these are kinda taking a turn for the depressing

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Could you write a small fic where the reader is kinda depressed and first Gibbs cheers them up a bit in the office, and then Tim and Ellie (and Kate, if this is possible) take the reader out for dinner and try to make them smile? I know it's very specific :$

You look up at Gibbs, ready to retort. “Elevator,” he interrupts you, breezing by. You have no choice but to follow.
Once in the elevator, he turns to you. “What’s wrong?”
You give a half shrug. “I don’t wanna talk about it.”
He nods, half understanding, then reaches out and pats your arm. “Go home. You’re under a lot of stress.

Once off the couch, you pause your movie and open your door. “Oh! Hi.”
“Hey.” Ellie smiles and hugs you. “Mm, I don’t know what’s wrong but we hope you feel better.”
McGee embraces you next. You realize he’s quite the teddy bear. Maybe, you think, you should hire him as professional cuddler. “Ellie and I wanted to take you out.” McGee steps back. “Our treat.”
You watch them.
Then you suddenly smile. “Yeah, I could use some cheering up.”
The first step out of your apartment and you realize as long as your team backs you up, you’ll never be hopeless.

today was weird i forgot to take my depression med in the morning before work so like anxiety was welling up and i felt tired n drained n self-conscious all day and then i got home n took my med and cried a lot

my medication has kicked in now and i still feel kinda sad but a lot more awake and active. i worked on my hw for drawing class and i rly like how my piece is turning out! making art makes me feel hopeful which i think is something the medication can’t give me.. so maybe with the two together i’ll be ok

  • them: *describes jean's character in their modern AUs with beautiful, poetic syntax, shows 5 years worth of character development within 5 words, references to the canon in the most unexpected yet absolutely gorgeous ways*
  • me: jean in modern aus is kinda like that vine of the girl turning around on beat with take on me by a-ha except he's wearing a shirt that says "i have severe depression" in bright magenta comic sans font across the chest

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I absolutely hate growing up and becoming an adult. Literally everything scares me. What am I gonna study at uni? How could I possibly find a job that I would have for the rest of my life? How am I gonna manage to live alone (with depression and serious anxiety about spending money)? Will I be lonely for the rest of my life? What if nothing turns out well for me? I feel like everything that once was "safe" has been taken away from me and I'm honestly scared to live

like i kinda feel the same (or i used to) but it changes. you get used to idea and you get ready for it in your own time. it might take 5 years, it might take 10, but someday you will feel ready. just don’t push yourself for something you’re not ready for yet. i promise your future will be clear one day and you will have a wonderful life 💕

The Long Run

Calfreexy x Reader #6

Warnings: kinda sad, immense talk of depression 

Requested: yuuuuussss by an anon <3

Notes: know that my messages are always open, for every single one of you. also, i wrote this at 1 in the morning when I myself couldn’t sleep. writing is my escape for the tiniest smidgen of time ~K


You woke up and you almost immediately knew the tone that the day would take. The night before had been filled with tossing and turning as insomnia racked through your body. The mere simplest thought would crack the dam that held back the river of uncertainty in your brain. When you shut your eyes you had only been met with the painful darkest corners of your soul. The longer you had stayed up, the worse the next day would be and here you were; sat in the middle of your bed, and overwhelmed with thoughts. Sadness wasn’t quite the right word for it; it was more like you couldn’t be bothered anymore. You couldn’t be bothered to relax, to think, to eat, to even lay down. You had been so good for so long, but here it was. Depression had reached out to the collar of your shirt, pulling you back in its grasps.

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every time i see a Sexy Solas it takes 5 years off my life he is just so Unsexy like thats his main personality trait

i feel like

there is story potential but 0 smut potential like i feel like smt close to the way neil gaiman treats morpheus - someone who has a hard time learning from their mistakes due to being immortal and an all mighty deity and turns out to be kinda very pathetic and depressed at the end like

ya gotta treat him like he’s pathetic for it to work

and that’s extremely unsexy

I am in such a strange mood. Like choke slam me through a table, run a 4k marathon, drown in smoothies, live in a cardboard box, fuck a lot, self mantra, yoga that breaks my spine, crying while frosting cupcakes kinda mood. But also no emotion just take a nap kinda mood. So I don’t really know what’s going on with that. I feel like I NEED to do literally anything but I don’t know if I will. Getting up to turn the heat on took a lot of effort, but I don’t feel sad or depressed ??? So what is my deal ??? I don’t like this weird pukey energy that I am unfamiliar with. But I also don’t care? Energized apathy?