these are kinda old but still great

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while we're at it let's change Izayoi's name to Smithy and Great Gozu's name to God Gozu

Personally, I’ve remembered Izayoi’s name as “Dave” because of some shit post. But Smithy could work. So when hes old the kids can be like “hey guys look its old man Smithy!” and he’d be like “you punks get off my lawn!” of course that is if he survives. (I doubt that he will)

Gozu is a god but I kinda still remember him as Slipknot guy. 

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also ana still kinda fits into the category that most of the other ow women fall into, only difference is that she's got a few wrinkles

She is still skinny and by no means ugly. An old & partially sighted Egyptian woman is really really great, but I’m hoping that she’s only the beginning of shaking up the female roster.

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What site do you use to find Fake AH fanfiction? I'm kinda new to this fandom and I don't know where to look

My child, (nah I kid) ao3 my dude. Ao3 alllll the way, like, idk if Fanfiction.Net is still even relevant at this point but I dont think the FAHC fandom is old enough for it, yeah I was right, FAHC on is dead. Ao3 has all the greats, it updates regularly, last time I checked which was last night Ao3 had 1430 FAHC fics. And if youre interested, I got the fic recs. Like The Great Seland Takeover, which is pretty much THE fanfic of the fandom (it’s the Auf Wiedersehen Sweetheart of the FAHC ngl). I’d also recommend all the fics by oct1en3one their characterization is god-tier, Pulling the Strings of Fate Taut, and Name Your Price are also good ones.

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Top five movies you'd recommend! It doesn't have to be any specific genre, just the one you like ^^

I don’t watch movies that often but let’s try this anyway. Some stuff I’ve watched recently and then stuff I like.

- Batman Returns, my favorite Batman movie because Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman & Danny DeVito’s Penguin. This was also the very first Batman movie I ever saw, I was probably 6 yrs old lol.
- The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, I liked this a lot when I was younger and it’s still a good movie. I was always into these kinda movies as a kid lmao, Indiana Jones’ films were great too (minus the newest made in 2008 lol).
- American Mary, was interesting and I loved Katharine Isabelle in it
- Life of Brian, hilarious every time I see it
- District 9, because the documentary-style was interesting and so was the story.. it made me feel lots of different emotions

So fun stuff is happening in our family. Mamaw Karen and Dee Dee are having problems, and he left/moved out. Hasn’t come back home yet. They’ve had a long talk that made mamaw Karen feel better and he said something about probably coming home next week, but it’s kinda still up in the air right now. Like shit, they could technically break up/divorce still. They’re in their 60s, they’re too old for this shit. Mamaw Karen has too many health problems and limited mobility to ever live alone. And Dee Dee’s the only father figure I have, he takes care of my car and little things around my house and keeps my yard mowed and naturally he means a lot to me because they’ve been together for as long as I’ve been alive and my other father-figure, my great-grandfather who I was never really close to, has since passed. So like it’s a pretty heavy weight on my mind right now that part of what tiny bit of a family I have is trying to fall apart, but hopefully everything works out okay. :/ I’m not sure what I’ll do or how I’ll feel if it doesn’t…