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jeremy: has had a keith cosplayer cradle him

jeremy: has had a keith cosplayer kiss his cheek

jeremy: has had a voice acting session with a fan who got to play keith’s part, and smiled when she said ‘so i’m your boyfriend :D’ before he responded with a nervous laugh and ‘i don’t know! are you?’

I… I really don’t even know where to start. I have not had time to move on from Monday’s episode, and now the “Monster Bash” came and … *Bang*
Both episodes are magnificient in their own way: Monday’s - poured oil into the fire of “Eclipsа’s daughter” theory… And the last one smashed my nerves, “cute-metr” and “inner theoristic” in the nines.
Ok, less words, more questions/theories to consider:
1) It turns out, that this whole “thing” with school, manners and “concealment of identity” happened due to the fact that Heinous (Meteora) had to hide her own “individuality” for a long time just to simply survive. You know, Mina don’t look like a person who will bother to put the criminal in jail… and also there is still Magic Commission, which quietly put the Eclipsa into crystal, because she fell in love with a monster. What would they do with the hybrid baby (who had no magic and no wand to protect herself)?
2) Also there is a possibility that the School - with its fortified walls, barbed wire, tower with the crystal that block teleportation and robot guards (by the way, they look very similar to baby dolls) - was created in order to protect HER from outside world, not only to keep the princesses inside.
3) I wonder if the Commission and Moon know about Meteora? And could it be that it’s not now, but once upon a time last/current MC first put Meteora into “the brainwashing machine”, in order to erase her identity completely? …‘cause I don’t really think Meteora could do that herself.
4) …And the name itself — Heinous. Could it became attached to her because mewnians/the Commission called her so, when she was little, and then she started to think that it was her real name?
5) What happened to her father?
6) (and perhaps most importantly) Does Eclipsa know that her daughter is alive? And what if she doesn’t know? What if she behaves quiet and calm, because she thinks she has nothing left - no husband, no daughter, and even her relatives have turned away from her? (And she makes a plan for revenge)

… too many questions, too few answers, BUT at least Meteora’s music mix is gorgeous)

Ok, but short thought on homophobia in Hawkins. It goes like this:

If the first openly gay couple in Hawkins was Steve and Billy, not a lot of people who would dare to be assholes about it. 

Just saying. If Will grows up and starts dating another boy, it would be pretty nice if people were still scared shitless after that one time Tommy poked Billy in the chest and called him a “fa-” which is probably as far as he got before waking up in the emergency room
Victoria’s Secret Announces Fashion Show Performers in Its First Statement from Shanghai
Victoria’s Secret has cast four musical performers to hit the stage in Shanghai, China, alongside some of the world’s most famous models

This year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is set to be bigger than ever before. And that’s why the lingerie giant has cast four musical performers to hit the stage in Shanghai, China, alongside some of the world’s most famous models.

We started booking our musical guests months ago when Harry Styles, international superstar, signed on,” Ed Razek, executive producer of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and chief creative officer at Victoria’s Secret, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive statement.

“Also appearing are Grammy award-winning artist Miguel, Tony award-winning star of Hamilton Leslie Odom Jr., and Chinese sensation Jane Zhang. We are incredibly thrilled to have them with us.”

three happy puppers🐶
a.k.a. i got real emotional realising that the girls are gonna miss him as much as we do and he them.

Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are finally released today! Which one are you picking up? Are you getting both? Well, whatever your choice, have anothet exciting adventure in Alola!

LEFT: Hana Sparrow Cosplay as Lunala
RIGHT: Jennerz Cosplay as Solgaleo

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sun is out, Gladio turning up at the CorNyx house with the Genji blade after the Gilgamesh trial. Maybe ranting at Cor about the impression he left on all the souls there &/or if he nicked his current sword Kotetsu(?) from the trail door after his fight

…I’ll give you one better, this is literally what happens when Gladio completes the Gilgamesh trial, in this verse.

Gladio walks out of the cave with a dazed, almost dumbfounded look on his face. The rest area is only a short walk away, and he finds himself walking towards it without really thinking about it.

Luna sees him first, jumping off the large crate she’d been sitting on and waving as she approaches, calling out his name. By the time his feet are stepping on the gravel of the parking lot, everyone else has come to find him. Gladio wheezes out a soft, awkward laugh and bows his head to allow Ignis to inspect the new scar across his forehead. He tries his best to answer the barrage of questions from Luna and Noct, aiming for reassuring but not quite making the mark. Ravus watches him curiously from a distance, but that’s Ravus at his friendliest, so Gladio doesn’t really mind.

It’s Prompto hanging back and staring at him weirdly that eventually snaps Gladio back into himself enough to ask.

“What?” He asks, swallowing hard as he realizes Prompto is staring at the sword in his hand, rather than him.

“…well, fucking hell,” Prompto says, burying his face in his hands. “Shit.”

“What?” Gladio insists, ignoring the mild scandalized looks whenever Prompto drops profanity like it’s going out of style. He’s heard him drop it in an entirely different context, too, and he knows the man can do much better than that. “Prom, you’re freaking me out.”

I’m freaking you out?” Prompto snorts, shaking his head. He raises a hand, light gathering to it, but it’s not a gun resting in his hand when the glimmer dies. “Dude.”

Gladio stares at the short sword in Prompto’s hand. It’s much shorter than the heavy, curved blade he’s holding, but the handle and the guard are identical. Prompto nods slowly, as the pieces of the puzzle fall into place and Gladio shudders.

“Fucking hell,” he says, hoarse, echoing Prompto’s words. “Shit, I didn’t think your dad could get any more goddamn badass than he is.”

Prompto laughs awkwardly.

“That’s Cor for you.”

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Name: Rain
Age: 19
Country: USA

I’ve recently come out of a bit of slump due to some failed romantic prospects, haha. I’m trying to focus more heavily on platonic relationships in my life and rengage a creative side of me that feels lost. I’ve always loved writing but unfortunately found little time to dedicate to it as nothing makes it a pressing task to do. If you can adore (so much as just appreciate) stupidly flowery language here and there, then we will get along fine (: I’m not a super cool cult follower of any particular novels or series, no fandom worshipping, nor even celebrity crushes (sorry if that’s terribly lame to sound so plain), but my valued hobbies are widely varied, so there’s no doubt we can find something to talk about! I’m hoping to build some long lasting friendships through this- but short lived exchanges can exist just as beautifully and necessarily 🌸

Preferences: Preferably anyone who is 18+ otherwise no preferences (:

This was my first time doing Character Design Challenge on Facebook and the theme was “burlesque dancers”.

I’ve made a pregnant burlesque dancer, because I wanted to find the perfect opposition to what burlesque represents. I was really interested in the idea of nudity that can be either pornographic or gracefull. In the idea of sacrum and profanum within a human body.


In 1943, the War Department and the War Relocation Authority (WRA) created a questionnaire to determine the loyal from the disloyal in the Japanese American internment camp. The questionnaire was controversial in many ways due to the fact it was questioning the loyalty of American citizens and also, the final two questions on the questionnaire created tension, confusion and anger due to their wording and implications. 

To explore the contents and  how the previous generation might have felt, we asked young Japanese Americans to take the questionnaire.