promising, check it out). 5k so far.

Devils And Heathens - “Peggy Carter didn’t go looking for trouble, or Bucky Barnes, or a threesome. Sometimes these things just find you.”. porn with plot, and feelings, and angst. 9k.

Blatant Disrespect for Government Property + sequel It Won’t Be Long Now - porn without plot, and it is great, specially the second part. 2k each of them.

Being mean to Bucky Barnes for fun and pleasure (series) - more porn without plot, god help me. 13k.

Give Up The Ghost - steve dies, bucky doesn’t. peggy and bucky meet at his grave and end up together eventually. steve turns out to be not dead. having a poly relationship in the 40s/50s is more complicated than anticipated. i am not doing this fic any justice but it is so great and with so much going on that i don’t know how to summarize it but it is one of my favorite fics ever. 126k so far (yeah, holy shit, i know).

Young Turks - modern au with hipster!steve and peggy and punk!bucky who was a guitarist until he lost his hand. 69k.

light a match and burn them down - this goes from cute ot3 shenanigans -until the plot from catfa gets in the way- to super soldier!peggy hunting down the winter soldier, to peggy and bucky hunting down hydra, to steve coming back, plus some cartinelli. angsty af but with a happy ending. 5k

Indents - “His dog tags are clenched in Peggy’s fist; JAMES B BARNES all in little raised, gray letters. Bucky wishes Steve hadn’t been so insistent they do it like this, with sharp, unrelenting metal. Hell, he wishes Steve wouldn’t be so set on doing this at all” yep, more porn, this has a little tiny bit of plot if you squint. trigger warning for breathplay. 1k.  

Happy New Year (war is over if you want it) - the everyone lives au you need in your life.  2k.

Glitches in the System - soul mates au. angsty bc that’s what this ship is made of. 4k.

ghosts in the machine - super soldier!peggy and bucky trying to take down hydra while no one knows they are alive with some help from natasha. ties in with catws which means sam, maria, clint and of course steve are there. 7k.

Want Me Like Time - porn with some plot and a lot of feelings. 13k.

Practical Mathematics - not exactly a stevebuckypeggy fic but too hilarious not to include it, steve explaining to tony his ‘inexperience’ when it came to sex, and that somehow includes a threesome, among other things. 1k.

earn your keep - bank robbers au with hella on point characterization, especially steve. 5k.

Now or Never - porn without plot. also peggy is amazing, but we all know that. 8k.

So It Goes Like This - modern au with cis female steve, which i know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a good fic. a lot of fluff. 6k.

tagged by @coeurazon , thanks so much!

1. Where is your cell phone? In my hand (previously it was on my desk)
2. Your hair? Actually a warmish light brown but looks a dark brown when it’s greasy. Very, very straight but I generally like the way it looks. Very thick but surprisingly soft.
3. Your mom? Basically the only friend who’s been with me through everything so far and I know will be with me in the years to come too. She’s very order-oriented though, and we easily clash.
4. Your other half? I haven’t split myself for anybody yet.
5. Your favourite food? Uhm pizza is everlasting but generally I like meaty dishes and I love spices on EVERYTHING
6. Your dream last night? I think I had one but I can’t remember that one so the dream from the night before. I was taking Calculus BC and there was only one other girl and she was taking Calculus AB and at first the exam room was our kitchen and our exam supervisor was President Snow from The Hunger Games but then everything changed and there was a building and at first my family and I were shopping then I seemed to take the exam there and at last I was resuming the exam in a middle school but like. everything about the exam kept changing and I kept discovering that I’d skipped pages and it said ‘optional’ on top and I later learned that I had to do them too and I wrote FUCKING ESSAYS in a math exam. It was horrifying to the extreme.
7. Your favourite drink? I do enjoy…tea. And apple juice/apple soda.
8. Fear? Being caged in/restricted/controlled
9. Your home away from home? The old buildings where I imagine I’m on adventures, and of course the sea/ocean. (Mountains could do OK too) + I’ve been having this weird craving for cherry blossom trees from when I was in Japan so…that counts
10. Where were you last night? At the movies
11. Something that you aren’t? I’ve never felt jealous in my whole life..
12. Muffins? I like chocolate ones but I prefer cupcakes tbh.
13. Wish list item? Books, photoshop? Books.
14. Where you grew up? Relatively busy part of Istanbul
15. Last thing you did? Chemistry weekend homework (and calculus before that)
16. What are you wearing now? Pajamas
17. Your TV? It’s big and pretty nice cause my parents and I watch a lot of movies together so we’re willing to spend on it lmao
18. Your pets? Never :/ had :/ one:/ (future dog owner though, and probably a cat as well)
19. Friends? Glad they’re there, especially now.
20. Your life? Better than how it was a short time ago.
21. Missing someone? Not really, but I am missing places and times.

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i find it rly frustrating when i put in a lot of effort only to receive lower grades than i was aiming for. then to rub the salt in my wounds, ppl in my class will be complaining about their high 80s and 90s. i get that in some ways we're in the same boat bc maybe they were aiming for a 95 and only got a 90, but at the same time it kinda brings me down when i look at my 60 or 70. do u think that's inconsiderate of them? what do u do when u get a mark ur not satisfied with?

idk i get that it’s annoying but i can’t really say it’s inconsiderate bc like you said, i guess they’re the same in that they have their own goals and are just disappointed that they didn’t reach them too?? as for what i do when i get an unsatisfactory grade, i try to look over the content again + see what i missed/got wrong in order try and prepare better for the next test. i actually recently got an unsatisfactory grade in my bio online test which tbf!! had some rly crappy questions on there but whatever. onwards and upwards anon!! all we can do is review the material and try to do better in the next test 💪🏼

anon honesty hour ✨  send me a message!


- i hear it raining and i’m 99% sure that avery wore byrons shoes outside and then left them there lol
- i went to sleep at like 8 last night. i had such a long day yesterday, i was up before 6 and i went to the library with all of the kids and even a short outing like that is exhausting with 3
- i have a midwife appointment today and i dont really want to go bc its an hour away and i have to go by myself w aspen and she hates the car 😖 just going to look forward to the espresso i can get on my way there
- i have a headache. i think i just need to drink way more water and eat a lot better. we ended up ordering pizza last night and i think that was a very bad idea
- i am wanting to do capsule wardrobes for myself and the kids. i finally went thru all the kids clothes that ive just been tossing in our closet for over a month and i pulled out new 2ts and 3-6 months for india & aspen. india is halfway there to a spring/summer capsule w avery’s hand me downs, i just need to buy a few more things. aspens will probably evolve to something that looks like a capsule (but babies grow so fast so we will see). avery has absolutely no spring/summer clothes in her size so i have to literally start from the beginning with her. i found this website called that has a lot of solid colored clothing pieces that are inexpensive so i might pick up a few things for each of the kids from that site. i’ll really work on my capsule wardrobe when i lose the baby weight
- i scored some used red creek handmade clothes for aspen & india on a bst page and i’m super excited about it! well, the shirt i got is 12-18 months but from my experience they run a little big so im hoping it fits india. if not i will just store it for aspen to wear next spring.
- i want today to be better than yesterday but i feel like when i leave the house, everything is thrown off. blah, gotta stay optimistic


“A catcher gives a pitcher signs in order to retire a batter. In order to retire a batter, a pitcher throws to where a catcher asks him. The pitcher and the catcher form a battery that merges their thoughts and feelings into one. With just this, we’ll become partners.

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okay but like.. when you post moodboards and character posters and stuff you just post it in order and it'll line up the way its supposed to depending on the dimensions/ sizes of the image right? (sorry for the elementary ask i don't wanna test it bc yike idk how to do anything)

don’t worry omg it’s not a silly ask :”)

if you select a couple photos and upload them at the same time, tumblr will randomly sort them. like when I was uploading my character poster (which are 6 pics), tumblr sorted them like 


2 3 4 

5 6 

even though they’re all the same size. so, I dragged a pic to where I wanted to place it. does this makes sense? I’m sorry omg

also, don’t be scared to test it!! I always save my edits to draft first to see if it looks fine.

poppunkedt  asked:

Okay also. When placing my order i looked for somewhere to leave a note for him bc my preferred name is not my birth name and the order currently has my birth name on it. But I didn't see a spot for a note, so when I got the confirmation email, it said to reply if I had any questions. So I replied and said basically "yo the name on the order is not my preferred name and zack is writing people's names on the things and I would like it to be this name instead pls" but I haven't heard back,,,

(2) which isn’t abnormal or anything but it’s also kinda giving me anxiety :)))) but I’ll be over the moon either way. At least it’s him 💕

well, Z and whoever helps him do get a lot of orders. I’m somewhat sure he’ll see it, if not, then maybe it got lost in the email? You can really only sit and hope he saw it. 

give me graffiti artist bitters though

like not just tagging his name but saying important things (and doing murals when he can get away with it)

give me bitters from a year or so before the war, when he saw things were going bad and going bad fast and knew he couldn’t be a soldier, so he might as well fight back against the Feds with words

bitters who got away with defacing a government building once (or twice or six times, who’s counting) upon a time because he got away quick enough that nobody knew who the hell did it

bitters who made something that, rumor has it, after the war hit and sides were picked, was seen by a patrol of Feds and inspired them to jump sides and fight for the rebels

give me bitters who, after the war is finally, mercifully over, looks back on the ashes that were Armonia and can pick out the remains of just a couple of his old works. Instead of giving up, he orders spray paint through requisitions.

nobody knows who wrote “Welcome to Armonia” on top of the biggest building in the current base, but it’s made too many pilots cry to be taken down now.

bakugoukatsxki  asked:

86 for the drabble thing? with ur ocs bc im curious

86. “I guess dying with you isn’t the worst way to go.” 
oc used : alfie bc i love to suffer
*info: alfie is a synth, meaning he is a robot but was reprogrammed to act and feel like a human would. he looks like a wood elf.

Woosh. Thwack.

The graceless Alfie, the clumsy, bumbling, humiliating Alfie now sprinted without a hitch, weaving in between the forest trees as crackling arrows soared past him. At his heels padded the gray and white canine, barking fiercely as he followed his companion. 

It was the humans–it was always the humans that held such contempt for him. Even though he did nothing but love with his mechanical heart, they simply wished to shatter it to pieces. Recently, he began to conceal his once confident semblance in order to live alongside real people; the moment they discovered he was none but machinery, they never saw his face again.

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I work at a large chain grocery store as a cashier. I have very short hair and I like it that way bc it’s easy to take care of. I ring this old man through and as soon as his order is done he looks at me, almost with curiosity and says, deadass, “you look like a boy”. And like???? What do you say to that really. I was dumbfounded so my first reaction was to say “thank you”. Idk why old men feel the need to say shit like that to me like ??????? Stop it I don’t know you???? & And y'all think ppl from Canada r nice. Meet the customers of large chain grocery stores and u’ll change ur mind real quick.