these are getting more and more lazy

hiccupbuddies replied to your post: “I am mesmerized by Jen’s new add. She looks fabulous and I’m so proud…”:

I hope you saw how his mom tagged #thg #peeta #peetamellark on her last instagram post for ape, I am not sure if I should laugh or get angry.

Oh I saw and had a good chuckle about that. Seems a bit hypocritical, but Momma’s gotta try to make some money off this project so they can continue to party, gamble, and take lavish trips. 

Art Freebie Masterpost!

Free art. Everyone likes a bit of free art right? Right? If you’re seeing this post & nodding, then good for you, you’re in the right place! See, every now and then (okay, more now than then, I like drawing =P) I like to randomly draw pencil portraits for people of their lovely OCs, like these;

Look okay, don’t they? (please don’t say no, I have fragile feelies sometimes XD) If you’re still with me and haven’t wandered off to get a snack during this long post, (thanks ;) and are wondering how to get yourself a fancy doodle of your OC, then wonder no more.

So here’s the deal. I can be lazy. I want to draw art but that means hunting down pretty chars. You enable my laziness, I give you free art, it’s a wonderful symbiotic relationship.

So to help me (give you a free thing XD) , simply reply to OR reblog this post with the tag (or tags) that I can use to search in your blog for references of your character/s - I am opening this to Dragon Age, SWTOR & Mass Effect chars ONLY currently (that may expand).

There must be at least one decent reference in there (ie: good sized, and not terribly lit, can’t drawn what I can’t see ^_~)

You can suggest one char or many - however that’s all you can do, I’m not taking clothing requests or any specifics, these are freebies after all ^_~

And that’s about it! I’m going to leave this open ended as I plan on returning to it throughout the year (please note that I won’t be going through requests chronologically, I draw the things that inspire me in the moment, so please don’t think you’ve been missed or skipped)

*clears throat* 

I’ve lost count of how many of these posts I’ve made, but I swear this is the last time ( I hope ). I set up an rp thread tracker to make sure my lazy ass gets in gear, and I’m shamelessly copying @deusmodum in which I reply to 2-3 things on each blog, per day, and queue them, so at least there’s some sort of semi-constant activity on my page. The hope is that once I get myself into a semi-consistent schedule, I can actually start and keep up interactions with more people because I really really want to write with more people, and need to get my ass into gear. 

Not an excuse, but I’ve been having major anxiety over law school applications and such, but got my first acceptance letter yesterday so that is a HUGE load off of my shoulders, knowing that at least one school wants me, you feel? Anywho, gonna try to start this new schedule today and hopefully within a week or so, I’ll have whittled down things enough so I can start new threads and interactions. 

Also a not so subtle reminder that I’m also over on @shutteredsouls which is my multimuse and slowly working on fixing that up as well. I’m slower than molasses in January, but I promise, I’m not going anywhere. That said, if any of my partners want to drop threads that I’ve been super behind on, that’s perfectly okay and I understand. Just let me know so I can update my tracker. 

when millennials were first heading into high school and college there was a huge trend in news stories about how stressed out our kids are, how their backs are getting messed up from carrying so many books, how they’re sleeping less and doing more school work, and how we should do more to help our kids have the childhoods we had because our kids are falling apart from stress and being forced to be more productive than kids should be. but then once millennials started hitting the workforce all the news was about how millennials are lazy and narcissistic and entitled lmao you were real concerned about us until you found out a 23 year old is more qualified to do your job than you

“Yeah, me neither.”

The SEP is rough and it sucks, but it’s not so bad when your smol friend is there to help you every time you need to vom.

i kind of really love how comparitively mediocre yuri is?

like hes going for THE big deal skating competition after having completely messed up the year before. and yeah, he does really awesome and still makes it into finals, but like, you KNOW most sports anime would have had him magically be placing first in each competition

but instead, he just barely squeaks through to finals. the people he’s against are GOOD, and definitely worthy of being there. instead of going the lazy route and having yuri suddenly become the best of the best after only a few months of training with victor, he’s simply noticeably better than he was the previous season. and in the context of the show, thats FANTASTIC. so what he didnt get first? he’s still WAY better than before, and the other skaters take him more seriously now.

tbh thats both way more realistic and a way healthier way to be depicting a sport like this. it doesnt matter as much if youre #1, it just matters if you improve

new year's resolutions

- be more confident
- go out more/be more social
- make some new friends
- get out of my comfort zone often
- meditate frequent
- figure out what to study at uni
- live in the moment
- express my love to friends/family
- gradually start to be less lazy
- stress less
- appreciate the little things
- say I love you to myself every now and then
- always follow my instinct, don’t rely on what others say, believe in what you think is right
- take a better care of my body and be comfortable with it
- say thanks for this or that instead of sorry
- get most things in this list actually done

here’s to 2017 x

everything you think of
will become all of me
look at me and be my lady
you’re my twenties~
– 20, seventeen

If language can’t express everything, why do we bother?
Poetry makes no sense but we keep reading. My favourite color is blue. I painted my room blue once and things made sense for awhile. My thoughts are dim and blue and I think I’m my own foil. I wanted to be something worth loving, a color worth looking at. I wanted to live and be more than a shadow that paid attention to peoples fake smiles and melancholy that lied between each laughter. My thoughts are scattered, yes yes I get lost in my head a lot. I’ve always felt off. I ache for something more than this ordinary life but I’m too lazy to go search for my Great perhaps. what a joke. Maybe you’re like me. I’m still searching for myself. Some nights I dream about the universe and how we came to be. I’ve seen love crash and burn. I’ve seen who I am and I’m still lost.
I can feel my breathing and heartbeat, slow but steady, sun and moon.
I’m falling deeper into a sky that isn’t designed for swimming.
Maybe life doesn’t make much sense now.
Some day we’ll forget about who we are today, some day we’ll change forever. Some day you’ll understand the why.
—  Vivian M
Humans are Weird - Culture

Okay so I absolutely LOOOVE the Humans are weird/space orcs conversation going around (I just reblogged a bunch of them). Anyway, it got me thinking. In MOST science fiction, every alien encountered that is intelligent enough to have a culture, has one culture throughout the entire species. What if it wasn’t just lazy writing, but that Humans are totally unique in that. Not only do we have many different cultures, but the complexity increases every time you get mixtures of them because of people living in different places or being born into mixed families etc. It would confuse the FUCK out of aliens the moment they encounter more and more Humans and NONE of them have ANY consistency. 

Alien: *makes the two-finger peace sign*

Human: Woah, hey can you not do that, please?

Alien: Do what?

Human: That hand sign. It’s very rude.

Alien: But… that other Human said it meant peace. 

Human: Oh, for them it might be, but not for us.

Alien: I don’t understand. 

Human: Where I come from, that sign is rude. It might be fine for where that other Human came from so they probably thought nothing of it. 

Alien: But… you come from the same place?

Human: Yes and no. We both come from Earth, but from two very different parts of Earth. We do things differently. Sometimes it feels like we’re just as alien to each other as you are to me.

Alien: Wait, there are two groups of Humans who just do things completely different ways for no reason at all.

Human: Ah, no mate. We’ve got HUNDREDS of different groups. 

Alien: ???