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A prompt? Shy Trini having feelings for Kim and Zack being the wingman

Thanks for the prompt!

Zack says he’s crazy - and he is - but Trini also says she’s crazy, but he can see that she isn’t. Trini is serious, more guarded than most of them, so he sees the way she tends to hide behind the mask of taking risks - of living on the edge - because if he’s being serious, he’s been there too. He likes Trini, likes how kind and strong she is at the same time, but he sees the shyness that lies underneath, and he guesses that’s why he’s seen her look at Kimberly with wounded puppy eyes. He may be crazy, but he wasn’t blind.

It’s why he takes it upon himself to help her. He thinks it’s a bad idea, something would surely come bite him in the ass later, but Trini was his friend, and he was determined to help her. He squares his shoulders as he makes his way over to where the yellow ranger sat on the steps.

“I think you need my help.” Zack says, his face catching his usual cockiness as he watches her open her eyes to look at him. He’s met with confusion and something a kin to indifference. It makes him clear his throats and stand just a little taller.

“With what?” Trini asks, her brows furrowing further.

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Why haven't you been posting finding Marley?

Because it takes an incredibly long time to create posts, and sadly real life has been kicking my butt latel 😢 so basically, I just haven’t had the time. It’s incredibly difficult to post everyday when each post takes between 3-6 hours to create 😊 I really am trying my best to post as often as I possibly can but at the end of the day, I’m a full time college student, with a job and responsibilies. Most of my free time is spent either working on my dissertation, my coursework, revising for my upcoming exams (which determine whether I’ll get into uni), and trying to spend at least a few hours a week with my boyfriend/friends/family; unfortunately, real life has to take priority. I apologise nonny! If it helps, I have a post coming up tonight and another tomorrow! 💓 

edit: i also have a pose pack coming out tonight! i forgot lol :)

Poly horror: when your boyfriend was scared of you leaving him for someone else due to you being poly, but then a few months later hints that he might consider leaving you for a monogamous girl “Oh yea I’ll just throw away 1.5 years of friendship and love for some chick I’ve known for a week”


Shuichi Saihara

-As he tried to peck your cheek shyly you ducked at the exact moment he was about to kiss you
-He freezes
-Did you not want to kiss? ..Does his breath smell bad? IS HE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!?
-Before he could finish these thoughts you kissed him on the cheek before laughing
-Now we wait for him to realize what just happened
-Realization hit like cold water
-He jumped in surprise grabbing his hat to cover the blush on his face failing miserably to contain it
-You laughed some more before taking his hand and telling him it was only a joke


-He tries to kiss you failing miserably
-How does he fail even worse?
-He falls to the ground luckily you were near a lake he’s just in the water!
-Wait he’s a robot
-…..Oh..Oh OH FUCK
-You run to get him taking him out of the water trying to save him but their’s too much water..Too much
-He lets out a final bleep before departing from this wo-
-Than you woke up
-Before banging your head on the wall and yelling on and on about how you almost had a heart-attack

Ouma Kokichi

-As Ouma tried to kiss you
-you suddenly moved away making him kiss thin air
-What the fuck?
-Did you just…. Prank him?
-He slowly looks at you a weird red glow coming out of his eyes [OH NO MONOKUMA] before grabbing your head and kissing you
-You couldn’t even move back because his grip was actually strong despite his small hands
-As he slowly let go he laughed leaving you alone to think about what just happened
-“The only one who gets to tease is obviously me~!”

Kaito Momota

-As your AWESOME boyfriend tried to kiss you he suddenly felt..Nothing?
-He takes a moment to realize that you leapt out of the way
-Why though
-“S/O what was that for??!”
-You laugh
-wait wHAT?
-He kisses you

Amami Rantarou

-As he tries to kiss his beloved girlfriend you suddenly move out of the way
-He laughes saying how evil you are before patting your head
-“Very funny…”
-Aha…Just wait though
-Next time…
-When he tries to kiss you next time
-You’ll be sorry and you’ll be very..veryyyyyyyyy sor-
-Mod Kaede than kicks you to Shinguuji’s imagine where there is no sin
-[You naughty little perfect,People… No]
-[Mod Kaede No]

Korekiyo Shinguuji

-Kissing..A thing that only happens once every full moon…Almost literally
[Are you sure about this?]
He will lose the courage to kiss you and all you’ll have left is… Cuddling and weird awkward talking
Of course cuddling!! That’s AWSOME but…
You’ll…You’ll regret this

-Now if you said yes here’s the imagine
-As he tries to kiss you,You move over regretting it immediately
-He says it with no time in his voice he seems to be angered
-You do as he says
-As you leave you regret every mistake you’ve ever made
-[You’ve fucked up]
-[Try again?]

Gokuhara Gonta

-As Gonta Tries to kiss his beloved s/o you suddenly move over smiling a bit to yourself
-..What? Is Gonta not getting something?
-“S/O why did you move? Gonta’s confused…”
-You see how sad he is
-You instantly regret your mistake as you hug the gentle giant whispering how it’s okay and it was only a joke
-You never do it again

Ryouma Hoshi

-How is he even? Wow that makes this worse
-As he somehow manages to reach your height he tries to kiss you as you move away
-…Well goodbye well needed self confidence
-He freezes a second while looking at your smiling face
-Before leaving the room
-“Wait Hoshi what are yo-?”
-“Leaving goodbye,good day,This never happened”
-“Wait H-Hosh-!”
-He leaves
-The next day you ask what was wrong but all he replies with is
-“What? yesterday nothing happened”
-“Wait bu-”
-“Nothing..HAPPENED right?”

tumblr is the worst fucking platform bc im basically always on mobile and 90% of the time this piece of fuck website doesn’t let me see about/links on a blog so long story short i realize after arguing w someone that they’re a literal child and despite looking all over for their age i still feel awful bc i shoulda just Let it Go