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*sigh* There was this artist I was following with some honest to god beautiful art. Like wow Ive never seen something like this? But just now I saw that they had a "NO SHALAD1NS ALLOWED" in their description and now Im sad. I understand if they feel uncomfortable. But man. God I hate this anti movement.

Tbh when people put shit like that in their blogs I still follow them bc I have literally every fucking right to follow this person for their art and unless they block me there is nothing stopping me from doing so. I’ve done nothing wrong I’m here for this art and if it bothers them so much me simply being there they can block me.

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hii! i was wondering if you would do rfa + v reacting to male!mc performing as either evan in dear evan hansen or whizzer in falsettos?? its really nice to see another mysme fan who likes theatre stuff!!! :) thank you if you do this and thank you for making content!

Sorry this took so long! I had to watch Dear Evan Hansen and just. WOW. It was beautiful ;A; I really like it 😃 I’m not a super big fan of the lying, I have to admit ;;; But I understand why he did what he did and I love the story so much ❤️ I feel like it’s really relevant 😃 Thank you for requesting this hahaha! I hope you like it!


  • He’s super excited to see you perform up on stage, the bouquet of roses for you ready on his lap
  • He’s really focused on the songs and he tries his best to understand what the characters are saying through the lyrics
  • How come nobody wants to sign your cast?? Yoosung wants to sign your cast so bad!
  • But then Connor signs your cast and he’s pouting
  • Waving Through A Window —gets goosebumps when everybody steps up on stage and backs you up
  • Connor…killed himself?
  • Oh my God he’s already crying
  • For Forever —he’s biting his lip because the way you sang about your friendship is beautiful and he’s really touched and sad okay
  • You can bet he’ll take you out on that perfect day after the musical
  • Sincerely, Me is waaaay better and he finds himself laughing and even blushing when the guy playing Connor acts out what Jared is typing
  • If I Could Tell Her —your eyes slide to his in the middle of the song and he’s blushing because he knows you’re thinking of him when you’re singing it
  • When you kiss Zoe though, he has to remind himself that it’s only a musical ;A;
  • He knows you only have eyes for him though ❤️
  • Disappearwhy is Connor touching you?? the lyrics are beautiful though and Yoosung finds himself smiling when your character proposes the Connor Project
  • And then Zoe kisses you and yandere Yoosung comes out
  • He feels sad when you and Jared fight though; he knows Jared considered you a real friend despite saying you were only “family friends”
  • And then Evan’s mom is at the Murphy’s and he’s frozen, dreading the scene that about the unfold
  • Good for You —he’s scared of Mrs Hansen now ;;; and he’s shocked when your character talks back to his mom
  • Your harmony is so cool though and he can’t tear his eyes away
  • Words Fail —nooooo Yoosung is crying so hard
  • He’s biting his lip but the RFA members next to him can hear him sniffling
  • He will give you a huge hug after the show ;A;
  • And tbh he’ll probably want a hug too ;A;
  • So Big/So Small —he misses his mom now
  • And he’s crying even harder because he sees his mother in Heidi
  • That no matter how much he screws up, she will be there for him
  • She only wants the best for him and he promises to call her after the show
  • He’s still teary-eyed as the show comes to an end but he’s the first on his feet, clapping and cheering for you and wiping his tears away, grinning
  • He’s so proud of you and he loves the musical so much
  • Backstage, he will give you the big hug mentioned above, making sure to hold you longer than usual so Zoe and Connor would know you’re his
  • And he will give you a bouquet with a cute teddy bear, gushing over how good you were that you made him cry a lot
  • Would probably ask you to sing to him when you guys are home, he loves listening to your voice and he really likes the lyrics of the songs
  • He makes it a point to call his mom more and makes sure his parents know he loves them


  • He’s so excited to see you up on stage
  • He hasn’t seen or heard anything about the musical yet so he’s really excited to see what’s going to happen
  • You nail the mannerisms and habits of the character so much that he leans forward in his seat and watches your every move
  • He’s actually learning from you
  • Waving Through A Window — he is hooked. You sing so well and with so much emotion
  • The smooth transition from your natural voice to your falsetto turns him on so much makes him puff out his chest with pride
  • That’s his MC up there
  • Sincerely, Me —he’s laughing at how adorable you are and he really hates himself for not auditioning for Connor
  • “…the only man that I love is my dad!”
  • That’s not what you were saying last night ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • For Forever —your voice is beautiful and he just wants to listen to it for forever
  • If I Could Tell Her —he loves this song; you play the part of the guy who’s telling his crush how he feels but not letting her know it’s really him speaking really well
  • He’s not worried about Zoe at all, because he already knows you love him
  • Connor is another story ;;;
  • Because look at the guy playing Connor’s ripped body okay Zen is a little threatened
  • Disappear —yep, he’s so angry at himself for not being Connor
  • You Will Be Found —he’s so amazed and proud of you; he thought that last line that you sang, so soft and heartfelt after the crescendo of the cast was amazing that he felt shivers go down his spine
  • You are that good
  • Words Fail — His words have failed him. He wants nothing more than to run to you and hold you tight and promise you that everything will be okay. He’s so immersed in your performance and when you start crying —oh man, Zenny’s crying too
  • So Big/ So Small —Oh man, he’s crying even more because he’s wishing his mom was like Heidi; someone who didn’t resent him for having good looks and being interested in performing
  • “And I knew there would be moments I’d miss, And I knew there would be space I couldn’t fill, And I knew I’d come up short in a billion different ways, And I did, And I do, And I will.” —these words will stay with him
  • Because his family thought he was a failure for not “being successful” like his brother and for pursuing something that’s not “normal” or considered a “good job” by his family
  • And he feels like he let them down somehow but Zen still pursued his dream regardless; he’s not perfect and he knows he’ll disappoint his family one way or another but he also hopes they see what he’s achieved and one day be proud of him instead
  • He loves the ending though and he’s so proud of you
  • He’s cheering and whistling and he rushes backstage and pulls you into his arms
  • “Babe! That was amazing!”
  • He is your number 1 fan and he makes sure to post a selfie with you right after the show
  • “Giving my MC some much needed love after his breathtaking performance! Everybody check out Dear Evan Hansen and support my love~!”
  • He really wishes he could have been your Connor but he’ll memorize Connor’s parts nonetheless and will sing it with you at home
  • Late that night at home, you wake up and realize Zen’s not in bed
  • You tiptoe to the door and hear him tapping his foot impatiently on the floor
  • And then you hear his voice
  • “Hey mom…sorry, I know it’s late. Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m okay. No I just wanted to call and check if everyone’s alright…Yes, I’m fine…Yes, I’m still doing musicals…Oh? He said that?…When are you guys free then? I’ll book you the best seats in the house!”
  • You go back to bed grinning, happy for your man
  • Bonus: For your anniversary, he sings his own version of If I Could Tell Her with lyrics meant specifically for you


  • He’s confused as to why you keep fiddling with the end of your shirt or act all awkward
  • But then he understands that Evan Hansen has anxiety and he watches with rapt attention at everything you do, making mental notes and learning about your character as much as he could through your actions
  • Anybody Have A Map? —wow, being a parent must be so hard. Makes a mental note to read up about parenthood because he wishes to have a family with you someday
  • Waving Through A Window —he’s so focused on you that he doesn’t even hear Saeyoung and Yoosung whispering about how good you are
  • But he understands how it feels like to be alone and to have no one truly understand you
  • That is, until you came into his life
  • For Forever —he vows to give you loads of perfect days to sing about
  • Of course, he doesn’t wish to just be “buddies” with you
  • But he doesn’t really approve lying about being friends with that Connor boy when your characters were obviously not friends
  • Sincerely, Me —creating fake emails about your relationship? He’s not sure supports what your character is doing
  • But for your sake he tries to be understanding and watches quietly, smiling at the friendship you and Jared seemed to have
  • If I Could Tell Her —he’s smiling to himself at how goofy and awkward your character is; honestly, he thinks you can be awkward like Evan, especially when he goes sweet on you and you become flustered
  • You Will Be Found —he truly thinks that what you’re doing for Connor is wonderful but Jumin knows things built on lies don’t last forever
  • He admires your voice though and he closes his eyes unconsciously sometimes, wanting to focus on your voice, the emotions behind your words
  • He wants your voice and only your voice filling his mind
  • To Break in a Glove —his heart melts at the song because it reminds him of his relationship with his father
  • Jumin really values family and he’s sad that your character doesn’t have a father figure but he’s glad you were given an opportunity to bond with Connor’s dad as though he was your own father
  • Makes a note to ask Assistant Kang to schedule a dinner with his father
  • “You do the hard thing ‘cause that’s the right thing.” —he already knows this is a foreshadowing ;;;
  • He’s afraid of the ending now; he doesn’t want everything to come crashing down on you
  • Only Us —a romantic song between you and the female lead? Lol he’s just chill because he knows you’re not interested in her romantically
  • Ah, your mother gets invited to dinner with the Murphy’s…this will not end well ;;;
  • He winces during Good for You
  • He doesn’t like family fighting and he feels bad for your character but he also sees things from the mother’s perspective
  • And then the Murphys find out you had lied to them ;;;
  • Words Fail —he sucks in his breath and he’s blown away by the raw emotion you’re showing on stage
  • He’s crying inside
  • This man loves you so much and he would never do anything to hurt you precisely because he doesn’t want to see you get hurt
  • But now you’re showing him how you would sound —how you would look with tears streaming down your face as you sing
  • His heart is breaking
  • So Big/So Small —he’s smiling now because he’s happy at the mother’s reaction
  • He’s a firm believer that at the end, your family is the one who will truly support you and love you and accept you; they are the people you can lean on and who will love you unconditionally
  • He can’t wait until you two start a family together
  • He’s happy with how the play ends; Zoe forgiving you and you moving on, trying to get to know Connor in your own way
  • He goes backstage to congratulate your wonderful performance when he sees the actor playing Connor is congratulating you
  • Big mistake
  • Jumin strides over to you, bouquet in hand
  • “MC.”
  • You turn to him and your eyes go wide when he pulls you to him and kisses you in front of the actor
  • Lol Jumin please calm down ;;;
  • Juju she’s into women ;;;
  • MC he’s not listening hahaha
  • He finally pulls away and hands you a large bouquet of red roses, lolol they are the same color as your face
  • “The show was truly beautiful and I’m very proud to have you as my partner, MC.”
  • He would try his best to watch your shows because he absolutely loves watching you do what you love


Note: This happens after the whole Mint Eye so Saeran is with him in the audience.

  • Dear Evan Hansen, huh?
  • A lot of people have been saying Zen should play Connor on Tripter so Saeyoung has heard about the musical a little
  • When the curtains open to reveal you sitting on the bed he’s clapping and cheering the loudest
  • “We’re family friends.” He’s laughing so hard in his seat
  • It’s a good thing you reserved the balcony for him and the RFA ;;;;
  • Waving Through a Window —he’s quiet because he can actually relate to the song and your character
  • He’s a secret agent so he doesn’t have any lasting relationships apart from the RFA, Saeran, Mary Vanderwood the 3rd and of course, you
  • When you’re falling in a forest and there’s nobody around. Do you ever really crash, or even make a sound? Did I even make a sound? It’s like I never made a sound. Will I ever make a sound?” —this line really gets to him because he doesn’t “exist” in this world
  • So if he disappears…will anyone even know?
  • But he looks at you singing your heart out on the stage and he smiles, glad that you chose to love him
  • For Forever —uh oh. Did your character just lie? Oh boy, he already knows where this is heading ;;;
  • He loves the imagery of For Forever though and his eyes slide to Saeran, who’s sitting beside him and he can’t help but wish he could have that perfect day with his brother as well
  • He cracks up during Sincerely, Me though
  • Makes a mental note to look for Zoe’s costume so he can wear it at home~
  • Disappear —Saeran could swear he saw tears in his brother’s eyes but Saeyoung’s gaze never leaves you
  • And when you turn to him during the song, he bites his lip so hard that he tasted blood, to keep himself from crying
  • But when the Connor Project is mentioned he clears his throat and hastily wipes away his tears
  • You Will Be Found —he thinks you sang it perfectly and he’s up on his feet the moment it ends, clapping and cheering
  • He disappears the moment the lights come on though but Saeran tells the rest of the members not to worry; he has an idea where his brother is and he knows Saeyoung just needs to be alone
  • He returns just as the lights are dimming for Act II and he’s fine for a while
  • Until Momma Hansen comes into the picture
  • Uh-oh
  • He’s cringing because he knows the consequences of lies and he cringes even more when he sees your character flustering on stage during the dinner with the Murphys and your mom
  • Good For You —whoa there, Momma Hansen is getting riled up and he’s honestly scared for you ;;;
  • Words Fail — …oh my God. He’s speechless. He wants to run to you so bad Saeran scrambled to pull him back when he stood up and started climbing the railing
  • He hates seeing you sad and the sight of you singing there, the anguish laced in your voice —Saeyoung is heartbroken
  • So Big/So Small —the twins are crying
  • They’re not even hiding it anymore, their friends know their story
  • The rest of the members give them a group hug, yes even Jumin, because these boys have been through a lot and they had the roughest childhood with no one to support them —no one was even allowed to know they exist; it’s worse because their mother was the one making them suffer
  • His eyes are puffy at the Finale but he’s happy that Zoe forgives Evan and he’s screaming your name during the curtain call, clapping loudly
  • He nervously meets you backstage and you notice his red rimmed eyes and you smile at him
  • He knows the poster is of you in a cast so he hands you his gift: a robot cat with a cast on its leg —and Saeyoung’s name on the cast
  • At home you’ll hear him humming the songs to himself sometimes, and when you come back from shows (and he doesn’t realize you’re home yet) you hear the songs blasting through the speakers and he’s singing along with it

I couldn’t do V’s because I haven’t played his route and I saw some photos of his mom floating around tumblr somewhere so my interpretation might be inaccurate ;A; Sorry! 😔

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.... did you see Yoo Youngjae's butt TT but his fluffy hair tho awwwww hes a floof ><

HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT I AM VERY MUCH NOT OKAY, I’VE SAID THIS FOR AGES BUT YOO YOUNGJAE HAS A VERY NICE BUTT. Honestly I am so in love with this new look, especially him all black and leather and wow that is just beautiful and too much for me to handle I LOVE IT SO MUCH TT

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Hi leah I always need validation

HI DRE!!! Ur new haircut looks so fckin good like holy shit!!! Girl you’re so beautiful!! A true queen! Your posts are on point as always!!! I say it a lot (or maybe I don’t say it enough) but I really love you and I love how open you’re and wow you’re just so amazing and u intimidate me a little bc ur really cool but I love u!! ❤️

hey, you.

hey, yes, i’m talking to you. i know you’re probably scrolling right now but this post wont take too long to read.

i just wanted to give you a quick reminder that you’re beautiful. yes, i know what you’re thinking, wow what an idiot they cant even see me, but that isn’t the case.

regardless of your looks, how long your hair is, how white your teeth are, how skinny you are, how tall you are, the colour of your skin, how big your butt is, you are beautiful. because you’ve made it this far. you have gotten through every fucking day in this shitty universe, and you are here right now, looking at this post. you have survived heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, trauma, and just all the general ups and down of life, and you are alive right now to tell the tale of it. you’ve pushed on through everything.

sometimes it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it, like you’re worth it, but you are. one day, that’ll make sense. you’ll be sitting somewhere nice, watching something, maybe someone, and you’ll remember all of the things you had to get through, and it’ll all make sense. 

congratulate yourself on getting this far. it’s a big thing, yet you’ve done it. if you ever feel like you aren’t worth it, i want you to know that it’s all going to be okay. you impact so many people’s lives, and you are some people’s entire worlds. people love you, they look up to you, they admire you. don’t give anyone the ‘life would go on without me’ excuse, because you know it wouldn’t. no one recovers from that.

you, my friend, are beautiful. dont you dare ever forget it.

we always talk about how pretty girls are but what about boys omg.

my boyfriend has the cuTEST little baby freckles that are sooooo light under his eyes and i stare at them all the time like wow. what a beautiful feature.

also when boys r soft when they wake up and have that deep voice and soft hair and pajamas on & they’re all warm ohmygoodness

don’t forget when they want 2 be held and they’re too shy or embarrassed to ask so they just kind of ,,,, slide ,,,, into the little spoon position

oh loRDT and the ones who’re obsessed w something like a specific video game or cartoon/show or something like that is so damn precious especially when barely anyone knows about it bc it’s ‘embarrassing’ for them and they trust u enough to tell u

anD o shit the way their arms look when they have a watch on like ,,,,, mmmmMMMMMM yes.

when they laugh. like. hardcore genuine cackle. devin barely ever does it but when it does i swear y’all i could cRY

smirks. bitch. yes.

i just. love. boys in sweatpants and sweaters and soft hair. pls. let me snuggle u while it snows or rains.

also giggles. ohmy.

when they have a self care routine. like yes. u angel. take care of u. don’t let anyone tell u caring for yourself is girly or gay. i love it and u.

feel free to add things.

i love boys fuCk especially mine even though he’s a bitch sometimes i adore him holy shit i cant wait to see him tomorroW


couple moments of quiet

(listen to the barr brothers to feel extra gay)