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choke on your misery

wow i haven’t written fic in years, but i wanted to try and see if i can still write decently lmao

tw: elements of self hatred, general angst tbh

Anxiety was always the outcast. He’s learned to accept that, yet, it still hurt. It stung knowing for a fact he was unwanted among the others. Sure, the rest of the sides had their flaws and caused Thomas his own share of problems before. But Anxiety? Anxiety was a problem all on his own. While everyone else helps Thomas take a step forward, Anxiety takes him three steps back. He was a only a hindrance, nothing more.

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Kinda shook rn, cause I made my palette 37 (+3) swatches!! So, like, I am happy :3 And a lot of the colors look really nice, they are transitions between the original colors…but, some are p cool :33