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Last night my mom told me how my kindergarten teacher once called her and told her that during story time or w/e I’d go around and it in people’s laps or lay my head down on people regardless of gender or anything (this was brought up cause my mom was talking to me about me being bi)
I was like the class pet. And she told my mom to teach me about boundaries and my mom was like why? And then my mom told me “that’s when I knew you’d always march to the beat of your own drum”
And I was like no she’s right you probably should have taught me about boundaries.
She then reminded me one time in pre school for show and tell all I did was bring in a cup of orange juice and drink it in front of everyone

So today I was telling my mum about all the people I ship (Reylo, Bughead, hecky, captain swan, mondler, and more), and she randomly asks me:

“Have you seen the movie ‘Clueless’?”

“Yeah, why do you ask?” I replied cautiously.

“You remind me of Cher Horowitz, cause you’re like a matchmaker. You’re just pairing everyone up. Except these are all fictional characters.”

And in that moment, a wave of realisation hit me, and I realised just how right she was. I’m like the matchmaker of all fictional characters!

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Why is your hyuk tag now #gnocchi tho 😂😂

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1. the pronunciation sounds p much like hyukkie but nyukkie which god bless bc one of my pet peeves is when people pronounce hyuk like ‘hyook’ nO ITS HYUK LIKE GNOCCHI
  2. some kstarlight twitter accs’ nickname for him is 녘 which is …nyuk
  3. gnocchi is made of POTATO (mr 감자코…. potato nose)

Girl Genius Liveblog #123

UPDATE 123: Ix-nay on the Ead-day

I’m a bit busy today, so this will be a short update.

Last time Agatha, Tarvek and Gil had started the Si Vales Valeo procedure. So far, Tarvek and Agatha got shocked. Tarvek is dying, and Agatha isn’t yet, but since Tarvek is now dead I guess that means thing were going okay. Then again…Lucrezia just took over Agatha. So far that isn’t much of a problem. She was going to get shocked right now, so let’s get that going!

Zap! Agatha’s body turns into a psychedelic hallucination, which is an important step to get Tarvek revived, I suppose. I don’t think this happened to Tarvek? The point is that this vital part of the process is starting, and Violetta and the other spark have their hands full. Where are you, Moloch? He’s playing with the thing in the pit – until it proves to be too scary. Yeah, keeping Tarvek alive is a bit more important right now, I bet that’s what Agatha would say.

Quick, shock Tarvek back to life as if this was some huge defibrillator. And it works!

Oh, it did work alright. Tarvek looks amazingly healthy here! And…deranged for a moment, but I’m sure that was temporal. Anyways, what got out of the pit that has Moloch and Tarvek staring in surprise?

Okay, that sure is something! What’s this that’s in the bottom of the Castle? I don’t know exactly why, but it looks kinda familiar to me, like I have seen it before. No idea what it is, but…yeah, feels familiar. What did you do to this clank, Lucrezia? Because it looks pissed off, that’s for sure.

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