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People who compare John’s freckles to the stars are the best kind of people

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I just started reading the Raven Boys book and I keep mixing up the boys' names and personality traits. Could you give me a non-spoilery description of Ronan, Gansey, Adam, and Noah? Ronan is the only one I can identify on the book cover bc he's bald

omg yeh! i hope you’re liking them so far!! i rly love em hah. when i first read em it took a bit to get used to them, but once you fall in love its easy ♥

ronan is my fav. you can tell hes talking because he cusses and hes angry/passionate. you can tell gansey is talking because hes polite, articulated to the point of sounding smug about it, and hes usually talking about the ley line. adam speaks politely as well, but he speaks politely like hes afraid to be anything but. noah is a little mouse whos not quite there.


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howdy everyone, i make doggy bandanas now! i’ll be making a more official sales post now, but if you’re interested in getting a fancy cute fall bandana for your dog(s), hit me right up. i make them in small, medium, and large (i’ll post actual neck measurements in the official sales post, but pixel is wearing a medium in this pic). 

if sales go well then i’ll set up an etsy shop, and i’d love to have a few dogblr pups as my photo models! ;^) 

Wendy upgraded her halloween skills by adding in her girlfriend this year. and yes, she’s probably standing on a box right now. 

illu’s lgbtq week day 1 - Chendy