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And Lottie talking like Harry though I just found out about that recently and I'm just imagining them talking back-and-forth about what their favorite nail polish is and things like that 😭 (or telling funny stories about Louis and Gemma while they're in the next room telling stories about them too) just being besties (like remember when he kissed her forehead in that one video? That was cute or another one where she stopped walking so harry could catch up) they all have the cutest families tbh

The Stylinson family is my favorite family.

The best part of tonight’s episode was Raven (and a little bit of Murphy). All the things I usually love to see in the rest of the main characters wasn’t there. Clarke had her usual “everyone hates me because I’m the leader who has to make the hard choices” thing going on. Bellamy was only there for like one minute, and he was a prisoner that whole time. And we had to watch him think his sister is dead (not cool–that ten second crying scene destroyed my heart). ECHO IS STILL FREAKING ALIVE. Echo “killed” Octavia. Octavia survived but barely, and Roan is still on his “I over-compensate in my kingly rule because I’m practically useless” (I hate echo and roan).

  • Tony: Do you remember your name yet?
  • Bucky: No.
  • Tony: Well, you know, you could just give yourself one. Just pick one. Whatever you want.
  • Bucky: I like Winter.
  • Tony: Really? You don't want to know what it was? You don't want your old life back?
  • Bucky: No. I want this one.
  • Tony: Just Winter, huh?
  • Bucky: Just Winter.
This is a totally random thought feel free to skip over it.

But on my cab ride home today, for some reason, I started thinking about when I used to live in Athens as a child. I still remember there was this McDonald’s with a little outdoor patio. Now, I could probably count on one hand the number of times my parents took me to McDonald’s. But this one time, their display showed this super cute blue and pink bunny stuffed toy that you could get with the Happy Meal… It was adorable. I fell in love. So my dad went in, bought a Happy Meal, ate it HIMSELF (because uh gross), just so I could have the little bunny. I almost cried in the cab. And then I started thinking about all the other stuffed toys my dad has gotten me over the years (I may have had a thing with stuffed toys)… And I think I may have to have that storage chest shipped over here from Italy. I need all of my babies with me (because I’m obviously such an adult).

Alright, carry on with your day LOL

‘Kay, so this one’s a little bit late but a theory just came into my mind:

Remember during this event Baekachu was not feeling well? Could it be that their managers were like, “Nah, get on the other car this time, Baekhyun-ssi. Who knows if I let you two lovebirdies together at the back. We dont want another member gettin’ sick too.” 🤔🤔🤔


Sick (Hamilsquad x Reader)

AN: This is probably not good but it’s more of a set up for part two which will be up Saturday.

Request: @artisticgamer Um can I please request a Hamilsquad x reader where the leader is extremely sick and refuses to let the squad take care of them?

Word Count: 1,115

You woke up with a pounding headache and a sharp pain in your side. You groaned and rolled over, trying to find a comfortable position. This wasn’t a new thing- you’d gotten at least one kidney infection every year for as long as you could remember and this was probably just another one. All you needed was water, ibuprofen, and sleep and you’d be fine. You got up slowly, pressing a hand to your side, and made your way to the kitchen.

“Bonjour,” Gilbert greeted you with a raised brow. You stood up straight, poorly disguising a wince.

“Hey. Where’s everyone else?” you glanced over at him and reached up slowly to get a glass from the cupboard.

Gilbert took the glass from you and went to fill it. “Alexander and Hercules are sleeping and John went for a run.”

You nodded and took the glass back, just then realizing how shaky your hands were. You set the glass down quickly and leaned back against the counter. Gilbert look you up and down.

“You are sick, non?” he pulled you to him gently and wrapped his arms around you.

You shook your head. “I’m fine. Don’t worry about it. I just want to go back to bed.”

“That sounds, ‘ow you say- fake,” he pressed a kiss into your hair and rubbed your arm.

“It’s not,” you bit the inside of your cheek as your side spasmed. “Um- I- bed.”

“Can I take you or are you ‘fine’” Gilbert asked.

“I’m- I’m completely fine, but you can still take me,” you shrugged a little and he turned you in his arms before picking you up gently. You wrapped you legs around his waist and your arms around his neck. He carried you to your bedroom and laid you down gently.

“Let us know if you need anything,” Gilbert murmured as he left. You curled up and couldn’t keep from crying. You just needed to sleep. That’s all. Unfortunately, you lived with a bunch of boys who could not be quiet to save their lives, especially when they were together. You were able to sleep for a little while before John got home and came into the room to get a change of clothes. You rolled over with a small groan.

“Hey, darlin’. Laf said you were sick-” he started only for you to cut him off.

“I’m not sick,” you attempted a glare.

“Sure you’re not,” he rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt off. “You always seem to forget that we know you better than you know yourself.”

You stared at his chest, unable to look higher with the headache you had gotten while you were sleeping. “I’m fine,” you mumbled.

“If you’re so fine, come here,” he challenged.

“No. You’re sweaty and gross.”

“Mhm. That doesn’t always bother you,” John shrugged and grinned. “If you don’t get up or tell me how you’re really feeling, I’ll bring Herc in.”

“You wouldn’t-” you sat up quickly, instantly regretting it. You whimpered as your side spasmed again and John rushed over to you, unusually serious.

“This isn’t fine,” he laid you back down gently. “You’re going to the hospital.”

You paled and shook your head. “It’s fine- it’s not that bad. I’ll go if it gets worse. And I can go by myself, no one needs to take me. If I do go.”

“I’m going to talk to everyone else and see what they say. Because knowing you, this has been going on for a while now,” he kissed your forehead and left. You started crying again- you’ve never liked hospitals and you knew you were going whether you wanted to or not. Why did John even go to discus? You both knew what the verdict was going to be. And sure enough, Hercules came in a few minutes later to get you. He picked you up quickly and not very carefully, but you barely winced.

“Wait,” you blurted once you got to the living room. “I need a sweatshirt. Something that won’t reek. Please.” 

You snorted and winced when everyone but Herc went to find one of their sweatshirts.

“What do they think I’m going to do with three?” you looked up at him.

“I wish I could tell you, angel, I wish I could tell you,” he laughed. They came back one by one and started getting ready.

“Guys- I- only one of you can come for now. The rooms are-they’re always so cramped, I don’t think- I-,” you winced, your voice a whimper. “I-I’m sorry.”

“Herc, if you want to get (Y/N) in the car, I’ll go. And Laf, your sweatshirt is the biggest, we’ll go with that one for now,” Alexander stepped forward. Gilbert handed him his sweatshirt and pushed Herc towards the door. “I’ll text when there’s anything to report. We’ll see you later.”

Hercules got you settled in the car and kissed you gently. As he walked back in, Alex grabbed his arm and said something you couldn’t make out before hugging him tightly. They were worried and it was exactly what you didn’t want. You were fine. There was no reason for them to be worried. Alex got into the car and you curled up, hugging Laf’s sweatshirt to your chest. Alex started the drive. He rested his hand on your thigh and started singing something vaguely familiar in Spanish while he drove. You fell asleep somewhere along the way.

A week in the hospital, a new kidney, and zero alone time later, you were finally home. Turns out it was fairly serious and the boys would not leave you alone. It was driving you crazy. You were fine now.“You need to drink something. You have medicine to take,” John pressed a kiss into your hair. Not two seconds later, Alex was there with a glass of water and the pills.

“Guys- I need to do something. I’ve been laying around for so long and I just want to be able to go to the bathroom on my own,” you sighed and sat up. “Please.”

“Non,” Gilbert raised a brow. “You are recovering. You were told to do nothing and that’s what you will be doing.”

You shot a pleading look at Hercules. He’d been the only one to not be so uptight about everything, and yet- he shook his head and moved a little closer to Laf. You groaned and took the pills from Alex, glaring at all of them as you took the medicine.

“I hate all of you,” you mumbled and curled back into John’s side.

“Clearly,” Herc snorted.

“Every. One. Of. You,” you yawned, falling asleep to all of them chatting away.

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I just read your rant and I really couldn't agree more and I really would not blame you if you actually dropped Kuroshitsuji. But just out of curiosity... do you think the story should have even lasted this long in the first place? I keep remembering that this is supposed to be a revenge story and therefore some of these arcs feel very unneeded, especially this current arc.

*shrugs* I like long-stories, when there is development. Except there is never development with Ciel. He’s not getting more good or bad, he’s being the same prick as he has always been, and that pisses me off. Even Sebastian gets more development than him, albeit it might be a faux one. 

I think the story could have not become a mess being short. With short stories there is simply no time to destroy the work, and with Kuroshitsuji, we could have only longed for what it could be, for the characters with didn’t see more of. In this case, we keep doing that but with a story that never ends, which is distasteful. 

I think it’s not a problem of the story, is a problem with the protagonist. Protagonist that won’t change no matter what, need to be put in a shorter story, or else the story is static. 

I find the story rather interesting. A demon who has a contract with a boy who is desperate to revenge, but, he wants to be in the top while doing so. Therefore, he just wait, making jobs for the Queen and having fun with his own hubris while the demon relishes because he likes his job and he adores cooking, and taking a time with this human doesn’t perturb him.

It’s an interesting story! If Toboso gave more attention to side-characters and actually developed everyone and could make convincing stories. The length has nothing to do about it, the problem is the writing, which is not the best one lately.

Well, no. The length of each arc does entails a problem. Compare Jack The Ripper, a two volumen story (I think); with this mess, and tell me which one is more solid. But Campania came three arcs later and was as good. 

For me, the problem is not taking advantage of the material they already have. The length of each arc is a problem precisely because they take more time but they don’t develop the characters better, with a longer arc you can tell. Madam Red was more developed than Bravat, and had a more heartful reasoning than say, Gregory. 

But Toboso only seems to remember that Madam Red was charismatic. She forgets the tragedy, and most of the new characters have the charisma, but they are losing their tragedy. And with charisma alone you don’t make a good mystery/horror manga. 

Kuroshitsuji is becoming more sensational, and less tragedy, and when we compare, we suffer. I liked this arc before, really, because I thought it was meta the fact they’re taking idols to, maybe, make this arc more bloody and obscure. My mistake.

i think i didn’t answer a lot of good your question, lol

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How does aequis molting go? I bet they get super grumpy from being all fuzzy and patchy

I’m trying to work out how I want them to go about molting, so I’m gradually (re)learning about various avian molting processes again. Since Aequis are not really terribly hindered if they lose the ability to fly (say, if they were to lose all their primaries in one go) they wouldn’t be doing TOO badly off, but if they did want to go the “full molt” route. They would, however, have to time this “full molt” carefully to not coincide with other high activity times. Perhaps they would undergo a full molt during peak prey season, where prey density would be high and they could just as well hunt on foot. I think it’s more likely,thought, that they’d go through a couple of cycles of partial molt. (But again, I’m HARDLY an expert on feather molting!)

I was actually remembering the dangers of pin feathers (more horrifically known as blood feathers) and wondering that, in order to avoid the traumatizing affects of breaking off one or more growing feathers, that Aequis might undergo some sort of hormonal change that causes them to become more docile and largely social. Yes, there’d still be discomfort and itching, but perhaps there are plants with compounds on the Aequis homeworld that may be used to alleviate some irritation. I imagine Aequis grooming circles gathering daily to help one another with some itch free grooming while passing around these itch relieving plants.

That being said, any of you familiar with molting birds are encouraged to throw your two cents in if you’d like! In the meantime, I’ll keep reading. :D

Thirty four years ago today, my father was killed by a drunk driver who plowed head first into his car on the way home from work.  At the time, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen, convinced myself that I’d survived that and could manage anything.  That one loss made so many changes in my life, and I took a different route than the one I’d planned.  I stayed near home for those first two years until my brother sat me down and basically told me to get an apartment on my own and live my life. Deep in my heart, I feel guilty when I think how I probably wouldn’t have met the man who would be my husband if my father hadn’t died. I wouldn’t have gone back to grad school without hub’s support. Wouldn’t have my two beautiful daughter, be a professor, be writing, have wonderful friends here on tumblr.  I’ve no idea what my life would have been – it could have been just as good or better – but I like the one I have and for that, I cry sometimes, thinking I’ve been disloyal to Dad’s memory, even though I know he’d kick my ass and tell me to deal with what I’d been given and go do something. 

It never goes away, that hole, the missing piece. It goes into remission sometimes then recurs at a single memory or a quiet word. I hear his voice when I pass a lightswitch and don’t turn it off, see his face in my dreams where he talks to my hubs and is inordinately proud of my kids. He’s a ghost that is both comfortable and painful, one that will never leave. 

Miss you, Daddy. 

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Can u make a young Nick abandoned at the day care gif thxxxx

Oh I wish I was one of those cool kids that could do it. But maybe one of these cool people can make them for you? @paradisezooey @newgirlystuff @livelovecaliforniadreams @fangirlingwithjen
(I don’t know if you all make GIFS you are all just really cool people and I’m horrible at remembering who makes GIFS and who doesn’t.)
Or anyone else that has the skills to make a GIF for this anon? Pls do so! 🤗

aseuki replied to your post: hawkfangor replied to your chat: …

He then translated the whole ghostly rider to that one guy with his evil shadow if you remember. And his name was JOHNNY as well

fukcing omg youre right. His name is Johnny, jfc how did I miss that one.

If he wanted to make Ghost Rider so much, why didnt he just make Ghost Rider???

Ok now I just need to watch through DP again to see how much ghost rider is slipped in there.

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, I SAY, that people have doxxed the fascist, Richard Spencer. Not only have they released his email address:
Richard Spencer:
which is bad enough - but they’ve ALSO revealed that his HOME ADDRESS is
98 Elk Highlands Drive
Whitefish, MT 59937
I mean GOSH, people could do really IRRESPONSIBLE things with information like that!
Please, I BEG you, remember that when they go low, we go high! And certainly don’t do anything to the apartment in Alexandria, VA that Spencer is renting as a “headquarters” for his racist chums. You know, the one at
1001 King St
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone number: 571-239-2797
I mean GOSH that would be just terrible.
Please warn others not to irresponsibly act on this information by copying and pasting, rather than sharing!






You know you’re fucked when you’re only 15 but yet it feels like the world could end right there and you would be fine with it. It’s fucked when girls and boys are so young but so depressed, so heartbroken. Feelings fuck you up, i remember when i was only a little girl and i had this whole life ahead of me and all I wanted was a boyfriend. And now after having one, I don’t understand why I needed one, it’s messed me up. Emotionally and physically, I am fucked.

He was the type of boy you could just see yourself lasting forever with, and that’s exactly what I did. He teased me so much that I used to sook about it, but that didn’t matter because at least he was making me smile in some way. He cared so deeply, and he was so sensitive even though everyone I knew saw him as this big tough guy. He was gentle, he was romantic, it was like we were 23 and just madly in love. Our relationship was beyond what you would expect at such a young age, but we were just so maturely in love. But that’s the thing, i’m not 23, i’m so young and now i’m heartbroken and it’s not as simple as going out every night to get him out of my head. I have to sleep early because of school, i have to go to school, I have to study and commit to all of my commitments and it’s impossible to get him out of my mind. He wasn’t just my boyfriend, he was genuinely my best friend and sometimes we fought as best friends would. But no matter how we were fighting, we fought as hard as we could for each other because that’s what love does to you. But one day i guess he just decided to stop fighting, and it wasn’t like I was expecting it. We always swore we would fight for each other, fight for the relationship, fight for our fucking love but he didn’t want too anymore. He didn’t want me anymore, and i can say with all my broken heart that killed me. It’s the worst thing to wake up happily in love and then go to bed broken because you’ve lost the reason why you even got up that day. He said he lost feelings, but I can’t place when. When did he lose feelings? With all of that sweet talk, the kisses, the texts, the calls, the hugs, everything and at some point he somehow started to lose feelings. And it hurt and surprised me so much because everyone knew that he was crazy about me. I saw parts of him that he would never dare to show anyone, we were so comfortable with each other and we allowed each other into our hearts but for some reason he just didn’t want that anymore. I can not place that all in my head, how you can suddenly lose interest in something you once loved. And it wasn’t like the hurt stopped there, no a month later he found himself with another girl. Making all the memories, the love, the jokes, that we were once doing. And the weirdest thing is, everyone around him can see that he doesn’t love her. Not the way he loved me at least. And i can’t seem to process the thought of why you would throw away a diamond for a fake one. Why would you throw away your perfect girl for someone who doesn’t even come close? Fuck, she’s not even pretty and yet i feel like i have to compete with her. And every month goes by, and they are still going strong and for some reason my brain still can’t process it. I still can’t believe that he’s moved on from me because love doesn’t just go away. You can’t just get rid of love because you don’t want it anymore, feelings don’t leave when you ask them too. So what is he doing with her when he can be with me? I’ve never been the girl to wait for someone, i always want to try with everyone but for some reason i am constantly drawn to him, as if he’s truly made for me and i think he is. I think he’s the love of my life and maybe i’m just not his. But when you love something you don’t just let it go, you fucking fight like crazy for it and i can promise everyone i would never go down without a fight. Okay maybe he’s happily in love with her, but what about me? What about my love for him? That doesn’t just go away, that doesn’t get excluded so fuck society and their expectations. Fuck everyone who thinks i won’t succeed. I know what I want, and i’ve never been so determined to get it.

Hogwarts House Friendships

Gryffindor x Gryffindor
“Remember that one time when we went to-”
“Yeah and we ended up-”

Gryffindor x Hufflepuff
“I’ve always loved snow and snowboarding sounds fun, but…”
“Okay, let’s do it”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here to keep you safe”

“Somehow, I don’t think that I’m the one who’ll get hurt…”

Gryffindor x Ravenclaw
“There is a 98.46% chance of getting hurt”
“I guess I just have to be the 1.54%”

“That’s not how-”
“Too late”

Gryffindor x Slytherin
“You suck”
“But you swallow”

“Did you just-”
“… I love you?”

Hufflepuff x Hufflepuff
“Guess who got all fifty Disney movies?”
“… You know what this means?”

“Disney marathon slumber party in an hour. Let’s do this.”

Hufflepuff x Ravenclaw
“Ugh… But I’m in the middle of a book”
“C’mon you need to go socialize”

“But but but”
“And have you been procrastinating to read again?”

Hufflepuff x Slytherin
“I swear that bitch is going to suffer”
“Shh it’s okay you can do that when you take over the world”

“I mean I just hate when people judge me because of my family”

Ravenclaw x Ravenclaw
“Dude when you’re done with that book I have another one”
“Ahh yes please gimme”


*content silence while snuggling and reading by the fireplace*

Ravenclaw x Slytherin
“So I may or may not have intercepted this coded message…”

“Let’s do this”

Slytherin x Slytherin
“I’m fine don’t worry”
“… I know you’re not”

“C’mon, I have some lavender oil and butterbeer. That’ll help.”

The signs as weird shit my grandmother has done
  • Aries: Offered to pay the movie theater guy 50$ to buy a shitty promotional cardboard cutout of Harry Potter
  • Taurus: Bought a sandwich from the deli, brought it home, ate it, and went back the next day demanding the 2$ she paid for it back because "there was too much pesto on it"
  • Gemini: Refused to drive down one street because "that's where all the hipsters live"
  • Cancer: Said she was going to run for city council so she could outlaw "those big-ass buses always driving when I'm trying to sleep"
  • Leo: Listened to one ABBA mixtape over and over for 3 hours on a road trip.
  • Virgo: Asked me if I'd heard of Beyoncé
  • Libra: Gave my dad a t-shirt for some recording studio she'd never heard of just because she got it for free
  • Scorpio: Has never once, to this day, been able to remember my friend Michael's name, despite my being friends with him for nearly 14 years. Various wrong names have included: "tom" "Alfred" "that little blonde kid you hang out with" "Mike" "Harold" and "that kid you know".
  • Sagittarius: Asked, very loudly, at our schools' Winter Festival, surrounded by half the school, whether "that blonde girl over there" was the girl my brother had a crush on.
  • Capricorn: Refers to Neil Patrick Harris as "Doogie Howser", even though she never actually watched that show.
  • Aquarius: Called Harrison Ford a "fine piece of cheese".
  • Pisces: Sent me the whole Bee Movie script because she heard "that's a trend"