these are my cousin's

kingkillion  asked:

what was your first snake? how old were you when you got them?

my first snake was a normal named chai! i loved him so much but when i broke up with my ex and had to move home i had to send my snakes all over the place and he went to my cousin and my cousin loved him so much i couldnt break the two of them up so he stayed in south carolina with him

heres a old picture of him!

My 19 year old cousin looks like Sirius fucking Black and my grandparents are nagging him about his long hair at Christmas lunch and he said it was because he wanted to be a ‘space pirate Jesus, stop crushing my dreams’ and if that’s not something Sirius Black would say when Remus nags I don’t know what is

family gatherings
  • me: have you heard of mbti
  • me: try this test out
  • me: it's super fun
  • me: no that's wrong. that can't be your type
  • me: take it again
  • me: check out these wholesome and relatable mbti memes
  • me: omg this is so you
  • them:
  • them:
  • them:
  • me: and there's also this thing called enneagram,