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So I was watching the episode Clique of We Bare Bears, and at the end, Chloe was thanking the bears for throwing her a party. She hugged both Grizz and Panda, but did a secret handshake with Ice Bear. Like, Ice Bear must not be comfortable with hugs and she respected that. It was brought to attention, it was just a thing. Which was freaking awesome, especially for kids learning that people have different boundaries. And it really speaks to me, because I’m not comfortable with hugs, and sometimes, even after I tell someone I don’t want a hug or to give one, they’ll force it on me. So it’s just awesome. Sorry, love this show.

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You torture me on purpose, don't you? Releasing yet another great story with a plot to kill for when I struggle to manage my time to read all the others you've written 😭😭 why must you write so awesomely??? 😭

im SORRY!!! just quit school and enjoy my fics instead ^.^

Zen finally gets his own cover as the runner up~! Sadly this couldnt be posted in time for Valentines day, but it’s still the month of love anyway! 


Aen Elle | Eyes

@blogthegreatrouge I know you only just posted stuff about this, but I just LOVE your idea for Babtqftim! It’s so unique and interwesting and exciting, and I absolutely LOVE your designs for Bendy and Boris and how you drew them!

Now, I may not know much about Bendy and The Ink Machine, but this is awesome, and I just HAD to draw Bendy! (Sorry this looks so bad, it was kind of rushed because I have to get off my laptop right about now ;w;)

Hope you like it! ^^

Babtqftim belongs to: @blogthegreatrouge

Art by me :3

yeah, i’ll always love you guys too :)


Happy Birthday Sooyoung

I know I’m late and I feel so bad :( but it’s better late than never right? well let’s get to the point… My beautiful Sooyoung thank you so much for being the human being that you are, I will always be thankful to you because you are my energy pill, my happiness, my strenght to don’t give up, my role model, my love, you are… you are my everything and you don’t know me in person, but you have done so many good things in me and you have no idea, thank you so much for being yourself. If someone ask me to pick a single thing I like about you I don’t think I’ll be able to answer that because I love every single part of you, oh my angel I can already feel  the tears in my eyes just by thinking about how perfectly imperfect you are… I can’t thank you enough for changing my life for good, thank you, thank you and a  thousand more times thank you :’) my angel I know I’m late but I know you had an amazing birthday surounded of people you love and that love you back, I wish you the best in this year and I also know this year is gonna be full of blessings and even more LOVE, Choi Sooyoung my multifacetic goddess I wish you a Happy Birthday and I hope all your wishes become true, I love you with all my heart and soul and that will never change, I love you Choi Sooyoung <3



Stiles and Scott’s reaction when they see how good you are at lacrosse.

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Kikumaru’s acrobatics through generations

Bonus: Honda Reo’s (8th) skills

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Your characters and artstyle are really awesome; I just had to draw them!!
((Sorry if fucky looks different everytime I draw him))

Reply//: ((-SCREAMS- OH LORD THESE ARE AWESOME. And no no it’s fiNE !! I really like the artstyle you have,it’s very pleasant to look at !! AAHHH THIS MADE MY DAY THANK YOU  ♥♥♥))


Hello my beans <3

So I’m going to give you some news.  But you have to promise you won’t be mad at me.  Promise? Okay.  Here goes. I’m taking a break from this blog.

Several life things as well as several Amber things are forcing me to take a step back for a while. And while leaving y’all is the last thing I want to do, it’s what’s necessary.  After this week, I will not be writing or posting for an indeterminate amount of time.  I will effectively be on “hiatus”.  (but I’m not abandoning! I will be back!)

A few questions that may have crossed your brain:

1.      But amber how long will you be gone?

Wow what a great question, peach! I’m not sure :/ At least for the next month.  May is going to be crazy, stressful, annoying, and honestly depressing.  I have to study for and take my finals, pack up my entire apartment, go on vacation, then move six hours away.  So I am going to be stressed.  Plus, it’s graduation month.  Amber should be graduating, if she’d had her shit together for college.  Amber did not have her shit together.  Amber is not graduating, so amber is depressed, and will be depressed for a while.

I’m not telling you guys this to fish for reassurance, btw.  I’m sharing because I genuinely care about you guys and want you to know why I won’t be around.  So after I’m moved and settled and school is out I will probably be back on.  We’ll have to see how it goes.

2.      Should we still tag you in stuff? Can we still talk to you?

Absolutely, my loves! However, I’ll not be checking this blog regularly.  If you want me to see something, tag my main blog, @darkchocolaterey .  I’ll still be on over there occasionally; it’s just writing and this blog I’ll be taking a break from.  (also if we’re mutuals feel free to ask for my snapchat or number or anything <3) Feel free to follow me and send me messages over there! I still love all of you and I’m honestly so grateful for you guys, and I still want to hear from you!

3.      What does this mean for your writing?

Well, it means I’m taking a break.  I love writing, and I especially love writing for you guys.  But lately it just hasn’t been right.  It’s hard to explain.  I think some time off will allow me to fix some things I need to fix without feeling like I’m letting you guys down. (or maybe I am.  pls forgive me <3)

But everything will be on hold, including WIP series (like they weren’t already lol) and the NSFW alphabets (I’m so sorry!)

Now I just want to emphasize again, this has nothing to do with you guys.  I love all of you.  All 904 of you.  Y’all are literally the best group of followers ever.  I get no hate, no discourse, nothing but positive, glowing vibes from all of you.  

(I promise when I get back we’re gonna celebrate that number in style, btw)

Please continue to be amazing, and please remember I love you guys, okay?  Amber is just in a bad headspace, and certain things on my end of this blog are exacerbating the headspace problems.  A little break should be just what the CMO ordered!  ;)

I’ll be leaving at the end of the week, and in the mean time I have a fic or two planned and one NSFW alphabet to go up.

I love you guys, from the bottom of my potato heart.

hugs and kisses, my loves.  Amber <3

Padme’s rainbow gown (“the lake dress”) sketch, for the lovely hannasedai’s birthday!! – thank you for your A+ life choices, this is also my favourite Padme dress & costume design ever tbh :D

actual Disney princess Queen Amidala (what with the Disney/Star Wars merge….)??