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Prompt: Emma's a self-help author, Regina's a critic?

Emma was positively seething as she read through the book-reviews section of the paper. She had only just released her second self-help book, and once again, had received a terrible review from a famous critic of the genre, a woman named Regina Mills.

Emma knew she was no writer. She wasn’t a crafty wordsmith with creative genius. She was just a woman who had been through a hell of a lot in her life. She was a woman who had lived at rock bottom for years before climbing her way back to the surface and breaking through, and though she may not be a writer, she still had a lot to say.

Emma believed that her story and her advice could truly help those who might find them in situations similar to those she herself had lived through.

This woman, though—this Regina Mills—was a terribly tough critic. The woman had completely blasted Emma’s first self-help book despite how wildly popular it had been.

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