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Purly headcanons because why not

- Ponyboy highkey loves it when Curly gives him hickeys.
- Curly doesn’t mind giving him hickeys because It shows who he belongs to
- Curly is possessive and over protective as fuck.
- Curly would literally fight a cat if he thought it eyed HIS Pony.
- Pony secretly steals Curly’s jacket all the time
- Curly finally just have it to him because 1. Pony would smell like him so people would know to stay away 2. He looks hot AF in it.
- Pony gave Curly a copy of his favorite book for his birthday.
- Tim and Angela teased him whenever they caught him reading it.
- Curly gave Pony his pocket knife for his birthday.
- Curly and Pony go on double dates with Johnny and Dally or Darry and Paul at lot ((mostly so they can keep an eye on Curly)).
- One Halloween when his and Curly’s friends were throwing a party: Sylvia, Johnny, and Evie forced Pony into the sexiest costume they could find and Pony enjoyed every minute of teasing Curly.
- Curly’s favorite pet names for Pony exclude: Dollbaby, Babe, and Ponybaby.
- Tim and Darry meet up like twice a week, talking and gossiping about Curly and Pony.
- Curly will not shut up about Pony when he’s not with him ((Pony is the same way)).
- They love cuddling.
- Curly is very dominant.
- Curly loves it when Pony sits in his lap and reads to him.
- Curly’s friends once told Pony that he talks about him like he’s in some kind of shakespearean play or something.
- Curly loves referring to Pony as his green eyed beauty.
- Pony loves playing and running his fingers through Curly’s hair.

SKAM S04E10 Clip 3 - Jonas

JONAS: Once, he forgot to bring his bike so I had to..

EMMA: You had to..?

JONAS: I had to take..

EMMA: You had to take his bike?

JONAS: But I’ll text you.

EMMA: Yeah. We will.

JONAS: Yeah.

EMMA: Where are you going?

JONAS: To the A-building.

EMMA: Okay.

JONAS: And you?

EMMA: To the B-building.

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The Game of Cat and Mouse (Peter Parker x Reader)

A/N: Don’t hate me for doing something not Riverdale lol.

Imagine: Peter faces a new challenge when a new hero on the block begins taking all the good cases… and his reputation. Little does he know that her true identity lies closer than he ever imagined. He realizes your secret identity, while you’re none the wiser to his.

Peter wiped the sweat from his brow, though it did not do much as it was currently covered in red spandex.

He’d been going at it with you for what seemed like hours, though it was only minutes. No matter how fast he seemed to travel through the air via his webs, no matter how fast Karen’s technological prowess picked up on the latest crimes, he’d arrive at the scene of the crime and there you were, already tying up the bad guys and leaving your signature kiss on their cheek with your pink lipstick.

He’d had enough. He was the hero that Brooklyn needed, not you! So, he challenged you. Winner gets to be the presiding hero over the Brooklyn area, loser has to find something else to do. You grinned at his proposal, barraging him with enough blows and kicks for him to wonder how human you really were.

He ducked the roundhouse kick you aimed for his head, shooting his webs at your arms. You dodged the shot deftly, sweeping a leg under his ankles. He jumped to avoid being tripped.

You chuckled, blowing a large, pink bubble with your gum as you extended your compact staff, using it as a lever to jump at him and aim more hits.

“You’re chewing gum!?” Peter said exasperatedly, voice cracking. He’d never met such a nonchalant superhero before, and that was coming from someone who’d taken Ant-Man head-on.

You shrugged, twirling your staff. “It helps me think.” Your comm unit rang and you plucked it off your belt, masked eyes widening at the message. “Gotta go. We’ll pick this up next time, Spider-Dweeb.” With a running head start, you jumped off the roof of the building and out of sight.

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Soulmate! Where you can hear each others thoughts

I love these, but these are always the toughest to write!
Tucking her legs underneath herself, Betty pulled the baby soft, pink blanket tighter around her body and curled into the corner of her couch, tears falling steadily as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Today had been a bad day, one of the worst actually and she finally had a moment of peace to cry it out, Her parents were at work and her cellphone was turned off, the quiet enveloping her in a lonely kind of calm.

She thought back to earlier this morning, Cheryl telling her she was too fat to be in the newest River Vixen routine, Chuck slamming her lunch tray to the ground before grabbing her by the waist and whispering disgusting things in her ear, then their was her mothers angry phone call about Betty missing her shift at the Salvation Army, Not to mention Archie and Veronica had recently discovered their bond and had no problem flaunting their new found love, further cementing the fact that Betty would be alone forever. The thought brought on a new round of tears, Betty reached for the tissues on the table beside her.

“Jesus Christ, what an idiot.”

The unfamiliar voice came from directly inside Betty’s head, dropping the tissues to the floor she glanced around her living room.

“Hello?” She called out, standing and clutching the pink blanket like a weapon.

Nothing, just silence. Okay so now even the voices inside her head were calling her names. Figures.

“Thanks a lot.” She thought silently.


The deep voice inside her head echoed back. Betty whipped around, still not seeing anyone. Okay, okay fine she’ll play along. Why not?

“Hello?” She thought

“What the hell? Who are you? And why are you in my head?” The voice timbered back

“Actually, you’re in my head.” She answered back.

“No I’m not, you’re in mine. I can hear your thoughts.. what the hell is a river vixen?”

Betty’s cheeks tinted pink, focusing, she squeezed her eyes shut and her brain was filled with a jumble of words
“Serpents, family, writing, hotdog.”

“What’s a Serpent?” She shot back.

It was silent for a moment before the voice answered back
“Who are you?”

Sitting back down on the couch, Betty bit her fingernails
“I don’t know if I should tell you, I’m probably going insane and I’d rather not further my path to the psych ward by giving you my name.”

A heavy, deep laugh rang through her head and the voice answered
“Fair enough. Well, I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m Jughead Jones.”

She giggled, what kind of name was that?

“You know I can hear your thoughts right?”
She could practically hear the smile in his voice and she blushed

“Sorry, that’s gonna take some getting used to. I like your name, it’s different.”
She squeezed her eyes again, a blurry vision of a dark leather jacket and wavy hair, sad eyes.

“You know, it gets better.” She thought, she could feel the tension in his hazy brain, she thought she had gone too far for a moment, dug too deep into his head, when he finally answered

“You oughta take your own advice.” He answered back, his own mind invaded with scarred palms and growling stomachs.

“Maybe” she answered.

“You’re hungry.” He replied, it wasn’t a question, he could read her mind. He knew she had been skipping meals.

Betty closed her eyes and laughed
“So are you.”

“Always” he replied, she could imagine a goofy smirk.

She heard her parents car pull up and immediately felt the nauseous pit in her stomach.

“I have to go.” She sighed “I’m gonna turn my brain off for a while, I’ve gotten very good at that.” She tried making her thoughts sound upbeat but it came out lame, even to her.

“Hey, atleast we have that in common.”

She laughed, a sense of calm filling her mind for a moment.

“I’ll talk to you soon, maybe? Unless this hallucination wears off and I never hear from you again Jughead Jones.”

His response was almost immediate
“You will. I’ll talk to you soon…"he trailed off.

“Betty Cooper. My name is Betty Cooper.”

“Goodnight Betty Cooper.”

“Goodnight Jughead Jones.”

Jughead lay on his too small bed, his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling, dark green haunting eyes and a flash of honey blonde silk running through his mind.

Betty Cooper, she was complex and damaged but her mind was so full and it was clear her heart was golden, cardigans and folded hands ran through her cloudy mind. He wanted to hold her, to wrap her in his arms and tell her it was okay, she didn’t have to be anything she didn’t want to be, she was beautiful and amazing the way she was.

His thoughts were broken by the shouting and slamming coming from outside his trailer. He was a Southside Serpent, utterly different from the cheerleader with the three story home he saw in fuzzy images. But it didn’t matter, nothing really mattered, not when she made him feel like this, not when she was his soulmate.
He was gonna find her.

Betty held her books to her chest as she waved at Veronica and Archie, today had been long and
She couldn’t wait to get home and hopefully talk to Jughead.

“Hey there Juliet.”

She smiled when the voice hit her head,
“Hi Jughead.”

“Headed home?”

She adjusted the strap of her backpack and tried to balance her heavy textbooks
“On my way.”

Betty felt something spark, and her head felt heavy.
“Jughead.” She thought, panicked. Was he okay?

“Hey Bets.”

The voice sounded different than normal, it was louder and it seemed to be coming from right behind her, turning around slowly, her eyes widened as she spotted the familiar blue eyes and wavy hair, leaning against the stairs, a dark leather jacket snug on his back as he smirked.

“Jughead.” She whispered.

Almost if by some unidentifiable force of gravity, Betty’s books were on the ground and Jughead hands were on her waist, tugging her tighter into his body as his lips found hers, it was perfect and it was home.

Pulling apart Jughead panted resting his forehead against Betty’s as her chest heaved against his.

“Nice to meet you.” He smirked, as Betty laughed heartily, resting herself against his body.


“Is that your girlfriend, Spidey?”

A/N: Hi guys! This is my first imagine in a long time, I finally found some time to get back to writing! Hope you all like it and let me know what think! :) Also, feel free to request! x

Summary: Peter gets hurt in a mission and you finally meet the Avengers who never knew you even existed. 

Words: 2.2k

You were what kept Peter going. During his missions you were on his mind, still as important as the missions itself. You reminded him that he had something, someone to fight for, someone who reminded him to never give up. Sometimes the mission was too much for him, and he wanted to go back home so badly, thinking that he is going to mess up. He has been working with the Avengers for almost half a year now, only getting better with each mission. But he was just a kid after all, and sometimes things overwhelmed him. He either becomes unfocused, or gets too caught up in the action.

This time he was doing well - listening to the orders Steve was giving, being focused on what he was doing at the moment, and on doing it correctly. The mission was going as planned so far, but it only took seconds for it to change. While Peter was busy webbing some bad guys to the wall behind them, enjoying himself just a little bit too much, he didn’t notice that one man who appeared behind him. Fortunetaly, Natasha came in to the room and quickly rushed to take him down. She was fast, but not fast enough for the man to not take any shots. He took one. One, that was aimed at Peter. The boy groaned loudly, both surprised and hurt. He pressed his left hand on his side using the other one to uphold himself, as he was already on his knees, the pain making it impossible for him to stand.”We need help, now! Parker got shot! Steve!” He started breathing heavily, hearing Natasha’s voice calling for help through her earpiece. It may sound dumb, but all he was thinking about was you. He promised you he will be careful, that he will be back home soon all safe and sound. Because if he doesn’t make it, then who the hell is gonna help you revise for that maths exam next Thursday? He can’t let you down, he needs to come home to you and Aunt May. Natasha was by his side looking around for any possible threats while telling him to hold on, to stay with her because help is gonna be here soon and everything is going to be fine. He was bleeding a lot, his costume covered in his own blood. Natasha was holding his mask in one of her hands, the other one supporting his head. She was getting impatient as his face was getting paler each second. He hasn’t said a word, making only small grunts and whines. The last thing he remembers is your face, smiling lovingly at him like you always do, and Natasha’s voice.

You knew about Peter’s powers and about him working with the Avengers for a few months now. You never met them though, Peter said he didn’t want to put you into any more danger. He loved those guys, but he loved you much more and you being with him was dangerous enough. You two started dating a few weeks before his accident with the spider so you’ve been dating for almost a year. It’s not like you were okay with all of this, with him putting himself in danger but you also knew Peter well enough to know he feels obliged to help other people. He always promised to be careful, and made sure to spend even more time with you before a mission. He was spending his last minutes with you until he had to leave. “I’m gonna be okay, babe. I know I have someone to fight for and I’m gonna be back before you know it. I love you.” He always said while pulling you close, his hands around you and yours around his neck, hugging him as tightly as possible. You could feel each other’s beating hearts, you could see the love in your eyes. You and Peter were surely young, but so madly in love. He couldn’t imagine his life without you, neither could you. He always gave you one last kiss, soft and loving.

You were sitting in the cafe near your house, where you and Peter used to go after school each Friday, with Peter on your mind. You couldn’t wait to see him again, to know he was alright. You had an odd feeling that he might not be alright this time. You were always sickly worried about him when he was away doing God knows what with the Avengers. It’s not like you doubted his strength or didn’t believe he was a true superhero, you just didn’t wanna lose him. You were doing some homework on your laptop with a cup of hot tea. You saw your phone light up on the table and got excited as you saw Aunt May was calling.

“Hello?” you said smiling, ready to hear that Peter was home and told her to let you know because he was going to take a nap, like he usually did.

“Y/N? Dear, I’m so sorry”, her voice was trembling and your heart stopped for a second. “Peter got hurt. Mr Stark just called to inform about the attack that took place at the meeting about the scholarships. I’m sure Peter told you about it. He’s in the hospital now and I had to call you.” She was now crying, and so were you.

You thanked her and decided to get to the hospital yourself. You caught a bus and were in the hospital 10 minutes later. You hurried inside and asked for Peter Parker.

“He just got back from surgery and the doctors are inside, as soon as they leave you can go inside to see him, love.” She informed you as you followed her to your boyfriend’s room. “Down the hall, turn left and the last door is his room, number 223.” She smiled slightly and headed back. You weren’t actually sure what to expect. Your hands were cold and sweaty, heart beating faster than usual. You were imagining him all beaten up and bruised and probably unconscious. At the end of the hall you started to hear a couple of different voices talking quietly, and when you turned left like you were told to do, you saw the Avengers. Either sitting on the uncomfortable plastic chairs or pacing around. As you were walking slowly to them, Steve saw you and stopped talking which made the rest of the group look at you. You suddenly got very shy with all of them eyeing you curiously. You figured out the doctors were still inside because otherwise the superheros would probably be with Peter in the room. Just when Tony was about to ask who you are, the door of Peter’s room opened and everyone got up. Before you could ask them Steve started talking.

“How is he?”

“The wound wasn’t very deep although he lost a lot of blood. He just woke up, you can go and see him if you want-” With that being said you took off and hurried inside not caring about the others or what the doctors had else to say. Instantly you brought your hand to your face at the sight of him. He was almost as pale as the sheets, some tubes connected to his body. The bruises forming on his chest and shoulders were becoming very dark and visible.
“Hey there”, he smiled softly at you.
“ Oh my god, Peter!”

You were by his side in a second, taking a seat on the chair next to his bed and taking his hand in yours. You wanted to hug him so badly, to feel that he was there but didn;t want to cause him any more pain.

“Hey, don’t cry. I’m alright.”

“That’s definitely not being alright! What the hell did even happen to you?”, you asked him and wiped off some tears from your cheeks. He didn’t respond but moved the sheet so you could see his covered in gauze side.

“I… got shot.”

“You got what?!”, you almost yelled. “Peter what the hell were you thinking! You were supposed to be careful and have a back up!” You couldn’t believe how reckless he was. He promised you to be careful.

“It’s nothing. I got too caught up and didn’t see the man behind me, if it wasn’t for Natasha he would have killed me. But I’m alive, yay!”, he squeezed your hand slightly and gave you one of his adorable smiles.

“You’re unbelievable, Peter!”
“But you still love me. And i love you too, so much.”, you smiled at his loving words which made you less angry and still gave you the butterflies in your stomach.

“You’re lucky you’re cute, Parker.”, the both of you laughed softly. You looked at him and whispered, “I was so worried, you know. Don’t do this again, please. I can’t lose you, Peter. I can’t.”

“I’m sorry, love.”, he was gently caressing your hand with his thumb. “Please, stop crying or I’m gonna cry too.”. he said half serious, half jokingly.

There was a knock on the door and both of you looked at Tony standing by the door. “Hey, we’re coming in, Spider-Boy.”

You decided to slightly ignore him, “Are you in pain now?”, and asked your boyfriend while nervously biting your lip.

“No, no. I’m okay, the gave me drugs, seriously.”, Peter tried to lighten the mood with his lame joke.
“Hey, kid! How you feelin’?”, you heard Sam say cheerfully. The medium sized room suddenly became crowded and too small for you.

“Hey, babe, can you maybe get me some water, please?”, he noticed the way your hold on his hand became more firm and knew you had to leave the room in order to prevent a panic attack and made something up so you would leave the room for a few minutes.

“Yeah, yeah, sure. I’ll be back in a minute.”, you awkwardly stood up and pushed through people to leave the room.

“Is that your girlfriend, Spidey?”, Tony smirked.

“Ye-yeah. We’re dating.”, Peter blushed and looked down on his hands. He heard all of them say “aw” and someone even said that she was very pretty. Due to your anxiety, you waited for the group to leave and then without speaking to them came back to Peter’s room.

Bucky, Steve, Wanda and Peter were sitting in the kitchen in the Stark tower, talking and laughing.

“So what did you tell your aunt to stay here for a month?”, Wanda suddenly asked. Peter got out of the hospital a few days ago but Tony and Bruce wanted to check him themselves and prefered him to get his rehabilitation here and not somewhere public.

“Well, Mister Stark told her he feels guilty and all of the injured are gonna go to Miami or something to help them recover and stuff. I hope i don’t bump into her on the street, tough.”, Steve, Bucky and Wanda laughed with Peter, and he drunk some water.

“And what about your girlfriend? Did you tell her the same story?”, Peter looked at Bucky and then checked his phone.

“No, actually she’s gonna be here in a few minutes, if you don’t mind.”, he was nervously waiting for their reaction.

“Oh, really? That’s great! The girl seems to be very nice!”, Natasha came into the room with Clint, Tony and Bruce.

“Yeah, she is.”, he smiled. Then his phone started calling and he excused himself to meet you outside the bulding so you won’t get lost.

In the elevator you were pretty nervous to meet all of them, Peter was constantly reasurring you that they already like you. As soon as the door opened Peter found your hand with his own and started walking towards the guys.

“Oh, hi! It’s so nice to meet you!”, Clint said firstly and smiled at you.

“So, this is my girlfriend, Y/N. Y/N, you already know all of them, haha.” Peter introduced you and couldn’t help but smile at your red cheeks.

“Yeah, um, I’m Y/N. It’s nice to finally meet you all.”, you waved awkwardly.

“Okay, so tell us everything. How did you met, how long are you together and stuff. I want to know everything.” Tony said and Natasha pushed him lightly as Steve was giving Tony a death glare. You seemed like a shy girl, and they definitely didn’t want to scare you off. You and Peter joined them and sat on the couch between Bucky and Vision.

“We’ve known each other for like, 3 or 4 years. Aunt May and Y/N’s mom work in the same place, then we went to the same school. We became good friends when went to school together and then it just happened.” Peter told them, knowing you would be to nervous too speak.

“Aw, that’s cute. So how long are you together?” Sam commented.

“We started dating a little bit before my spider accident, so like a year or so.”

“It’s a shame we haven’t met you before, maybe now you will spend some time with us.” Steve added, and you felt very welcomed in the group. Peter put his arm around you and gave you a kiss on the cheek, knowing that you would definitely be here more often.