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you got me to ship shiro/matt, probably the most unpopular ship/biggest rarepair in the fandom i want to mcfucking die


I think you’d be surprised!! There seems to be a lot of Shatt shippers out there… Y’all just don’t say anything lmfao.

The problem w Shatt is that we have so little to work off??? There’s maybe like… Three minutes, max, of solid interaction between them lmao. You can create only so many headcanons about their relationship pre-Kerberos before you start overlapping with other people. I suppose I can write some post-reunion headcanons though, lmao.

  • Because this is a kid’s cartoon, I’d like to imagine that the Voltsquad hears rumors of a rebellion on one of the Galra claimed planet so they show up to recruit allies, and surprise! Matt and Commander Holt are the badasses who have been organizing a planet-wide rebellion. Pidge is so proud of their family. Matt and Commander Holt are like “FUCK YEAH, THAT’S OUR KATIE.”
  • Lotsa happy tears from everyone. Pidge hugs their father and brother, and all three pull Shiro into the group hug because fuck it- Shiro is an honorary Holt family member. Hunk watches this reunion and tears up a lil (”This is so beautiful!!” he sobs) and he has to join them, Lance, this is an important team bonding moment!!! 
  • Lance, who is The Family Man, is like “Wow this reminds me of my own left behind family haha I’m tearing up except I’m not, scooch over jerks I’m joining this hug” and because he has an image to maintain he drags Keith in and. Crying family hugs. Found family. Everyone loves the Holts.
  • Okay sorry this is like really Gen, time to zoom in on Shiro and how he is the ULTIMATE Holt Family Stan™
  • Shiro would be like… insistent that Pidge gets all the time in the world to catch up with their missing family. Because Shiro has seen both sides to the Holt tragedy. 
    • He was with Matt and the Commander during their captivity, when they all thought they would die. Matt and the Commander told Shiro stories about Mrs. Holt and Pidge that lasted for hours. 
    • And after he was rescued, Shiro finally met Pidge and he saw how much Pidge missed their family, how much Pidge was hurting because of Zarkon.
  • So basically, Shiro LOVES it when the Holts are safe, and he wants to square up with Zarkon as soon as possible, Meet Me In The Pit @ Zarkon.
  • Shiro would be constantly checking up on the Holts, making sure they’re comfortable, that sort of thing. Matt and the Commander would have to recover from months of imprisonment, so they would probably have to spend a few weeks in the healing pods. Shiro and Pidge would visit every day, usually for hours on end. 
  • Sometimes Pidge/Shiro would sit in silence doing their own thing, sometimes they would talk to the pods the way you talk to coma patients, etc. It would just… Be their moment of peace and downtime.
  • The Commander would thank Shiro for protecting Matt in the gladiator ring and basically the two men would spend a couple hours crying together and validating the shit out of each other. And then the Commander would pat Shiro on the back and be like “You’re a good kid, Shiro. I’m glad to have you as a future son-in-law” and Shiro is like “lol, what?”
    • Commander Holt: Shiro, it took us months to get to Kerberos, and we were on a really small spaceship. Believe me when I say you and Matt weren’t that subtle with your flirting.
      Commander Holt: Unless you’ve moved on, which is fine! Just… Let Matt know, please. I know he still cares about you. I don’t want either of you to get hurt.
      Commander Holt: … Shiro?
      Shiro: I gotta gay- gotta go talk to Matt. Um. I saw Pidge in the kitchen earlier? Bye, Commander Holt!
  • Shiro would like… subtly ask Allura/Coran if they could make some stops at planets that are known for their advanced tech, because he knows that Matt would get a kick out of it. Except Shiro never asks for anything, so within an hour EVERYONE knows that Shiro and Matt will be going on a date to a flea market on some random planet. And of course, word gets back to Matt before Shiro can actually ask him out lmao
    • Shiro: (nervously entering the room) Hey Matt, I was just wondering if you-
      Matt: (equally nervous) YES I WILL GO OUT WITH YOU!
      (awkward silence)
      Shiro: G-great? Okay! Thanks!
  • Shiro, later, to Pidge: WHY DID I SAY THANKS.
  • Back when they were prisoners together, Matt and Shiro would comfort each other with little ‘presents.’ An extra handful of food, a piece of cloth that could act as a bandage for whenever the guards got a little too rough, tiny but meaningful things like that. Now that they’re both free, Matt and Shiro basically gift each other with the most random shit.
    • It won’t even be useful things?? Shiro gives Matt half of a broken kids toy he found on some alien planet. Matt is touched.
      • Pidge: He literally just gave you garbage??
        Matt: It’s the emotion that gives the present a special meaning.
        Pidge: It smells.
        Matt: I’m a man in love Pidge, I see everything with rose-tinted glasses. Let me have this.

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how do you feel about those hardcore team cap stans constantly bringing up the thing with tony and peter? i'm seeing neutral fans reblogging their hate posts and going "wow you're right, this made me see tony differently" and it's making me so UGH. it was obviously just a random way of bringing peter into the movie but it's now like the #1 excuse to hate tony

Okay, even if it wasn’t just a way to shoehorn Spidey into the movie, I still think they handled it in a pretty legit way. I really liked how they portrayed their dynamic when Tony went to meet him in Queens.

Tony’s number one fear is not having done enough to save his friends. His literal worst nightmare is standing in front of their dead bodies with Steve asking him why he didn’t do more.

 And when he asks Peter why he does what he does, Peter says, “When you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then the bad things happen? They happen because of you.” Sounds like the exact nightmare Tony battled with in Age of Ultron, and clearly this resonated with him.

Everything he did in this movie was to ensure the safety of his friends, even if it was against their wishes. Because if the world turned on them, he didn’t want to be the one to say that he turned a blind eye and let it happen– he was in a position to sway public opinion in their favor and keep the team together, so that is what he tried to do by going to the airport to stop them. That’s where Peter comes in; his only job was to keep his distance from the fighting and web people up so they would freaking stay still while Tony worked on keeping them out of jail and getting the government off their asses. He was meant to be the nonviolent solution in case Cap resisted.

But he didn’t count on Team Cap dragging in Clint, Scott, and Wanda to steamroll over them and literally break the law. Tony didn’t intentionally put Peter in any danger, Team Cap did when they ruthlessly attacked the random teenager they never met before for getting in their way.

Anyway, I could go on but it would turn into an angry rant and I don’t want it to seem like I’m calling out Team Cap to make Tony look better. I just want people to look deeper beyond the “rich genius manipulates scrappy teenager into becoming a child soldier” bullshit people are spreading. If Peter really hadn’t wanted to help Tony, I seriously doubt Tony would have actually told Aunt May about him or taken away his money or whatever the fuck excuse people are using to say Tony blackmailed/manipulated him. And if you think Peter’s dumb enough let that kind of thing happen in the first place, then you’re severely underestimating his character. This is a kid that literally webbed Tony Stark to his bedroom door, give him some credit. He makes his own decisions.

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I kinda agree with ben that every thumbnail is click bait (if that's what you gotta do to make people watch your videos go right ahead) but make it that it actually has relatively something to do with the video otherwise it's just annoying

i disagree, some thumbnails aren’t really that interesting/intended to be clickbait? i definitely agree that a lot of thumbnails are clickbait and agree they should have something to do with the video itself but for example these following thumbnails i don’t really view as clickbait because i don’t think they’re like “LOOK WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS VIDEO IT’S SO COOL” it’s more just like random stills from the video that aren’t very interesting? hope this makes sense lol

(shows nothing about how to make a photo’s just hazel’s pretty face)

(it’s literally just a cap of the video with “5” edited onto it)

(again, random caps)

(this has to do with the title but cat making that face and doing a thumbs down sign isn’t really incentive to watch the video)

(again, random caps like zoe does)

something like this tho is obviously clickbait

i hope this doesn’t come off as rude i’m not trying to be omg


We finally saw Age of Ultron today, after picking Miss Kid up from college, and yes there are Problems, and OMG the easter eggs (the Jocasta chip!), but one thing that I jumped online to squeal at zarhooie about and she said “put that on Tumblr so I can reblog it!”…

So in Winter Soldier, when Hydra is taking over, and Cap gives his big rallying cry, and the Hydra dudes tell the random tech guy to go ahead and launch the evil helicarriers, and he has his tiny self-contained “oh shit WHAT DO” moment but then swallows and says, assuming that he will now be killed, “I can’t do that. Captain’s orders.”




I literally squeaked in the theater when I saw him. Adam was like “What?” and I was like 


But very quietly.

I had no idea how many feels I had about that guy. He’s okay, y’all! He is just fine! He is rescuing people and kicking butt in his own awkward way! I am so happy for him. <3