these are my only friends and they hate eachother

Son of Haggar part 4

Lance just stared at the mirror, improving what he was going to say to Hunk. God, he even practiced with Shiro.

Hunk’s opinion mattered to him so much. If everyone (not Shiro of course) went against him, he would be happy with Hunk by his side. And Shiro too.

Lance took a deep breath and put on the makeup that was washable, his blue lion hat, and sunglasses. And walked out of his safe haven.

The walked to the dining and kitchen area felt like a walk to hell, it was agonizing. And saw Hunk there, baking something. Hunk hum a song that Lance can’t put his finger on it.

“Hey buddy.” Lance said as he looked at the yellow paladin. Hunk paused and looked over to his shoulder. And gasped with pure happiness, and stop everything he was doing to ran up to Lance and hug him.

Lance took in the warmth of the best friend and smiled, missing this so much. “Finally you came to talk to me bud!” Hunk said as he pulled away and smiled brightly at the short paladin. Lance smiled back. “Yea I do have something to say.” Lance said.

“Sure baby, you can talk to me as I finished this purple cake.” Hunk chuckled as he walked back to finished his work. Lance followed and stand a few inches away from.

“Don’t say anything until I’m done ok?…” Hunked as he mixed something.

“I know I been distant lately and I’m sorry for it. But I do have something to say… No it’ll be easier to show you..” Lance said. Hunk stopped mixing and looked at Lance.

Lance closed his eyes and grabbed the wet towel that Hunk was using, started to rub it on his face. As he pulled away, he pulled of both the glasses and hat off of him. Lance took a deep breath as if he was going to drown.

And looked at Hunk, his brown golden like eyes widened as he dropped the mix. He stared quietly in shock. Lance looked down, and began.

“Some missions ago, I met Haggar. And… she used some kind of space magic to… show my true form. And confessed that she was the original paladin and…” Lance was so scared to say this, he wasn’t even told Shiro. “I’m her son…”

Lance felt the tears come down and his breath hitched, afraid to see an scared Hunk, mad Hunk, or worst both.

“Please don’t hate me…”

But Lance felt two large strong arms wrap around him. Holding him close, Lance shut his eyes and cried. “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you by being distant.” Lance confessed. Hunk rubbed his back and whispered, “Im your best friend Lance..I would never hate you.”

They held eachother that felt like hours, but it was only 2 minutes.

“Don’t tell anyone..” Lance whispered, as he calmed down. “Shiro already knows…I want to tell them myself..”

Hunk pulled away and smiled softly at his best friend. “Of course dude, my lips are shut.”

Lance smiled back at Hunk, and was so thankful that two people were by his side now.


This is after the small fanfic by the lovely @jadaboo327

Please do look them up!!

Part 3 ->
Baby Buttercream || Josh Pieters

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Word Count: 2.6k+

Summary: You and josh hate eachother, it’s as simple as that. But what happens when suddenly, things are a whole lot more complicated than they ever had been before?

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, its my first lengthy(!!) fix and I had so much fun writing it over the course of the day. I hope you love it xo

Your relationship with Josh was, complicated, per say. You weren’t dating, nor were you very good friends; in fact you argued more often than you’d like to admit. Your conversations were short and snappy, and the only real reason you continued to acknowledge him was for the sake of your bestfriend, Joe Sugg.

When Joe and Caspar lived together, you spent the majority of your free time at their apartment. There was hardly a thing about either of them you didn’t know, barely an inch of their bodies you hadn’t seen. From shower pranks to simply watching Caspar walk around naked: you’d see it all. They’d become like brothers to you, the two people you could count on for everything - those who you trusted with your whole being.

And then, as if you were being punished for something, Josh Pieters travelled to London from South Africa, and just wouldn’t leave. He stayed at the boys’ apartment, and seemed to be there every minute of everyday. You couldn’t just arrive and make yourself comfortable on their sofa anymore, instead you had to be on your toes, ready with a sarcastic response at all times.

It wasn’t a secret that you didn’t particularly like the tall ginger; in fact, Caspar found it highly amusing whenever you’d argue, and especially enjoyed when your spits would turn into actual wrestling matches.

A year later, celebrated the end of an era. Joe and Caspar moved into their own apartments, Josh moved in with the Maynard brothers, after a few days of staying there, you claimed the spare bedroom at Joe’s: which he said he’d initially decorated for you nonetheless. You still had your own apartment, though you were barely ever there. By that point, it was used for storage purposes more than anything else.

And so, in conclusion, there was no real reason for you to have to see Josh anymore. You weren’t forced to be in the same apartment together, nor did you have any reason to actually see one another other than at events - and yet, for some strange reason, you found yourself missing him. The sarcastic arguments, the challenging looks, the way he’d pick you up as if you weighed nothing and would throw you across the room and onto the couch.

Then, when you felt like you were finally getting used to not having him around, Joe decided that it’d be a good idea to invite the whole “squad” over for a movie night - and completely forgot to tell you. And so at eleven pm, you walked out of your bedroom with your glasses on the end of your nose and your booty shorts and tank top covering your freshly showered body barely. Your hair was wet, hanging over your shoulders, having only been towel dried, and your face was completely free of any traces of makeup.

It wasn’t unusual for you to walk around the apartment like this: it was your home and Joe had made it clear on various occasions that he’d seen you naked more times than he could remember, and so seeing you in just your underwear of your ‘barely there’ pyjamas wasn’t exactly the end of the world. He was right, in a way, you’d known the Sugg siblings since you were three and had spent many a summer day in their paddling pool.

What you weren’t prepared for, however, was to walk into the lounge and can come to face with every single one of Joe’s friends, including Josh. They all turned to face you when they heard your quiet footsteps, saying their hello’s and Caspar even getting up to give you a quick hug before he threw himself back onto the couch. You and Josh shared a hostile look that made a few of the boys laugh, but you simply rolled your eyes and turned to walk into the kitchen - fixing yourself a bowl of cereal and grabbing a metal spoon from the drawer.

Joe looks up from his editing program at the sound of metal against glass and eyes you strangely. “Why are you having breakfast for dinner?”

You grin around the spoon and swallow your mouthful, before leaning your torso up against the counter sand pushing the flakes into the milk. “Because I can.” He rolls his eyes but smiles at you softly before he looks away, causing you to glance back down at your cereal with less tension in your shoulders than before.

As it turned out, the boys weren’t planning on leaving that night - not until he early hours of the morning anyways. They filmed a messy video for one of their channels as you caught with your favourite actors and actresses on your computer at the breakfast island. By the time they were finished, it was two am and apparently, not even that had been enough to satisfy their boredom, for they all decided to go out to a club and get pissed - something they hadn’t done in a while.

When you heard the front door close and all of the voices seize to nothing, you jump up from your chair and begin to pull out a few cleaning supplies from under the sink: eyeing the small mess that the boys had left behind with a quiet laugh. Joe had insisted several times that you didn’t need to clean up his messes for him, but after years of supporting you, it was the least you could do.

You hum as you clean, quickly worming your way into even the smallest of crevices, and like a pro, you were done within ten minutes. All you wanted to do after that was have a shower, put on some clean clothes and binge watch Criminal Minds until you fell asleep. But obviously fate had other plans.

You walked into sound the corner and up the metal staircase, your nose buried in your phone and not paying attention to the space ahead of you - which proved to be a bad idea when you walked straight first into a bare chest and screamed loudly in shock. A hand quickly reaches up to cover your parted lips and you glance up into a pair of familiar brown eyes with a relieved sigh. He slowly removes his hand and gives you a wide eyes look. “Why the hell did you scream?”

You scowl at him and fold your arms across your chest. “Why are you still here?”

He rolls his eyes and runs his hand through his hair. “Joe said I could use his shower since  there’s no hot water at my place right now.”

“Well, why don’t you get some clothes on and then get the hell out of here.” You suggest, the sarcastic undertone of your voice no surprise to Josh who smirks and shakes his head. You frown in confusion. “Why didn’t you go out with the boys?”

“Didn’t feel like it tonight.” He shrugs, and you eye him suspiciously. “Thought it’d be more fun to spend some time annoying you.”

“Any minute you spend within the same mile radius as me you never fail to annoy me.” You quip, and he chuckles softly. You stand there in silence for a while, before you clear your throat and ask the one question you’d been dying to ask since the day you met him. “Why do you hate me?”

He furrows his brows, and looks down at you with disbelief written across his face. Taking a step closer, he rests his hands on your waist and you glance down at them in confusion. “(Y/N), I don’t hate you; I’ve never hated you.” You inhale sharply and look up at him as his fingers brush up and down your sides. “But that doesn’t mean that you don’t annoy the shit out of me.”

You press your lips together to hide your amused grin, “ditto.”

He hums quietly, and for a moment you can’t seem to pry your eyes away from his bare chest, and the way his towels hangs lowly on his hips. He obviously notices you staring, because he chuckles and tightens his grip on your hips. “What’re you looking at?”

“Nothing,” you prolong the word, an innocent grin on your face. You rest your hands onto his bare skin and purse your lips. “I’m just wondering why we’ve spent so much time fighting when we could’ve been doing so many other things.”

He raises his eyebrows and bites his lip. “Other things?” You nod and hum, staring up into his eyes. He tuts and smiles cockily. “I never knew you could be so straightforward.”

You lick your lips and move up onto your tiptoes, your face even closer to his than before. You could feel his breath on your face, and it send shivers up your spine. He uses his hold on your hips to pull you flush against him, and you smirk up at him seductively. You moan and throw your head back as he begins to pepper kisses across your collar bones. Biting your lip, you inhale sharply and wind your arms over his shoulders. “I still need to shower.”

“C'mon then, lets save water.”

“Didn’t you only just finish in there?”

“One can never be too clean.”

From then on, you and Josh slept together whenever the opportunity presented itself: but other than the fact that your wrestling no longer had to end with Caspar pulling the two of you apart, nothing changed. You still absolutely despised eachother, and fought over virtually everything - but there was just something different about the way you looked at eachother. It was as if you enjoyed the arguments, because you both knew for a fact that angry sex was on the horizon.

Nobody seemed to notice the change in atmosphere, at least not until your little slip up one day that left them all a tiny bit suspicious. You’d woken up after a long night of drinking, and all you seemed to remember was making out with Josh the moment you were out of the boys’ sight. He’d pushed you against the wall in the club, your legs wrapped around his waist. No wonder your back was sore.

You were hungover, horribly so, and in consolation you paid no attention to what clothes you threw on before slumping into the kitchen, mewling and scrunching your face together, closing your eyes and backing away from the sunlight. You throw yourself face-first onto the uninhabited sofa and groan - only peeking your head out to pout at the boys who were all laughing at you from their positions around the room.

You pout and curls your bare legs up to your chest. “You’re all dickheads.”

Jack snorts and looks at you with a smirk on his face. “Well, at least none of us 'dickheads’ are littered with hickeys.”

You raise your hand up to cover your neck and blush, quickly glancing over at Josh who was adjusting his shirt colour with a sheepish look on his face. You glare at him inconspicuously, and when he looks up to meet your gaze he glares right back at you. You roll your eyes and scoff, throwing yourself to your feet, perhaps a little too fast, seeing as you sway on the spot and almost fall face-first onto the floor.

But someone grabs onto you’d forearms before you can, and you inhale sharply, looking up into his brown eyes and biting your lip. You stare at him for a moment before snapping out of it and stepping back, glaring at him harshly. “I didn’t need you to catch me, you prick.”

He rolls his eyes and sits back down, clenching his teeth and staring at you with a displeased look on his face. “I’ll let you fall onto your fucking face next time then.”

“Thanks.” You smile sarcastically, walking away from the boys and into the kitchen, pulling out the pint of orange juice and a random sweatshirt from the drying rack, throwing it on over your sports bra - and by the longer length, you know that it’s Joe’s. You shrug and carry the whole bottle of orange juice back into the lounge, curling up on the corner of one of the sofas and drinking straight from the bottle.

You catch Josh’s disgusted look, and you smile at him sarcastically and take a large gulp, purposely winding him up even more. He shakes his head slightly and looks away as you yawn and lay your head down on Joe’s shoulder. The Sugg simply glances down at you and smiles, wrapping his arm around you waist in a brotherly fashion and pulls you into his side. “You have a good night last night?”

You knew why he was asking. The previous night had been the first night in a long time that you’d joined them on a night out; especially after the disaster of a night out that you’d had on your last birthday. You think back to the previous night and nod, pressing your lips together and smiling. Your eyes flick over at Josh, who was talking to Conor, and you smile even more, making sure to quickly look away in order to not be caught. “Yeah; yeah I really enjoyed myself.”

Mikey laughs loudly, “it sure looks like you did!”

You roll your eyes and flip him off, making the rest of the boys laugh, all but Josh, who simply smiled and looked down at his hands; thanking god that he’d chosen to wear a high collared shirt that day.

When it came to stressful situations, you definitely weren’t the most calm and collected person in the world - the opposite, actually. You paced and your cursed under your breath, your hands running through your hair and tears streaming down your face.

Josh sits on the toilet seat, the rest of the boys sat merely a few yards away in the lounge. You’d inconspicuously forced him to follow you into the bathroom and told him about everything, how you were two months late and were being sick way more often than what could’ve been rushed off as 'normal’.

So here you were, your heart beating wildly in your chest and your eyes moving from the floor to the tall redhead with the stick in his hand and his eyes widened inch more than usual. You didn’t know what to say, too overwhelmed to speak as you push yourself back against the wall, staring at Josh with tears in your eyes and your arms wrapped around your stomach. You were nauseous, of course, but subconsciously you knew that your arms were there for a different reason.

He looks up at you a few seconds later, and his entire face had dropped. You inhale sharply, clenching your eyes shut and allowing a sob to escape from your lips. Josh places the test down onto the side of the bath and walks toward you cautiously, wrapping his arms around you and allowing you both to sink to the floor slowly, brushing your hair back and hushing you softly as you sob into his chest, fisting your hands around his bottom t-shirt.

Josh breaks the silence once you’ve calmed down enough to stop crying, though you’re breathing was still irregular and your fists remained clenched around the fabric of his shirt. “So, a baby buttercream, huh?”

You giggle a little, though your voice is hoarse and cracks a few seconds into the laugh. He entwines his hand through one of yours, and rubs his thumb over your knuckle softly. You nod, and look up into his eyes through your wet lashes. “If you ever refer to our kid as 'baby buttercream’ ever again, I swear to god I’ll punch you where the sun doesn’t shine.”

He chuckles, and pulls your curled up body closer to his chest. “We’ll be okay. I’ll make sure of it.”

On March 29th, 2017, you found out that your life was never going to be the same again; and god were you terrified.

Fic for @shiromattweek!!
Prompt: Reunions
Rating: G

The air was tense. Each of the five paladins were on high alert- four with their bayards ready, one with his prosthetic hand aglow. An intruder had made their way onto the Castleship- though how, no one was quite sure. No one had seen who it was, or who had come in- the figure shrouded in a ratty cloak, moving along the video feed with uneven steps until they had somehow managed to disappear entirely.

“What if it’s a Druid? It’s a Druid, isn’t it? We’re going to be magicked to death, aren’t we? Oh man, this is not how I want to go!” Hunk rambled, shifting his weight nervously from foot to foot.

“Calm down,” Allura ordered, eyes trained on the screens. “Whoever it is, they must be close- the cameras haven’t detected movement anywhere else but coming this way. Keep your bayards ready.”

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Arguments (Pack Imagine)

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Request: can i have a pack imagine when you and the pack get into this huge argument then one of them say something hurtful so you leave then you get into this deadly accident and they feel bad btw shes human and i love your writtings

 A/n: aww i’m glad that you like my imagines! I hope you enjoy this one x

 It’s not everyday where you fight with your friends. It worse when everyone is going against you. But it even worse when one of your best friends calls you something horrible. If none of this happened i wouldn’t be here right now. 

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i was lisiong to the song and the lyrics seem very teenstan/rick
so i sketched some.also what do you mean look up a ref of the back of a car trunk and draw it properly, it seems good enof to me that you get the idea they are laying on teh trunk of stans car and is looking at the stars. (stan totaly gets his licence and car before rick dos, and rick gets him to give him rides everywhere…..rick can’t aford to pay for a car, but he dos have a licence, just couldn’t aford to pay for it right away)
(slight edit with some additional rambling from me)
The idea that came with this, it gos inline with the grow up together au i got cooked up in my mind.
Rick and stan as teenagers, just realizing they like eachother way more then just friends, So they start to go out, (not annoncing it or anything like that, but keep it to themselfs), they do simple things all the time, like holding hands and alot more in eachothers personal space and being close. 
And they start geting crap about it from all around, from kids at school, to their familys, just every direction it seems that everyone is totaly agenst them together, everyone hates the idea. But them. 
During all that, the only real love and suport they have is from one another, in a way thats all they really want/need. 
So they both really want to leave, leave and just be together where noone can give them hell for that. Especaly rick, rick wants to leave out of the town way way waaaay more egarly, granted stan wants ot leave as soon as possible too, but he wants ford to come along with any adventure too. the ideal thaught of all 3 of them going treasure hunting.

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Hi! Are there any bully/enemies to lovers fics? Or any high school/college au's in general (preferably chaptered)? I've read most of the ones you've recced before btw. Thanks! <3

┬┴┬┴┤ ( ́ ◕ ◡ ├┬┴┬┴ oh;;;
Hello hello! yesyes, there are a lot of these we haven’t recced before actually (’: also delayed admin q would like to welcome admin L to the family <333!!

College au:

  • Love Me Right - football player!jongin yesyesyeysyes admin j actually put this fic here so i have to thank her for introducing me to this phENOMENAL fic <3 ily admin j ;A; + the development in the plot & characters is so beautiful ughhh
  • What Would I Do Without You - a v smutty fic hurrdyhurrdyhurr but aside from that an interesting plot featuring all the mainstream exo ships (ot12)
  • Kiss Your Darlings - ok as a highschool student who aspires to be an english major in university i am in love with this fic;;; the classical literature references and jongin’s character is what really hooks me in - worth a read!!
  • Okay. - “If Jongin were to ever write a book, it would be titled, ‘10 reasons why I love Do Kyung Soo’. AND I AM ALREADY NOSE DEEP INTO THIS FIC GOD DAMN
  • Post-Secondary Education - a long, ot12 fic filled with crack and smut; what’s not to love about this fic?
  • Perfectly Imperfect - Sequel to ^ & is more kaisoo-centric than ot12 ^^
  • Guilty Pleasures - Twilight enthusiast!Jognog x literature major Ksoo I am in love
  • Make Me Understand, s’il vous plaît - a fluffy fic to help melt down the hidden icicles in your hearts huehue + jognog’s character is so adorable help
  • Variations On A Love Song - v cute kaisoo relationship buildup + ksoo being jealous over amber & jongin + krisyeol ((’: oh and a smutty ending to help top things off ahah 

Highschool au:

  • Shh,It’s A Secret - Do kyungsoo finds out the school’s bad boy Kim Jongin is a superhero 0: 
  • Mr Cellophane - School jock, Kim Jongin helps wallflower Do Kyungsoo speak up and have confidence in himself - I haven’t read this yet whoops but there are several comments saying that the plot seemed a bit rushed ^^”
  • Five Nights - Kyungsoo tutors school’s soccer star Jongin so he won’t fall behind in studies (surprisingly no smut)
  • Facade - A long fic with a lot of development between kaisoo. “cold hearted playboy” jongin isn’t what he seems and is envious of Do kyungsoo’s purity. (comments say that the fic gets confusing towards the end)
  • Accidentally In Love - A v adorable fluffy fanfic in which there is an SM High tradition where each student has their initials embroidered onto their ties and if two student were to exchange ties, it means they are together (super cute storyline omg!!)
  • Up Against The Bleachers - Smutty smut in which Kyungsoo tries to make friends with his crush but gets more than he bargained for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Playing Pretend - Ksoo’s modesty is often misunderstood due to his appearance )-: His home ec teacher pairs him up with arrogant jock, Kim Jongin to act as spouses. 
  • You’re Beautiful (Always) - Jongin gives Ksoo unwanted attention by crushing on him (crushing on him, not crushing him. I can’t word things properly im sorry, i assure you no one decimates anyone in this fic LOL)
  • Hold My Hand, Let Me Know That You’re Still Here - Blind!ksoo lives his life in constant curiosity feat. onesided!baeksoo 
  • Fall Into Place - warning!!: Themes of major homophobia. Do Kyungsoo catches Kim Jongin’s attention. Contains smut!! but who’s complainin’
  • (No Subject) - Jongin is a bit mean and Kyungsoo’s cheeks turn red and cute (◡‿◡✿)

Bully/enemies to lovers au:

  • You’re Supposed To Hate Me - Ksoo hates everything that has to do with jongin’s existence and the male himself. + top!soo 
  • Rivalry - The hate between kaisoo blooms when Kyungsoo accidentally steps on Jongin’s drawing. + tangible sexual tension mmm
  • Sun Scream - Kyungsoo likes to make lifeguard!jongin’s job a living hell.
  • Cry Me a River - Kim Jongin arrives back to his dorm only to be greeted with his drunk nemesis. My emotions were all over the place when i read this fic god damn 
  • Unlikely Friends - Harry Potter!au kaisoo are enemies but their pets keep bringing them together again and again. feat. bff!taohun, slight!suchen & xiuhan.
  • Nostalgia For Innocence - competing CEO’s who have hated eachother ever since a misunderstanding as children.
  • Touch Me - They hate eachother, but aren’t confused as to why it feels so right when sinning together ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • My Forced Boyfriend - Jongin gives Ksoo a hard time and desperate to put an end to this, Ksoo makes a bet he may or may not regret in the future. 
  • Eros and Apollo - In which jognog & ksoo are childhood friends but jognog grows up to be a big smelly bully only to find out that ksoo is actually his soulmate :-)
  • Secret Admirer - Jongin bullies Kyungsoo and Kyungsoo has a secret admirer. (is wanting to say so much more but it’s so easy to spoil this fic ;A;)
  • Life Goes On - will a forced partnership on a school project help ease the tension between Kyungsoo and his bully? 
  • Gonna Make You Mine - basically same plot as ^
  • What Is Love? - Kyungsoo hated school because of Jongin but Jongin feels quite the opposite ^____^
  • Ivy League - Kyungsoo’s parents finally allow him to switch to an elite school after 3 years of bullying, not knowing that one of his bullies followed him! 0: (trigger warning!!selfharm + rape)
  • All I Want Is - Jongin wants Kyungsoo but Kyungsoo hates Jongin (for obvious reasons aka bullying)
  • A Controlled Life - A world in which the government decides what you do with your life, including who your spouse is. Kyungsoo, the school’s #1 bully target is paired with popular guy, Kim Jongin.
  • Best Kept Secrets - Kyungsoo goes through a traumatic experience and stops talking due to severe shock. His step brother, Kim Jongin, makes him go through yet another bad experience jongin you asshole

Hope you enjoy these! probably the longest list i came up with OTL 

- Admin Queen of sudden disappearances

I never liked the idea of if a male and female are friends they MUST like each other… I had to stop being friends with a really great guy friend because all of his friends started saying he liked me and then he decided to stop talking to me and made fun of me instead…I hate that my 6 year old niece feels uncertain about haveing friends who are boys because society shapes an idea that guys and girls are ONLY friends because they like eachother romantically or whatever.
Its 2015 for goodness sakes if a person guenuinely makes you happy and you two get along very well and they understand you ect then WHO CARES WHAT THEIR GENDER IS

Teach Me (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

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Request: can you do a liam imagine where he teaches you how to kiss because you haven’t had you’re first kiss and you’re going on a date and then he gets jelous idk

A/n: hope you like it love!

I think i’m the only 16 year old girl in the world that hadn’t had her first kiss. Everyone of my friends always brags about how they had their first kiss or how they made out with a random guy at a party. I wish i could say something like that, but if i would. It would all be lies. 

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The day I met him was one of the best days of my life. We laughed so hard our ribs hurt, and we had nicknames by the third day. Now, 8 months later, I’m sitting all alone in the dark of my room crying over what I miss. I miss when our shared glances were about trying to hold in giggles, and when we would hug because we loved each other so goddamn much. And I miss waking up excited to see my best friend, and being even more excited when he wanted to see me. Slowly, we were more. Our shared looks conveyed utter sadness, or that we needed to talk. Our hugs only happened as a greeting, he wouldn’t even be On my mind until I saw him, and he never thought of me. Now, I’m embarrassed to say, we’re even less. We don’t share glances, we barely look at each other. We only hug as a way to say sorry, and we’re hardly ever excited to see eachother. I hate to say this, but it’s true. I see him everyday, but I haven’t seen my bestfriend in months.
—  Absent Body

I am so fucking annoyed omg, I’m so sick of parts of the 1D fandom that think they can look down of the 5sosFam? Personally I love both bands, and I don’t see what’s wrong with that tbh, oh and where did this crazy shit come from ‘5SOS HAD NO FANS BEFORE THEY STARTED TOURING WITH 1D’ bitch, can you not, I’ve been a fan of the boys since Luke had only posted two covers to Hemmo1996 and a lot of other members of the 5sosFam have too so ssh, your argument is invalid, all 9 of them are best friends and I can assure you they won’t appreciate us hating on eachother and starting ridiculous trends like #The5SOSFAMAreBetterThanDirectioners or #DirectionersAreBetterThanThe5SOSFAM. No. Just stop. In my opinion 5sos would have the same amount of success without touring with 1D - it just would’ve taken a little longer💘