these are just unused bits from the first chapter!

The Boy in The Woods

Dipper resisted the urge to ask who, Wirt exactly got out. But Dipper had enough common sense to not ask. And, he really didn’t want to open that can of worms. So, Dipper decided to do the next best thing. Change the subject. “what direction, or, way are we going?”

Wirt paused “I think… I think it would be… would be best to go to… to go by the lake, that’s where I… I went last time,”

Dipper gave a relieved sigh. “Sounds simple enough, how long ‘till we get there?”

“Oh, we couldn’t be much… much further away-“ Wirt re-adjusted his cape coat “-it would take us weeks… maybe month… sorry, months”

“Month- months?!”

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