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Meteorite As Old As Earth Can Tell Us How Solar System Formed


A meteorite the size of a fist that came crashing onto a roof in the Netherlands earlier this year is as old as the Earth itself, Dutch scientists are saying. This means the meteorite could tell us a lot about how our planet and our solar system formed.

“We do not have rocks of this age on Earth,” geologist Leo Kriegsman said in a video from Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden. “We can learn from it what happened in the very beginning of the solar system: When you had sort of a stellar cloud that collapsed, when minerals started to form, when planetoids started to form for the very first time. So it gives us information on what happened at the very beginning when the Earth was formed.”

The space rock was filmed coming down in a streak through the air and then went through a roof in the Dutch village Broek in Waterland, which is near Amsterdam, on Jan. 11. According to Kriegsman, it is about 4.5 billion years old — around the same age as the Earth — and probably came loose from the asteroid belt, a ring of rocks between Mars and Jupiter.

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Meet the Interns: Kaytlin

Stuff I like: I like any and all things Disney, tiny houses on wheels, reading, Nashville hot chicken, writing, Pinterest, sketching, dancing while cleaning, the color maroon, sloths, contraptions that make organizing my life easier, traveling, the Enneagram, hot tea (preferably hibiscus blends), hiking, sleeping in frigid rooms with lots of blankets, poetry (especially by Erin Hanson), strange documentaries, remembering useless and seemingly unrelated information, candles, being dared to do things, dogs, little dogs, big dogs, macaroni and cheese, writing letters with flair pens, Breyer’s vanilla bean ice cream, my planner, bubble baths, Christmas and Halloween, cinnamon roasted almonds, fluffy cats named Gwitey, pizza with melty cheese and jalapenos, aquariums, museums, Dr. Pepper, popcorn, analyzing other people’s laughs, the beach, and road trips.

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Amy Santiago moment

I love Brooklyn 99 and today I was talking to my co-resident about studying and we both brought out our “good notebooks” which are full of our most neatly written and organized notes for when we study. Complete with table of contents and color coding. And in that moment I realized we were Amy Santiago.

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ID #15849

Name: Zayla
Age: 16
Country: USA

Hey, I’m mainly looking for a penpal just to make a new friend :) I’m a senior in high school (a grade ahead of what I’m supposed to be) but I don’t do much. I spend most of my time walking around outside, chilling/dancing to music, watching Netflix, or going out to places with close friends. I do struggle with a few mental health issues but i’ve been learning to grow past them. I am also pansexual, a feminist, and non-religious for those of you who care.

Preferences: I would probably prefer to talk to people 15-19, over email. Honestly i’ve never mailed anything in my life. Your race, religion, sexuality, etc doesn’t matter but please don’t be rude about it, if there’s a disagreement we can just state our sides and move on :)

ID #82218

Name: Sydney
Age: 13
Country: USA

Hi!!! I’m sydney, and I’m in the 8th grade :) I love art and music, and I’m just a really happy person (lol) one of my favorite places in the world is summer camp, and I would live there if I could! Some things that you should know about me are
-I am a femminist
-I am generally a nice person unless you hurt me or one of my friends
-I love reading and Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, and Maximum ride
-I talk a lot, and my ADD makes me talk SUPER SUPER fast!

Preferences: Someone around the age of 12-14 would be nice, and I would prefer a girl. I support LGBT, so if you don’t then go away :)


Happy Holiday! (Woman Holding Flowers) by The Paper Depository

<br><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br><b>Holiday:</b> International Workers' Day (May 1)

Artist: A. I. Schmidstein Published: 1963

ID #92438

Name: Sweta
Age: 18
Country: India

Hey there I’m a just eighteen girl looking for new friends. A huuuuugeeee Harry Potter fan and hopefully will start studying medical sciences this year. I listen to a lot of music- mostly pop music and I’m not really particular​ about artists, though I’m a bit partial to OneRepublic.
I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of having a penpal because it exposes us to people from different places, which don’t share our culture or traditions.

I speak only English, even though I did study french for eight years in school. I’m talkative and will probably write long letters about pretty much anything you want to talk about. I prefer to talk to people who are​ around my age group, but I don’t mind really.

Preferences: Ummm, just don’t be racist?💙 Or anti-homosexual?

In honor of my boyfriend (far right) starting tour for MCDC today, I will be sharing some audition advice that he has for anyone that wishes to audition for a drum corps.
“well, the audition isn’t hard if you do what they ask. as long as you prepare what they want you to, and you do your best, then you’re good. most corps will send out info about auditions and what’s required. not putting in effort isn’t something most corps are okay with, which is pretty understandable. the camps really decide whether or not you are going to be good for them. if you cant hold your horn and dont put an effort in to hold it, then they probably will not take you. follow directions is a must. they like to see how fast you can take in information and then be able to repeat and do it. if you’re good at that, then they probably want you. camps differ based on what corps it is, but they all have some similarities when it comes to basics.”