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Isak and Even hair drabble | what even is this tho?

I miss Isak, I miss Even…I wonder what they are doing right now…

I imagine that they are being goofy as always, showing their affection by arguing about something silly like 

OMG like Isak deciding that he wants to get a flipping haircut! And Even is just like NO !!!!! FUCKING !!! WAY !!!! BOI. He is literally so offended and I mean this actually turns super serious. Isak kinda just said it one day like “Ugh my hair is getting so long, and it’s so curly and so annoying and I just want to chop it all off” and Even’s all like “lol don’t do that baby, you would not pull of bald. You’d look like a cute baby egg” and then he just kisses his golden curls and Isak playfully slaps him away while grinning “Shut up! I would not, I’d look like a fucking king” 

Even just laughs and is like “sure baby” 

but then of course eventually it gets serious??? like Isak brings it up again one day, like Even mentions a film he wants to go see and Isak is like “Oh let me know the time it’s on because I was thinking of getting my hair cut on Sunday” and Even just like freezes and is all “EXCUSE ME? wot da fuq” and Isak looks up at him and is like “yeah i mean i’m just gonna get it cut a little shorter so it’s not as curly and annoying.” Even’s hand (which was stroking all of Isak’s ‘annoying’ curls) has just stopped in his hair and he is just Not. Chill. At. All. he looks at Isak with his mouth all open and pouty “You are not cutting your hair.” he declares meeting Isaks eyes. 

Isak laughs “what??” he shouts amused and surprised at the passion inside his boys voice over his damn hair. Even just tilts his face down and gives Isak his “I am not kidding babe your not going there, fight me boo” look. 

and Isak just laughs before shouting “oh my gosh your being ridiculous! It’s just hair It doesn’t even matter EVEEEEEN!” 

so then Even just thinks oh you want to fucking start this before smiling and nodding. Isak nods with pride thinking he’s won this fight befooooore Even says 

“You know what? You’re right, summer is coming up and it just gets so hot, I think i’ll go and get my hair cut with you.” 



Isak looks back up at him in horror “NEI!” he practically screams before he could rethink it. 

Even’s eyebrows shoot up smugly “what? no? But baby it’s just hair right?” 

Isak rolls his eyes and crosses his arms in defeat “Fine…fine no fucking hair cut. I hate you.” 

Even rolls over and pulls grumpy Isak closer to him, holding him against his chest. “You love me…” He runs his hand through Isak’s prince hair and kisses it before whispering in his ear “and I love your hair.” 

Isak smiles to himself and blushes. He would never tell Even but after hearing those words from the man of his life, Isak has never looked after his precious curls more.  

Divorce Pancakes


Lily Potter rifles through her aggressively overstocked spice cabinets, searching for items missing. 

*the door bursts open*

Lily: *calling from the kitchen* Hey, Sirius!

Lily: I’m in the kitchen.

Sirius: Where is the little prat anyway? Better get him down here *inhales, ready to shout upstairs*

Sirius: That’s pretty fuckin intense.

Lily: I’m feel like I am babysitting for two right now, and if you make it three, I will explode. 

Sirius: OK, ok, ok …If he’s not coming down, I suppose you’ll just have to fill in for him, then. C’mere, this’ll make you feel better–

Lily: Oi! Stop it, you’re on a mission, you twat. Take the stupid list. *winks*

Sirius: *clears his throat and affects a silly accent, imitating a muggle police chief, not unlike one from the television show Lily had shown him the summer after graduation*

Sirius dramatically, as Lily plays along: And very personal, of course… but as your supervisor…

Lily: I’m the good cop.

Sirius: ehhhhhhhhh—

Sirius: Vanilla…


Featuring my roommate @fancybrantze​ as Lily

((OOC: THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. First thread with my roommate and real-life Lily to my Sirius @fancybrantze. Soon to appear, her boyfriend and my best friend as my real-life Prongsie! Just don’t let there be any tragic deaths anytime soon. We can be their real-life equivalents in every aspect but that, because that sounds awful.))




It has been 10 episodes out of 12 already.

Majority of the volume was spent on developing JAUNE.

What majority of volume was NOT spent on?? Developing freaking Ruby. You know - the PROTAGONIST.  Who also happens to be the character who lost the most and suffered the most in Volume 3.

I thought the anger was obverblown during first chapters of this volume but now the show is just being silly.

“Oh Jaune is sad for Pyrrha”, “Oh Jaune got new armor”, “Oh Jaune is having banter”, “Oh Jaune is tired of losing people”, “Oh Jaune is grieving”, “Oh Jaune suffered so much”, “OH Jaune changed so much”, “Oh Jaune is angry at Qrow”.

And now when I finally get my hopes up for Ruby actually having SOME SORT OF MOMENT FOR HERSELF FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WHOLE FREAKING VOLUME, it suddenly goes “Oh Jaune is reassuring Ruby”

This is just silly now and Ruby deserves better.

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(gonna get married anon here again) Eeeee, thanks :3 It's really exciting because we've known each other since we were literally 8 years old, before realizing about 3.5 years ago that we were basically in love with each other, and she's the one that made me realize and accept that I'm panromantic and ace and has helped me be proud of it and being out and just. It's silly to be this excited since we HAVE talked about it before now but just. It's good to have something to look forward to I guess!

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Momiplier playing FNAF, oh my God. Such a brilliant woman! And Mark being so caring and making the game as accessible as possible for her, rather than getting frustrated like a lot of regular gamers would. Genuine joy between a mother and son bonding over a silly daft video game.

This is why I fell in love with Markiplier’s channel in the first place. Happiness and love and inclusiveness. Mark being passionate about games and reacting to scares and laughs and just being his regular dumb self with deceptively quite clever jokes.

Now I’m falling in love with the channel all over again. Thanks Mark for bringing me back to that happiness. I have to admit that I fell away for a while, but there’s a new love for what you do shining through your recent content. I’m glad I took a chance to start watching you again.

another group that doesn’t deserve the shit they get is kids in fandom. like leave ‘em alone. who cares if they ship the fnaf animatronics or own angry birds t-shirts or make silly minecraft videos on youtube. theyre kids. theyre just kids. they dont need to feel ashamed of themselves for enjoying something.

the blood of a giant. she slumbers under a mountain and as the rock crumbles she sighs in her sleep, pulling dirt closer like a living blanket, she breathes in earth like oxygen, safe, safe while she sleeps.

starlight. rivers of it, shifting liquid starlight drawn from the sky into my skin, there is starlight in these arteries, thick like glue, a shade of purple mixed from glitter paint and day old bruises.

salt water from the sea. yes my body ebbs and flows with the tide, and it stings like salt, like teeth sinking in against an open wound but salt is a natural antiseptic and as much as it hurts in the short term, in the long term this ocean is pure.

it may be easier to ask me what doesn’t. i carry more than the world with each heartbeat, from the earth to the sky to the seas; inside me is legion.  

l.s. | what flows through your veins? © 2017 

Straight White Boy Problem #968

This Girl literally just FRIENDZONED me through TEXT! I’m. Fucking. Done. How did we go from talking about all of our aspirations to you saying “thanks for being a good friend bc blahblahblah” Quick Question: Was it not obvious that I really liked you? From the study dates, to us talking about our grandparents, to me getting drunk with you and calling you silly names….What happened with all of that? I took you on a DATE too! I’m not saying you owe me….no…i’m not that entitled…I just want to know when things changed…because I invested six months with you, told you things about me that no one else knew…and now…I’m feeling hurt

Somewhere in the UK...

Moffat: What are you doing?

Gatiss(running around rearranging the lamps of his living room): Everyone hated tfp. Everyone.

Moffat: I know, im sorry, but we’ll figure it out, the next season will be better!

Gatiss(attaching his phone to a selfie stick): We don’t have to fix it! They already did (waves hand at open laptop), the tin hatters!

Moffat: ….what?

Gatiss: We don’t have time for silly questions. Just read it.

Moffat(skimming over the basic ideas quickly): Well, its completely mad, but I suppose we’ve done mad before.

Gatniss: It’s not maddness, its fucking brilliant. Now, call Ben and Martin, I have a camera ready (waving the selfie stick triumphantly), the lighting is perfect, we can still get some footage to the BBC by tomorrow morning and look like we planned on this. HURRY, steven!

Wow I can’t believe @therealjacksepticeye turns 14 million today. Congrats buddy!

In all seriousness though congrats! Whenever the channel hits a milestone you always say we should be congratulating each other instead of you, but we wouldn’t all be here if not for you, so I think some congratulations are in order. I feel like I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and the other 13,999,999+ of us just by being the wonderful ball of sunshine that you are, so my silly art will have to do.

Ok then. I was gonna wait until the channel actually hit 14 million to post this but its 4am here and I’m super tired (if you couldn’t tell by how sappy I’m getting) so I’m gonna post this now and go to sleep.



in the midst of their shameless worldwide Cinderella-esque PDA, Victuuri couple still managed to give their love & all out support to lil kitty tiger Yurio.. 

BUT! here’s the catch:

YUURI said it in RUSSIAN ( Давай! / Davai!
VICTOR opted for JAPANESE (がんぼぁぁ~!! / Ganbaa~!!)

why is that?? they could’ve just shouted it in ENGLISH since it’s the common language they use anyway. I have no idea, yet I feel there’s a significant reasoning behind it.

➤ Yuuri cheering in Russian, probably thought it would be more effective to connect with Yurio with his native language. If I were a Russian local attending the event, that small gesture of Yuuri’s will leave an impact on me & might even get a soft spot in my heart.

➤  and as for Victor….. the silly old man just wants to IMPRESS HIS COUNTRYMEN & THE WORLD THAT HE CAN NOW SPEAK NIHONGO!!  and since it’s his comeback at homecourt after all



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Whats the story behind flints eyepatch? Like who did he get it?

Flint’s a mess of a character. I designed him with an eyepatch for fun long ago and just…never thought of a reason, but couldn’t bring myself to ditch the silly eyepatch. There’s no story. He was probably drinking and got into some accident that even he doesn’t remember now. Woke up in the emergency with some nasty bandages and his eye gone and that’s just the way it goes. He’ll make up a new story himself about it each time. 

he’s a goofball character and there’s just never gonna be any solid reason about that eye.

even and isak are probably in bed together right now, even wants to get up to make breakfast but isak slings his arm around even’s waist and keeps pulling him back in, just one more kiss even, just one more cuddle, and even can’t resist isak when he’s sleepy and a little bit silly so he keeps on staying in, later and later. at one point they should probably really get up but neither one of them wants to break the spell of a Saturday morning where there aren’t any responsibilities or outside world, just each other. they’re awake enough to laugh and tease but sleepy enough to lapse into long silence where you can’t figure out if the other person is dreaming or just closing their eyes. it’s a good morning for them.


I got some bad news from the vet this Monday concerning one of my other than a few sketches from the weekend and a silly comic, not much too share for this update.

And..dunno. Ever since I read it somewhere in the almanac that Rodimus was originally going to be the, “jerk character” of the show, in place of Sentinel, part of me has just always wanted to see TFA Rodimus have his moment of being savage. He deserves it.
What better way for me to enjoy the thought of this than by throwing one of my favorite MTMTE Rodimus savage moments at another bot who rightfully would get that same speech..had TFA given Rodimus another episode.
Now featuring crappy gif form!

for some reason it really bugs me when people say it isn’t, so just so we’re clear: animorphs is a children’s series. it’s written expressly for children and preteens. it’s young adult lit at the most. it’s goofy and full of holes and ridiculous plot lines sometimes. yes there are dark and fucked up parts, but there are dark and fucked up parts in 98% of novels and series targeted to that age group. i mean, look at harry potter! those are meant to grow with the reader, but it’s still a kid’s series. it’s made for kids and kids read it and can handle the content and it’s good. you don’t have to say “these aren’t for kids!!! they’re SO MUCH BETTER and DARK and GRITTY!!!” to make people take you or the series you enjoy seriously.


My Bullet Journal Set Up

So some of you have asked me about my bullet journal (I’m looking at you, @munirastudies (and some anons - hi anons!)). Here it is: my set-up!

I previously did a post on my bullet journal at the very beginning of this studyblr, which can be found here. It’s just changed so much since then that I decided I’d post a new one!

- 1 - I’ve got a dotted Leuchtturm1917 A5 notebook in a really dark blue - which fits because I’m Ravenclaw. I was actually planning on painting the house crest on the front cover, but I never got to do it… but I think I’ll do it soon haha.

- 2 - When you look at my bullet journal you’ll see that I have some bright tags there. They really help me find stuff quicker (but they aren’t sticky enough so they often get loose.. I should change that). You can see my tag list in picture

- 3 - and it’s at the very end of the notebook. For those of you who don’t know this system yet, it’s really simple! You just decide how you want to tag that page, for example “books” as I did in mine, and go to the back of your notebook to write it down there. Then you choose a colour and put a strip of washi tape (or I use post it flags) on that page in the back and also on the page you want to tag so that the colours are in one line and you can see them from the outside (god I’m bad at explaining this but I can’t find the page that explained it to me, sorry!).

- 4 - On the first three pages there’s an index, and I use the first page for years and months, then the second page (which you can see in the picture) I use for anything else.

- 5 - Then there’s my key. I have a colour coding system, but I use some colours twice (which is really bad, I know) because there just weren’t enough colours! I have one colour for each subject, then also for other parts of my life like work, family and friends, uni in general and health (which is anything really: when I eat, doctor’s appointments, when I clean my flat etc). There’s also a key for my expenses which I rarely use anymore, and one for how long it took me to do a task which I also don’t use anymore.

- 6 - In this picture, and also the one before, you can see my yearly overview (which I am still so proud of because I thinks it’s really pretty). I only write down really important stuff in there, and things I’m looking forward to.

- 7 - Now we come to the more important stuff in my bullet journal. In this picture you can see my monthly overview. Here I write down everything that happens that particular month, like when I have to work, exams, family and friends stuff, and birthdays etc. I also have space for goals that I want to achieve that month, and an expenses table. This really helps me because often times I would just go shopping for books and stuff and spend so much money (which you can see hasn’t really improved much {{I spent 70€ on books last month?!}}). Now I can see how much I spend and what I should do better next month (like, I should definitely buy less books {{I actually spent more money on books this month and it’s not even halfway through but shush}}). On the next page there’s an example of a weekly overview. This one looks pretty much the same every week (at least the layout). Here are some more examples:

There’s always space for my weekly goals, then a food table where I write down everything I eat (which should make me more aware of what I eat and change my habits of eating - but it kind of doesn’t), underneath that there’s my habit tracker (and you can see I’m not very good at that either), and then there’s some kind of time tracker…? I don’t know what it’s called, I just thought I needed to know how I spend my time each day, like if there’s a lot of pink I’ve been doing a lot for myself (reading, watching movies, listening to music), if there’s lots of yellow I did a lot with friends and family, then there’s days where I was very creative and a lot of the time is purple - or if there’s lots of green (history) and red (English) I did a lot for uni. I really like this one (and I think I came up with it myself, but if someone has already claimed credit I give it all to you haha).

- 8 - Let’s just ignore the fact that this was one of my most unproductive weeks of all time (like, do you see how often I migrated tasks here?!). Just like my weekly overviews, my daily overviews look pretty much the same every week - at least the basic layout. I get bored of a certain layout about halfway through the week, so I try to come up with a new one every week. See how I got an arrow based layout in the orange overview, and kind of tree/nature based in the green one? What I always include is how much water I drink. I try to drink 12 glasses of water, which in my case is about 2,5 litres. Then there’s the basic to do list thing that bullet journals have. I include my colour code here as well, it just makes it easier for me to see what kind of things I have to do each day. Some more examples:

- 9 - I also have pages in my bullet journal that I use for lists, uni stuff, recs, organisation and personal stuff. In this picture you can see my “books to read” list. On the first example picture of the daily pages you can also see my wish list (which only has “money” on it - figures) and a pro/contra list about the two options I have for my stay abroad. Here are some more examples:

My saving goals page (which isn’t really done yet) and my schedule for this semester(which doesn’t have the hours on it):

and a “movies to watch” list (some spelling mistakes included):

- 10 - This last picture is my current spread. I saw this on tumblr and wanted to try it, but my colour code kind of destroys it. Maybe I’ll try it again some time without my colour code… Here’s another picture of the weekly overview:

Wow. This got a little out of hand! I hope you enjoy this :)

// I can’t believe i’ve just gotten to this but yes, i’m fine now! thank you for the kind words!
this was so fun to write, Saeran is my favorite because hes just so cute.


- The first time you nearly fall down a flight of stairs he almost screams because that was so terrifying. He thought you were going to get hurt, he’s glad he was there to catch you before anything bad could have happened.

- He fusses over you as you explain how you’re just.. naturally clumsy. But still, He’s worried. You need to be careful, he would hate for you to get hurt over something so silly.

- Holds your hand a lot more often while out and about, whenever you start to sway or trip over your own feet he grabs on tight and spins you around really fast to his chest so he catches you– Like a dance! Lots of people have commented on how romantic Zen is, But he’s really just trying to stop you from dying. MC. watch where you step.


- When he invites you over to his home, he notices you drop a lot of things. Your phone, the television remote, even almost dropping Elizabeth the 3rd. He swore he almost had a heart attack right then and there.

- Since he wants to know all there is to know about you, he’s curious if it’s a habit or not. Do you not have good grip? Is everything okay? He’s so genuine and concerned too, you can’t help but giggle before explaining you’re just.. very clumsy! You trip quite a lot, drop things. It’s just you.

- That makes him nervous. What if you tripped and hurt yourself? What if you dropped glass? He’d have to ask Assistant Kang about methods to dealing with ’ clumsiness. ’

- The only place you’re not allowed in his home is the balcony. He cant risk you falling off there. It makes him scared to even think about that.

- ”It’s for your own good, MC. ”


- He does pick up on it, I mean– When you two go for walks you’re always seeming to trip over rocks or even your own shoes..

- The first time you fell he sobbed through so many apologizes, he was so scared that you hurt yourself. You did a bit, just a scrape on your chin from the sidewalk; but he blamed himself for not being able to catch you in time. You just excuse the incident on your clumsiness, but he still feels guilty.

- From then on he likes to put his shoulder over yours or his arm around your waist, just to help your balance. And he loves some cuddles too, who doesn’t?


- The first time you nearly fall is when you and her are getting out of an elevator, visiting Yoosung at the office to drop off some files. You and her chat back and forth inside, but then you trip over the frame as soon as it opens. You would have fallen if she didn’t grab your arm too!

- Sadly.. she dropped the files. Everywhere. You apologize while helping her clean up, explaining that you’re always like this. She says it’s fine, really. Just a mistake!

- After that she always holds on tight to your arm, in an elevator especially. She has no idea how you’ve lasted this long without any serious injuries, Not believing how many times she’s had to save you from falling over.. Still, it makes her feel strong– like she’s protecting you.


- When you nearly fell down the stairs leading up to his office his agent reflexes kicked in, grabbing you quickly and pulling your body back before anything bad could happen. It scared him for a moment, obviously the stairs weren’t very steep but still! He’s glad you’re fine.

- He jokes about how God Seven-Zero-Seven advises you to learn common stair safety, mortal. Claiming he has a CD on the topic and all, 6 hours of a Stairs PSA. How lovely.

- He notices you do this a lot–Tripping over yourself. He doesn’t bring it up too often, but he does always hold your hand while going down stairs after that incident. He doesn’t want to take any chances!


- He’s blind, so he hangs onto you a lot. As long as you’re fine with it.. He likes to hold your hand while walking, so basically if you trip so will he. Ride or die to the max.

- It’s a bit shocking when you both hit the ground, but he’s good at laughing things like that off right away; as long as everyone’s okay. Plus after he lost most of his eyesight, he became rather clumsy too. Knocking over items, tripping on his own two feet. that’s kind of sad now that i think about it what the hell

- He’d just remind you to be more careful, he doesn’t want you to get hurt. Also prefers to walk a lot slower with you, it reduces the risk of tripping! He loves your clumsy little self, but doesn’t like the idea of you maybe hurting yourself because of it. Always reminds you to tie your shoe laces. Never leaves the house without saying so.


- Cat like reflexes. As soon as something falls out of your hand, bam. He’s there to catch it. You’re falling? He has your back don’t worry. He always has his hand wrapped around your waist anyways, so as soon as you start to fall he knows; Catching you before anything happens.

- He complains about how he’ll have to get you a suit made of bubble-wrap to keep you safe and sound, but he secretly loves it. Watching out for you, catching you before you fall.. It makes him feel– Important. And that’s a good feeling.

- Doctor Mode ™ comes out when he’s not there to catch you or you scrape something on your own. Bandages up your scrapes and bruises with little pink kitten bandaids. If you ask nicely, you might get a get well kiss on them too; But he always gets flustered after that happens. He’ll still do it though, even though he thinks it won’t make it feel better at all.. But you insist that it does– It helps a lot, and it always makes him smile.

“You’ve gotta clean the stone first.”

Excuse me, I know what I’m doing. I’m the one that almost became an engineer in this room.”

Cabbie/illegal tinker Mark and newspaper boy with a part-time job Jack. If you’ve seen the old steampunk sketch of these two I did a loooooong time ago, you know what I’m up to. 

I actually don’t even know if this is steampunk. this is more like neo-steampunk, or a bad mix of sci-fi and victorian fashion. 

Bonus process GIF, even though almost nothing have changed since the last one: 


It’s the hunt that will lead to Mary leaving but this is before the children and the bones when they’re in Kinko’s making FBI badges. Usually, Sam makes them but Mary was curious so Dean came too and now, they’ve all gotten a little silly and Dean has threatened to make Sam’s on pink paper and just declared himself (as ‘Roger Daltry’) to be far too good looking to be in law enforcement.

“It’s the green eyes,” Mary says and bats hers exaggeratedly at Sam and then laughs and accidentally snorts. It’s the snort that gets Sam. In his imagining of a mom, he never thought snorky noises. Dean’s all eye crinkles. People are looking at them which is not the point so they try to straighten up.

“Your eyes are hazel,” Mary says to Sam.

“Heterochromatic,” Dean says and Sam had no idea Dean even remembered. Mary looks at Dean and he shrugs. “He came home from biology all jazzed because his teacher told him his eyes were heterochromatic. Means ‘calico’.”

“Your eyes are calico?” Mary asks.

“Sort of,” Sam says. “They’re brown around the iris and blue everywhere else.”

“Let me see,” Mary says and stands on her tiptoes in Kinko’s looking in his eyes while he feels weird and let’s her look opening his eyes wide which makes him feel like he’s staring at her. He can’t believe Dean remembered that. He puts hazel on everything. They were doing simple genetics; Mendel and his peas, a blue eyes and brown and he asked his teacher about hazel. She looked at his eyes and the next class told him about heterochromatia and all the variations.

“Your eyes are gorgeous,” Mary says and smiles. “And you’ve got the shape of my grandmother’s eyes. She was Hungarian. Tatar eyes. Said they were a gift of the steppes.”

It’s a moment suspended in time, his mother looking at his eyes. Then she turns to Dean and says, “You got yours from the milkman.”

At the consternated look on his face she makes that funny snort sound again and covers her mouth with her hand.

My friend and I were texting and she randomly said, “Oh, it’s 11:11 P.M.” Now, I’m not silly or superstitious, but I think it’s fun to make 11:11 wishes. Call it romanticism, but I love to believe that some things are just beyond our control. Maybe only the stars and the universe and 11:11 wishes can control them. And every time I happen to realize it’s 11:11, I wish to miraculously get some things I’ve been wanting for a long time, or some event that I’ve been daydreaming about to happen, or just for everything in my life to be okay.

But today, without a second thought, I only wished for you to be happy.

I haven’t heard your voice in 5 days, and oh that’s a huge deal to me. You said you couldn’t reach me for 4 months, and oh that’s a huge deal to me.

The first day I didn’t talk to you I thought, “Damn, my day is incomplete.”
The second day I didn’t talk to you I thought, “I feel so empty.”
The third day I thought, “I miss you you so much”
The fourth day I thought, “Please just call me, I can’t live without you.”
But today? I just hope you’re doing okay. Okay, I can learn to live without you. I can learn to go about my way even though there’s that shadow of pain somewhere deep in my heart. We couldn’t live without each other for even a few hours, but now I’ll teach myself how to. My heart sinks every time I see your contact on my phone and I’ll miss the times your number was the last called, but I guess I can learn to block out the screaming in my head. Maybe I can even learn to block out your voice whispering in my head, “Darling, love you,” over and over again. I can do that.

But every night before I go to sleep I’ll still think of you and I’ll pray to the universe to give you a little happiness. I’m no longer selfish, love. All I want is for you to be peaceful, free, happy.

And, guess what? Once in a while, the stars align, and 11:11 wishes come true.



I believe that there’s no greater love thanks mine for you, and I believe that when wishes and prayers are made for someone else, they come true.