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*wahs romantically*(more like platonically but still) you make my world go /wah/round(͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

*gets down on one knee*

ams imma need you to marry me platonically like right now, sorry i dont make the rules ~Admin 404

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KJ has really shown his dumb side at Comic Con. I've already seen at least 3 occasions where he completely misunderstands a question and gives an idiotic response. He's such a simple boy, exactly like his character! Oh and the cast basically all confirmed how much of a diva Cami is! They all said she's always late to set or anywhere they go, sometimes an hour and a half late! And she never answers her phone. They actually seemed a little annoyed when they said it too.

Oh yeah, saw that interview (which was otherwise pretty dull). Loved her entitled response, “well if you know I’m gonna be late, just tell me an earlier time, so I won’t be late”. Because, of course, the concept of “maybe you should just try not be an asshole and the world doesn’t revolve around you” is lost on her.

Also saw that she tried (lamely) to get back Cole (who made his distaste of this quite overt)—and that everyone but Lili is just a bit jealous of both BH and Cole….

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Hi! I saw your cry for help to Mark on my dash and looked at the trouble you've been getting... Judging by the lame insults they're throwing, these people are about 14. If they are any older, then pity their parents for bringing up such linguistically handicapped people. I think your responses are great. Don't back down because these people are not important, in fact they are the true scum of the earth, too bitter to just accept what other people love to do.

I thought the same thing, until one of the blogs says their 21…hot damn!

They will not drag me down. At all. We can stand strong together.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing 

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I dont want jon and dany together, and btw I am not a Jonsa fan. I just want the starks to be happy, thats the most important thing. And I really want Jon to achieve something or get something in the end. Him dieing again would be so lame, he freaking died already. I rather want Dany to die then if I have to chose. I have got the impression that lots of Jonerys fans are basically Dany fans who just want her to get everything, the throne, the power and the main guy; I just hate Danys arrogance.

Well Anon, then I don’t know why you’re messaging me, jonsaforlife, then. 

Obviously, I ship Jonsa for a multitude of reasons but I shall not burden you with it since you won’t be interested but I can agree with you that I do want the Starks to be happy. After all the shit they have been through, especially the Stark kids, good God, grant them all the desires of their hearts, please! 

And regarding Jon dying again, well it would not make any sense because he’s the obvious protagonist and hero in ASOIAF so his resurrection means something quite grand. Hell, it made Melisandre a believer and boosted her self- esteem didn’t it? So no, Jon would not die, not in this season perhaps not in the final season but then again who the fuck knows - it’s Game of Thrones ffs. Any shit can happen and shit happens a fuck lot on this show. So we really shouldn’t be take too much into it.

Re Danita, I don’t hate her neither am I a fan because I’m more of a Sansa stans myself, only because I can relate so much to Sansa than with Danita. I can’t relate to Danita on any level whatsoever because her vision is so narrow in terms of “GET THE MOTHERFUCKIN THRONE! IT’S MINE! I WAS BORN TO RULE THE SEVEN KINGDOMS! LOOK AT THESE DRAGONS! MINE! MINE!” 

It gets kind of boring and honestly I kind of lost interest in her arc since season 3 I guess. The writers dragged her storyline so far up to god knows where that I don’t even care if she lives or die - which brings to one thing, that I believe in the upcoming episodes maybe this season or the next, that she probably won’t survive. Cersei and her. Very worrying prophecies that have their heads marked already so don’t expect Danita to sit on the IT. So far, that’s as much as my tinfoil goes, no hate here- it’s just based on what I read and what I saw on the show. 

And omfg, DO NOT get me started on J0n’ry$ fans - I’ve only met so far only perhaps one who was cool and didn’t antagonize the Jonsa shippers. She was like ‘hey cool man, ship and let ship.’ But the rest, OMG - goblins and trolls i tell you. If you hate D@ny then and from your tone, it seems that you’ve had your fair share of experience in dealing with these monsters. They literally stalk the Jonsa tags on tumblr and shame/call names on Jonsa shippers, who some of them just happen to be friends of mine. And NOOO I am extremely ANTI J0N’RY$ because their characters could not be any more different. Jon does not need another struggle, he has had enough, LET HIM LIVE IN PEACE DAMMIT!

And plus now we know they’re related. So very much related since the T@rgs are related in so many ways with all that inbreeding and incest. So I am kind of glad that our Jon has a lot of Stark in him and since he is probably The Prince That Was Promised, he’s here to stay.

And to quote Highlander:

“There can be only one.”

So yeah, sorry D@ny girl, you gotta go. Time’s up honey.

me talking abt my “plans for the future”:


me talking about my lame interests that will get me nowhere in life:


Expectations vs Reality
  • Kpop fanfic: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend naked on your bed with another girl, cheating on you.
  • Reality: you couldn't believe your eyes, your own boyfriend sitting shirtless on your bed eating kfc all alone behind your back.