these are literally just songs that were floating around on my ipod


i wrote this all in a letter and sent it to you once but i don’t know if you ever got it so here it is
Dear, Taylor
My name is Erica Varela, im 19 years old and I live in Washington state. I have been a dedicated swiftie of yours sense January 2007 when I first heard should’ve said no on the radio, I immediately grew this huge amount of sympathy and care for you without knowing anything about besides the fact that you wrote and passionately sang a song about being cheated on . little did I know that the very first song I ever heard from you would be the song I relate to most currently In my life. That’s one of the things I think was meant to be with us, theres just little signs here and there, like the very first song I ever heard from you ended up being the most relatable song for me.
After I heard that song I bought the album Taylor Swift, and I absolutely fell in love with your voice, lyrics and the level of connectivity I had with you . I felt like I finally had a friend. I was 12 at the time I started listening to your music. I had just moved from California to Washington, and I had no friends, and the song “a place in this world “meant a lot to me. I was trying to find myself and when friends I would make left me for stupid reasons I was completely heartbroken and didn’t understand it.
When I heard you were coming to Seattle Washington for the fearless tour and the radio station was doing a contest to give tickets away I literally was glued to the telephone and radio trying to win tickets all day every day. But for my 14th birthday my mom surprised me with tickets to the show. At the show When you were making your way to b stage you were walking down passed my section and you hugged the three girls right next to me, I didn’t get a hug, but I was just so great full to even get that close to you. And when you were in the middle of singing hey Stephen , you were looking my way and I screamed at the very top of my lungs “ I LOVE YOU TAYLOR !!” you paused from your singing , looked right at me in the eyes and giggled with the hugest smile I had ever seen. I was fortunate enough to have reacted fast enough to take a picture of that moment, it’s the picture on the top right corner of the picture collage with pictures of me at your concerts ! The very next day after the concert every single person I saw, all my neighbors and friends and people at church , I told EVERYONE about my experience, no one would believe me that you went around hugging people and thanking them for coming, and I told them how talented you are, I seriously went on for hours.
Speak now has such a huge significance in my life. For the speak now tour I was at my seat by myself (with no one I knew, my mom and a neighbor were at farther away seats ) I was right by the stage in the side stands , I don’t remember it to well, half of it is literally just a blur, a blur of a literal sparkly smiley angel floating around singing her heart out. It was a blur because the whole time I was just standing there with my hands covering my jaw dropping mouth and my eyes full of happy tears. A week after the show I had my first breakup ever. The breakup was so hard for me to understand, if he didn’t like the fact that I was 5 years younger, why did he ask me out in the first place? Dear john was the song that perfectly described what I was going through with that breakup, I couldn’t sleep for weeks, I was 16 and couldn’t understand this idea of not considering someone else’s feelings. So I held on to the song dear john on my ipod for sleepless nights and held on to the most beautiful memories I have; your concerts. I Remembered that even in the hardest of times, my beautiful mind can find someone who glows of happiness to remember that I made a promise with on 9/4/11 to stand by her forever and that if I have children someday I’ll tell them her name and point to the pictures. And when I fell in love for the first time. Last kiss was the song that described that situation so well. I was SO in love that I NEVER EVER saw an end to our relationship, I never saw a last kiss coming.
By the time RED came out , I was over those two exes and in a new relationship. I went to the red tour Tacoma 8/31/13 with my friend. We dressed up in the white and black striped tee shirt and red shorts you wear for the performance of 22 and we had red glow in the dark 22 signs. We were in the side up stands. The experience was unforgettable <3
Right after that concert I made a fan account on twitter for you and that’s where I met my best friend Ashley chase who is 21 and lives in east Canada. We texted and skyped on the daily. I began to make so many friends on twitter simply because we all had one main thing in common; our love for you .
I got myself a job at McDonalds and started saving up money to see you on the next tour and to buy myself a plane ticket to meet Ashley in Canada. 8/20/14 I took a 7 hour flight to Bangor main to meet Ashley for the very first time. We spent 4 days at her hometown Woodstock New Brunswick Canada and then 4 days with her family vacationing at a beach in main. I went home 8/28/14. Those were the best 8 days I have ever spent with anyone. I learned that having a soul mate doesn’t mean it has to be romantically, it could be with that one person you have the most in common with and you just click and truly love. In those 8 days , I found my soul mate, holdingmybreath13 is my best friend and I just want you to know that you gave me the best gift of all time , friendship .
The day I got back from my trip my boyfriend of 3 years broke up with me over text and I found out later from his friend that he cheated on me with more girls than I can even count, he cheated on me from the very beginning, this tore me apart, I got depressed over this loveless feeling inside of me. This entire 1989 album means the world to me. Each and every song I can relate to in so many ways and I can’t thank you enough for sharing all of this music with me. I have main stage pit tickets for the 8/8/15 Seattle 1989 tour show and I have b stage pit for gillet 7/25/15 !! im seeing you twice on tour for the first time and in PIT !
Every day I day dream about meeting you and what I would say to you, and of course everything I just said to you I long to tell you in person, but I doubt I would ever meet you and have enough time to tell you all of that. I think you deserve to hear in person how much you mean to me and I think I deserve to be hugged so tight by you ;by the girl who has always put all my broken pieces together.
Basically I just want you to know that my name is Erica, and you have someone from Washington state who loves you endlessly and unconditionally forever and always and that you gave her the best gift of all; friendship.

Again , thank you for EVERYTHING, I hope so much we get to meet someday ,I love you
Erica Varela