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Thank goodness for the “read more” feature on this site. I am 7 pages, single spaced, into my Timberman recap, approx 3500 words so far, and just started the “Run” portion.

Didn’t realize so much happened during the race…

I feel like I’m pretty good at keeping the reader’s attention, but this is going to be a stretch, haha.

Black American problems: I’m worried about anti-black racism. I’m worried about me or my loved ones being gunned down by the police or a trigger happy neighborhood watchman for no good reason and then being called a thug and blamed for my own murder bc of one picture I took years ago

Muslim American problems: I’m worried about Islamophobia and being racially profiled, spied on by my own government, and automatically being treated like a terrorist and being religiously persecuted

Mexican American problems: I’m worried about xenophobia. And I’m worried about being blamed for every disease outbreak and being demonized in the media and having my relatives deported bc they got caught jay walking

White people problems: I don’t get to say the n-word or wear blackface or tell racist jokes bc someone might call me racist. I can’t wear a bindi bc I have to worry about cultural appropriation. I can’t just say the first offensive thing that pops into my head bc now I also have to worry about political correctness. People are asking me to moderately modify my behavior and think of someone’s feelings other than my own. Life is so hard & unfair for white people. Boo hoo

Do you have kids? Have you ever wondered who actually raised that kid who claims to be your own? To celebrate today’s publication of my latest picture book STEVE, RAISED BY WOLVES (about some beastly behavior during the first day of school), I’ve started a tumblr for you to commiserate about (and yes, laugh at) one anothers’ kids’ Raised by Wolves moments. Please send in a story, video, or photo & enjoy the book with your feral cubs.

i remember when i emailed staff abt nazis spreading pics of me without my consent and they told me that it doesnt go against their policy even tho

1) its illegal to spread pics of a minor without parental consent

2) all pictures of me(that i take myself) are my own personal copyright

so no, emailing staff abt the update wont do anything

regularconniemaheswaran asked:

I always see that being a good studyblr is about posting your own content and most people I follow do post their own content. It always fascinates me how quality their products are and how pretty their desk is. Looking at my own desk, although clean, I always see it as being kind of a closed off ugly wooden desk, it makes me rather conscious of my own pictures. Is there any tips you can give to make my pictures more appealing maybe?

Hey! The main reason I advise new studyblrs to post their own content is because it’s more about the aesthetic of learning than your desks aesthetic!
Studyblrs will interact with your post to encourage you to learn and do the best you can and also to use your motivation, focus and effort to study to motivate others and themselves to do the same.
When you see your wooden desk which you dislike, others will see the hard work you’re putting into your study and will be motivated by that!

Another selfie with the How To Marry A Millionaire Style Mirror in Taskers. 💃🏼
If you’re on Twitter, can you please report @monroe_art as they’re taking all of my personal pictures and posting them as they’re own. I’ve asked them multiple times to stop and they’ve ignored me. Thank you! 💟

This weekend

I’m finally going to be ready to shoot my own pictures for my first escort ad. I have a really nice Nikon from high school and some photog skills I just need to get some new lingerie and have the house empty so I can set up the shoot lol. I have a feeling this is going to be really fun…


I’m honestly in awe at this journal that I found on the beach. it left no indication of who left it there, or why they did. it contained beautiful sketches of the beach, marine life, plants, and houses. I drew my own drawing in it (not pictured) and placed it back in its container along with its pen. thank you oregon

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