these are good games

A commission for @namidragons for their Eagle’s Heir MC, Hector!! I’m so glad that I got to draw them, I especially enjoyed working on the lineart *_* Thank you!

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the lovely, beautiful, amazing, kind, and big sweetheart @daddysteven tagged me to list 10 songs i’m ‘vibing’ to and then tag 10 people! 

viva la vida // coldplay

my demons // starset

the kids aren’t alright // fall out boy

monster // starset

something just like this // the chainsmokers & coldplay

somewhere only we know // keane

all time low // jon bellion

how to save a life // the frey

new york new york // frank sinatra 

the force theme // john williams

honestly my least favorite question to be asked is ‘what’s you’re favorite song’ but here we are lmao

now i tag: @gaybuchanan, @birogers, @daisyridlay, @almightybarnes, @hlalsey, @buckysbumpkin, @kokoiki, @majorbucky, and @bravobarnes

anonymous asked:

playlist: out of context kaelin

message me a made up title of a mixtape/playlist and i have to pick 5 to 10 songs i think would go on it

say “playlist: title” in ur ask so i know what its for

anon, i fuckin love you…

  1. Fuck A Dog by blink-182
  2. Kathie Lee + Hoda by Pkew Pkew Pkew
  3. Revenge of the SpiderBees by Prince Daddy & the Hyena
  4. Rotten Apple by Screaming Females
  5. Tibetan Pop Stars by Hop Along

Kingdoms of Amalur is that one game I’ve played a billion times (that I bought for both Xbox and PC) and never finished.
One day it’ll happen, just probably not today. 

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