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Just discovered your comic and it's so great! Love the art style. And to top it off you are gorgeous as heck! Wow beauty, brains, and talent, you're the ultimate triple threat. <3

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Come on in.

(Jesus, does anybody even get this reference? I hope so.)

Thank you so much for the kind, kind, kind, kind, kind words! And brains? 

Oh, go on. All ya’ll are complete sweeties.

I seriously appreciate you writing in, new reader, and I sure hope you enjoy your stay and everything I have to offer! *vaguely waves hand behind her*

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Aww this one’s gon be cute as hell!!! Hope you enjoy! ~mun Ashe


-Shu: You’d dragged him to this softball game, but it was worth it to see you do that. He felt a bit of pride, if he was being honest.

-Reiji: He was very proud of how you excelled in everything and this was just further proof of how you do just that. He’d have to reward you accordingly.

-Ayato: He’s the best so of course he’s dating the best!!! He’s so proud of how awesome you are!

-Laito: Seeing you hit that homerun was sexy as hell! He was going to have to show you just how riled up you made him when you get home.

-Kanato: He and Teddy were cheering you on in the stands. Wow, his doll was beautiful AND strong? He’d reward you for a job well done with sweets.

-Subaru: Aggressively cheers for you and will punch anyone who heckles you from the stands. He’s literally one of the loudest people there.


-Ruki: He came to support, as he is not one for sports, but he’s damn happy he did. He was so proud of you in that moment. You’re going to get one hell of a reward when you get home.

-Kou: He came with a giant fucking sign with your face on it. He’s the second loudest there next to Subaru. He’s so proud he’s showering you with kisses afterwards.

-Yuma: Correction: he is the loudest. He fucking loses his shit when you hit a homerun and almost breaks your damn back afterward with his bear hug!

-Azusa: He’s also cheering in the stands, albeit in his own quiet, Azusa way. He’s elated when you hit that homerun and hugs the hell out of you after.

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Hi, I am just here to remind you, that no matter how you look, no matter how others treat you and no matter what scar's you are carrying around with you, you are beautiful and worthy of being loved. Don't let other's tell you you're not. 💌

((t his like shot me in my heart wow i really appreciate this

its a lot easier said than done but thank you so much for this!! i literally like stared at this ask for at least 5 minutes to process everything))

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there’s this boy who’s got eyes the color of honey and when the light hits them just right you can see the tiniest flakes of blue in them and it’s so beautiful and he’s got this smile oh god his smile it’s as beautiful as clear night skies where you can see all the stars and his laugh oh man when he laughs his eyes shut so tightly and he gives the best hugs i feel so safe and happy when he hugs me just ,,,,, this boy is the living definition of ‘wow’

oh lordy anon ………. beautiful boys are 😱😍 he sounds wonderful and amazing 💓💓💓

Absolutely one of the most powerful pieces of art I’ve ever seen by that amazingly talented KickAir8P

When I seen this I started to cry, it said so many wonderful things all at once about Hulk. First that Hulk isn’t some mindless monster, that just like Bruce he has feelings and gets scared. That when he does come out it’s to protect Bruce and those Bruce cares about and loves. I adore that he is snuggling a teddy bear, cause I’m a grown ass woman and to this day I sleep with my teddy bear and snuggle him when I’m upset. Also that Hulk’s teddy looks like someone we all know Hulk loves, which is Iron Man. 

I ship Science Bros’ hard and this to is perfect.
Cause my head canon is that Tony gave his favorite Huge Green Jelly Bean the bear because he thought Hulk would like to have something to hug and snuggle when he get scared or is waiting for the team and/or Tony to find him. Also for when Bruce transforms back from being Hulk. Cause sorry not sorry Tony loves Bruce and would do something like this for him. Cause when it comes to Bruce and Hulk, Tony is all heart. 


me, through tears and clenched teeth: this is everyone’s era


yuzuru hanyu + light shots || the last swan, world team trophy 2017