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do you realize that them making fun of jungkook tan is because he only get tanned in the mouth not his full face and they were complaining about someone whitened the picture in the shirt, so basically it wasnt funny anymore bc is just looks like a normal pic, they're not saying that getting a tan it looks grubby or being colorist, y'all so butthurt about everything

tbh i havent watched the video but if thats the case, then good. im glad. but also, how bout u watch ur fucking tone.

im trying to educate others on the issues of colourism and all u can do is tell me im ‘butthurt about everything’?

lmao this is a serious issue i care about and im trying to spread some knowledge 

there is this girl at my school who does youtube videos with her bf and i gossiped and made fun of her and today she was like “next time you make fun of me just do it in front of me ;D” and now im gonna bully her so hard tbh i fucking hate retarded girls like her… she is ugly too

i was gonna do a long post but im tired & sad today so this will be short. on the occasion of american thanksgiving i would like to give thanks to the following people for making this hellsite tolerable & u know. occasionally fun. some of you i’ve known for years, and others only recently, but you all mean a lot to me and i am always wishing the best for you. thank you so much for making & posting good content and good opinions tbh you’re all incredible and i love you and i’d be lost without you. if ur ever in toronto hmu and i’ll buy u a coffee. ok alright ill shut up now,, this one goes out to…..

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Girl stop posting cute stuff about Twice I'm so close to start stanning them but I also don't want my life to become non existent 💀💀

But stanning them is so much fun!!! Tbh those girls made me laugh so many times in the past few weeks, they managed to make me forget about all my day to day problems. They just make you happy, that’s it, there’s no drama, they are all fucking sweethearts and crazy goofs, I think Camila would fit right in there 😂  And they all support each other so much it’s amazing. But I’ll be honest, the second you’re hooked you’ll be spending any free time you get binge watching Twice videos without ever wanting to stop, cause those girls are fucking addictive! And I have yet to mention all the gay, all the time, everywhere, between everyone.

So even though it might indeed take over your life, lord knows it took over mine, it will be an amazing takeover, the kind you won’t regret for a second cause it makes you have a smile plastered on your face for several hours each day 😊 

Me and @thequeenofnationalcity have some interesting convos. This morning, their most recent, brilliant idea, is that Kara’s arousal has restorative properties. Which makes total sense if you think about aphids who consume sap and excrete excess sugar in an almost nectar-like liquid (which some species of ants farm btw, fun fact).

So yes, when Kara hasn’t been fighting aliens non-stop and she’s got extra solar power that her cells can’t use, she gets increasingly horny and giving her oral is not only mentally good for you, but physically as well (especially in vitamin D and it’s v good for one’s skin).

This has been a PSA, have a great day.


gif request meme: blindspot-fanatic asked → favorite brotp + captain america
Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes.

“You couldn’t have done that earlier?”
“I hate you.”


The KTD. Magazine : Meet the most notorious criminals in Ketterdam