these are just so beautiful wow

like remember when she performed leave me lonely with so much emotion and it was beautiful and everyone was so excited but then we heard the studio version on dangerous woman n everyone was kinda like “… flop” bc of how little emotion she conveyed in her voice in the studio? she’s come a long way ladies, Quit is just flawless

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Should I read the one hundred killugon fanfuc? It seems really popular but I can't help but pause at the summary thing where it says 'everything is the same but it's not' idk maybe I'm just picky what's your thoughts?

Okay, so. I have two all-time favorite killugon fics that I will continue checking until the day I die because my love for them runs that deep. One of them is @olivemeister’s Mithridatism because wow. Just, wow. (that deserves a whole separate post of it’s own but I’ll leave it at that for now haha)

My other all-time favorite killugon fic, is One Hundred. It’s a slow burn post canon masterpiece that is not finished but who cares because it’s so excellent and incredible and beautiful and gorgeous and perfect in every way shape and form. I think it’s something I think every single killugon shipper should read at least once. Killua and Gon are so perfectly in character, the descriptions and vocabulary are simply beautiful, the chapters are long, Gon is literally smitten with Killua (which is my favorite thing ever), there’s a variety of other characters in the fic………I could go on and on and on about how much I adore this fic. 

Like, I actually don’t like slow burns or post canon works that much but THIS FIC. MAN. THAT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER WITH THIS FIC BC IT’S THAT QUALITY. I’ve reread this thing more times than I can count and I never ever ever get bored of it. I wish I could forget it so I can find it and fall in love with it all over again.

So those are my thoughts XD Please read this fic. Please. You won’t regret it I promise you!!!!

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Thank you so much sweet you  ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

Wow you make me feel worth it to just exist by saying that TSS XD

I love ya gurl!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO BE MY FRIEND *hugs*

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This is just a note to say that I'm consistently amazed that you manage to write things that are soft and beautiful and respectful whilst including the passion. I'm ace and reading smut can be truly awful sometimes, but yours is always so full of respect and love that I've never once felt awkward reading it. Thank you.

Wow, thank you so much for your message. <3

This is a really lovely thing to hear- it means a lot to know that respect and passion are the things that you mainly take away from my writing because that is what I want to convey, above all else. I am really pleased to know that. Thank you. <33

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I just read your nemesis mine fic and holy crap that was a ride. I legit was crying and blushing and fucking happy within the time it took me to read this. It was so beautiful and goddamn I still have tear streaks on my cheeks. It was amazing. My brother had to comfort me. Thank gods they got back together. Again amazing and I am still continuing to read your writing at this moment

!!!!!!!!! ok wow now you’ve made me emotional thankyou so so much for this lovely message xxxx

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💫 OMG CONGRATS!!!! <3 <3 hmm favourite quote is hard >< but I really like: “some day, someone’s going to love you, heart and soul” I really like coral pink background, white words and black shadow? :3 style B hehe <3

thank youuu!!

Couldn’t decide which one, so have two haha

Ahh this quote is really beautiful! (I got excited and added the hearts, sorry)

Compliment: Your blog is incredibly amazing!! I love how it’s growing so fast because you both deserve it! because like, have you seen your originals? wow just wow, I love your disney inspired spreads and you seem like really lovely and nice people!!

Thank youu!

Want a lettering quote and a blog compliment?

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hey how old are u if u don't mind me asking ? bc ur writing is so amazing and the way it's written is just ? beautiful & i love it wow

it’s fine. i’m 13. in that prime age where they make you write shitty essays 👏👏👏 and thanks 😊

This is probably just me but I love when Victor spins… like… have you ever just looked at him when he’s spinning? The way his hair just kinda…. swooshes??? anndd,, uuhhHHH,,?? and his expressions??? ju s t,,,,,,, hhHH

i mean…. wow, he’s very??? beautiful?????

normal lets players playing breath of the wild: “Wow this game is so beautiful, I love zelda and im so grateful to all of my followers for supporting me and this game is just so fantastic…”

game grumps playing breath of the wild: “HOLY FUCK HERE WE GO” *refuse to put on clothing* *blow self up repeatedly* *spend entire episode climbing rocks*

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Do you ever just forget how much you love Hamilton? Like you've listened to it so many times that you just kind of take it as a standard in your life until you really sit down to listen to it again one day and you just refall in love with it every single time. You forget how beautiful the lyrics are, and the meaning behind them, and everything that went into making them and then you listen to it again and it's just like hOW COULD I EVER FORGET HOW GOOD THIS IS LIKE WOW.

yuzuru hanyu + light shots || the last swan, world team trophy 2017

I was leaning over to reach into my backpack at the bus stop and when I stood back up, this sweet girl came up to me and said: “I’m sorry I don’t mean to bother you but I just had to tell you that you just made me feel so much better about my body. I saw you and I thought “wow she’s so beautiful and she seems so confident” and then I saw your stretch marks and thought “I didn’t realize that even someone as tiny as you can have stretch marks and that it’s normal and beautiful! Why don’t I have the same love for my body that has stretch marks too?” And she started to tear up and I just asked if I can hug her and we just sat there and I held her for a minute as she was fighting back tears. We exchanged numbers & IG’s and I just spoke from my heart and told her how important she is and body positive mantras and tips for self love that I live by that could maybe help her too.

even though she was telling me how much I was helping her, i don’t think she realizes just how much that meant to me too. I will remember this exchange/conection with that beautiful soul for the rest of my life

wow look the stars are just so beautiful

˚ hamilton .   ✦      ✦                
✺     .   was

 ✧ not     ⋆  ✷

˚  .  ·     a . 
  ⊹   ˚ ✵       .
✫ victim  ✧ ˚   ˚
*  .          *
· *   dont 
blame    + ·
✵  .  *   · .    
 maria        ˚       
✫     ✧      ⋆  ✷

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: I cannot believe the song Evermore (gracing the public's ears for the first in the year of our Lord 2017) even exists. You take a beloved Disney classic like Beauty and the Beast (which was the first animated film to ever be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars) and attempted a live action, CGI packed (but amazingly well done), musical and not only make it gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, stay true to the beloved story while still adding new elements to it, but also giving the other main character a NEW solo song and make it instantly (in my humble opinion) the most favored song on a soundtrack that's already beloved by millions (a majority millennials mind you) perfectly crafting it to fit the amazing Dan tenor looking but is actually a bass Stevens who is truly singing his heart out about losing the only person who's ever really been there for him with such passion that is brought tears to my eyes and oh wOW I👏🏼am👏🏼so👏🏼blessed👏🏼

No seriously what THE FUCK is up with dans new found confidence I love this boy so much he is so pretty everyday I wake up to new beautiful Dan pictures I am actually crying I can’t believe Dan Howell himself just decided “wow I’m going to actually just RUIN everybody on this trip” he’s just so good I love him so much I would die for Dan he really sat down and painted his nails glitter wow I’m truly in love he’s just so pretty and confident god I wish that were me