these are my funky shoes


Master post of aaalll the suits i’ve made (so far) in chronological order.

Its fun to compare how much your style progresses and how much changes. From a quick glance, RGB built up a little muscle and finally buttoned his suit.

Dating Sam Winchester Would Include...

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I thought it would be cute to do these! Feedback is appreciated!

no warnings for this one :) just a lotta of fluff and cheesiness

gotta kinda lengthy so i put a cut :)

  • meeting while he was on a hunt with his brother, dean. dean suggested they could stay in town for a few more days.
  • he was unsure, at first, whether or not you would even be interested in going on a date with him
  • but dean convinces him to ask you out
  • “if it goes well, it goes well. if not…well…what do ya have to lose?”
  • your first date was awkward, to say in the least. you could tell he hadn’t been on one in a while, but you didn’t bring that up.
  • but towards the end, when he was walking with you through a park you suggest you visit, something sparked. you really hit it off.
  • every date you had after that topped the one before it. not in what you were doing, but each time sam went out with you, he fell in love a little more each time.
  • he officially introduced you to dean after two months.
  • “sam told me you like pie, so i made you some apple and cherry-”
  • “sammy, if you don’t marry her, i will.”

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personally on myself i’m so tired of looking too youthful too dazed and confused magazine with a glossy colorful eye i hate a lazy makeup statement where it just relies on that and weird styling like a funky sock and chunky shoe!!! i that was so my look like 2-3 and i’ve moved past it for the last year and half, where now all i want to look is elegant, mature, intelligent sophisticated but subtle fun and just do beauty you know?? idk about you but i’m just doing me


So this was on my “recommended” section on youtube…I’m not disappointed

Before and After Supernatural...


-”Supernatural was just a word

-Pie was just a dessert 

-Hunting was a term used for animals

-Flannel was just some patterned clothing

-Salt was just something that was on your kitchen table

-Winchester was just a type of gun

-”Carry On Wayward Son” was just an old song

-Iron and Silver were just metal

-Tuesday was just a day in the week

-A 1967 Chevy Impala was just some old car

-A trench-coat was just a coat

-Angels were good

-Demons were bad

-The names Sam and Dean were just names

-Castiel was just  an unknown angel

-Researching was just something you did for school

-Lights flickering just meant that the lights needed replacing

-Sulfur was just a god awful smell

-The initials “D.W + S.W” meant nothing

-Puppy eyes could only be given by a puppy

-”Funky town” and “Somethings stuck on my shoe” were just some funny phrases

-Vampires sparkled and could be killed by a stake 

-Werewolfs turned into actual wolfs

-All monsters were bad

-Ghosts and spirits are the same thing

-Family had to be your blood to be family

-The names Jared Padalecki,Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins didn’t make you happy as soon as you heard them

-Thursday nights were just Thursday nights

-Wearing anything the may look like a pentagram was questionable 

-We all didn’t understand that reference

-Rudy was just a gem 

-We didn’t know that Supernatural conventions were a thing

-Always Keep Fighting was just a really good motto

-We all thought Lucifer was a demon 

-Fictional characters couldn’t mean that much to us

-” The Road So Far” meant nothing


-”Supernatural” isn’t just a word, it’s a life style

-Pie is Dean’s favorite dessert

-Hunting is the term used for killing monsters

-Flannel is a must have and the 1st part of being a hunter

-Salt is how you protect yourself from many thing, like ghost,spirits and demons

-Winchester is the last name of two very brave heroes who literally went to hell and back

-”Carry on Wayward Son” is our anthem and whenever it plays we sing it proudly with tears in our eyes

-Iron is how you dissipate ghosts and spirits and Silver is how you harm Shapeshifters

-Tuesday is Sam’s least favorite day

- A 1967 Chevy Impala is the most important car in the whole universe

-The trench coat is Castiel’s signature. He is never seen without it

-Some Angels are A-holes, some of them aren’t i.e Castiel and Gabriel

-Some Demons are good i.e. Crowley and Meg. Some demons seem good but they aren’t i.e Ruby

-The names Sam and Dean mean everything to us and we want to protect them at all costs

-Whenever we hear the word angel, the first person we think for is Castiel…Angel of the Lord.  (Castiel also happens to be the Angel of Thursdays)

-Researching is the 2nd part of hunting. It’s not just all brawn, going in there guns blazin’. You have to know what your going after and how to kill it

-Flickering lights means demon is near and that you need to get the heck outta dodge

-Sulfur also means that demons are present

-The initials “D.W + S.W.”  will make you cry every time you see them

-We all know that the master of giving puppy eyes is the one and only Sam (Sammy) Winchester

-”Funky town” means there’s a gun to your head and “Somethings stuck to my shoe” means your being followed

-Vampires don’t sparkle and are only killed by decapitation 

-Werewolfs don’t turn into actual wolfs

-All monsters aren’t bad.  For example, Garth.  He’s a werewolf and he’s doing pretty good

-Ghosts and spirits are two completely different things

-Family don’t end in blood

-Just hearing the names Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins make your day 10x better 

-Thursday nights in when your favorite tv show is on

-Whenever we wear something the looks like a pentagram, we all know it’s an anti-possession symbol so we are protected from being possessed by demons

-We all understand that reference

-Rudy is the demon we love to hate but also the demon we hate to love

-We now all want to go to Supernatural conventions and fangirl/boy  for about 3 or 4 days with no judgement

-Always Keep Fighting is our family motto

-We now know that Lucifer is an Archangel

-Fictional characters mean the worlds to us and are our best friends maybe even family at times. ( and that’s totally ok)

-And “The Road So far” is the journey behind us and the journey we have waiting ahead

Feel free to add to this…