these are just the proper full on hugs

Lance is falling apart

Lance is so freaking crucial to Voltron and it is killing me that everyone, especially Keith, are not realizing how much LANCE DOESNT KNOW THAT. 

They make fun of him giving himself nicknames all the time! Call him goofball, deny him being a sharpshooter. While I understand that they are trying to joke around, and think that Lance gets it because he is the most easygoing and well… goofiest of them all. They don’t really think he will be insulted because he is already just SOOO full of himself, right? THE DUDE IS CRUMBLING AND NO ONE IS NOTICING.

Hopefully this is addressed in S4, especially since the Keith and Lance scene never even had a proper healthy resolution. Kieth just reassured things are ok for now and to focus on missions. Keith even tried to joke around with Lance to cheer him up, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the comment made Lance even feel worse by making fun of how he counted. I say that because he stopped walking before the door closes, it seemed like he had more to say…

Lance needs a hug. Everyone does, but maybe Lance needs a double hug.

Country Solangelo!

I don’t know why this popped up in my head, but can we all just imagine Will Solace as a bona fide country boy?  Can we imagine Will dragging Nico home for a few weeks in Summer?

  • Naomi Solace, alt-country singer, having a fit when she sees how skinny Nico is, and insists on him having second helpings of everything?
  • Nico’s first taste of Non-Camp barbecue resulting in him getting about three more servings.
  • Will Solace’s childhood home not being in a suburb, but on a rural farm, complete with Horses, a garden full of vegetables, and a two story farmhouse with a wrap around porch.  Nico being in absolute awe when he first sees it.
  • Nico being scared to death about being introduced as Will’s boyfriend, mainly because he’s just deathly afraid that he’ll be rejected or hurt, but instead he’s given a bear hug by both Naomi and Will’s Grandmother, and given a proper handshake (which gives Nico a sense of his being old as hell) by Will’s maternal grandfather.  Even Will’s mortal friends don’t give a crap that they’re gay, which ends Nico’s thoughts on a stereotypical southern community.
  • Nico in overalls, which amuses Will to no end.  Will in a cowboy hat, which Nico insists he should wear more often.
  • Will showing Nico the grove of oak trees that his treehouse was built in.  Nico and Will subsequently making out in that treehouse.
  • Nico learning to ride Reba, Will’s favorite horse (and also his favorite Singer)
  • Skinny-dipping in a swimming hole, which Nico is hesitant to do, but relents.  He later drags Will out there in the middle of the night, which results in some hastily made up stories the next day.  Nico can’t walk because he was totally just riding Reba all Night.  Both know all too well that Nico bruised his tailbone trying to swing from a rope into the hole.
  • Campfires out by the old, dilapidated barn, complete with s’mores and a ton of cuddles.  Will telling Nico Ghost stories, and Nico pretending to be scared, if only to be in Will’s embrace.
  • Nico being afraid to touch the plants at first, as he is sure he doesn’t have a green thumb, to helping Grandma Solace weeding the garden on a daily basis, where the two discuss what life was like in the 30s.  Nico doesn’t remember much of the Great Depression, as he was young.  But he remembers the war too clearly.
  • Grandpa Solace telling stories of his time in the War, including D-Day.  When he peels his shirt off to show everyone the scars left by shrapnel, Will is beet red from embarrassment, and Nico is as pale as a ghost.
  • Will’s extended family descending on the farm for a few days, which results in hastily memorized names, a ton of photo opportunities, and a hay ride with Will and his cousins.  Later on, Will takes the rusted up truck and they go for a joyride, and maybe a late night shake.
  • Nico and Will being permitted to share a room, where they cuddle under a homemade quilt.  For once, Nico doesn’t have nightmares.
  • Nico getting a knitted sweater from Will’s Grandma, which is apparently a ‘Welcome to the Family’ gift.
  • Will being overjoyed at the fact that, by the time they leave, Nico’s gained some weight, a healthy glow, and the fact that maybe Nico’s addicted to his Grandmother’s lemonade.
  • Nico feeling more at home on a rural farm in Texas than he has nearly anywhere else, and insisting that they go back every chance they get.
  • Will happily obliging, on the condition that Nico has to wear the Overalls at least once every time they go.

I dunno why, but Country Boy Will is something I’ve found strangely cute these last few days.  Southern Hospitality is a thing, and Nico would be shaken by the fact that they aren’t as vocal about the gay thing as one may realize.

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Concept; they haven't made a big fuss or anything about the pregnancy or anything and when they go out for dinner with friends and family when she's showing and you can proper see that she's really expecting he doesn't go to far from her almost just arms length and every few minutes his hand finds it's way to her showing belly and he's EXTREMELY protective when fans or paps come around.

Maybe she’s got one of his shirts on, hugging her little belly everywhere. He’s so proud and full of joy that the two most important people in his life, are all his, and he’s gone into full on protective mode. His friends take notice and smile just as proudly because he’s so ready to take on the biggest role of his life.

Something I like and want more of

…Toriel…. not being The Mom.

I don’t mean she suddenly has no children. That’s already happened to her at least 8 times over and it’s very sad. What I mean is less focus on her as the TEAM MOM, the person whose job it is to provide hugs, proper life advice, and helicopter parenting. 

Less of Toriel as pure moral support, more of Toriel as a queen, or a defector, or the caretaker of the ruins. Toriel writing a journal full of bad jokes, throwing pizzas at Sans, squeeing about snail facts, being a teacher, learning hoiw to text, clipping coupons, learning that flinging fireballs at people is bad for first impressions… just Toriel being Toriel doing Toriel things that don’t involve just being the support for other characters.

More this please. 

GRANTED this could also be down to the content I happen to look for, so if anyone has recs, I’m always up for them. Not just for this, but for anything

Its hinnyshipweek @hpshipweeks and so I wrote something. (Also harry deserves to be happy)

She is 11 and he is 12, and he trips over her as she runs in front of them to tell Ron something. Before he can apologise, her face has turned as red as her hair and she has bolted. Ron frowns after her and Harry feels vaguely uncomfortable. He briefly wonders if he could use any of the polyjuice they’re brewing to turn into someone else and have a normal conversation with her for once.

He is 12 and so is she, and he is trying very hard not to get her into trouble. He hesitates in his recounting of the tale and he can feel her eyes on him as he brushes over her involvement. When he glances at her, she grimaces at him in an affirming sort of way and he feels more at ease than he has in the hours since he found the message dripping down the wall. There is something oozing into his shoes and he realises his face is probably equally as smudged and dirty as hers. Probably more so. She leaves with her parents and all he feels is relief.

He is 14 and she is 13, and she grabs the omnioculers from around his neck to twiddle with the dials. It gets caught on his ears and her cold fingers detangle them. Ten minutes later, in a fit of giggles, she gestures for him to look through them too. He watches as a woman in the opposite row falls asleep in her seat and leans into the aisle, jerking awake just as she hits the floor. He watches it again. And again. “I set it on loop” Ginny yells in his ear. The match hasn’t started yet but the crowd is already too loud for any normal speaking volume. Her grin is blazing.

She is 15 and he is 16, and she sits next to him at dinner one day, turned away to talk to her friends. She leans her back against his side and he can feel the movement every time she laughs, or shifts to get more comfortable. He is achingly aware of her hair spilling onto his shoulder, the strands keep tickling his neck. She leans over him to speak to Ron and he breathes her in, feeling guilty, but also not caring at all.

He is 16 and so is she, and her mouth is soft when he kisses her, but she pushes forward, almost tackling him, and the kiss becomes hard. Her eyes, fluttering shut, are crinkled by her smile. Teeth nip his lower lip and her sigh tastes like butterbeer. When she pulls away, both of them are panting, and it takes a moment for the surrounding noise to crash in. She is still in her Quidditch robes, a celebratory banner strewn about her like a cape. Ron looks resigned and Hermione is beaming and he has never been so happy.

He is 17 and she is 16, and they are both too young for this. There is something sharp about her, in the corners of her put-on smile, the firm grip of her hands in his. Hard muscle took the place of baby fat after years on a broom, in every position there was possible to play. He is under no misconceptions that she needs protecting, or saving. Only he can barely accept another two joining his suicide mission, much less a third. Only he almost wants to protect her, the little kid who couldn’t string two words together near him. Her eyes burn into his and he has to tear his gaze away.

They are both 17 and he has never felt so old. Fred is lowered into the earth and a hand slips into his. She is letting herself be comforted, and he feels a sense of relief. If he focuses on easing her grief he can maybe forget his own. Tears slip down her cheeks and he wonders why he hasn’t cried yet. He keeps his other arm firmly around Ron, who looks like he might crumple without the support. Her smile when George says his speech is watery and fragile. Her fingers tighten around his and he brings their joined hands up to his lips to kiss her knuckles.

He is 18 and she is 17, and it’s been months since he saw her waving on the train. Ostensibly he is here to visit Hermione but she has buggered off with Ron somewhere (after snogging him for almost five minutes in full daylight) and Harry has no qualms about tugging her up into a proper hug. He breathes in her flowery shampoo and tightens his hold as he does so. Her grip around his ribs is so tight he can hardly breathe but the pain grounds him to the moment and when they break apart she is grinning like she hasn’t since his sixth year. He wants to kiss her but it’s not the right time yet so he just smiles back and asks whether McGonagall is any better than Umbridge as Headmistress.

She is 19 and he is 20, and his cheer is the loudest when she scores the first shot of her career. He is wearing these stuffy, inconvenient robes because he has to go back to work right after this and she is literally covered in sweat and dirt, but he really doesn’t give a damn because she won the match and her lips are on his. When he arrives at the Ministry, Ron scoffs at him and scourgifies the mud off of his clothes and chin before letting him traipse into a meeting with their superiors.

He is 24 and she is 23, and the wedding bands on their fingers in no way means they are ready for this. The healer said she is nearly in her second trimester and he is scaling back through the last couple months, trying to figure out how they managed to miss this for so long. The memory of her asking him specifically for muggle Kellogg’s breakfast bars at 3am is overtaken by the sudden realisation that there is going to be a small human to look after in another 6 months. He gapes at her, and he must look pretty funny because she snorts at him and turns back to the Healer to ask more questions.

She is 25 and he is 26, and it’s a struggle to keep a hold of the wriggling two year old who just wants to meet his new brother. She is propped up in the bed, cuddling the wrinkly red thing that he met himself at the ungodly hour of 4 am. It’s now a more reasonable 8 am and James peers at Albus apprehensively before asking to hold him. He meets her gaze as James gently hugs Al, cooing at him. They breathe a collective sigh of relief.

He is 31 and she is too when she asks him to switch out with her. Her career ended with the birth of Albus and she wants to start anew. He thinks about the people depending on him at work, the mountains of paperwork on his desk. He thinks about Lily Luna sleeping soundly in her cot upstairs and how they are going to have to separate Al and Jamie into different rooms soon because they keep roughhousing. She has always been smarter than him. He has no doubt she is going to climb even higher than the position he was handed as The Saviour. He hands in his notice the next morning.

She is 37 and he is 38, and their last child is heading onto the train for the first time. He feels oddly teary eyed and she nudges him with her elbow, calls him a sap. She kisses his cheek and they share a smile before shifting their gaze to Lily, who has wrangled a seat next to Hugo and is now waving frantically out the window. After the last of the steam has cleared away, they collect themselves and duck out of the platform. It’s the first time in years they have had an empty house and though all he wants is to keep Lily in bubble wrap in his sight forever, he isn’t going to miss this opportunity. More importantly, she isn’t going to let him miss this opportunity.

He is 40 and she is 39, and he cannot remember how it felt being 16, and kissing her goodbye. It had been so important at the time. Every kiss had been grand and exciting and significant. Now he ignores her morning breathe and gives her a peck before getting up himself. He is teaching Defense at Hogwarts, to his kids intense dismay, which means waking up earlier than his wife most days to cobble lesson plans together. She sits across from him as they eat breakfast and they play footsie under the table like teenagers. He never expected to make it here. He never expected to be so happy.

“general yohane hcs?”

  • She LOVES junk food. It’s ridiculous. She has a special affinity for sweet chilli crisps in particular; her garbage can is littered with them. And meals? What are they?? 
  • It’s especially offensive since she’s still stick thin despite ingesting all that crap every day; everyone hates her metabolism.
  • Yoshiko had actually saved up as a kid to get ACs installed in her apartment. She’s hated summer ever since she was little – the bugs, the heat, the humidity; she hated it all. Honestly, the only good things to come out of summer are the holidays and Comiket. 
  • She almost started crying when her parents reluctantly agreed to install ACs.
  • She’s pretty good at art! As a kid she adored it, but now it’s just something she happens to be decent at. Yoshiko has a surprisingly cute style, and the rest of Aqours (Chika in particular) force her to draw little chibis and doodles for them sometimes! 
  • Yoshiko decides to stop when Chika gets a detention for ‘graffiting’ her maths book.
  • She’s actually a bit of a clean freak when it comes to her room. Most people expect it to be a total mess and are always surprised when they see how tidy and neat it is. Yoshiko simply claims that a messy room stresses her out, which, to be fair, is an understanding complaint.
  • Her hiding place for most of her ‘datenshi’ things is her school bag. She just doesn’t know where else to keep it; she’s far too anxious that her parents will find it if she keeps it in her room, so she compensates with her school bag. 
  • Because of this, unless she’s around Aqours she’s VERY protective of her school bag. She’s honestly quite shocked on how nobody has questioned her always full-to-the-brim bag.
  • Yoshiko has a hugging pillow. Not a proper one; it’s just a plain, purple cushion, but she just can’t sleep unless she has something warm and comfy to wrap her arm around. She wouldn’t dare to admit this to anyone though, out of fear of being teased.
  • On that note, she doesn’t like hugging people. At all. Whenever someone tries to hug her she tends to awkwardly push them off, with only very, very few people being an exception to this. It’s not that Yoshiko dislikes hugging – she has a hugging ‘pillow’ after all, and cuddling does sound…nice – it’s just that she doesn’t really know how to hug. She just kind of awkwardly pats their back.
  • She’ll get over it one day. Probably.

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ooh, can you do eren?

Oh yes, I can do Eren!!

  1. Eren is a very quick witted person. He could get into a sarcasm battle with a squirrel if he thought the squirrel was sassing him. 
  2. He unconsciously flirts until he realizes that he likes someone. Then he’s a mess around them; a total klutz, unable to form a full sentence, a blushing mess, the works.
  3. He feels helpless when it comes to making someone feel better. If the one of his friends is crying, he doesn’t know what to say, he just wants them to feel happy, but doesn’t know how. He does his best, usually just opting for a hug, cause he can’t think up the proper words.
  4. He is pretty smart, but has to work for grades. 
  5. Eren has an amazing singing voice. He could make it as a singer if he tried.
  6. He’s prone to overworking himself. He feels that he has something to prove, and can’t stand the idea of letting anyone down, especially his parents. He’s a very hard worker, almost to a fault.
  7. He loves cookies. He loves cookies so much. 
  8. He’s a very cuddly, affectionate S/O. He’s not afraid to say the ‘I love you’ words, he’s not afraid to hug his S/O when they’re just standing the kitchen, he’s not afraid to tell his S/O how beautiful they are. He’s a very charming and adorable boyfriend.
  9. He gets really bad nightmares, and will sometimes go a few days without sleeping in fear of a nightmare. In canon, the nightmares are based on his past. In a modern au, he has a very overactive imagination and that’s what fuels the dark images. 
  10. He is very opinionated, and isn’t afraid to argue with anyone at anytime over anything. Especially if you name is Jean. Then he will fight you. 

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on wednesday night, we almost lost anton’s mom. for someone whos never had someone close be this unwell, it’s the hardest thing i’ve ever gone through. and seeing anton so heartbroken just made it so much more difficult. but i just had to push through and be there for him.

anton and i have been at the hospital since then, however i’ve now come home to have a proper rest. his sisters flew in on thursday evening, and so our house is pretty full capacity right now!

i know this is always said, but i just want to take the time to give everyone the reminder to always hug your loved ones tight when they leave. and always tell them you love and care for them. no matter what. anton’s mother is an extremely healthy woman, and this was so, so unexpected. I was also the person who didn’t really hug my loved ones tight, or tell them I love them all the time, but this has opened my eyes. you just never know what can happen in a second.

by the way, his mom is a bit better than wednesday, but there’s still a long road to go. i love you guys!

Haikyuu!! First Fight Gifs/Headcanons

Angsty gifs and headcanons about some of the Haikyuu!! pairings first fights. If a pairing you wanted to see isn’t here, request it. If you have a request for anything else, go ahead and ask! 

I hope this is okay and sorry if it’s a bit long. I hope you enjoy!

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Perspectives — Chapter 1: Maya

Summary: Maya’s always had mixed feelings about New Year’s. But this year, it’s different.

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Maya has always had mixed feelings about New Year’s.

When they were little, it was usually just her, Riley and Farkle. They’d be at the Matthews’ apartment, and Mrs. Matthews would make them big mugs of hot chocolate after dinner as a treat. The three of them would curl up together in the bay window, where Farkle would recount his plans of taking over the world in great detail, while Maya doodled in her small notebook and Riley cuddled Beary the bear.

And every year, her two friends would be determined to stay awake until midnight only to fall asleep beside her in the bay window well before the clock struck twelve. Maya, who’d been a light sleeper ever since her father left, and was used to staying up late and getting only a few hours’ sleep every night, would usually see the new year alone.

Farkle finally managed to stay up with her past midnight in fourth grade, and Riley joined them in sixth grade, and together they watched the fireworks from the roof of the Matthews’ apartment building. It was Maya’s last entirely happy New Year’s for a while.


The New Year’s in eighth grade, in their last year of middle school, was the night Maya ended up in a triangle with her best friend and the boy they both liked. It was the night Maya joined Lucas on the Matthews’ rooftop, hope in her heart and her heart in her eyes instead of hiding behind a façade, because it seemed as if, for once, she wasn’t going to be punished for putting her own happiness first, ahead of Riley’s. And she got both her hope and her heart crushed, because of course, since when was the universe ever kind to a broken, messed up girl like her?


On New Year’s in freshman year of high school, Maya decided she had to move on.

The events before and during their ski lodge trip had left her exhausted. Riley insisted Maya only liked Lucas, and was getting good grades and not racking up detentions, because she had ‘become Riley’. Lucas told Maya he didn’t like their teasing and bantering, making her realize she had misunderstood his feelings for her.

There was only one thing Maya could do, so that’s what she did: she removed herself from the triangle so that Lucas and Riley could be together, as they wanted.

And though Maya and Josh had decided they might be right for each other someday, Zay’s words had made her realize it wasn’t fair on either of them to not be able to live their lives now. If she and Josh decided in the future — when they were both older and not in such drastically different places in their lives as they were as a high school freshman and a college freshman — to date each other, then they could definitely do that. But for now, she needed to move on from him too. So, she’d spoken to Josh and called off the long game.

And when their classmate Brandon asked Maya to be his girlfriend at the New Year’s eve party at the Minkus penthouse, she said yes.

Brandon was one of the very few people Maya was close to outside of her immediate group of friends. In many ways, they were a lot alike. They were both a bit rough around the edges, a bit dark. Like her, he too came from a broken home (though Maya now realized that she and her mom and Gammy Hart were a whole family by themselves even before Katy married Shawn). Like her, he struggled with not believing that hope was only for suckers. And like her, he had feelings for someone who did not reciprocate them.

Maya had hung out with Brandon quite a bit during the summer before they began high school, when Riley had been in Philadelphia with her grandparents, Lucas and Zay in Texas, and Farkle busy with some or other summer academic thing. It had set the foundation of what would become a truly strong friendship. She liked him, she was comfortable with him, he liked her, he was comfortable with her. So, dating Brandon hadn’t seemed like a bad idea at all.

By the time New Year’s came around, they had already been on a couple of dates, though Maya hadn’t yet told any of her friends, not even Riley, because she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it. But Brandon was fun to be with, and she truly believed they might be able to help each other move on.

She refused to think anything about the way Lucas’s eyes had been on her the whole night, or that he’d apparently left the party when Brandon kissed her by the tall glass windows of the Minkus’ ballroom at midnight. He probably disapproved of her behaviour and her decision to date Brandon, because he didn’t like Brandon much in the first place. But he had chosen Riley, and Maya’s decision to date anybody else was none of his business.

She found out the next day, when she turned up at the bay window to tell her best friend her news and found her in tears, that Lucas had broken up with Riley at the party. Despite her own happy circumstances, it was impossible then to think of New Year’s as good when her best friend was so sad.


Maya had her own New Year’s eve breakup in sophomore year, when she and Brandon decided to end their relationship. They’d long confessed to each other that they still had feelings for other people, and it didn’t make sense to call themselves boyfriend and girlfriend anymore when they were just friends — close friends, but nothing more. They both decided it was best to start the new year with a clean slate.

Still, it was the end of her first proper relationship, and Maya couldn’t deny that it left a bittersweet feeling inside her.

She spent the party (being held at the Matthews’ apartment once again) surrounded by all the people she cared for. Her friends did everything they could to distract her from the fact that she’d just broken up with her (now ex-)boyfriend, and Maya had to admit they were pretty successful, though one person in particular might be the reason. Lucas stayed by her side the entire night, unwilling to leave her alone and refusing to let her mope.

Maya and Lucas had become close again after drifting apart for a bit when she’d tried to get over him by dating Brandon, and his concern made her feel warm and safe. She had to remind herself more than once that Lucas only cared for her as a friend, nothing more. That was how he’d always seen her.

She noticed, when she and her friends headed for the roof just before midnight, that Farkle held Riley back. Frowning, she was about to protest — she wanted her best friend by her side when the clock struck twelve — but Lucas caught her hand and shook his head. Puzzled but not unduly worried, Maya let herself be led upstairs. She could always find out from Riley tomorrow what Farkle wanted.

And when midnight struck and fireworks exploded in the sky above, Maya found herself laughing, squished between Lucas and Zay into the tightest group hug ever, while Smackle struggled and squirmed, and scolded both Lucas and Zay for flirting with her in front of each other. Maya looked up to find Lucas’s eyes on her, looking at her the way he’d done back in middle school. The steady, rapt look that had once led her to believe he had feelings for her.

“Happy new year, Maya.” His voice was low, and his eyes were full of some emotion she couldn’t place.

Just friends, she reminded herself. “Happy new year, Lucas,” she smiled back at him.

The light in his eyes dimmed for a moment, but then he seemed to shake off whatever had affected him, and pulled her into a tight hug that Maya returned wholeheartedly. The feeling of warmth and safety flooded her again.

She may have just broken up with her first proper boyfriend, but she always had her friends. And despite her own weird headspace, New Year’s didn’t seem so bad after all.


In junior year, New Year’s eve feels different. Maya, Katy and Shawn are hosting the party this time, in the bigger, nicer apartment they moved into soon after Katy and Shawn got married. Everyone Maya loves is here: family, friends, and other people who are important to her and her parents.

Mrs. Matthews and Mr. Minkus are standing by the windows, and from their loud voices and exaggerated hand gestures, Maya thinks they’re probably comparing how many A’s they each got in college or something. It’s amusing to watch.

Shawn is talking to Farkle’s mom and Harley Keiner, their middle school head janitor, both of whom he and Mr. Matthews knew back in their high school days. Matthews is chatting with Lucas’s Pappy Joe, who’s visiting New York for the holidays with Lucas’s Grandma Mabel. Maya’s Gammy Hart, Lucas’s mom Lillian and his Grandma Mabel are seated not far, having a quiet conversation of their own.

Maya’s mother has probably gone inside to check on Maya’s six month old baby brother Patrick, while Auggie and Ava have already fallen asleep together on the couch.

Her friends are grouped around the dining table: Riley, of course. Farkle and his new girlfriend Haley. Smackle and Zay, who’ve been pretty blatantly flirting with each other since Halloween. Brandon, failing miserably to appear mysterious and cool when he’s smiling like a complete dork at his girlfriend Sarah.

Riley’s been quieter than usual lately, and though Maya noticed this a while ago, she sensed that her best friend needed some space to think about whatever was bothering her before she talked about it. But Maya decides it’s time for her and Riley to have a proper talk in the bay window tomorrow, so Riley can finally tell her what’s wrong. She thinks she has an idea about what might be on Riley’s mind.

“It’s only a few minutes to the New Year, people!” Katy announces as she comes back into the living room, and the noise level immediately goes up.

Maya looks around for the one person who’s nowhere to be seen. He was talking to Brandon, Zay and Farkle earlier, and then with Mr. Keiner, but after that he’d disappeared. She’s about to ask Zay when someone takes her arm and tugs her behind the large Christmas tree, where they’re partially screened from the rest of the room.

“Ranger Rick!” Laughing, Maya turns to face her boyfriend. She and Lucas have been together since the end of the summer, and it still doesn’t cease to amaze her that they found their way to each other despite everything.

“Shortstack.” Lucas wraps his arms around her waist, grinning at her like the heehaw he is.

“What happened to your shirt?” she asks, adjusting the collar of his plaid flannel that she’d claimed for herself a few months ago. He must have found it in her closet and changed, because he’d arrived wearing the t-shirt she’d given him for his birthday, which listed every single nickname she’d ever called him.

“Your baby brother,” Lucas wrinkles his nose. “I held him for like a second, and he burped, and threw up a bit of his dinner on me.”

“He recognises a sucker when he sees one!” Maya grins. “Last week, he threw up all over Matthews. You should’ve seen his face!” A thought strikes her. “Huh. Dumping food on other people — in whatever form — seems to be a Clutterbucket family trait. My mom threw food and smashed cake on Kermit’s face when he came to visit. You know, during the forgiveness project in middle school.”

She watches as Lucas scans her face, confirms that she isn’t sad or upset when she mentions her biological father. And still decides to change the subject because he doesn’t want anything her to think about anything that might make her unhappy, especially tonight. “And you dumped two smoothies on my head on our first date,” he says.

“Best date ever!”

Lucas snorts. “At this rate, and with you as his role model, Patrick will dumping stuff on people’s heads by kindergarten.”

“Oh, do stop with all the compliments,” Maya pretends to wipe a tear. “You’ll have me bawling my eyes out in a minute!”

“Hey Shortstack,” He tugs a lock of her hair to get her attention. “Have I ever said anything nice to you?”

It takes her a second to realize he’s not just asking her a (in her opinion, rather dumb) question out of the blue; he’s repeating word for word what she said to him on New Year’s eve three years ago on the Matthews’ rooftop. It catches her off-guard. “Why?” she asks him, suspicious. His smile is a bit too innocent.

He sighs dramatically. “Do you have to spoil the moment? I’m trying something here!”

“Fine! Yes,” she rolls her eyes but replies to his first question, going along with their game. “You say nice things all the time, you never stop! I don’t know how I put up with you. You’re such a corny, gooey, cheesy huckleberry sap!”

“You forgot mushy,” Lucas grins and draws her closer. “Well, here’s one more to add to the list: It’s one minute to midnight, and I’m glad you’re standing here with me.”

Maya blinks before pressing her lips together to stop them from curving in a wide smile. It’s bad enough that her eyes are probably shining like a besotted fool’s. “You think you’re cute,” she begins, scrunching up her nose. “Now you’ll want me to say something mushy too! I don’t do mushy, Huckleberry. It’ll ruin my street cred!”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone,” he whispers mock-conspiratorially in her ear. “But for the record, it was pretty mushy when you said it to me three years ago, too.”

“Okay fine, but just this once,” she grumbles. “Mad Dog.”

His mouth falls open. “Did you just—?”

“You’ve been pestering me ever since we started going out,” Maya mutters as the crowd in the living room begins yelling the countdown. “Don’t let it get to your head.”

“Are you kidding? This is the greatest day of my life!”

“You’re such a dork!” she groans, but she’s smiling as she grabs his shirt collar and pulls his face down closer to hers. “It’s midnight, and I’m glad you’re here with me too.”

Chapter 2: Riley

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SithQui-Gon and deaged Obi-Wan? How is the war different now that all of the Sith are working together instead of at cross-purposes? Is Obi-Wan being trained as a Sith? Are they letting him remain a Lightsider while he's young?

“That’s it Obi-Wan, you know you want it, now reach for it with your want.” Qui-Gon watched his young apprentice with a small smile over his stapled fingers as Obi-Wan stared at the box containing the delicate little pastries Yan had given him.

Qui-Gon however had seen it as a wonderful little chance for some Force lessons of the…hmm sithly variety.

“Little one. You need to reach for it with your emotions.” He coaxed when Obi-Wan slumped on his pillow with a small frown before looking at Qui-Gon.

“I…I don’t know. That’s not what they taught in the creche dad.”

“They also taught you not to get attached little one.” Qui-Gon shifted until he was sitting beside the deaged former version of his padawan. “I know its different Obi-Wan. I know you were taught differently in the temple but there is another way, another balance. You know what I am, what grandpa Yan is and what both Asajj and Maul are…you can go a different way.” He stroked his hand gently over the soft copper hair.

“I always wanted to be a Jedi…and Sith are suppose to…” His little one bit his lips and Qui-Gon shifted him until Obi-Wan was sitting in his lap. “Sith are suppose to be the bogey men of the Initiates, I know. But you know us little one. Are we truly so bad?” Qui-Gon wrapped his arms around the little boy.

Obi-Wan gnawed on his bottom lip, staring at him.

“You hurt people.” He settled on.

“So do the Jedi and their troopers.” Qui-Gon didn’t deny it, he knew that with Obi-Wan he would either have to go half truths or full truths when the questions were direct.

Obi-Wan mulled over that. “They are, aren’t they…did I hurt people?” He turned wide green eyes on Qui-Gon and the man sighed. “Sometimes. You didn’t mean to, you tried to be a good Jedi.” He stroked a soft cheek. “But sometimes its unavoidable little one.”

Obi-Wan stared at his hands. “There is no emotion, there is peace…” He whispered at his hands before looking at the other man again. “What do Sith say?”

“Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.” Qui-Gon recited quietly, his eyes flashing yellow and Obi-Wan stared at him before ducking his head again.


“Free little one.”

“Free from what?”

“Free from whatever would hold you down, free from what anyone would do to hold you down, free to achieve the greatness the Force would give you. Free…to be you.” He stroked his hand through Obi-Wan’s hair.

He let Obi-Wan think, his little one was a smart cookie and coercion was not something he wanted to use on him.

“Free doesn’t sound so bad.” Obi-Wan whispered. “I’d be…free to like you? Free to play with Grandpa Yan?” He peered up at Qui-Gon and the older man smiled slowly.

“Free to do whatever you wished my Obi-Wan.” He closed the boy in a warm hug, eyes glittering possessively in the light. Perhaps, just perhaps he could turn his little one after all and have him by his side as a proper apprentice in full public.

After all, planet after planet were falling for their hands as they went forward, both Maul and Asajj working well as generals, and then there was Maul’s apprentice, Savage helping out too. ‘Soon we won’t need Sidious anymore.’

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First time cuddling their s/o HC for Starish?

Otoya: RED AS HIS HAIR! He is so nervous to be so close to you that he will keep his distance for a little bit. Once he calms down though he will not want to let go. Either keeping his arm around your shoulders or giving you a full back hug. 

Hijirikawa: He will not initiate the cuddle. He will be either too nervous or can’t figure out the proper moment to initiate it. You will have to step up and initiate it, but for the first time the best you can get out of him will be an arm for you to hug. Give him time and he will get more snuggly. 

Natsuki: You will not be able to breath. He will wrap his arms and legs around you and just lay there for hours. Probably gushing about how cute you are. 

Ichinose: He will be super subtle about the first cuddle. Keeping only an arm around your waist while you sit together. 

Ren: Suave son of a GAH! Without missing a beat he will have your back against his chest. Either spooning or sitting with you between his legs. He would not care if it’s your first time or 150th time, this is his default!

Syo: Will be a bit nervous at first, but once he adjusts to things he will happily cuddle. Most likely sitting in way so you can lay on him and look up at his face. (Makes feel taller (shh don’t tell him I said that)). 

Cecil: His time as a cat may have rubbed off on him. He is very open to cuddling and will sort of curl around you. (Pet his hair and he will purr like a motorboat.) 


Satsuki: He will lay on you and stare up at you, lets him keep an eye on you (and you can’t run away, (but would you even want to?)). Plus if you ever need Natsuki back for a moment you can quickly throw his glasses on him. 

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Just sending a hug

*hugs you*

I might’ve shared some of this already, but here - want a piece of the last proper full Like Sugar story? From near the beginning.


He checks the oven. Pizza nearly done, perfectly timed. He could’ve made something fancier; Chris likes pizza. This one’s hand-prepared, though.

He throws a salad together, minus dressing so it won’t get soggy, and sticks that in the fridge. He nibbles stray raspberry-infused cheese from a finger.

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Please give Victor love that's all I ask. I just want to hug him and not see him be harmed by SOME PEOPLE. - Lacie

So at first I was going to have a 5-6 panel response featuring Viktor-sensei drawn all nicely (full body, nice shading, sparkles, etc.) hugging the asker and then thinking to himself about how thirsty he is…nope, nope, nope, can’t get the creepy subtext out of my head. Er, so I derped a response out with Touru and Hideki. I was also too lazy to do a proper background. :DD Fanfiction is the ultimate form of love, right? …Right? 

P.S. Viktor is sin.

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The Iwatoby and Samezuka Boys reacting to finding out their girlfriend is running out of money but is too proud to ask for help, so she is carrying on multiple part-time jobs

(oh my gosh my first ask! Thank you for asking ^^)

Haruka: He’s quiet at first, processing the situation at hand. Once he realizes the struggle she must be dealing with, he gently grabs her hand and gives it a reassuring squeeze. “…Why didn’t you tell me? No, what can I do to help?”

Makoto: He seems a bit shocked at first. How could she have hidden it so well? He can’t begin to imagine the struggle and exhaustion she’s carrying. All he can do is pull her into a gentle and loving embrace, whispering into her ear. “I’m always here to help…just let me know.”

Nagisa: “___-chan! Why didn’t you tell me! This is serious!” His eyes are full of worry and he takes her face into his hands. If she started to get a bit emotional he’d hug her tight and offer help in anyway he could.

Rei: He pauses before a frown crosses his face. “This is highly unacceptable.” A proud pose. “I will assist you until you can proper funding! No refusals!” At an attempt at said refusal, eyes will soften and take their hands instead. “Please…I worry.”

Rin: Once she tells him about her situation he gets a bit mad about the situation she’s in. He grits his teeth and clenches his fists. Why does the one he cares most about have to struggle so much? He bumps his forehead against her’s and rubs her cheek. “Please let me help you…”

Sousuke: His eyes instantly soften and he rubs her shoulder. “I see…are you doing okay? Please let me know if you need help…I’m here for you.” He then pulls her into a firm hug that makes her feel safe and rests his cheek on her head.

Nitori: His eyes get a little watery after hearing what she says and how strong she’s acting. But he quickly blinks the forming tears away and focusses on her. Holding her hand tightly he looks at her. “P-Please let me help you!”

Momotarou: He’s not exactly sure how to react, as he’s never had a job or had a problem like that. However when he notices the dark circles under her eyes and how tired she seems he knows that it’s taking a toll on her. He holds her tight and snuggles into her neck. “I don’t know how I can help, but I know I want to!”

Seijuurou: His usually cheerful attitude is suddenly halted by the serious expression on his face. He listens to anything she has to say and asks questions about her health and how she’s doing. But as he sees the exhaustion on her face he can’t help but kiss her firmly and hold her close. “Please let me help you. Don’t carry this burden on your own.”

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Haha Joonie babe sure you would. I know Jimin I'm trying, but I'm back to being a full-time student with full-time study :( And Tae I would LOVE a hug right now. I haven't had one in forever and it just sounds really nice - and not just a quick hi hug, but a proper hug, you get me?

Focus on your studies, if you need to take a break from writing and focus on your studies then do it - Jimin

I understand completely, Prepare for the best hug of your life - Tae

Blind Date.

I had no idea what I was doing walking into this restaurant but I knew I was set up for failure. That was a given. I was a man still stuck on my ex Mandy and yet my sisters thought it would be smart to set me up on a date with one of their friends who I didn’t even know.

I was never good at dates. They were awkward, getting to know some stranger over dinner for the first time. I didn’t know anything about this woman aside from the fact she was friends with my sisters. Not a name, not a picture, not an age. Anything. It only made me more anxious.

I looked down to my phone in my hand when I noticed my sister texting me. I was hoping it was a message letting me know whoever this woman was had decided to cancel the date like I had been close to doing. But it wasn’t. Instead she was letting me know that the mystery woman had already arrived.

Great. Now I looked like an asshole arriving late. I didn’t even know who to look for. Part of me thought they were setting me up with some sick joke and I’d find out my actual date was a 50 year old woman. At least if that was the truth I’d have less opportunity to embarrass myself.

I began texting her back to ask who I should be looking for when a woman walked up to me. “Excuse me?” My eyes jolted up, noticing the woman with a short brunette cut smiling in my direction. I didn’t mean to think rude thoughts in my head but she was sort of…bland. Nothing that could take my mind off of my breakup with Mandy.

“Yes?’ I finally asked.

“You’re Mesut, right?”

“Um, yes. You’re my date?” She immediately chuckled at my question. “No, I’m not. I was told to lead you to your table. I’m your waitress for the night.”

A secret sigh of relief left my lips. I hadn’t even noticed her attire, similar to the other people working in the restaurant. Stupid me.

“Oh, okay. So you know about this date I guess?” I probed as she led me away and towards the back of the restaurant, probably to a table where I wouldn’t be disturbed. “A little bit. I was given instructions by Nese but that was all.”

“So you’ve seen her?” I questioned, in reference to my date. I was doing a lot of talking to a stranger but I knew I probably wouldn’t be so open once I reached my table. “I have. She’s a gorgeous woman if that’s what you’re asking.” A smile crossed her face that made me think she knew something I didn’t know. Maybe it was a 50 year old woman like I suspected.

My brows furrowed. “Are you being honest?”

“Yes. I swear. She’s gorgeous. A few men in the restaurant tried to sit with her while she waited for you but she declined. It’ll be fine. It seems she likes football because I was kind of being a busy bee and noticed her checking football scores on her phone. It’ll be a great date.” And with that she took a few more steps and stopped at a particular table. I couldn’t see the figure sitting already since she was facing away from us. It only made me more nervous. As I approached, I could make out dainty curls drooping on an exposed shoulder. My eyes drifted to her legs, revealing she was wearing a skirt and nude pumps.

At least she seemed to be dressed nicely. Should I stop and hug her before I sit down or just sit? Hell, I didn’t know. I was acting like a guy on his first date. Instead I just slid into my seat across from her, somewhat regretting not offering a proper greeting first.

I offered an awkward smile instead and said hello before I could get a full visual of her. And I was thankful for that because once I saw her face for the first time, I lost my breath for a moment.

She was dare I say it stunning and definitely not a 50 year old woman like I pictured. Her soft eyes gleamed under the low light of the restaurant and her cheeks remained pinched into a smile, revealing a pearly white set of teeth. I was so distracted I barely caught her introducing herself.

“I’m Y/N.” She seemed conflicted between offering her hand to me to shake or remaining as is. She chose to keep her hands in her lap.

“I’m Mesut. Nice to meet you.” She pointed to the water sitting in front of me. “I ordered you a glass until you arrived. I wasn’t sure what you’d want.” I thanked her for the kind notion and immediately began to take a sip of the drink. I needed something to calm my nerves.

Awkward silence fell on the table. Y/N busied herself looking every which way around the restaurant while I pretended to be busy on my phone. I really wasn’t. I was just racking my brain for a topic to bring up. That was when I remembered the conversation with the waitress and dropped my phone to my lap.

“So you like football?”

The question caught her attention and brought her eyes to me. She quickly nodded. “Yes! I do. No bother asking you if you do too,” she laughed nervously.

“Who’s your favorite team?”

“You don’t want to know.” That was when I laughed. “Who is it? Arsenal?”

She bit down on her lip. “Maybe. Maybe not.” She took the glass of water in front of her to her lips. The awkwardness was finally evaporating as we found something to bond over. “Are you any good?”

She playfully scoffed at the idea that she could suck at the sport. “I wouldn’t consider myself some sort of professional but I could score a few goals, sure.”

“Ha. We’ll see.”

The waitress approached to quickly take our drink and food orders before disappearing again. I couldn’t help but give her a thankful smile. She had been right.

“So you’re single?” I questioned Y/N once we were alone again. “Yes. I can’t say I’m too active when it comes to dating. What about you?”

I figured it best to be honest. She seemed like a sweet girl and I didn’t want our friendship, or whatever it may turn into, to start off with missing information. “I just got out of a relationship not too long ago. That’s why my sisters set you up with me. They were complaining I was too stuck on my ex.”

She offered a sympathetic smile that immediately made me a fan of hers. “I can relate. I’m sorry if things have been a bit rough for you. Breakups are never easy.”

“Yeah. Thanks,” I smiled back.

“Let’s just have a good dinner and take your mind off of it. There is tons of stuff we can talk about,” she pepped up. There was something so inviting and sweet about her personality. It was hard to describe but it was surely enjoyable. “Yeah. Let’s do that.”

It was early on in the date but I was sure I would be asking her out again.

adding insult to injury

Summary: The Doctor falls ill while he and Rose are imprisoned on an alien planet. (Eight/Rose)

Rating: all ages // Word count: 791

Notes: This fulfills the @timepetalsprompts‘s weekly ficlet prompt of Eight/Rose + hurt/comfort. It also doubles up as a prompt fulfillment for week one of Eight x Rose August, also hurt/comfort :D

“Hey, shhh, it’s going to be okay,” Rose murmured, stroking her hand over his hair, trying to keep the curls from sticking to his forehead.

The Doctor quieted momentarily at the sound of her voice, leaning into her touch. They were entering day two of being imprisoned on some planet that Rose couldn’t remember the name of and the Doctor was incoherent with a fever.

He’d been pacing their cell, presumably contemplating the best way to escape, when he’d collapsed. When Rose had reached him, his normally cool skin felt like it was on fire and it hadn’t cooled since then. 

“Come on, Doctor. I need you to come back to me,” she said, voice shaking. “I don’t know how to make this better.”

She had searched the pockets of his velvet frock coat for medicine that she recognized to no avail. He’d only had time to teach her the settings to unlock most locks, cut through ropes, and reheat tea on the sonic so that wasn’t any help either.

It hadn’t even worked on the cell door which is why they’d still been in the cell when the Doctor collapsed.

Rose leaned her head back against the wall and closed her eyes. This was completely hopeless.

She didn’t remember drifting off to sleep but a sharp movement from the Doctor whose head was in her lap jerked her back to consciousness in an instant.

“Rose?” The single word was weak but it was the most beautiful thing Rose had ever heard. 

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[Fic][Drabble/Prompt Challenge] A Proper Hug

Wow, this is drabble length. WOW.

I don’t know how I feel about it, but MEH. It’s done.

Title: A Proper Hug.
Prompt: Accusation
Pairing: Jikook
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 455
Note: Takes place sometime after Run! BTS! Ep. 6.

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