these are just so fun to make


Breaking: Local teenagers get lots of money and don’t need to worry about a thing and go shopping together and aren’t hurting anybody and are happy.

I only get time to scribble for myself during the night so most of that is just things that make me happy :’) also needed to take a bit of a break from drawing sharp metal shapes all day, so humans it is!

Inquisitors needed!

SOOOO I have this idea for an Inquisitor project for Inquisition, but to actually get it done I need A LOT of Inquisitors. I mean a lot a lot. No, more than you’re thinking of now. I don’t want to say exactly what it’s going to be, it’s nothing major, just an art project, but I think it could be fun.

It will be screenshot based, but beyond that I can’t really say much? Except that it’s going to be a poster and your Inquisitor will not be that visible. Except for people looking? This sounds odd I know… but hopefully you’re still all up for it.

If you would like to participate, please send me or link me a screenshot of your Inquisitor’s face. Preferably a square with just their face but I can just crop the screenshot myself so don’t worry too much about it. Just make sure their face is visible.

Once I have all the screenshots it shouldn’t take long (depends on how much editing I need to do), but it might take a while to gather enough Inquisitors. I’m going to reblog this a few times to try and fish for as many Inquisitors as I can, so for now I would set the timeline on this taking about a month.

You can send me all your Inquisitors, they will all be featured!

You can use my ask, message me, or reply/ reblog / answer to this post with links/ screenshots! If you’re up for it?

My dear demiromantic and/or demisexual children, 

I just saw a post making fun of you and decided to let you know that the voices of those who support you are louder than those of some whiny bitter gatekeepers, so.. *grabs microphone and climbs on the table*

You’re part of the lgbt+ family! 

Demiromantic? That’s a valid label! You are lgbt+! I love you! 

Demisexual? That’s a valid label! You are lgbt+! I love you!

Demiromantic lesbian? Homo-demiromantic asexual? Panromantic hetero-demisexual? Any other label involving demi? Yes, that’s real! All of that! You’re allowed to identify as that! 

If anyone thinks your label is “too complicated” or “fake”, that’s their problem, not yours! 

Demi? Wonderful! I’m so happy to have you in my lgbt+ family! 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

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Thighs riding jeongguk and reader


Originally posted by ky-ngsoo

You sighed to yourself, another party, another drink, another night gone to waste. You had so many better things to do, hell you would prefer sitting on the couch all night watching paint dry to being surrounded by sweaty teenagers who can’t dance. 

It was fun at first, the first few parties were exciting, the drinking, grinding up on random people, the games but it soon got tiring and repetitive. Now you just went to keep with the reputation.

 You were seated next to a couple, they were ferociously making out. In fact it looked like the boy was trying to eat her instead of kiss her and to be quite honest you were disgusted, there was a boy with blonde hair sitting on the other side of the couch as well. His head was knocked back onto the top of the couch and seemed like he was sleeping. You snorted, sure he had drank too much and was passed out.

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Just Couldn’t Let This One Go

A birthday fic for @the-captains-ayebrows. Happy Birthday dear Hollie! @lenfaz and I coordinated on this gift, so she’s going to be writing a second part. Double the pleasure, double the fun! This part’s a bit saucy, just the way you like it. Super special thanks to @seethelovelyintheworld for looking this over for me!

Summary: Emma Swan is all set to snag her perp and collect her fee, but something about Killian Jones makes him just too irresistible to turn in.

Rated: M for Most Definitely Smutty

Words: 9,000

Part One

Emma slid onto a barstool at The Davenport, conscious of the way her dress clung tightly to her legs as she parted them to take her seat. A quick glance to the other end of the bar told her she was just in time. Her mark was there, and he was alone.

Gotcha buddy. Now it was just a matter of time.

Emma smiled at Graham behind the bar, who acknowledged her presence with a nod and a look that said, “Give me a minute, Swan,” as he greeted some customers in front of him. While Emma waited for him to make their drinks she pretended to fiddle with her phone, casually making a more thorough perusal of her skip.

He looked broody, dressed all in black and bent over a glass of some kind of dark liquor, his hand clutching the back of his neck. And what a neck it was, her eyes noting the hollow of his throat and following up the defined tendons to admire the cut of his jaw, nicely peppered with scruff. His hair was black as night and looked touchably soft, even from a distance, perfectly disheveled and just a tad too long. As he dropped his hand and raised his head, the air became charged with that unnameable tension that seems to float through the air when someone can feel another person’s eyes on them. Emma knew she should look away, but she couldn’t, too curious to see what his eyes looked like.

Damn, they were blue. Shadowy, as if he carried secrets there, but framed perfectly by thick eyebrows, one of which he raised in her direction, a small smirk quirking up the corner of his too-red lips in a very knowing way when he noticed her staring.

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hinata,kindaichi,daichi,kageyama's S/O is sleeping with their team sweatshirt and they need it so they unzip it, only to find their S/O isn't wearing anything underneath? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

Hehehe this is cute, and low key I love Kindaichi (or rather making him horrifically uncomfortable) so this was fun! Sorry this took so long, though
~Admin Emma

Hinata will be the most likely to wake you up on accident. He’s usually OK with you borrowing his team jacket, but he needs it, and he’s usually pretty delicate with taking it off, but once he sees that bare stretch of skin he can no longer control his volume. He makes a sound somewhere between a yell and a squawk, and you likely think he just fell out of bed again. He wants to take it further, but he has practice soon and he really doesn’t have time, regretfully (you’ll end up paying for it later).  

Kindaichi just freezes, poor child. He’s not entirely sure what to do or how to go about doing it or how his limbs are supposed to work and have his hands always been this sweaty? He just stands, staring, until his “leave right now and you might be only five minutes late” alarm starts going off, waking you up. Feel free to tease him about this, because he will make it very worth it later.

Daichi usually wakes you up, but he kept you up late the night before, so he doesn’t want to disturb you. Once he gets that zipper down, he really likes what he sees, but he gets it off you and a blanket over you as quickly as possible–ogling you in your sleep isn’t cool–but he really enjoys the warm fabric against his skin, knowing it was against your skin. His teammates will occasionally catch him sniffing the collar of his jacket all day, and he’s low key thinking what he’s going to do to you later.

Kageyama has lost the ability to can. Without you to reassure him or guide him, he just gets peek and dies a little inside? He ends up going to practice without his jacket– he can’t bring himself to leave you naked. In his bed. Where he sleeps. He can’t stop thinking about it all day, either. If anyone asks him about it, he shouts something vaguely incoherent and very garbled before grabbing the nearest spiker for practice. He’s distracted most of the day.

thank you!! this was a cute one, i spent a lot more time on V and Saeran’s because aNGELS and my favorites lolol whoops


- Out of everyone, he understands the most? He’s in the musical arts himself so most likely it’ll go both ways, sometimes he’ll be gone for awhile and sometimes you’ll be away as well. It does get lonely.. But he loves snapchat more than anything so honestly you feel like you’re there with him lolol, even if it is just him sending a billion selfies.

- He likes to sleep cuddled up against a pillow while on the phone with you— It makes him feel like you’re really there, it’s comforting. He misses you a lot, and tells you this. But he hopes you’re having fun.. Now he knows how you feel when he’s gone for a long time. It’s horrible.

- Watches youtube videos of your performances if you have any up while you’re working, He likes to see the way you act; its like inspiration for himself. Plus he misses you a lot.. It’s almost like you’re back singing in the kitchen again when he listens to them mindlessly.


- He doesn’t like it too much, but he’s a business man which equals LOTS of trips for him as well, so it’s only fair for him to accept you having to go away sometimes. He just misses you a lot, he’s not overly clingy but he still calls often– Asking all about your day and how you’ve been. He likes to hear your voice before he sleeps.

- Sleeps cuddled with Elizabeth the 3rd– Obviously she’s loving it since he barely even snuggles her anymore, you’ve taken her place lolol

- Not one for video chatting nor snapchat but might get into it if going on trips is a frequent thing. He finds it difficult to work out though, usually all you can see is the top of his forehead. Move the camera, Jumin..

- Desperately wants to send bodyguards with you– Please let him, even if it’s just one or two. It’ll be such a comfort to him to know you’re protected even so far away.


- Such a sweetheart about it, gives you a proper send off with lots of love and kisses before he watches you go. It’s really sad for him, he’s lonely and never realized how he even survived without you around. He finds himself saying “Hey, MC–” and going to talk to you before realizing you’re not there.. Almost cries whenever that happens because he misses you so much.

- Makes sure you bring your laptop so that you and him can play LOLOL together when you get done with your work. He likes to talk with you on the headset and ask about your day and how you’re doing. He always says he’s doing fine, even though he’s really not. He misses you tons.. It’s hard to say goodbye– even if it’s not forever.

- Lisa keeps him company, whenever he’s lonely, she likes to curl up in his lap and chew on his knuckles to get him to pet her. Seven drops by and bugs him sometimes too, usually crashing on the couch and watching some movies before going back home. It’s still nice that he’s not ALL alone. He’s counting the days until you get back though, Seven claims ’ he can cuddle yoosungie to keep him company ~ ’ but Yoosung just squeals and runs away. No way he’s letting Seven’s greasy little fingers touch him in anyway.


- She understands, it’s work related and you have to do what you have to do. She’s professional about it, but secretly she’s a sort of sad inside. She’ll be so lonely without you around.. But she tries not to think much about it as she kisses you goodbye, watching you go.

- She’s bored as hell without you here; thats for sure. She didn’t realize how bland her life was without you around.. It makes her realize just how awful she had it before you came around. She has your schedule so she calls whenever you have free time, apologizing for doing it so much but she can’t help it. You’re in a brand new place.. It’s dangerous and she wants to make sure you’re okay at all times.

- Late at night is when she misses you the most, the bed just seems so empty without you cuddled up against her side. it felt cold. She tries to cuddle against a pillow in your place, but it’s not the same. The warmth isn’t really there..

- But she knows you’re happy and doing well way out there, that’s all she wants is for you to be successful and proud of your accomplishments. Even if it is a bit lonely in the end.


- He jokes that he’ll have to steal Elly to keep him happy while you’re away, but he’s gonna be sad when you’re gone. He has Saeran but most likely his brother wouldn’t be down for late night cuddles or sharing a milkshake together. Maybe he can convince him to put on a wig and everything might feel the same.

- He installs a panic button on your phone in case anything bad were to happen. And a taser! Just in case.. I mean it’s a big new city, God 707 Has to protect the one he loves at all costs.

- He misses you immediately and calls you nearly five minutes after you leave, “just checking in” to make sure everything’s okay. Yes.. Everything is fine Saeyoung.

- He gave you robocat so you’re not so lonely when he can’t be with you, he just hopes you don’t get in trouble traveling with it since.. It could be considered a lethal weapon? It breathes fire. In any case, it’s cute so he hopes you’ll be content with it.

- Calls you at horrible hours, but you two still end up talking for so long. It’s late for him (timezones) so he’s always pretty sleepy when you call but still stays up and chats for a long time. Claims he got a “waifu” pillow to replace you until you get back (probably did) and whines on about how it’s not the same as cuddling with you.


- He wants to go with you badly, but he knows he has to let you do things on your own sometimes. He’s scared to be without you for so long, you were his conscious basically. How would he act when you’re away? It would be lonely. But he cant hold you back from your dreams, you have to go experience things for yourself as well.

- He gifts you a very nice camera before you go, he wants you to take beautiful pictures for him so he can feel like he’s there with you. He’ll treasure them when you return.

- With you being away the house seems empty. It’s quiet, and reminds him of the times when he was actually alone. It’s discomforting, so he spends a lot of time at Jumins while you’re gone. It’s nice to catch up with his friend, it’s not exactly the same as being with you but he still loves Jumin dearly so it’s a nice time.

- Elizabeth the 3rd keeps him company a lot. She’s always liked V, But he hates how she climbs on his shoulder and chews on his hair. Sevens ‘conspiracy theory’ is Elly thinks it’s cotton candy and wants to chew it. He didn’t even think cats could see color– So why does she want to eat his hair so much?

- He sends a lot of pictures to you, his face scrunched up while Elizabeth the 3rd is on his head; her tiny paws dangling onto his forehead. New lockscreen because holy shit two angels in one?

- Always calls you with a very cheerful “ Hello my love. ” even if he is lonely, he doesn’t want you to know that. You shouldn’t feel bad for going away for work just because of him. He has to stay strong while you work hard and keep you in good spirits with his calls.


- He’s the whiniest of the bunch about it– But seriously, what will he do while you’re gone?

“ Well what do you normally do while i’m gone? ”
“ Wait for you to get back.. ”

- He doesn’t want you to go.. Even pulls out the puppy dog eyes and tiny pout, you feel terrible but it won’t be for too long. Right? You kiss his forehead—Something he loves— before setting off, he misses you right away and has no idea what to do while you’re gone.

- Seven’s excited for some ‘quality bro time’ but Saeran was dreading this all along.

No, I don’t want to play checkers. You cheat Saeyoung. Get away from me.

- He doesn’t use much snapchat or video calling but he gets more into it while you’re away. The pictures aren’t very.. Pretty? Mainly a black picture, a quarter of his forehead ( a lil messy puff of red hair lolol ) or a picture of whatever he’s watching on TV. He’s usually straightforward, captions are always “ Hey. ” or “ I miss you. ” pretty much. You two talk on the phone a lot more than you probably should. Different time zones and all, usually it’s very late for him by the time you get back from work, But Saeran is normally awake at ungodly hours so it’s fine for him. He’s lonely without you. He misses your cuddles late at night even if he doesn’t admit it. He always calls you when he wakes up from a night terror, usually you’re at work but you still try and talk him through it regardless. He’s still frustrated, wanting you to be there with him– but it still helps regardless; at least better than nothing.

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I'm new to su and but I remember there being a lot of controversy over zuke. What exactly did she do? She's seems to be responsible for a lot of the shows mishaps from what I've observed from other critical bloggers.

-was so self indulgent that she fucked over lapis’s development, ruined peridot’s personality and used amethyst as a way for peridot to discover herself

-can’t draw fat characters

-she assumes that because she’s mentally ill it’s okay to make frequent and unfunny trauma jokes poking fun at lapis

-fucked up Pearl’s character development and made her regress back to square one with her obsession with rose just because she wanted to make her goddamn AU canon

-has such a big fucking ego that she acts as though the fandom should be thankful she’s making lapidot canon because “people wouldn’t have to put the pieces together anymore” but RUPPHIRE IS RIGHT THERE

-outright admitted that none of the storyboarders/writers really interact with each other, which also explains the weird drawn out fillers, out of place episodes and inconsistencies to the plot

-(this is me being a little bitter as an amedot shipper but) the fact that it took her like a goddamn year before she admitted that amedot was never going to be canon and that amethyst was just her dumb crush is infuriating. I don’t wanna call it queerbaiting because lapidot is canon, but I can call it pretty damn nasty to lead fans on like and not just be upfront with it.

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Is it just me or is Namjoon actually pretty childlike? I didnt notice it before because he's such a calm and patient person, but sometimes he seems so hyperactive

no, absolutely, namjoon is very childlike but also very independent and responsible which is why I think he makes a great leader. 

he defines his personality and engages the one he ‘needs’ at that time. he is very playful and fun and loves to play with his members, but he seems to also need time away from it all to kinda reenergize himself like many introverts do. he also is very observant and that plays into the whole him sitting there watching others before he does anything. like anyone else in the world joonie has a complex personality and it’s kinda fun to breakdown~ 

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I want to improve my art so much, but that is hard to do when I never practice. I've heard to only draw when you feel like it, but I never feel like drawing anymore. What do you think I should do, to start getting my inspired feelings back and actually draw for fun, instead making it feel like a chore?

hm maybe trying to get more into fandoms and such? (if youre into making fanart) looking for inspirational artists usually helps for me. also im just basing this off personal experience but i usually lose motivation when i have a time limit (or if i know i need to be doing something other than drawing lol) so i guess it’s nice to allot some time for it, a day where you know you wont have to do anything and you can just relax and do what you want. you dont have to get into it right away, it helps to be patient.

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how would UT/UF/US Alphys and Undyne react to a s/o who is an anime singer? (like someone who sings opening songs and stuff)

Listen, my YT history is 90% jubyphonic covers, I Feel You - M.M.


Badass!! She insists on performing with you every now & then, even if the end result isn’t the one that gets published. Hey, she has that piano for a reason–just being able to hear you sing it live is enough to make her happy.


Ohmygod, ohmygod! She doesn’t care what you sing in particular, it’s just so cool that you do it! She downloads all of your covers, & listens to them on a constant loop. In other words, she’s your Biggest Fan.


She picks fun at you for it. It might seem that she really isn’t all that into it, but her lowkey bullying is mostly to cover up the fact that she is Way More into it than she’d like to admit. If you ever checked the music list on her phone, it’d be 90% of your song covers.


She’s very critical of your work. Alphys is the type of Monster who likes to act that her taste in anime is the Best, & that everyone else’s is just garbage in comparison. So if you haven’t at least covered “Kusou Mesorogiwi” or "Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni,” don’t even talk to her.


W-Wow, that’s really–really freaking cool! The moment she finds out she’s downloading every available cover she can get her hands on. Let’s just say in the weeks following, the walls of her lab are constantly shaking with the sheer volume that she’s blasting your songs at.


Ohmygod?? Holy crap, that’s cool as heck! She’s got a special-made playlist on her phone (mostly your softer/bubblier covers) that she keeps on repeat during her training time. Your voice gives her the energy & inspiration she needs to get through the day.

Hey guys! Spike here, with a fun little idea that the admin team has been cooking up!

So, I know that you guys love to make plots and everything on your own, but sometimes, it gets hard to plot something between two characters (I know, it sucks, believe me, I’ve been there). To help you guys with getting some new threads and new rp partners, every other week or so, we’ll be posting something like this for you guys to sign up for a random thread pairing! Sometimes, we’ll just have blank pairings, and let you guys decide what you want to do, and sometimes, we’ll give you guys prompts for your threads. This is totally optional, and you guys are more than welcome to decide not to like this post, but the more people we have, the merrier! 

This thread pairing post will close at 10:00 p.m. CST on Monday, February 20th. 

If you want to be included, like this post and reply with the URLs of any sideblogs that you want included, and the pairings will come out tomorrow night!

SO i just made an acnl discord server to try and make more friends in the community and feel more at home and figured i’d see if any of you guys were interested in joining at all? it could be a lot of fun T__T

"You've just honestly been a burden"

when i got to college, she became one of my best friends- i don’t make great friends easily (like the type you can just chill with and not feel weird) so this was different. we ended up being roommates with our two other best friends sophomore year. we had a lot of fun and while it lasted, but then i started getting really depressed. i was on antidepressants for a year before this because i have panic disorder and it ceased my anxiety. but it turns out that the antidepressants were fixing my anxiety but fueling my (later) depression. i dropped out of school winter term of sophomore year and moved back in with my parents for 3 weeks so i could see a doctor, get therapy, switch meds, etc. My personality started to change and I stopped laughing as much and being as much fun. I came back for spring term and we thought it was gonna be just how it was before- but my continuing depression caused me to detach from everyone. i started to spend the night at my boyfriends house every night, because w/ mental illnesses i find physical touch helped a lot- i definitely stepped back from my friends but it wasn’t because i didn’t like them. and they KNEW it was because of my depression that I was acting like this (i didn’t talk about it much but they knew why i left school). at the end of spring term i cut my wrist and ended up having to go to the hospital to get gruesome stitches, and i still have a scar. when i told them (also, i had to tell them since the scar was pretty fuckin obvious), two of my friends were concerned and caring, and i thought the third was as well, but apparently not. when school ended, she kept texting me and stuff like usual for a week until one day she had blocked me on everything. i texted her asking why, and this is what she wrote. i think she thought my depression was an attention thing- but why would i leave school if i wanted attention…? luckily my two other friends, after hearing this, started hating her. which, by the way, i didn’t support. but i guess i wouldn’t wanna be friends with a girl like that either, knowing she was capable of that. she still texts my two other friends all the time and they ignore her now. im glad we aren’t friends anymore but the idea of this still makes me sad- and now i think all my friends will stop talking to me if i talk about being depressed, or whatever. but i dont wanna be friends with someone if theyre only gonna like me when im happy and not gonna stick around when things are bad. she switched schools and i haven’t heard from her in 6 months. thankfully haha

I just drove 50 miles back to school and I was having thoughts about a road trip with Jack and Gabe.

I imagine that Gabe may not have strayed too far from LA when he was younger and Jack being from the middle of nowhere thinking this is hilarious and inviting him on a road trip.

So they decide to visit Jack’s family in Bloomington and then road trip to Denver just to get the full effect of road tripping. And because this takes so long [17 hours or more] they have to stay at a sketchy motel in a tiny town 35 miles from a Walmart.

Now they could in theory make it in one day but Jack drives a Dodge diesel 5 speed truck and Gabe has no idea how to drive manual nor a truck of that size. Also they decide to have fun and fuck around at random towns and local landmarks along they way.

Along the way they could swap stories, play that stupid game where you try to find license plates from every state and other lame long drive games.

Jack would totally tell Gabe about places that sound so dumb they can’t possibly be real just before they pass those places and Gabe freaks out because that isn’t something that should exist.

Gabe pronouncing names of towns wrong like Des Moines and Norfolk and getting mad because he thinks Jack is making fun of him.

Them stopping in a city and going to a large market that is the perfect mix of big city and small town specialty goods and stores.

Jack taking a gravel road just to watch Gabe hold on for dear life as they speed down the middle of the road and up a hill so steep all you see is the sky.

The quite moments between towns out on the highways when no when is around and the radio is quietly playing some 80s music station and they just hold hands and enjoy each other’s company. When it starts to rain but the sun is still out. Sitting in the back of the truck in the middle of a field road watching the stars and the fireflies.

I just really like road trips and my home.

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Sorry dude, but do you realize how gross it is to write porn of people without their consent? You're literally non consentually sexualizing them, and that's not cool at all. I'm into omo, fuck I have a pornblog and I consent to people doing NSFW art and stories for me. But if I didn't consent, seeing something like that would make me feel so gross and violated. Please. Stop. Think about the people you're hurting, not just your own selfish desires.

1. dan and phil have actually stated that they don’t mind fanfiction, they find it weird but they don’t mind

2. i completely respect their private life and any decisions they make, and i am not saying any of this as a statement or fact, it’s just for fun

3. again, it’s just for fun and entertainment, and if you don’t like it you don’t have to look at it :)

Ok, so I had a thought!
@artisticlollipop requested for me to draw my oc with someone else’s oc eating pizza together.
But I couldn’t really decide.
SO, I thought I’d start a thing!
You could reblog this with an addition of your oc eating pizza with mine, and with any luck, maybe we can have ourselves a pizza party?
Just a thought!

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geepm is a member of vinesauce and his content has been pretty wholesome afaik. I binged a bunch of his videos a while back and they were all relatively harmless, even his miiverse is hell series where he never directly makes fun of the users on miiverse (just does dramatic readings of the roleplays). his sausage party rant stream was also super funny that movie pissed him off so much.

I was actually in a regularly sized (and now practically dead) Discord server that he was in. Didn’t really talk to him much, but I think he’s a nice guy.

However, there was controversy that got him kicked from Vinesauce, but it was just him asking his fans for donations in a rough time. Nothing really worth kicking him out imo

EDIT: Here’s the Google doc with context