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First Listen: Bob Dylan, 'Triplicate'
The Nobel Award winner digs into the Great American Songbook for a third time. Stream a selection of songs from the three-disc set.

Bob Dylan is evidently not finished with his (grand, now exhaustive) inquiry into the Great American Songbook.

The 2016 winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, who was hailed by the Swedish Academy for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition,” is releasing a three-disc mega-dose from the pre-rock era of that tradition on March 31.


Night of the Hunter - 30 STM
This performance is awesome!! 😍😍

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I really like the instrumental music in the background of Harry's advert. I wonder if it was just music he thought fit or if it's the instrumental version of a song he has written. Either way, it's great.

I really like it too! I’m curious to see. I also wish a non-ugly blog would post the audio of it so I could actually reblog it. If anyone knows of any else who posted the audio of it independent of the video, please lemme know.

list of doctor sung quotes i can’t stop thinking about

  • “lord phobos is amphibious, he can write with both hands.”
  • “if you are allergic to the look or the smell of the color green, do not go outside. i repeat, do not go outside.”
  • “scientists discovered this morning that time crystals exist. we have a song called time crystal. its great”

like what do monsta x not have????? they have the most breathtaking visuals, one of the best rap lines (who btw also self compose and write most of the songs on their albums), a better than great vocal line (in fact hyorin herself said that kihyun was one of the best vocals at starship and wonho and shownu are no less) and you don’t even have to ask about their dancing abilities they literally have no hole in any aspect i just don’t understand why people walk over them, they’re also the perfect bridge between second and third gen sounding music and they just.. they have it all i am so frustrated they deserve so much better


“Someone’s confession on here said that ANGERME doesn’t have any great songs (something like that). Honestly, I think that Taiki Bansei is a great song. The most iconic thing about that song is Murotan’s high note and the triad group dance at the end with Meimi showing off her power house dance skills.”

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what if he actually likes their music 🤔

im sure he does its impossible not to like it .. but tell me why my boy worked so hard to cover one of his (not too great) songs n he couldnt even bother googlin how to spell him name when he thanked him 🙅 charles puthy needs to stay away ❌❌❌

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I love the episode Giant Woman so much and I'm glad you like it too! It has the show's first real full-length song and it introduces the concept of fusion which is The Best Thing!

The episode was indeed amazing! You have a good reason to like it.

The song was very cute and i enjoyed the heck out of it, i already memorized the lyrics from listening to it so much holy shit. I hope to see more great songs like this one.

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i love the tmbg fanart you did

Ahh, gOLLY! I’m so happy you like it!!! Wowzers!!! TMBG is super awesome!! I’ve been listening to more of their songs recently, and they got some great tunes! 

Here, have a little scribble of the John’s looking at each other’s instruments!! Thank you for leaving a kind message in my inbox, you nice person you! 

( My apologies for the late response as well! Testing/Exams at school kept me busier than a bee this week! ^^; )

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I love the gorillaz so much I was like freaking outttt! they've only released 4 songs atm but they're all really great especially We Got The Power and Ascension

That’s so weird that they only released four songs


VAST - Pretty When You Cry

Such a great song and video.