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July is all but over (how is tomorrow the last day?), so I thought I would I would check in with another photographic diary from the last couple of weeks. I feel like I have already rabbited on about Splendour way too much already, so I won’t say anything more. July was a pretty fab month overall though! (Just quietly though, my vlog from it is uploading right now and will be up tomorrow).

Life should be less crazy this week, so I should be back with a new post soon. Love you all! x

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Documenting Life in Beijing with Photographer Fred Dufour

To see more of Fred’s photography, follow @freddufour_afp on Instagram. Discover more stories from the French-speaking community on @instagramfr.

(This interview was conducted in French.)

French photographer Fred Dufour (@freddufour_afp) is on assignment in Beijing, documenting a China that is both familiar and foreign at once. “A year and a half since arriving here, I still take a fresh look at all the little elements of daily life that charm me, like Chinese people deep in thought as they walk down the street,” he says. “When you stay somewhere too long, you end up paying less attention, but here it’s different: This country changes every day. It’s in a state of constant movement and creation.” Fred uses his inside access as a news photographer for Agence France-Presse (@afpphoto) to develop a deeply personal view of Chinese society — a vision composed of subtle moments from real life: “I really try to focus on the kinds of images that are very personal, that convey an emotion.”

I’m not defending Kanye’s lyrics or weird ass video but it’s just weird Taylor completely does a 180 from that respectful back and forth discussion just over the user of “bitch” in a hip-hop song, a genre she claims to love so much, and in a song she and Kanye talked about how nobody is going to take it seriously anyway as it’s not meant to be. She is happy and publicly sings along to songs like Backseat Freestyle and Jumpman in TV spots and Instagram and yet those and manyany other hiphop songs uses the word nonchalantly. Now all of a sudden she’s offended by it because she finds herself in that place, in a much less serious use too? It just does sound like she flipped script when she saw others upset about the song. I just wish she was genuine about her feelings from the get go and not doubling down on this.

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A "would involve" with being Tom Holland's gf and having a long distance relationship with him? 😘

Being Tom Holland’s girlfriend and having a long-distance relationship would involve…

  • Facetiming each other whenever you can
  • “I miss you so much, Tom.”  I miss you too, (Y/N). I can’t wait to see you.”
  • Him tagging you in his photos on Instagram so that you can see what he’s doing and how filming is going
  • Late night phone calls
  • Tweeting each other and the fans going absolutely crazy. They would all find you both completely adorable and would start shipping you like mad
  • Having a countdown on your phone which countdowns the amount of days until you see him
  • Hilarious snapchats
  • Waking up to find a good morning text from him
  • Flying out to see him sometimes and surprising him on set
  • The longest hug ever when you reconcile 

okay soooo psa: Im not going to be on tumblr from august 1st to the 7th because i wont have wifi and tumblr sucks with no wifi and spotty service (and i’ll be busy),, but if u wanna talk it’s best to message me through instagram/twitter (@/sparklypunk) and i do have a queue set up for the week 


Author: @cascadingpearls

Rating: G

Crossover Source: Josh puppy photos + Gus Kenworthy Olympic puppies = Olympic Peeta puppies.

Also I am obsessed with Everlark as Olympians.

Katniss doesn’t think too much when she sees Peeta’s latest Instagram photo. Three puppies are squirming in Peeta’s lap, and the caption reads, “I think I’m in love. #olympups.” She laughs at the ridiculousness of it, but likes the photo anyway.

She forgets all about Peeta and the dogs until she returns to the Olympic Village after a long morning of training. She hears yipping and laughter as she steps off the elevator. “No,” she thinks, “he wouldn’t.” But when she enters the living room space, Peeta is on all fours, roughhousing with the three young dogs from his photo. He knocks one over onto its’ back and the others try to jump on his back.

Katniss does her best to wipe the shock from her face and clears her throat. Peeta jumps up in surprise, “Katniss! Hi. I wasn’t expecting you this early!”

“Who are your friends?” Katniss smirks.

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The JMo/Colin pic is on instagram too! It would be great if that got a lot of likes as well!

Yes! This is a great time to remember that we need to always show the love when Jen, Colin or Captain Swan is featured somewhere.  Whether it be clicking all the way through to an article about them, or liking, favoriting, retweeting and commenting on social media posts about them, both official and from media outlets.  Don’t get complacent, always click thru to the source and do the thing!

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I (with the help of my friend) made some keychains for OFF, The Boogie Man and Ib for this year’s Comifuro at SMESCO Exhibition Hall, Jakarta on July 30th-31st!

I’ll be selling them at booth E11 (NBK Circle) with my friends. We sell other merch too from many fandoms like BnHA, Haikyuu!, Overwatch, etc. They’re all very amazing compared to mine :3

If you guys want to pre-order (PO) the keychains, please message me on Tumblr or DM me on Instagram, @takatsuki_m (Indonesia only)

(BTW, I already asked kouri, Uri, and mortisghost about merch-making so I have permission from the developers. They said yes)

Please help spread the word and see you on CF7!


Gayness + height differences + a lot of whiskey = Wynonna Earp

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Tumblr or Yahoo Inc. - just a fan who spends too much time on the aforementioned website. I also make no claim to “Wynonna Earp”. I’d like to stay away from Purgatory in Ghost River County, thank you v. much.

All images are found through Google.

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Thank you everyone! My stolen art work has been removed from that instagram

This morning instagram removed all the stolen pieces of art.

That page did message me directly and according to her she didnt steal but she was willing to start fights with everyone who reported and laugh at me for trying to report her.

Her attitude definitely disgusted me and given that there is more stolen artwork on her page that isnt mine id just like to say that id urge all wwe artists to please please check that instagram and she has stolen from other artists too.

Her obnoxious attittude will NOT be tolerated.

Im gonna post a video today on this situation in more detail.

I do think she should have her account removed due to her rudeness and the fact she is still stealing artwork and im pretty sure shes stealing edits.


Thanks to everyone that reported and helped out you guys are amazing!!!

@awesome-ambrose-world @wwe-smutfics @wweximaginesxd @the-awkward-fangirl-hard-life @bladeambrose10 @edithambroreigns @romandeanjeff @helluvazayniac @grey-acefinn @wrestlingfanatic

Aand many more of you but signal boost that she steals other art

Hey, pals!! I’ve got like, a ton of followers over the last 24 hours! (I’m up to over 250? Thats insane!!!)

So, Tumblr’s fate isn’t looking too great, apparently? Like, I don’t think Yahoo cares enough to keep it up for much longer, from what I’ve heard. It’s a bad deal. (don’t take it from me though, I could be absolutely wrong.) So I figured I’d promo my other social media to keep in touch with all of you!!

My Twitter is @eggplantbear (here)

My FurAffinity (while I don’t post there quite that often) is, again, eggplantbear. (here)

 My Instagram (which i don’t post to very often, and I plan on changing that!!) is eggplantbear (here)

My Youtube channel is Eggplant Bear (I still don’t know how to do the whole Channel name thing? so thats my Google + name) (here) (its mostly animations I’ve had to do for class, but I plan on posting some personal works once I get a proper program and a better computer!!)

And my NNID is db_person! No link for that.

Well, I think thats all? Have a great day everyone.


RUSE AND EMOJI..i didnt draw glasses bc too tired. info abt them copied from instagram:

I made new OCs again, I saw them in a dream and I was like DUDE gotta put this on paper. emoji, called moji for short, is a hologram/ai thing programmed by ruse and his ex-fiancé Julia (julie). ruse was very happy with Julie, but she was diagnosed with fatal familial insomnia (this can change later) shortly after her 28th birthday and passed away a few months later. her last wish was for ruse to take care of emoji. after a few years of constant bug fixes and grief, ruse managed to properly get emoji to behave as he should, and the two developed a certain dependence on each other, as ruse is the only one emoji has and emoji is the sole wish and memory ruse has of Julie had before her death.

Sure, Taylor Swift deserves protection from trolls. But don’t we all?

Lindy West

News that Instagram has supposedly developed an algorithm so the pop star can automatically delete abuse is welcome. But there are many vulnerable groups who need it, too

According to the Sun, Taylor Swift’s Instagram is among ‘a number of high-profile accounts selected to trial a new tool which prevents abusive comments.’ Photograph: Getty/Anthony Harvey

In the battle against online harassment, a few bits of conventional wisdom have held (bafflingly) for at least a decade: “This is just what the internet’s like!” “If you don’t like the internet, stay off the internet!” “Can’t make an internet without getting a little internet on your internet!”

Somehow, we’ve convinced ourselves that the internet – a thing that we built, and populate with our own brains and labour – is immutable, inert and utterly beyond our influence. Fight back and we’re “feeding the trolls”. Ban harassers and we’re “afraid of debate”. Report death threats and we’re “censoring free speech”. Speak out about our experiences and we’re “professional victims”.

Tech companies “try” to curb harassment, but somehow can’t preemptively stop heavily documented abusers from sending hundreds of thousands of acolytes to hurl racist, misogynist abuse at unsuspecting Ghostbusters. The overwhelming message is this: your safety is not a priority – your choices are to suffer or to leave.

Unless, maybe, you’re Taylor Swift.

Beneath the rather histrionic headline “Is Taylor censoring social media?” (answer: no) and even more absurd subhead “The singer has been accused of working directly with both Twitter and Instagram” (the horror!), the Sun speculated on Monday that Swift has been given access to a secret algorithm to scrub her social media accounts of abusive comments.

“A number of high-profile accounts have been selected by [Instagram] to trial a new tool which prevents abusive comments,” the paper reported.

Which … sure, yes, great. Human being to human being, I believe that Swift deserves to be able to maintain an online presence free from unrelenting, violent, misogynist abuse. I oppose violence. I oppose harassment. (A deluge of snake emojis in defence of Kanye West is not precisely the kind of harassment I’m talking about, but Taylor gets plenty of the hard stuff, too.) I think social media platforms should reach out to and work directly with victims of harassment, and I’m glad to hear that Instagram is experimenting with ways to better protect its users. However, this conversation should not have started with Swift, and it absolutely cannot end with her. Protecting only the most high-profile users isn’t a fix; it’s a sham. It’s a veneer over a rotten tooth.

I had my own tiny Swift moment once. In December 2014 – after grappling with and writing about online abuse for years – I got on the phone with an internet troll who had impersonated my recently deceased father. He said he targeted women, especially women like me who had stepped beyond their culturally prescribed roles. It was fascinating. Anonymity is foundational to internet trolling – if not the blueprint, it’s certainly the mortar – so such a candid conversation was rare and riveting.

In January 2015, we broadcast the interview on a US radio programme called This American Life. It’s a compelling piece of tape (thanks, in no small part, to the almost superhuman perspicacity of my remorseful troll), and it threw a key aspect of online harassment into harsh relief: trolling cannot be separated from politics. People, mostly men, are inflicting emotional torture on other people, mostly from marginalised communities, for the twin purposes of massaging the trolls’ insecurities and silencing their perceived political foes, defending the precious status quo. But, “you can’t claim to be OK with women,” my troll told me, “and then go online and insult them, seek them out to harm them emotionally.”

(If you don’t believe that online harassment is a political issue, and that ignoring it makes the world worse, scan the accounts tweeting in support of recently banned professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos, and note how many of them rabidly back aspiring troll-in-chief Donald Trump.)

A few weeks later, in February 2015, someone at Twitter leaked a memo from then-CEO Dick Costolo. My piece had been posted to an internal forum, causing Costolo to respond: “We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.” He went on: “We’re going to start kicking these people off right and left and making sure that when they issue their ridiculous attacks, nobody hears them.”

And then, abruptly, my experience on Twitter changed. When I reported an abusive tweet, I got a response immediately. Far more of my reports were accepted, as though they had been thoughtfully screened and contextualised by a human rather than summarily dismissed by an algorithm. Trolls who had been gleefully abusing me for months suddenly vanished. I’ve never had this confirmed, but I can only assume that, following Costolo’s internal memo, aTwitter employee was assigned to monitor my account. I was the squeaky wheel of the moment, and I was grateful for the grease.

But, much like giving Swift tools to clean up her feeds, Twitter’s momentary focus on me didn’t fix a thing – any more than a successful GoFundMe campaign fixes a broken healthcare system, or one person winning the lottery fixes the economy. If anything, it bolstered the erroneous perception that Twitter harassment is a white woman’s problem, and making loud white women temporarily happy is a solution. (I sincerely hope that Instagram is planning to roll out this feature, or one like it, to the masses who need it the most, and I will praise it when I see it functionally protecting vulnerable users.)

I don’t care about online harassment because I, personally, was being harassed – I care about it because it is toxic, dangerous and regressive. By targeting the vulnerable, it silences the voices we need to hear the most. What I deal with online is nothing compared with the experiences of trans women, black women, sex workers and other marginalised groups. Swift has the money to hire a team of assistants to buffer her from online hate. I have a platform to complain, as well as the cladding of credibility granted by that platform. The vast majority of harassment victims do not. As is the function of privilege, those with the most resources seem to get the most – and the quickest – help.

As Leigh Alexander elegantly wrote of Yiannopoulos’s ousting from Twitter and its aftermath: “But what about the everyday users, who aren’t famous and highly visible actors? What about the black activists, particularly black women, whose every day on the service is a minefield? What about LGBTQ users who face the very real threat of having the dialogue around their identity wrestled away by abusers? They have not been made safer in any way by the removal of one toxic person.”

It’s important to remember that, although we frame it as a tech problem, online harassment is fundamentally a culture problem. What we need isn’t a plaster, a way to temporarily shuffle abusers out of our line of vision, but to banish misogyny, racism, ableism and transphobia from our brains, our culture and our justice systems. And, yes, that’s a long game, but we’ll never get there if we keep letting the experts – the people who live and survive under those oppressive systems – be silenced. The best thing the tech industry can do is start protecting them so that the rest of the world can listen.


I tend to agree with the majority of what this writer had to say in this piece, what I take exception to is the thinly veiled inference that Taylor Swift was singled out for this as some special white privilege. The Sun statement said a number of high profile accounts are being used as an experiment or trial run at this.

Not just Taylor’s account, and clearly you need to start somewhere so an account that is receiving a shit load of TROLLING is a really good starting point. Unlike Twitter who I believe like the drama generated by TROLLS Instagram does not, I think they believe themselves to be the kinder gentler SM platform.

Pretty sure that should this experiment work for those high profile accounts (it appears to) without way’s the TROLLS can get around then this would become readily available to all users. @ts1989fanatic.

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Elise is getting direct hate on instagram now from a Natasha fan. Like this is gone too far. It's not okay to harass her on twitter and instagram. What's wrong with people?

if you see someone leaving an inappropriate and petulant comment towards elise, just report the comment and block the person and move on. dont give it more attention than that. elise is no stranger to blocking people she’ll live.

i beyond agree with you that people are doing the absolute most though. some of y’all gotta grow tf up.


Seth’s Instagram

- i’d like to confirm that yes i did throw up after this ride. #carnival #muggleswhy

- isn’t it hypocritical to hide your face and then put selfies on your Instagram @ oh-rion

- not sure why we’re outside. @song-kyuwon @novaxlongbottom

- learned too late.

- @ jellykelly and @ merbearkelly do this all the time.

- words of wisdom from a public restroom in muggle london.

@orion-longbottom​ ; @ctrllucinda ; @thehay-lo

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On Instagram someone told Calvin that she's sorry that he's received to much hate and he respones was "they hated me when I was with her and they hate me after too". Calvin got so much hate from swifies while dating her (to the point where he had to make his Instagram private). A girl on here made a really good post about how disgusting the hate on Calvin was and Taylor liked it but then she got hate for it and unliked it. She could'nt even stand up for him to her fans after all he did for her

That is just sad.  ANd spineless

I have been going though online clothing shops for over an hour and i’m too afraid to actually order anything. I’m afraid because i don’t know who i am. I’ve also been looking at pictures of me from one year ago and i thought i looked good then but looking at them now is… strange. These sentences are too long. Overpouring. Pouring over like the amount of perfectly dressed people i follow on instagram. I take all my anxiety and focus it on clothes. I don’t think tumblr is good for me. I take in influences like a sponge. I don’t think i can find out who i am if i spend time here. I can’t stay a chameleon. i feel like shit on the inside constantly and that’s why i need to look perfect externally, this has been my problem for years. I don’t want to be seen as ugly even momentarily

in short everything from instagram to tumblr pours influences over me and i drown under it all

idk i wanna die

You're So Loud

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by ClockworkNight

A request on Instagram where Ellie is Peter and Wade’s daughter as well as Wade slamming Peter’s ass like a door in a hurricane.

Peter and Wade have been deprived from one another for too long, but it’s not their fault Ellie keeps interrupting!

Words: 998, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 3 of Spideypool Drabbles

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