these are my notebooks


more doodles (ノ▽〃) 

i found love
in the form of
her lips,
her laughter,
her smile,
her hands,

and you will not take this away,
you will not take her away.

call me a sinner for i will sin
if it means waking up next to her daily
and i will meet the devil’s eyes
on the day i die
if it means
im with her
for the rest of my life


5.3.17 Was doing some essay writing in one of my favourite cafés in Clifton yesterday while it rained, and then went to play the last game of South West League for quidditch. We lost, but not as badly as we thought we would! I’m finding this essay so interesting it’s a shame I’m finding it so hard to write! Xxx emily


archaeology notes 👀
i make a lot of mistakes while writing my notes in pen, like, a lot (and still i only write in pencil when doing math…. u gotta look fear in the eye u kno.) most of my mistakes are because of me literally forgetting what the heck i was writing in the middle of a sentence and/or because of me getting distracted by the smallest of things😩💯👌💦 that adhd feel is strong

some unlucky kiddos :’)


wk 2, 2017. trying to declutter my life, one spread at a time. amusing how even as i strive for minimalism, this week’s quote speaks of abundance: claude monet: “i must have flowers, always and always.” 🌸  instagram: sadgirstudying🌸