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Title: Arguments & Ice Cream

Tom and Y/N are arguing a lot since he doesn’t have enough time for her. Therfore she spends more and more time with Harrison, much to Tom’s dislike.

Words: ~ 1800

Mentions of Sex


I sat on the couch zapping through the channels and letting out a sigh. Grabbing the TV paper, I let myself fall back against the backrest before checking the program. “Tom?”, I called out for my boyfriend but I got no response. “Tom, which movie do you want to watch tonight?”

Still getting no response, I stood up and entered our bedroom. “Tom, where are you?”, my voice was loud, probably loud enough for our neighbours to hear.
“I’m here, darling!”, I heard his voice and turned around, heading for the bathroom. His head popped out of the door frame, his eyes curiously looking at me.

“What’s the matter?”, he wanted to know before I entered the bathroom. And then came the moment I realised he wasn’t wearing a shirt.
There was a moment of silence and a grin on his face while my eyes swiftly gazed over his abs-covered abdomen and I leaned against the door frame.
“Um, I just… eh, I wanted to know which movie we’re going to watch tonight?”, I asked him before my eyes nervously met his. I hated it when I got flustered around him. It’s just that I didn’t expect him to be shirtless!

“I told you I can’t tonight.”, the brunet boy sighed, the smile vanishing from his face.
“What? But it’s movie night…”, I pouted, knowing that he couldn’t resist my puppy face. “I know, I know…”, he breathed, his gaze going to the ground.
“And you didn’t tell me.”, I grumbled before I crossed my arms in front of my chest.
“Yes, I did! I got this thing tonight. It’s nothing big but…”, he began before I finished his sentence with an annoyed tone in my voice, “more important than movie night. I get it.”

I lightly pushed myself from the door frame, ready to think about another lonely evening but Tom stood in front of me, grabbing my wrists and placing my hands on his sides before wrapping his arms around me.
The look in his brown eyes was as soft as his hot skin and a few strands fell on his forehead before he spoke up, “I’m gonna take a shower. And I think you should join me.”
An annoyed scoff escaped my lips before his lips collided with mine in a passionate kiss which I couldn’t help but return. I was mad at him! But resisting him was simply impossible…
His lips quickly wandered to my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin and my face blushed while my body slowly melted into his form.
“It has been weeks…”, he whispered softly, his lips brushing over my ear while his hands caressed my hips. Yeah, somehow we didn’t have a lot of time for that since he’d been busy all the time.

With his teeth grazing over my skin and his hips pressed against mine it was incredibly hard not to moan but I managed to push him away from me slowly, my body instantly aching for his touch. “Tom, you should get ready for your thing.”, I mumbled, noticing disappointment in his eyes.
“Did you just air quote me?”, he scoffed after he completely let go of me, his eyebrows narrowing. “Yeah, I did.”, I shrugged before I headed towards the bedroom. “Whatever…”, I heard him say under his breath, making my mood fall even more.

Laying down on my side of the bed and grabbing the book I was currently reading, I let out I sigh I didn’t know I was holding.
I only heard that Tom was showering but decided to ignore the guilty feeling inside my chest. It wasn’t his fault that he was away so much… but I was so mad in that moment.
Quickly getting lost in the lines of my book, time went by pretty fast and soon my half naked boyfriend entered the room without looking at me and stood in front of the closet.

I glanced over my book, our eyes meeting through the mirror and I quickly turned my attention back to my pages.
But I had to look again, watching his shoulder blades getting covered by a white shirt and his legs by dark pants before he put on a matching jacket. Watching him putting on clothes was at least as entertaining as watching him taking them off.

He hesitated when he wanted to choose a tie, which was always my thing to do. Suddenly he stood in front of the mirror wrapping his tie around his neck and pretty soon I realised that it was my favourite, black tie with the light stripes.
Our eyes met again and I looked at my book again, acting as if nothing had happened.

The tension between us was raising with every second that passed.
“Do you expect me to stay or why are you giving me the silent treatment?”, he suddenly said, turning around to face me.
“I just can’t believe you leave me again. It’s movie night!”, I exclaimed, smashing my book on the nightstand before standing up, “And it’s not the first time you do this. I’m just pissed off that I’m always looking forward to be with you and then you ditch me.”
“I’m not ditching you!”, he objected, his fingers running through his hair, “They want me to be there, so I am there. Y/N, it’s my job. That’s what I do!”
“Yeah, but you just told me that you can’t tonight. You could’ve told me a couple of days ago!”, I grumbled, crossing my arms in front my chest.

“I told you on Wednesday!”
“No, you didn’t!”
“Yes, I did!”

A frustrated groan escaped his lips before he turned around and left our bedroom. I followed him, ready to continue our argument but he went into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him. I let myself fall onto the couch, taking a deep breath. We had been arguing a lot lately. And I just wanted things to be easy again…

I was too busy staring at the plant next to the TV that I didn’t notice Tom approaching me from behind. “I’m going to go, now.”, he stated before touching my shoulder lightly.
And it hurt. Not physically but mentally… knowing that he was leaving me again.
“Yeah, have fun without me.”, I mumbled without even looking at him. I heard him sigh. Then he mumbled something under his breath. Then the front door slammed into the frame.

He was gone.
Curling myself into a fetus position, I pulled a blanket over me. The following thirty minutes were filled with self loathing thoughts and there might have been a few tears.

But after I had calmed myself down, I grabbed my phone and called Harrison.

“Hey, Y/N! What’s up?”, he greeted me happily, immediately answering his phone.
“Hey, Haz… Can you come over?”, I ask, a quiet sniff being audible.
“Yeah, sure! Are you… okay?”, he wanted to know and I shrugged before I realised that he couldn’t see me.
“I’m… it’s just… Tom ditched movie night.”, I replied sadly.
“Again?!”, he mumbled, probably shaking his head.
“Yes, again…He said he had, I quote, a thing tonight… and now I’m bored.”, I explained quietly.
“Okay, I’m on my way.”, he responded and hung up quickly.

Too many minutes later the door bell finally rang and I literally sprinted towards the door but opened it relatively slowly.
“Finally!”, I exclaimed after I saw Harrison smiling at me. “I bought ice cream since you sounded like you could need it.”, he laughed, holding up two cups of Ben & Jerry’s.

“You’re the best!”, I grinned, pulling him into the flat before rushing off into the kitchen to get spoons.
After I went back to the living room I saw that Harrison had placed the cups on the table. “So you wanna talk about it?”, he asked carefully, his eyes looking at me softly.
“No, let’s just watch a movie.”

But half an hour into the movie later, Harrison paused it after I had started telling him about what had happened today. I couldn’t keep all this in. I literally exploded, rambling and rambling.

“And then I said ‘Have fun without me’ and he just left! I mean, why?”, I sighed, taking another spoon of my ice cream, “It’s just… he always hugs me and kisses my cheek before he leaves.”
With my feet laying on his tighs, he drawed circles with his thumb on my shank while I mentally thanked myself for shaving my legs this morning.

Harrison looked at me, sympathy in his eyes and took a deep before he spoke up, “But you have to see it from his perspective, too, you know. You were mad at him… of course he didn’t hug and kiss you. He probably thought that you just wanted him to leave.”
“Yeah, you’re right…”, I mumbled, pinching the bridge of my nose, “I’m a horrible girlfriend.”
“Hey, I didn’t say that! You’ve been dating for three years now and Tom’s still talking about how perfect you are.”, he claimed, his head tilting towards his shoulder while he looked at me.

I smiled to myself briefly, thinking about Tom saying those words to Harrison. “Yeah, but I’m so selfish and always whiny…”, I drifted off, watching my fingers playing with the hem of my shirt, “And we’ve been arguing a lot lately. Usually we only have these slight variances. And now…”, I sighed deeply before I looked at Harrison again, whose head rested lazily against the pillow tugged between his head and the backrest, listening attentively.
After a few moments of silence I realised that he didn’t know what to say, so I continued, “And we haven’t had sex for 5 weeks now. That’s like… a new record or something.”

Harrison laughed loudly, shaking his head slightly at my open statement.
“But I thought he wanted you to join him in the shower today?”, his eyebrows narrowed while a cheeky smile was on his face and I only shrugged.

“Yeah, but the times before he was either too tired or something. I’m probably so bad…”, I mumbled quietly, lowering my head before a question popped up in my mind and I looked at Harrison with raised eyebrows. “Did he say anything to you?”

Harrison shifted uncomfortably on his seat, stumbling over some incomprehensible words.


To be continued…
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BTS Reaction|Hearing The Neighbors Having Sex

[Requested; (just friends), Alone together in a hotel room, and hearing people in the hotel room next door having sex.]


You two would be watching a movie together, when all of sudden its interrupted by the sounds of a extremely loud couple next door. Yoongi wouldn’t say anything, trying to act as if it weren’t a big deal, but his mind would be racing with dirty thoughts of you in his arms against the wall, yelling his name loud enough to put the couple next door to shame.

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The sounds of A females moan breaking through the walls would cause both of you to blush. Neither of you would say anything at first, and his cheeks would turn a brighter red as he starts to imagine you making the same noises underneath him.

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin


His eyes would widen in shock while looking back and forth between you and the wall that the loud vocals were coming through.

“Are they…..?” He’d whisper, trailing his words off while smiling at you.

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As the wall shakes with loud moaning sounds coming through it, Taehyungs eyes would make direct contact with yours, raising his eyebrows and winking at you.

“sounds fun” he’d say smiling, causing you to push him playfully out of embarrassment.

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Jin would try to ignore the screaming echoing through the walls, as if it weren’t happening to avoid awkwardness. But he’d lose all seriousness, laughing once he caught a glimpse of your shocked expression.

“Should we tell them to shut up?” He’d say smiling.

Originally posted by jjilljj


Even though you and namjoon were just friends, you two had a lot of sexual tension for each other that had never been discussed. The wet sounds coming from next door wouldnt help at all as you two sat next to each other on the bed. Neither of you would say anything, just pretending to watch the TV while imagining dirty things about each other.

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You and jhope would be laying on one bed together having a conversation, when suddenly its interrupted by the wall shaking aggressively. He’d laugh it off, not phased by it all, while teasing you playfully when he caught you blushing.

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Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

As some might know, today’s Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day.

It’s not even late but I’m tired as hell, worked 8 hours straight (okay, fine, took 10 minute break), and my eyes close by themselves. Good times.

Anyway, I opened with that because I know so many of you, fanfic writers, are usually in a much worse situation than me, and still, after working harder and longer than I did, you sit and write.

You research, edit, outline… So much work is put into your works!

True, some fics are shorter and no research or editing is done, but you still write. Short fics, long fics, drabbles, long-ass-what-the-hell-am-i-gonna-do-Im-supposed-to-sleep-not-read-it fics; Challenges, Tropefests, exchanges, and also not for challenges like these.

You write, and the genre you write in, is a genre by all means. You build a story, and characters, even if they exist, you make them different. Not ooc, not always. But different. You develop them, sometimes change their upbringings. You make something new out of them.

So much so, that sometimes I wonder, why wouldn’t you just alter the names, and sell it? Some of them are, in my personal opinion, better than many books I have read.

But here’s the thing: you do it for free. You do it for fun (and for the suffering as well, I assume ;-) ) of both you and readers.

You come up with so many ideas, and make same characters go through so many different obstacles and things.

You make up all-new scenarios I wouldn’t even imagine.

You not only make people happy or suffer, you leave impact, emotional and mental, on people.

Now, maybe a bit more personal, but as you probably know, I’m Israeli. Born and lived (and still do) all my life. My native language is Hebrew, and when it comes to learning English, school doesn’t really offer a lot. We learn to pass tests, but many can’t come and speak English with speakers afterwards.

Now you must think ‘but, what does it have to do with us?’ and well… Nothing, really. But it has to do with the fact that your writing made me a better English speaker. Much better. I know I’ll never be a very good speaker, or a writer. My vocabulary is still not the best, and I’m having troubles put my thoughts into written words that aren’t “like, you know, throwing it but not too high and catching it.” Or “she looked at her, and get eyes were full of adoration and when you find someone as good-looking person.” . Yeah. I’m not very good with all this “write what you imagine” thing…

But you guys… You gave me so much. I know that theoretically, books can teach me the same, but I don’t have space in my phone to download book-reading apps, and also, I don’t know of many books that can give me the stuff I find in your works. (I mean, come on, how many books there are with two guys/two girls of two different positions in high school falling in love over a project, two best friends, of the same gender falling for each other and then getting married, or one being a ghost, or a witch and a familiar, or—anything)

You create amazing concepts, you thread everything beautifully. You… You manage to sit on your asses and write thousands of words a day. And you do it for free. F-R-double E.

You writers, Beta-readers, alpha readers, gamma readers, and other-types-of-either-radiation-or-greek-letters readers, until it reaches the public websites.

You guys… You’ve got NO IDEA how much I adore and appreciate you.

[I’m sorry it’s all so messy here, it tends to happen to me quite a lot, (…especially when tired…) but I almost always am.]

I know, I didn’t include writers who write for prompts and requests, and things I might’ve forgotten (I’m horrible).

So just… Just thank you.

All of you: @all-i-need-is-destiel, @casthewise, @castiel-left-his-mark-on-me, @diminuel, @anonymousantonym, @awed-frog, @destieldrabblesdaily, @mrsgabrieltrickster, @riseofthefallenone, @rosemoonweaver, @jimminovak, @jhoomwrites, @justrandomspnstuff, @ozonecologne, @ialwayscomewhenyoucall, @tenoko1, @deaneatscake, @dragonpressgraphics, @dr-dean, @whelvenwings, @wanderingcas, @winjennster, @thebloggerbloggerfun, @thayerkerbasy, @unforth-ninawaters, @mishasboyfriend, @blue-reveries, @coffeeandcas, @caslikescoffeeandfreckles, @bend-me-shape-me, @maliciouslycreative, @pimentogirl and all the others, whose name my brain REFUSES to recall. Thank you for everything you do.

[Also, it’d be great if you’d reblog and tag more writers, because I sure as hell can’t, I’m hungry and tired, and I’m so sorry if I forgot anyone] nice to artists.

I think a lot of the bad treatment of artists like Ben Platt comes from this messed up perception that art isn’t work.

I’m a creative writing major in college. I’m not saying this to brag, just to emphasize a point: we have one of the top creative writing programs in the country. My friends in other fields complain on the daily about their problem sets and projects and tests, as they 100% deserve to because their work is really freaking hard, but when I start stressing out about the short story that’s due tomorrow, I always get the same comments: some variant on “Oh, but that’s fun!!” or “At least you don’t have an exam!”

Yes, art is incredibly fulfilling and of course artists do it because they love it. But that does not mean it isn’t LABOR and that we shouldn’t respect it as such.

We don’t follow customer service representatives home as they’re trying to leave work or call them on their cellphones after hours. When a favorite barista is home sick or taking a vacation day, we don’t find their social media and harass them and shame them for not being there.

Then why is there an expectation that artists are supposed to entertain us 24/7? An actor’s job ends the minute they step off stage. They don’t owe us stage door. They don’t owe us social media presence and engagement. All this is NOT part of their job, but it is WORK that they are generous enough to do with their own free time.

When that customer service rep or that barista is off work, we don’t harass them and demand to be served, because we seem to understand that once they’ve clocked out and gone home, they are no longer the customer service rep or the waiter.

Let entertainers go home from their jobs. Metaphorically and literally.

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or more likely 4- the writer of the episode didn't even know cas' car can only play CD's, didn't even bother to check, because they dgaf about consistent writing and continiuity and it's just another plothole that don't make sense

If you try to explain everything by “plot hole” the show becomes far less enjoyable, so… I don’t care. Sorry.

Tom Hardy set to break hearts as he pays an emotional tribute to his late canine companion Woody with final CBeebies Bedtime Stories appearance

He previously caused ‘ovaries’ to explode all over the nation following his appearance on Cbeebies for the Mother’s Day edition of Bedtime Stories.

And now Tom hardy is set to make a valiant return to the children’s series, this time paying tribute to his late dog Woody who passed away in June.

The 39-year-old actor will appear on the episode - which was filmed before his canine companion’s sad death - and read the story of Fleabag, by Helen Stephens, on National Dog Day on August 26th.

The heart-warming story follows a friendship between a young boy and a scruffy dog, who needs a home, while the boy wants a pet pooch.

After both their longing, the two come across one another with drama and fun ensuing before Fleabag eventually finds the home he has been craving for.

Lovingly petting his late dog in the teaser, he speaks to the camera: 'Put now it’s time for you to go on an adventure of your own. In your dreams. So, cuddle up to your snuggly friend and drift off to sleep.’

The final of five episodes, Tom previously recorded the series with his loyal dog Woody by his side and his four-legged friend had become a fixture on film sets before his death in June.

Announcing his passing, the Peaky Blinder’s star took to his blog to share a heartfelt tribute to his six-year-old dog, explaining that he died after a six-month battle with polymyositisis, which is a muscle disorder.

Tom called Woody his 'best friend’, revealing how he rescued the animal when he was filming his 2012 movie Lawless in Atlanta.(+)

On OK KO we are encouraged to make up our own characters as we need ‘em. It’s always a lot of fun to come up with these little character bios!

During the first episode, I made this character named Pird because I needed an “obnoxious customer” type character of approximately human-man proportions. Thus… a combination baby bird/human man you see before you was born. I accidentally love him now

The final design was by Julia Srednicki, and you can find it over here!! 

Peter Parker - Its Not An Internship Part 2

okay so a lot of people wanted a part two and there will definitely be a part three!!!! i hope you guys enjoy this:))

part 1

requests are open:))

Originally posted by tom-is-bae

“and we’re closed” olivia smiled happily as the door chimed and the last customers of the night cleared out of the diner. a small frown was plastered on my face, i tried to hide it but the whole staff took notice. even the cooks.

“why so down?” gusto asked from the back peeking his head through the large rectangle cut out where you could see them working. his hat was slightly tilted and some crumbs were in his moustache.

“it’s cause lover boy didn’t come in” olivia laughed as my face turned a bright shade of pink. “that’s so not it!” i lied straight through my white teeth.

“my dad is having people over and i’m sad cause my uncle steve can’t come” i made up a complete lie. well not totally a lie, my dad tony stark is not having friends over he’s probably in the basement working on his suit but i do have an uncle steve. what they all don’t know is that my uncle is steve rogers.

“oh honey you’ve got a party going on at home” olivia smiled gently at me. olivia was beautiful, brown hair with the greenest pair of eyes i’ve ever seen. she was maybe 5'8, her skin was gorgeous and tan. she could have easily been a model but she chose the diner instead.

“go on” she shoved me out and untied my apron. “ill clean up tonight, go have fun” she folded up my apron and i gave her a thankful smile.

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Black Sheep (Part 3)

Originally posted by hardyness

Summary: You notice a certain three kids following you around, so you decide to have some fun.

A/N: Thank you all for amazing feedback

Pairing: Peter x reader     Part 1 {x} Part 2 {x}

Warnings: Swearing

The train ride home left Peter, Ned and MJ feeling squished like sardines in a can, and the cart smelt like it, too. Everyone around them gave them the up-down, because everyone also was some sort of older working, upper class adult, while the three were deemed as miniscule sophomores. Peter could barely look over the large mass, but he could see your head in the back corner, bobbing to music coming from your headphones. As the fourth stop came, you pushed off the wall and squeezed your way through to the door, standing and waiting. They took this notice, too, and began worming their way through the adults.

The doors peeled open and you walked out, taking a sharp turn into the street. Peter, and Ned lost you in the sea of workers, but MJ took their wrists and led them behind you. They were muttering to each other, discussing how far away is ‘safe’ and what to do if you turn around.

But they didn’t know you weren’t listening to music.

You were listening to them.

Ned was the first to notice you were playing a game on them. He remembered seeing the same WANTED poster on the same brick building about twenty minutes ago. 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Has anyone else realized this is just getting repetitious?”

MJ looked around and slowly pieced the puzzle together.

“You’re right. I’ve seen that corner store more than twice in the past hour.”

Peter turned around, noticing MJ and Ned stopped on the corner, looking around the street like they were tourists. He sighed and stopped too, rushing back to the two before turning around and watching you continue walking. 

“Listen, if you two wanna turn back, that’s fine. But for now, I want to figure out what the fuck (Y/N) is doing.”

MJ raised an eyebrow.

“What’s your damage, Peter? Why are you suddenly captivated by (Y/N)?”

Ned looked at Peter and gave him a side glance.

“Listen, MJ. Peter… sort of…. Likes (Y/N). And he really, really wants to know if they’re alright. So maybe we should turn back.”

Peter felt the air rip from his lungs as Ned gave him the single best alibi he’d ever heard. Yet, it felt so right to be a lie.

“Oh, I see here. You wanted to drag me along for some advice? Yeah, I’m not that kind of girl. Ned, can you walk me back to the train station? Not like we’re friends, I’m just too frail to walk alone.”

Ned rolled his eyes at MJ’s sarcasm and took her arm, walking her away from Peter. Peter whipped around to watch you take a turn at the end of the street. He began sprinting to catch up, taking a second of pause before whipping around the corner to… A dead end. 

He looked around the brick end and scratched his head. Before he could turn on his heel, he was kicked straight into the wall. Peter began falling from the red, but was turned around forcefully and pressed back, being cornered. He was face to face with you, one hand holding his chest roughly, the other was holding a knife to his throat.

“Wanna explain why you and your posse were following me, Peter?”

Peter couldn’t form words, just muttering incoherent slurs, and you pressed the knife harder. 

“We wanted to know what’s going on with you! I’m sorry!”

He finally choked out, and you hesitated on pulling the knife away. You stepped back from him, and he put his hands on his knees, leaning against the brick wall.

“When did you get that strong?”

“When did you become Spider-man?”

Peter’s neck snapped up, his eyes the size of saucers. His mouth opened and slowly stood up straighter.

“What lead you to think that?”

You scoffed.

“You’ve been limping on the same leg that I shot on Spider-man, you suddenly get jacked over the summer and suddenly you care about me when I finally stand up for myself. About being alone. Being the black sheep.”

He tried walking towards you, but you gripped the knife and he noticed, backing back into the wall.

“Why did you kill those people?”

You bit your lip.

“The first two were a total accident, I didn’t notice them until you came in. The third guy, fuck I don’t know. I just got angry and the way those civilians looked at me, like I was a damn monster, it just broke something in me. That fire wasn’t me though, one of the goons had this fire gun bullshit. You should be lucky I didn’t kill you.”

You looked at the dirt ground, kicking up light dust. Peter pushed off the wall and walked to you, putting his hand on your shoulder.

“You can change all of this, (Y/N). Let me help you, please.”

Looking up, you noticed Peter had a small smile on his face. You gave him a smirk back.

“Thank you… But I’ll pass.”

Your smile fell as you kicked him in his wounded shin. He wailed and held his leg as he fell. You brought your foot up to his chin, knocking him onto his back. Bringing your and placing it on his chest, you looked down, applying a hard pressure. Peter began coughing, his face turned red, and looked at you panicked.

“Next time I see you, I won’t hesitate to kill you on the spot.”

You stepped off, and kicked off the ground, jumping to the rooftop and began walking away, listening to Peter’s gasps for air.

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What jobs the sincerely three would have hc(s)

A/n: pls request me ideas and stuff I’m running out of ideas lmao

Warnings: mentions sex a few times, swears, I mention getting a piercing.


- obviously he works at Ellison state park
- You visit him a lot
- And may or may not sneak him away for lil picnics in the park
- Or sometimes to have sex
- Either or
- He usually works in the same spot
- It’s this lil information booth by a pond
- You’ll leave him lil notes
- Just like cute shit
- Usually tree related puns
- ’ I be-leaf in you’
- ‘Love you so berry much’
- 'Have a tree-mendous day’
- He has a lil box that has all ur notes in it
- He’ll look at it whenever he’s bored or is having a rough day Bc they always make him smile
- LOTSA dates at the park
- Like lotsa
- Lotsa
- You’ll bring him an ice cream from the ice cream truck that come around
- (He likes king cones)
- You guys get each other little trinkets from the gift shop
- One time he got u a tree plushy key chain
- And u got him a little mug with two trees hugging on it.
- (He loves it and used it as much as he could)
- Like I say in all Evan head cannons
- Pure

- he probably works at a record store in the mall.
- Bc he likes the whole 90’s ~aesthetic~
- TBH not many people come into the store so he’s mainly alone
- But u come to visit him!!
- Like all the time!!
- Also the record store is right next to a Claire’s where u may or may not work
- One time u went to get ur cartilage pierced with Connor but u chickened out and he ended up with one
- Aaaand a week later it got infected Bc he didn’t clean it
- Clean ur piercings kid
- But this isn’t about piercings
- U always try really hard to work close to the same hours as each other
- So like I can have lunch together and all that fun stuff
- When u guys hang out in the store u mainly listen to like classic 90’s jams
- I.e.: smells like teen spirit, my heart will go on, hit me baby one more time (a personal fav) spice girls anything tbfh, bohemian rhapsody, u get the idea
- U guys got into the mall real early one day and Connor started playing some slow songs and y'all danced for a bit
- Then another day he played slow songs and y'all fucked in the back
- ^^ this is a common occurrence
- And you get bonus points if his co-worker or even better his BOSS is in the next room.
- U mainly visit him Bc he doesn’t like Claire’s
- He literally fuckin hates it
- He thinks every item in the store is shit
- Except the candy
- That’s the only part he likes
- You’ve smuggled pockey on multiple occasions
- But when he does visit u he sticks out like a sore thumb
- Like imagine a sea of, pink, white, and purple, the just this tall figure in all black
- Yup that’s what Connor looked like in Claire’s.
- U guys are so heckin’ cute tho

- he works at one of those arcade places that has a go kart track built into them
- He loves working the go karts because “it’s like real life Mario kart (y/n)!!”
- But he also likes working the arcade Bc he basically know how to cheat each one for tickets so he helps out some non douchey kids get stuff
- He took you on a date to the go karts and lemme tell you he’s 100% the asshole who RAMS into the back of your kart even though it says 'no bumping’ in BIG ASS LETTERS on the back of each one
- He’s definitely gotten kicked out for this
- “I can’t believe I got kicked out of the place I work.”
- “I can’t believe you got kicked out by the dude you were supposedly cool with.”
- But he’ll take u to the arcade more often
- So he can get u things
- So there’s this one big ass bear that costs like 100,000 tickets and you fucking NEEDED that bear
- He saved a shit ton of tickets and got it for u for your birthday
- You named him 'jer-bear 2.0’
- He has 100% snuck you into the break room to make out with you
- One little kid ended up asking him how he got hurt on his neck later that day
- He blushed and said he fell out of a tree
- So he was having an off day and you snuck him out later that night after the arcade closed and basically you guys had the arcade to yourselves
- You guys fucked on the air hockey table
- Jared was never able to look at that air hockey table the same again.
- He actually interacts really well with the kids and will even sneak them a few extra pieces of candy
- Just
- Wow
- Nerds

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Dogg mom!!! Just because something is simplistic doesn't make it boring or bad ♡♡ Mob Psycho's designs are pretty simplistic but still fun and good designs!! I love your 2 headed doggo oc because of how its designed! Like, its simple yet has so much personality and style to it!! LIKE, ID FEEL LIKE ID SEE IT IN A RAD VIDEO GAME AND AHH I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!😍😍😍

God, you are so so right! Thank you hon you make me feel so much more confident!!!  <333. tbh I don’t think I can come up with very detailed works of art, maybe my style is simplistic and that’s it! I should learn to accept myself and embrace it. Need to stop thinking that I could have done better!

AAAH! and your love for my gentle giant is appreciated! let me reveal something… it’s not one dog, it’s 2 dogs that are stick together, the taller head is older than the other, it hasn’t always been like that but they are following orders, they obbey, like good boys do.

Just Gotham 1 Year Anniversary

On this day one year ago, this blog was created with the idea to provide a “news source” on Tumblr, where users could find new information about Gotham, along with .gifsets made by users from the show, pulled from various other news locations, and sources. The overall goal was to have posted here news articles, videos and sourced information, instead of just rumors and unverified facts when it came to the show.

And today Just Gotham is a year older and has reached over 5,000 followers. Thank you to all that have followed this site, and especially to those that have provided content reblogged here.

Your enthusiasm, discussions and creativity when it comes to Gotham are appreciated, more than the mod who runs this site can fully express. You have made the continued seeking for information about the show, and keeping up with posting on this blog a joy and a fun hobby, truly.

The mod that runs this site is thankful for your support, follows and reblogs.

Suggestions from a swiftie

1.its okay if a swiftie left and came back.

.What’s not fine is hate towards them for realizing they still love Taylor after all this time’s okay to post a picture of yourself telling Taylor how much you love her,

.What’s annoying is when you constantly reblog your own picture over and over again for her attention and asking for constant reblogs.

3. It’s okay to make up theory’s and have a fascination with them, and sharing them is fine as well.

.whats not okay is trashing those theory’s mainly because they are just for fun… also don’t try and make them come off as true.


bullies | jughead jones x reader

Originally posted by marorra

written by: maddy

anonymous said: jughead x reader where reader doesn’t really have a lot of friends and usually just reads so people don’t bother her. jughead’s becomes her only real friend and even though they get made fun of sometimes they don’t really mind. some bullies steal her books and call her jugs girlfriend and try to kiss her so jug comes in and tries to save the day, getting beat up in the process. his friends come in layer and break it all up and while reader tends to his wounds juggie confesses. thnx

chapter song: angels / robbie williams

geek, freak, loser, y/n l/n.

the young girl with the h/c hair and the e/c eyes. simple and plain, she didn’t stand out. just the way she liked it.

 y/n loved the way things were, but she wanted someone to see her. someone to listen to her. to hold her when she cried. be careful what you wished for.  

“check this out!” a loud voice shouts moments before the girls books are slammed out of her grasp. y/n rolls her eyes and bends down to pick up the things that the stupid jock had pushed out of her grasp.

 as she places her hand on the final book she was yet to pick up, its lifted off the floor by another person.

the girl screams internally. “give it back,” she growls a sudden sense of confidence pulsating through her body. she tilts her head up so that she’s looking at her culprit.

“i’m sorry, i was just trying to help,” a boy, whom went by the name jughead, said offering his hand to her. y/n takes his hand and helps her up from the ground.

“thank you,” she mumbles taking the book off him and spinning on her heel quickly. she begins to walk down the hall but stops before she’s gone too far.

“what leaving so soon?” chuck clayton’s voice echo’s down the hall, everyone stops and stares at the scene that’s unfolding. 

the girl ducks her head, trying to hide from the sight of everyone. people moved to the sides of the hallway just leaving y/n and chuck in the middle. the girls heart rate quickens, her breathing becomes shallow.

 a bell rings through the halls and people rush to get to their classes. the girl takes this as her opportunity to leave and escape the jock. before she gets into the class room her eyes connect with jughead’s, she mouths ‘thank you’ to him. he nods his head a soft smile on his face. 

a few weeks pass, y/n and jughead, who would be forever known as the weirdo and the loser. they became friends, he protected her and she cared for him. they were best friends, just the way they liked it.

 they were inseparable. 

“hey juggie,” the girl says wrapping her arms around his waist as he stands at his locker facing the opposite direction of y/n. 

he places his hands over hers, as his way of letting her know that he knew she was there. he continues a conversation with who ever was in front of him, y/n didn’t care, she just kept her arms around him.  

not even a moment later the bag that sat comfortably on y/n’s shoulder was ripped backwards.

 her arm in forcefully pulled backwards making her squeak in pain. the girls arm unwraps from jughead’s waist and clutches her shoulder as tears spring to her eyes. 

the laughs of the football team ring in her ears. y/n reaches out to grab her bag out of one of the jocks hands.

“dear y/n, you shouldn’t let people take your stuff,” chuck clayton’s voice booms making the girl stop in her tracks.

 her face pales. jughead turns away from archie to see what all the commotion is. he feels his chest swell in anger as he see’s chuck holding y/n’s bag. his y/n.

“give it back chuck,” the girl says voice shaking. archie places a hand on jughead’s shoulder, stopping him for intervening. 

“what’s in it for me?” chuck says getting closer to y/n, his lips almost touching her ear. the girls breathing becomes laboured and all rational thoughts disappear from her mind.

 “how about a kiss?” the jocks all laugh as chuck suggests a kiss. 

“how about not?” jughead says stepping in front of the girl, holding his arms to his sides to hide her from the peering eyes of chuck and the football team. 

“how cute. you’re protecting your little girlfriend,” chuck laughs, throwing a look to the boys standing behind him. jughead’s body tenses and he feels anger flood his system. 

he lunges forwards slamming chuck into the lockers behind him. chucks grunts as his back collides with the locker, he attempts to push jughead back. jughead pulls his fist back and then slams it into his face. 

chuck spits out some blood, his gaze meets jughead’s, each with an equal amount of fire in their eyes. suddenly the two boys are in a heated fist fight, y/n screams for them to stop. 

archie jumps between the two boys, and one of the football players, moose, grabs chuck pulling the two boys away from each other. 

archie shoves jughead’s chest forcing him to turn to face y/n. her face has gone a pale shade and her eyes are wide.

jughead recognises that face, fear, she was afraid of him.

“y/n,“ jughead says reaching out towards the girl. she moves towards him, placing her hand on his cheek.

“you’re bleeding,” the girl whispers, taking his hand and pulling him along to the first aid room. when the pair reach the room, she boosts herself up on the bench and pulls him between her legs.

 he places his hands on her hips as she dabs a tissue onto the cut on his cheek. he gazes at her face, studying every line, every spot, everything about her. 

in that moment as she tried to make the bleeding stop the boy realised that he was in love with her. 

he loved her, that’s why he felt the need to protect her. 

“why are you looking at me like that?” she asks, the boy blinks, he didn’t realise that he was staring at her. 

“you’re so beautiful,” he says leaning forward to press his lips to her cheek. he moves away from her and looks at her red face. a soft smile staying on her face as the girl continues to tend to his wounds. 

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Apparently a new RTTE trailer shows dragon winged people. Thoughts on this?

I was totally waiting for this ask to enter my inbox heeheehee.

My thoughts are mostly “Sure, why not?” with a bunch of XD XD XD XD’s after the cheeky question. I imagine there are going to be a number of individuals who feel hesitant about it for various reasons, but me, hey! I’m not going to judge it before I see it! I think it could be fun! FLYING DRAGON WARRIOR WOMEN. I mean, when you say it like that, doesn’t that sound major cool?

I am rather excited about seeing it’s women who are gliding on these wings. It’s something that should be a minor detail, but given as how ROB, DOB, and RTTE haven’t shown many women, it’s become a refreshing observation to me now. As I’ve commented in seasons past, the television show hasn’t given us many background (or foreground) female butt-kickers to enjoy on screen. It looks like these goddesses warriors of the sky are going to tip the balance some in favor of giving me badass ladies as I’ve wanted for years. We’re not seeing painfully stereotypical defenseless women here in this screenshot. THese are women in POWERFUL ARMOR and women doing some AMAZINGLY GUTSY STUNTS up in the sky. Not just anyone goes up in the sky like that. These women are specialists, these women are skilled, these women are paving out new opportunities!

Not everything about their garb is technically “practical” given as they’re wearing full plated metal armor while gliding in the sky - something that would weigh them down. But if they’re gliding shortish distances, maybe they can get away with the armor (regardless, this is fantasy, so I’d rather see badass heavily armored ladies than skimpy bikinis, heehhhhh). And if they’re gliding in to do heavy fighting, they’ll need armor to protect themselves! If it’s Gronckle iron or some other light alloy, we could get some explaining power in there, too. There’s also something to say about how their hair is very practical worn - buns, tied back, etc. - and I also appreciate that women, who are statistically a little lighter and smaller than men, are the ones who are gliding, where larger size could possibly be a disadvantage.

I’m rather curious about who these women are. Their armor is yet again a distinct style, though if I have to compare it to anyone’s armor, I’d say it’s the closest to Heather’s. Given as Heather grew up in a random unnamed Viking tribe, I don’t imagine these people came from Heather’s foster family group. But Heather also did a bit of traveling in her years, would have seen a variety of armor aesthetic styles, and… well… basically… who knows? The appearance similarities could be (and likely are) entirely incidental.

Are they protagonists who side with Hiccup? Given the armor differences, I don’t think they’re Defenders of the Wing coming to Hiccup’s aid. They have to be someone new. Are they the antagonists mentioned in pre-S5 summaries? Their facial expressions don’t “suggest” antagonists, but who knows? Either way, I’m game for flocks of power women in armor doing dramatic stunts in the skies.

To respond to some qualms I imagine individuals might have, since I know lots of people are going to react to this screencap with “ehhh” or “please no”:

First, there’s nothing about people gliding on dragon wings that actually takes away from Hiccup’s ingenious gliding device from HTTYD 2, which is where I think most people might have an “objection.” Hiccup’s development of gliding wings is already well in progress by RTTE; the basic mechanism of jumping off a dragon and gliding on his own is already established, and he just needs to do some tweaking to get his flight suit the way it is by the second movie. His flight suit is nothing like the gliders that the people in the screenshot have; the flying squirrel-like contraption that can be released directly from his clothing and used as gliding fabric is a wholly new, inventive, and Hiccup-esque idea that no one else has.

I’m guessing the other common objection other individuals might have is that it seems “unrealistic” or too much of a “copy” of what we see Hiccup invents. For me, neither of those things are a concern. Again, I feel that the flying squirrel-like clothing Hiccup invents is nothing like what I’m seeing in the screencap, and besides, the fact Hiccup developed it independently means that he’s still as inventive as ever. The fact that other people groups can be inventive and come up with novel ideas on their own is… well… it’s not that surprising, given as the Barbaric Archipelago is exploding in dragons. With the large number of small, semi-isolated people groups across the region, it’s not surprising they’ve all come up with their own unique ways of adapting their culture to dragons, be it with religious reverence, war-like vengeance, dragon riding, dragon traps, dragon hunting, wares crafted from dragon parts, live dragon fighting matches, dragon architecture, dragon-inspired swords, dragon-inspired gliders, or even, as we see in “The Serpent’s Heir,” living on dragons. To me it’s just good-natured fun to imagine how different people groups, civilizations, militias, etc. might look at the dragon and become inspired by them. So again… why not? More people than Hiccup have a right to be inventive! Even in the books, there are people like Norbert who are more inventive than Hiccup.

There’s nothing that concerns me too much about “realism” so long as the story makes “sense enough.” We are watching a television show where non-Viking-like Vikings are riding giant firebreathing (or ice breathing or acid-spitting or…) winged lizards. And for what it’s worth, the book series has always been charmingly less realistic than the movies… full of anachronisms like steamboats and clashes with the somehow-contemporary Roman Empire. There’s even a scene where thousands of insect-sized dragons cover Hiccup like a suit of armor and fly Hiccup into the air so our protagonist can pretend to be Thor God of Thunder. Another time, Alvin the Treacherous survives falling into the lava of a freaking volcano because he gets trapped in a gas bubble. Nothing realistic about it, but still whimsical, still fun, still good-natured, and still captures the fun spirit of a world with Vikings and dragons.

One invention by one people group in a television show written for largely juvenile audiences… isn’t going to upset me or something. It’s not like we’re depicting something really racist or misogynistic or horrendous that would get me upset for a reason. I’m totally chill with this. Television shows and movies and stories are sometimes wacky, but they’re all written to be adventuresome, creative, storytelling fun. And for people who might say “Well doesn’t this take away from the quality of the movies?” ….friendly newsflash, a television show adaptation from a major movie is always “not-as-good” as the movie itself. Doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! I prefer to enjoy my recreational television and find fun positives about it rather than get caught up on minor details that really aren’t that important to my health, life, future, and well-being. ;)

I say don’t dismiss it before you see it! And you don’t have to like everything about a television show. That’s totally chill. I don’t like everything about everything myself. XD I just ask you not to crap on things others might enjoy. :) Fandoms shouldn’t be groupthink where we’re all forced to like the same things. We’re allowed to like something and we’re allowed to not like something and we’re allowed to express what we feel regardless because our personal emotions are legitimate and real. I do think that whining hurts the fandom community and fandom temperament, though, so I personally recommend people talking about things they don’t like with constructive criticism. 

But anyway!

Sorry about pointing out potential negative fandom dynamics. <3 You all are awesome and I’m happy to be in the HTTYD community with ya’ll.

I personally am fine with this and am interested to see what the writers do with these flying dragon warrior ladies! To reiterate on a more positive front…

1). Female warriors taking the front in RTTE at last!

2). Their armor is major cool looking and has a nice aesthetic to it.

3). This is a bunch of ladies in armor flying on dragon wings! I mean, when you actually think about that, isn’t that sort of cool? Flying dragon warrior ladies?!! I mean, what’s not to like about any of those words in that phrase - “flying dragon warrior ladies”? XD XD XD

Birthday Headcanons

Iida Tenya

  • He doesn’t seem to have any certain feelings about his birthday, not caring whether the day is ignored or celebrated. He does feel quite honored when you tell him you want to at least do something for him, and he wonders exactly what you’d have planned. 
  • He doesn’t admit it but he’s pleased when he comes home to find the place decorated for his birthday, with his good friends from school gathered around the table to celebrate it with him. You swear he tears up a little while they sing to him, but he quickly brushes them away as he goes to serve the cake. 
  • He’s pleasantly surprised with how fun the night was even though he insists it wasn’t a big deal that it was his birthday, suggesting they all hang out together like this more often. He seems more relaxed at the end of the night before jumping up, saying he has to write thank you cards for everyone that attended. 

anonymous asked:

Loved the new chapter! I was so happy when I saw it, such a good surprise! It was such a beautiful fun chapter filled with friendship and punching! I'm really excited to see what you have in store for the summer camp arc! Also, I'm really pumped to see how the interaction at the mall with shigaraki and deku is going to play out. I feel like yuts!shigaraki hates this deku more than canon deku and that yuts!deku is just gonna talk shit to shigaraki and I'm so ready for that!

So a lot of times when I first come up with a fanfic, it starts life as a collection of scenes, usually disconnected, that stand out vividly to me, so much so that I want to write them. And more often than not those scenes change and evolve over time, my vision of them evolves before I even get around to writing them, but they’re still the base ideas that kick off an entire story.

The mall conversation between Shigaraki and Deku was one of the ideas that kicked off YUTS.

Hey everyone! The first ever Tim Drake Positivity Week is officially kicking off on September 3, and running through September 9! This is a week to celebrate Tim as a character, and express all the reasons why we love him. All content you can think of to make is accepted, so please go crazy!

As I said, the point of this week is to spread positivity around Tim and why we each, personally, love him as a character, so this week is very loosely structured. Everyone is welcome to do their own thing and express themselves however they wish. 

That said, in case people want some inspiration, I’ve come up with a list of prompts to follow if you want:

Sunday, Day 1: loyal or resilient

Monday, Day 2: nerdy or sweet

Tuesday, Day 3: intelligent or badass

Wednesday, Day 4: funny or serious 

Thursday, Day 5: a favorite relationship

Friday, Day 6: a favorite moment/storyline

Saturday, Day 7: character growth

Please tag your posts with #timpweek or #welovetimedrake! If you have any questions, feel free to message me. Other than that, let’s have fun and spread the Tim love! :)