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Makoto :D (Free!)

Salut ma Cat >3< thank you for sending Makogod as first one ehehe >v<

Send Me a Character

  • First impression

“awww this character is very sweet, so attentionate and I feel like this smile will be dangerous in the future for my heart, what’s his name?”

  • Impression now

MY ANGEL, MY ORCA PRINCE, MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Favorite moment

But if I had to pick one 

(who can’t resist to this omg/////)

  • Idea for a story

Makoto in Tokyo, his stressing moments with studies, how he handle being away his family, which new friends he would make ect….. I want to know how my boy is doing so much ;v;

  • Unpopular opinion

Hmmmmm I don’t particularly care about sexual stuffs but I love bottom Makoto///////////////////////////////////// 

  • Favorite relationship

as his soulmate

Also Makoto and his family is like the most precious thing to me. And Makoto and Rin have a very cute dynamic too :))

  • Favorite headcanon

Headcanons that contains lovey dovey life with Haru tbh///////////////
Also, I always imagine Makoto meeting an older Hayato in the future, and he would be pretty touched to hear that he was an inspiration for the kid all that time :’)

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I'm guessing you got the update for Overwatch? BUT OMG! THE NEW STUFF. I LOVE GENJI'S NEW SKIN & HIS & HANZO'S NEW SPRAYS *Deep breath. Clears throat* What's your favorite new thing in Overwatch so far?

AAAAAAAAAAAA I KNOW the hanzo & genji sprays made me so emotional lmao I love my young baby yakuza princes and it makes me even more sad for them what they went through i mean……………… hanzo being conditioned and manipulated into this role all his life and being told what to do and when to do it and genji being his dad’s favourite and ‘allowed’ to escape the lifestyle and be free where hanzo is caged and it all ends in a horrible way for them both with a lot of selfhatred AND FFFFFFFF seeing the little babies in those sprays breaks my heart

also the shimada titty is always good. I don’t really like any of the other skins, Widow’s is alright I guess but I’m not really a fan of the aesthetic of the o//verwatch skins

the new mode is really fun, but I still prefer Junkenstein’s Revenge. personally this is one of my least favourite events so far, even though Genji’s skin is cool and the PvE mode saves a lot of it it feels kind of… meh to me. I’m hoping we will be getting an event for the anniverssary and it will have some nice stuff ♥!! my son hanzo needs some love asap

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hi I'm new to making graphics/edits so sorry if I'm answering a super noob question : but how do you get your edits so hq when you post them? mine are always somehow blurred or low quality no matter if I use the right dimensions. by the way, your edits are amazing, you're literally one of my favorite users.

thank you so much omg & dont worry abt it this site is horrific for destroying image quality

  • sizing is the main thing i wouldve suggested like are u going by new or old dimensions?? i dont go below 540px in width or above 1k as just like a vague parameter. i usually go around the 700 mark
  • save as a .png and not a .jpeg. like save the image you edit as a png, save any other images youre putting on it as pngs, and then save the final product as png
  • i always leave stuff in my drafts before i post it just to see what its gonna look like because half the time my stuff looks blurry in the uploader and then fine when its in my drafts so u cant trust this website
  • if you put 2 things next to one another and they arent the same size, one of them’s gonna get scaled up or down to match the other so use the same ratio and px
  • i cant think of any other reasons but if anyone else knows hmu

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💬 💭 🙈 🌴🍭 may the cramps poof away asap! <3

💬 - asdsdjk okay i s2g why do these emojis all look the same omg but yeah if it’s the text one: i’m always on twitter in case i’m taking forever to answer here (as i do) so ofc 💛 as for the “i wish” ask - i wish alina starkov wasn’t robbed in her own house tbh
💭 - Favorite foods? - junk food askdkasd but i’ve been eating so clean these past few weeks so my new fav dish is probably this simple rice thing my mom makes - it’s just white rice + dock (i think that’s what it’s called?? y’know spinach’s sweeter cousin), garlic, onion and carrots but it’s oven baked so it’s super healthy and delicious :)
🙈 - What makes you shy? - compliments!! i feel eternally grateful and blessed but i never know how to react bc they always throw me off guard for some reason
🌴 - A island you would visit? - england LMAO but real talk any tropical island would be amazing!!
🍭 - Favorite Candy? - i’m more of a plain chocolate kind of gal but i actually love jelly beans and they’re not that popular here and it makes me sad

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Hi, hello, can I talk a little bit about the latest chapter of beyond the sunrise: 1) You and Sabrina are amazing writers! (The slow burn does truly burn) 2) the sister dynamic is adorable!! (Reminds me of me and my siblings) 3) being from New York, shake shack holds a place close to my heart, overall I loved the chapter!! ❤️

OMG HI you can always talk about Beyond the Sunrise with me, it makes me so happy!!!! 

1) @manuelmiranduh is a bless and she honestly gives me the courage to actually write a slow burn???? because only god knows how many times i’ve wanted them to kiss or just do couple-ish things and sab was like REN,NO

2) The sisters are one of my favorite things about this fic because Laura is someone I really needed in my life when I was younger (my older sister is really distant) and Ava is really close to my niece? I base Ava a lot on her.

3) Shake Shack was something I found on google bc it was close to the Museum??? Literally i was like ‘there’s this place here according to google’ and Sab was like ‘okay, cool, we can work with that’ and that’s how shake shack was introduced to this universe hahahaha 

why you should watch The Uncanny Upshurs

Originally posted by ursulashero

The Uncanny Upshurs in a new urban fantasy web series from @parafable, and it has quickly become one of my new favorite things, so I thought I’d make a post about it to spread the word about it :)

So what’s the show about?

The Uncanny Upshurs is about Agatha and Wally Upshur, British twins who are living apart for the first time in there lives, as Wally has moved to America to go to collage. To help keep in touch (bc Wally is shit at answering his phone omg get it together Walter), they set up a YouTube channel where they post vlogs every week. However, strange things start happening to/around the twins, including mysterious videos being uploaded to their channel of situations where there seemed to be no camera. So the first few episodes are the twins (and their friends who are The Best) trying to figure out what’s going on.


The urban fantasy aspect is one of my favorite things about the series, and I love how many fantasy characters/creatures are thrown into the mix (witches, fairies, sirens, vampires, etc.). Speaking of things I love…

Reasons Why The Uncanny Upshurs Is Wonderful

Reason #1: This Show Is Incredibly Diverse

Pretty much every single character in the show is LGBT+, including the titular twins (Agatha is a lesbian trans woman, and Wally is bisexual). There isn’t any drama over how A w F u L it is being gay, and all of the characters are pretty confident and comfortable with there sexualities.* (the episode where Jake figures out he’s attracted to guys is so adorable)

Along with LGBT+ characters, the show has a lot of awesome characters of color. As a white person I feel a bit less qualified to talk about POC representation, so here are some gif/pictures as examples

Originally posted by frankieprices

Originally posted by frankieprices

Now that I think about it Uncanny Upshurs also has a mostly female cast hell yeah

Reason #2: The Aforementioned Urban Fantasy Stuff

So I will be the first to admit that I’m always a slut for urban fantasy, so I was probably going to love Uncanny Upshurs no matter what, but the fantasy stuff they’ve set up so far is really cool. I don’t want to spoil to much, but there’s story lines about fairy kingdoms, forest witches, and a lady in the lake (no not that one) being established and I’m really excited to see where they go.

Reason #3: Every Episode Has Closed Captioning

This is a smaller detail, but it makes me really happy and I know I have some hoh followers so I thought I’d mention it. It sometimes takes the channel a few days to add captioning to the episodes, but every episode does eventually get captions.

Reason #4: The Characters Are All Really Great

I’m surprised this show hasn’t gotten more popular on here because these characters are all adorable omg. Like this section isn’t going to have any analysis I’m just gonna fangirl over these nerds.

Originally posted by frankieprices

Agatha is so adorable and sarcastic like she can be so deadpan its gr8 also shes meme trash and I love her

Originally posted by megwinter

Wally is a fucking n e r d okay hes so awkward and I relate. Also his roommate Jake is one of my favorite characters he just rolls with all the weird shit going on like a pro.

I can’t decide if Gemma is life goals or wife goals so I’m going with both

I know I said I wouldn’t spoil a lot but Lennon is an aro ace siren and it’s really important to me that you know that bc I love her

This is Alistair he’s a fuckboy but we love him anyway

Actual Princess Daphne MacCrae

Reason #5: It’s Just Fun To Watch

Media can be sad. Like, really fucking sad. A big part of why I enjoy The Uncanny Upshurs is because it just puts me in a good mood whenever I watch it. That doesn’t mean the show is all brightness and positiveness 100% of the time, the latest episodes have had some more serious/emotional moments, but even after watching those episodes I’m always in better mood because this show has such a great vibe to it.

*I understand that there is absolutely a place for media depicting the struggles that often come with being LGBT+, but it’s nice to have shows that have happy, openly LGBT+ characters who aren’t defined by their orientations.

In Conclusion

The Uncanny Upshurs is a really fun, diverse web series that deserves more love and attention. Each episode is less than 10 minutes, and you can find them all on YouTube here. (I’ll admit the first few aren’t great but it gets better as it goes on).

If you do end up watching the show (or you’re already a fan of it), message me so we can talk about it! The fandom is currently pretty small and I’d love to see more people talking about this show!


aaaaaaw <3 I love it, love it, love it :D Zarad and Lisette making up stories about constellations is my favorite thing omg. awesome


Aww this is all so sweet! I love that Lisette and Zarad make up new stories and are competitive about the cheesy pickup lines! And aww Eirwen taking care of Jasper and them leaving little notes or gifts for each other *heart eyes* and yesssssss I live for completely oblivious to how obvious he is Jasper!  


(It’s probably my favourite 7kpp headcanon of all time that every single Vail Isle local is fully aware of just how smitten Jasper is, long before he realises himself, but he has no idea they all know. And if he thinks he’s being subtle about it, he’ll see no reason to change his behaviour even after the summit xD )

Color edit tutorial PS

Purely arcsin style, feel free to have your own way of editing u*u

Hello! This is a tutorial for starting artists about how you can make your drawing more vibrant, eye-catching and simply better looking. We are going to use the instagram method - color editing and filters!

So here’s a drawing I did without any edits. Just lineart and coloring.

Main settings you play with. It’s a must!

Color balance - the biggest must of them all! It sets the atmosphere of the drawing. Here’s an example of warm RED colors vs magical BLUE colors.

Now about filters. Copy the layer you want to edit and put the copy above it! I’m just copying the whole drawing.

Keep reading

Aaa, I’m so sorry this is messy, but I really work better under single-character art ;w; Despite such, I lined and full-colored the fanart I made for @yugogeer12!

Sparky and Bruhseidon (I can’t stop calling EpicTale!Sans that omg) look great together as a team, in my opinion. Imagine what their combined attacks would look like!! (Oh jeez, Sparky comin’ in with the ELECTRIFYING magic!)

Bruh, I swear one day I’ll be able to draw these two in action.

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About height differences: Alfons goes to pick Edward up, not considering how much he weights on his own regardless of the chunks of metal strapped to him, and just can't, because Alfons is about as strong as cooked pasta. And it just leads to a awkward hug situation before Edward picks him up and makes him get the thing.

ED PICKING UP ALFONS AND CARRYING HIM AWAY IS MY NEW FAVORITE IMAGE. can you imAGE. little 5′ tall ed picking up 6′4″ alfons and just. strutting away with him. omg

im so excited so so so excited i want to see yachi animated above everything else you dont have idea i want to see my sweet baby angel talking and getting flustered and red by kiyoko’s beauty and i want to see kiyoko protecting yachi from a volleyball hitting her face

i also want to see kageyama and hinata’s fight! i mean that fight really breaks my heart so much because i can feel how bad hinata feels and how bad kageyama feels and how bad YACHI FEELS FOR THEM aaaaaa

i want to see the training camp arc!!! its my favORITE THING I WANT TO SEE HINATAxAKAASHIxBOKUTO AGAINST KUROxTSUKKIxLEV omg, i want too SEE LEV, i want to see BOKUTO  i want TTT

i want to see kageyama and hinata’s excited expressions when they manage to make that new move work, i want to see them jumping and being happy






↳ day 4: the fierce battle » your favorite scene

“Most likely… I won’t be able to forget that game for my entire life. I know our inexperience, I also know that our opponent’s strong. More than anything else, this is the first time I feel baseball’s frightening. Although I feel sorry for the retired 3rd years… we still have another year to get out revenge. If we are doing it, I want the results to matter the most. I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.

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omg i didn't know aidan/dean was thing! (sorry, i'm new) that's so adorable <3 i gotta know, what are your favorite aidan/dean moments and what made you ship them? :)

I just got so excited because yes hello, are you ready for this presentation. Let’s go into my folder shall we

Dean has an affinity for staring at Aidan’s mouth during interviews and he doesn’t even try to make it subtle. It started on like day one.

if you notice he even has slipped up as Fili and done this. Good going Dean.

and this whole unnecessary thing. Yeah I’m sure you do think its beautiful Aidan

and Dean is just so happy to be in his presence, it’s sickening really

also Dean takes photographs of Aidan but not just like any kind of photographs, they have a very intimate feel to them. Like I feel like maybe I should’t be looking at it.

do you know the definition for adoration? cause I’m pretty sure it’s this gif

they always have to consult each other at panels

oh and this fucking exists, Aidan, chill

and at premieres they both always have their hands shoved in their pockets, probs cause they are resisting the urge to reach out and touch each other

oh and just you know other things

but it could just be totally platonic, or not. but what the fuck do I know

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What is your favorite costume you've designed to date? Hope you and your main man have an awesome day 😁

Definitely the costume I made earlier this year for Bonny Lass from Knotty Nauticals. I finally posted pictures of it tonight on my costuming page, but it’s definitely been my favorite project all year. She used to wear different Moresca half-bodices (showing off her stomach), but she’s had 2 kids and was tired of patrons coming up to her and saying things like “OMG, I have that SAME bodice!” Moresca is beautiful, but basically off-the rack consistency. She wanted something new and unique. 

She sent me this inspiration pic: 

And I came up with this sketch and suggested silver and black instead of gold because that’s was the color scheme they were already using for the show:

And then I made her this: 

As well as a non-visible pair of fluffy red bloomers (’cause she’s a tight-rope walker). 

But it’s my favorite because it makes her feel like this: 

They were our stagemates this year at CRF and she couldn’t stop saying how in love with her costume she was. She said it makes her feel beautiful. And that is the absolute goal. I made her a custom lace pattern for the bodice and coat so the fabric is completely unique. Even if the shape is replicatable, the lace pattern was made of 3 laces from a mom and pop fabric store. You may get something similar, but not exact. it’s custom. And it makes her happy.

So it’s my favorite. :)  

Zimbits fic recs!

Long time, no fic recs from me…I am so ashamed! So I guess it’s been kind of obvious for a while now that I have become deeply immersed in the OMGCP fandom, and I am Zimbits trash for damn sure! So I decided that it was high time I did a rec post of some of my faves!

Okay! So this should give any of you stragglers a good start, If you haven’t read the comic yet, well, what are you waiting for??? Go immediately to @omgcheckplease and get started! All thanks and praise go to our goddess and creator @ngoziu​ for her many blessings. 

So, without further ado, I present the following:

Being In Motion by @marswithghosts 

This fic. THIS FIC. You know how we all have that one favorite fandom fic that we adore completely? The go-to fic to read when nothing’s going right, or everything’s going right, or you feel crummy, or you feel like a million bucks, or you deserve a treat for working so hard, or you have free time and wish to spend it in the best way possible? 

Well, this is that Zimbits fic for me. Incredibly sexy, fantastically funny, sweet enough to give you a sugar high, and an absolutely perfect build up between confident cam boy!Bitty and shy hockey pro!Jack. I would leave kudos on each paragraph if I could. It is just that good. And marswithghosts is incredibly lovely to boot (shhhhh…of course I tumblr stalked and followed her so I could cry daily over her magnificence…)

Drop it While It’s Hot by @esterbrook

Ok, this is another one that I think I can read over and over and smile like a goof each time. This one chronicles Jack’s visit to Bitty’s over the summer…but they haven’t kissed or gotten together yet. Expect a lovely slow build with lots of mutual pining that once they get down to business really sizzles! (and I’m not real sure why it won’t link her as a mention…Tumblr, why you gotta do what you do?)

Hold It All At Bay by @psocoptera

So anyone who has followed me through my fandom flails knows that I am an absolute sucker for soulmate!fic. This one is particularly lovely with soul bonds and knowing what your soulmate feels or is going through, slow build that works through angst and insecurities, there and back again, all to culminate in a gloriously sexy ending that will have tears of happiness streaming down your face while you smile so hard your face hurts.

Lift And Release and Reason To Cry by @audiaphilios

Again, those who know me also know that dom/sub is kind of my jam. These are two short stories–not related but both delightfully yummy–featuring sub!Jack and dom!Bitty and trust me, they are right up my alley. Mmmmm, yes, good. (and following audiaphilios has now got me low key shipping Kent and Tater, and omg what am I doing but I really think I like it???)

quite new a thing by @annundriel

Which of my favorite kinks will we hit now? Oh! Pretty boys in panties. That pretty much says it all, except I need to add that this story is hot enough to make your eyeballs melt and yeah, this is something I need more of in this fandom.

Helpless by @emmagrant01

For all you Hamilton fiends out there, this fic is a delight where Jack and Shitty are headed for New York to see the show and invite Lardo and Bitty to go with them. Fun (and sexy) times had by all, and I am always here for pining!Jack. And if, like me, you are also here for jealous!Jack, check out You Never Said You Wouldn’t So Here I Am by the same author, where Bitty just wants to get over his crush on Jack, but Jack won’t let him. Bitty is hot, other boys notice, and Jack doesn’t want anyone noticing Bitty except for him. Delish!

Now that you know where the AO3 tag is, it’s time to check it out!