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Hey! I saw what you wrote before about feeling a little taken for granted and I really want to apologise for that. It's not easy writing, and I guess in all the excitement, people (including myself) just can't wait to hear more without even stopping to convey what we love about the existing chapters, which isn't very nice. It also makes you feel pressured into rushing to write the next one, which is also crappy. I'm really sorry for this, and I will try my best to be a more considerate reader!

Ah, you definitely understand. Thank you, anon. 

And the thing is, it’s not even so bad when one person individually just kind of immediately jumps to the next update. Especially because often when I’m reading something I like, I’m like “WOW THIS IS SO GOOD, I REALLY WANT MORE ASAP, LIKE I’M HOOKED” and then I’ll usually throw in a “update soon!” in my comment. 

But this fic has gotten more attention than I anticipated or that my schedule can really maintain, and it’s hard when lots of people are sort of saying the same thing, you know? Like I just answered 3 asks about updates, and while I’m really happy everyone is interested (like I couldn’t be more grateful), it’s just kind of hard to have so many people on all these different sites asking for updates that I’m not really capable of giving right now. 

I want Creating a Home to be a relaxing happy thing, not a stressful thing. 

But I can’t write for awhile anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t matter much. But thank you for this apology; it wasn’t exactly even necessary. Like I’m not mad or even hurt so much, I’m just flustered! And flustered is okay sometimes! It means you’re motivated, so in that way, it’s good. 

But thank you very much for being so kind and thoughtful, you’re so sweet and cute, and I’m teary, I’m teary. 

How Do You Know What’s Right?

Title: How Do You Know What’s Right? (Part 4 to Not That Kind of Fun)

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Angel: Balthazar

Reader: female

Words: 1360

Author: Mira

Warnings: injury, fighting, fluff

Note(s): none

Your name: submit What is this?

Your leg was stuck under a concrete pier. It was a stupid idea to run back into a building that already started collapsing, but there were still people inside and you had to make sure they made it out safely.

You felt the pain rush up your body and left your mind clouded. The building was on fire and collapsing around you. Your thoughts rushed to Balthazar and how happy you were since you knew him. You didn’t even realize that you had prayed to him until he stood in front of you.

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i love you i love you i love you / a destiel drabble

The first time Dean says I love you he’s sort of maybe a little bit drunk, and he’s got his head back and he’s laughing at something Cas said which wasn’t really that funny, and then he slaps him on the back and he’s like, “Cas, I fucking love you, man” and time kind of stops for Cas but it’s too dark and Dean is too drunk and it kind of rushes by and they forget about it. 

The second time Dean says I love you they’re in the Impala because Sam’s got a girl in the motel room, and they’re in this little city just outside of Kansas and it feels like every single star is above them and the radio is on this crappy station where they play the songs Dean claims to hate. And maybe it’s just the air in fucking Kansas or whatever, but Dean’s singing along. Cas doesn’t know the words, but he’s doing his best, you know? He’s humming and tapping his foot and it’s like they’re own little universe here in this little tiny insignificant car in the middle of everything. So Dean gets finally works up the nerve, because if they are so insignificant then at least he can make these three tiny words mean something real. So he says, “I love you,” out of nowhere and it’s so so so quiet like he’s scared that if he talks too loud maybe the stars will dissapear. And Cas’ “I love you,” comes naturally after that, because yes, yes yes yes. 

The third time Dean says I love you they’re on his bed in the bunker and the sheets are a mess around them and this time they are no stars and instead there’s the crappy light bulb that keeps flickering and Dean’s probably going to have to change it soon, but it doesn’t matter because oh hey Dean didn’t know that Cas had freckles on his shoulders or that kissing his neck made him moan like this and they’re discovering each other and the secrets of the entire universe are hidden under their skin. And Dean says, “I love you,” against Cas’ lips and then his chest and then it’s “I love you,” number four against his jaw and then “I love you,” number five against his wrist and I love you I love you I love you and he says it until he can’t breathe until it’s the only thing that matters and Dean can’t believe he hasn’t said it earlier, fuck fuck fuck. But now he can’t stop saying it and Cas can’t stop saying it back and they’re putting each other back together until the other’s name is in every curve of their body.