these are just horrible im sorry

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Sorry if this is annoying!! but I was wondering, is it possible to be bisexual but ace towards guys? Because? I'm romantically + other way attracted to girls, but I'd only date a guy I wouldn't want to be sexual with him? Like I've tried before but even kissing a guy is rlly horrible and I hate the idea of that or anything more but with girls it's nice? Or could I just be too young since I'm only 16?

are you sure you’re attracted to men? because what you said sounds like you’re not and just don’t want to admit it to yourself, because you potentially “could” date a man, given some very specific circumstances

it’s much harder to overcome internalized homophobia where it comes to sex and realize that you’re attracted to the same gender that way - if you’ve figured out girls already, it’s unlikely that attraction to men will come in the future

there’s more information going over more specific scenarios here and you should look in here too!

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i came out to my parents as trans and got a horrible reaction so thats always fun :) im sorry for saying this on your account but i just really had to say it somewhere

Yaaaay, don’t you love negative reactions?
I’m so sorry they reacted that way, hon. But nevertheless, I’m proud of you.




#Work Doodles Part 4. This makes it seem like I’m not doing my job but istg I am!1!! Shiro is just such a cute grumpy baby boy pouting! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7)


More reversed CP AU aka “what if the regent were mean enough to send laurent to akielos” AU

Im fighting off an art block so heres some Terus in recent outfits of mine! Ive been wearing so much grey n black man I cant wait till summer so i can go out and be a yellow disaster again

hey uhh can yall stop being like “i see y'all not paying attention to [natural disaster outside the US] you’re all disgusting” like hm!! im sorry that people are scared about something that’s directly affecting them!! sorry let me just forget about all those silly fires and hurricanes my bad!!

we’re scared about disasters affecting us just like you’re scared of the disasters affecting you and to say you have ‘no sympathy’ for those affected just because they weren’t aware that you were in trouble too because, hmm, maybe most of them are focused on staying alive, is pretty fucking horrible

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am I the only one that thinks Richie without his glasses is like Velma without hers? like if his glasses were knocked off, I feel like he wouldn’t see anything. DO YOU SEE HOW THICK HIS PRESCRIPTION IS?? THIS BOYS EYES DOULBE IN SIZE!!

ok but one time, Henry broke Richie’s glasses on purpose and the next day, Richie had to go to school without his glasses for the first time
when the other Losers first saw him they were like “wow richie you look damn cool, did you put eye contacts or something??” and Richie would be like “who…. who is talking to me…. who is there for god’s sake

he would also make flirty comments to their math teacher (a horrible grumpy old lady) thinking it’s their pretty english teacher, but also high-fiving Henry because he thought it was Bill, just after he insulted his mother


Eddie: Richie. You have your hand on my butt.

Richie: uM?? whO IS TalKing??? i canT SEE anything IM SORRY SIr

september 26th 2017 || 3/100 days of productivity

i just realized that my notes look super similar to each other…?? idk but i think its because i used the same layout in each lecture? Hahaha anyhow, here’s yet another snapshot of my chemistry notes!!

okay i have a very horrible pun ( dont worry its not about chem, but that doesnt make it any less bad )

ya ready?

what did the tissue roll say to her ex?
tiss-you who broke my heart

peace friends ✌🏻✌🏻

what im currently in love with : the avett brothers ( i cant believe i only found out about them recently?? they are the best thing ever!! check em out and lemme know what you think!! )