these are girly things

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i was assigned female at birth, and as a child i did very "girly" things, and up until a couple years ago i was very comfortable with being female. but for the past couple of years i've been feeling less and less feminine. now i think that i'm non binary, but i don't know how i can be when i used to be so comfortable with being a girl. could you please help me figure this all out?

being feminine does not mean that you are a girl. I’m an extremely feminine trans guy and i’m still 100% a guy. you gender is who you’re comfortable with being on the inside and your gender expression has to do with how fem/masc you present. You can be a feminine aligned nonbinary person or visa versa. Also your expression can change over time as you become more comfortable with new things. hope this helped.


His hair.
His clothes.
His smell.
His eyes.
His jaw.
His posture.
His mysteriousness.
His quietness.
His loudness.
His competitiveness.
His loyalty.
His dreams.
His goals.
His hands.
His love.
His grasp.
His anger.
His tears.
His smile.
His laugh.
His jokes.
His walk.
His run.
His point of view.
His opinions.
His morals.
His weirdness.
His smartness.
His stubbornness.
His surprises.
His family.
His heart.
His soul.
Every aspect of him, I love.