these are friends of a friend man they need to be friends too!!


Dorian: [screams] :)

Will Anders get the makeover he needs to land his dream date? Stay tuned to find out!

You know you’re getting too into the game when you start calling Luna your wife…I DON’T EVEN SHIP NOCTLUNA MAN, THIS GAME IS RUINING ME. Like legit my friend was watching me play and we were like.

Me: *arrives in Altissia* Finally! I get to see Luna!!
Friend: Maybe you should find a place to stay.
Me: Please, they can survive without sleep.
Friend: But they haven’t slept in a week!
Me: No, I have priorities. I need to see my bride.
Friend: But you need to level up!
Me: I
Me: !!!!!


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

Leo n Takumi: we’re never gonna be friends

Leo n Takumi: wait shit

Leo n Takumi: hey bro. Yeah bro? U know what. What bro? We’re like. The best fuckin friends. In the universe. Yeah bro. Our bond is like, the embodiment of the new relationship between our countries. Bro That’s the best thing I’ve heard in my life. Our friendship could like, inspire our people to be better friends. This is the ultimate fuckin Broship man, we are the closest, most inseparable bros in the entire fuckign history of anything. I got ur back bro. I got urs too. I got it so hard I’m literally going to attach myself to ur back so u know that I got it bro. Bro we’re like a chemical reaction…cuz we work together well and also I need you to live get it it’s Br O haha ma n

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jackson is legit such a hoe, and i love it. i've never seen someone who ships himself with his friends so much (cough cough markson, jackbum, jinson, you name it), or who ships his friends with his friends (we all know he is the president of the yugbam fan club + secretary to president yugyeom of the jjp fan club). We need more jackson's in this world lol. I aspire to be him in my next life

Jackson is all of GOT7′s bf!! Anon, you’re gonna have some big shoes to fill in your next lifetime. Not just anyone can take on the role of Jackson Wang, #1 supportive hype man, world’s best vitamin, the light of aghase’s life, too good for this world we DO NOT DESERVE HIM.

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ok but I need more fics where

  • it’s not obvious that it’s mutual
  • they’re not attached by the hip
  • none of their friends expected it honestly
  • one of them has a really rough day and for some reason all they want to do is cuddle the other person but they haven’t done that before?? but it feels like a thing they should be doing. 
  • one of them tries to cross a line they haven’t crossed before, like just something small. Hugging for a long time, a touch that lingers, a cute nickname. and it’s weird, right? and a little awkward? but it also feels really nice pls keep doing it. 
  • eventually they start acting more cuddly and close in private and it’s not that weird anymore. it’s actually really nice. but hey? does this mean I get to kiss you too or is that a line we don’t cross idk man. 
  • one of them calls the other one ‘babe’ in front of their friends and everyone’s like ???? what ????? 
  • and they eventually have to dicuss it bc this last month has not been like the last couple of years and we really need to talk. 
  • they have a really nice talk about it but now what? do we just kiss? do we go on a date? how do you do this? 
  • their first kiss is so awkward because they don’t know how to do this.
  • and at first their friends are very worried because what if it doesn’t work out? everything has changed? and of course they’re happy for them but it’s also so risky. 
  • and even though it’s a little awkward at first it does work out, because they actually fit pretty perfectly once they get the hang of it. 

Today I woke up and did not want to go to class.
I’m required to attend my first class and this is implemented by an attendance code at the beginning and end of class. I texted my friend and asked if she was going to class so that she could give me the codes. After several minutes she responded that, no, she felt like her world was ending and that she needed to stay in bed.
For her, I went to class.
Afterwards I wanted to go straight to my next class and study before my test, the exam before the final. But another of my friends came up to me, shaking. Some older man had approached her, made rude and sexually explicit comments to her, about her race, and breathed down her neck til she saved his number in her phone.
For her, I held her hand up until and long after my test.
When we went to lunch, the very first thing one of my friends did when he saw me was hug me.
For us, it was the least we could do to hold on.
One of my friend’s voices was hoarse because he had been crying all night.
For him, we cared and listened in other ways.

This is our reality, but together we are holding on. Together we can make it through.

For you, I am here.

confusing stevetony identity porn au lmao are u ready

  • steve is both captain america & nomad: cap on official SHIELD-sanctioned missions, and nomad when he needs to be a vigilante
  • no one knows steve is cap. no one knows cap & nomad are the same person 
  • no one knows tony is iron man
  • iron man is cap’s best friend and teammate, and somehow tony is nomad’s best friend and confidant (and supplier of fancy gear to help him not die) 
  • tony often sleeps w his buddy nomad, just casually, just as friends w benefits, but he can never let their relationship get too serious bc hes eternally and tragically in love w captain america
  • nomad is head over heels 4 tony stark, but tony is hung up on some other guy he refuses to talk abt. nomad keeps his mouth shut abt his crush bc he doesnt want to drive tony away and being his friend w benefits is better than being his nothing
  • iron man tries and fails to hide his crush on captain america, but cap is in love with some civilian and doesnt feel the same way
  • cap feels kinda bad abt not being able to reciprocate his buddy iron man’s feelings, but he cant get over tony stark’s dreamy eyes and absurd facial hair
  • cue drama and flangst

Lmao sometimes my friends are too nice to me and I do not deserve them. My amazing friend @thesekids-arecrazy quickly knocked out a reference I needed for my Overwatch OC, Catalyst and man I owe her a lot. She is the best. ;-; Also idk why the last pic is upside down but I can’t be bothered to fix it.

Hiro Hamada.
  • Hiro: *Idolizes his big brother and his ability to be so selfless as to create a robot to help others, as well as help others himself*
  • Hiro: *Absolutely enthralled in Honey's chemistry like awe man yeahhhhh*
  • Hiro: *Learned good lessons; Revenge is never the answer, Tadashi is always here, Friends are family too*
  • Hiro: *Cute little cinnamon roll who needs to be protected at all costs*
blind [taehyung&you]

Summary: Simple. You’re in love with Taehyung who’s in love with your friend. And you’re both blinded by this chase of cat and mouse game, in which causes you to hurt one another.

a/n: sorry to have skipped out on the requested scenarios. i’ll write them immediately!! i’m just so upset at wtf is going irl, so i had to write some feels out. srsly, people be making my head hurt when i’m a witness from afar. like why people gotta do dissssssssssss… lol okay.

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Liking Kim Taehyung was quite simple. He’s a sweet guy with a caring heart and is genuine with his feelings towards his crush—which is your one great friend, Yoo Shin Ah.

However, Shin Ah already has a boyfriend, to which you find it sad because Taehyung have been the guy friend to comfort her and help her become herself. Every time Shin Ah needed a man when her boyfriend is too busy for her, Taehyung volunteers to be the backbone and help make Shin Ah happy.

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Dear “Star too afraid to Shine”,

So, I read your most recent letters and have I got some wisdom to share with you. I’d write out the whole story as to where this wisdom comes from, but I don’t really feel like feeling like I’m going to be sick, so here you go.

Firstly, your family is wrong about where on the chart your s/o sits. It’s kind of an antiquated view of things, back when we were told that to keep a man you needed to shed all other parts of your life and devote yourself solely to them. Darling, it’s 2017 - you are allowed to have friends and this boy is not the end all be all of everything ever. You are allowed and even encouraged to help your friends when they are in trouble. You are allowed to put your s/o on the back burner for a little bit to help your friend in need. That is a tenant of a good friend.

The fact that it disturbs you that your family would promote you not being a good friend is GOOD. It means that you are a good friend. Your family shouldn’t have gotten involved at all. That was between you and your s/o, and your brother should’ve acted deaf and blind to the whole thing unless it was to speak up that maybe your s/o shouldn’t be yelling at you for trying to do the right thing.

Honestly, while I understand he had a rough day, the fact that he yelled at you for not being at his beck and call unsettles me. I mean, I understand needing to vent, but this boy needs to understand that you are not a slave to his whims. I know you said he doesn’t see you as an appendage, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a little (or very) selfish and wants you to put his needs first. I don’t know if this is normal behavior for him, but if this is, this is very concerning. Like what others put on your original letter, the attempts by both your parents and him to distance yourself from your friends will do nothing but put you in a bad position and make your relationships to all involved toxic.

As to your note about cleaning and him erupting at you, I have been there. I deal with some major anxiety and executive dysfunction issues thanks to our friend depression, which can sometimes make doing basic chores a nightmare. My ex would scream at me for hours for not doing the dishes when I said I would because I just couldn’t bring myself to move. Not in a lazy way - I just literally couldn’t get past the standing up part. I understood I needed to help out more, hell I wanted to help out more, but it was so tough some days. Even though he knew there were issues, he still thought I wasn’t trying hard enough and felt that he was doing the lion’s share (even though his version of clean was everything had to be scrubbed down to the point of spotlessness). It was a point of contention between us that went from a small aggravation to a daily argument.

I would talk to your s/o about your issues when it comes to doing chores. Stress that you’re not doing this to upset him or because you feel like he should do everything for you, when it’s the opposite. You want to do more, but it’s been so hard lately for you to even function. Try to make him understand that screaming at you about it doesn’t help anyone - it’s just going to make you miserable and him look like a piece of shit (because that’s what he’s being - a piece of shit). See if you can come to a compromise like “If you’ll get the trash together, I’ll take it outside. I’ll do the dishes if you’ll dry them and put them away. On Mondays, you gather the dirty clothes and put them in the washer and when I get home I’ll throw them in the dryer. On Tuesday if you wouldn’t mind folding them and putting them in the hamper, I’ll take them and put them away unless you feel up to it…” All chores can be divided into two simpler things. It’s about finding something that works for both of you.

The trick is to make it less of a chore to do (get it?), by making them smaller tasks. It’s easier to get the laundry in the hamper and then into the wash than it is to convince yourself to do the whole process of getting up and down over and over again.

I’d also mention in the conversation that he needs to be a little bit more compassionate. You are his partner and he knew that you were chronically ill. Your illness is going to make shit suck sometimes for him, but yelling at you and demanding that you do more because life is so fucking hard for him right now does no one a damn bit of good. If he wants this shit to last the long haul, he needs to turn off the damned tunnel vision and realize that maybe he isn’t the only one suffering right now.

Because if he doesn’t get his shit straight, you might just blind his ass with your brightness as you leave his ass in the dust. Because you do not deserve to be treated like a second class citizen in your own relationship. Trust me, I did it and you don’t even get a t-shirt out of it.

Anyway, no matter what you do now or in the future, I love you and support you in all of your endeavors. You should not be too afraid to shine like the star you are. You are brilliant, smart, kind, and a good friend.

Let no man ever diminish your shine.

With great affection,

Queen Cashmere

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Hi, I'm a het aro cis man in a long time QPR with a gay man, my best friend for years and I couldn't be happier in that part of my life but I've been having some trouble lately outside of it. Specifically, I've been feeling pretty isolated. I have friends, both straight and LGBT+, with plenty of overlap between them, but a lot of the time either group will kind of band together, which makes sense, there's value in shared experiences, a need for support from those like you. (Part 1 of 3)

The problem I’ve been having is that I don’t have that. As a heterosexual cis man, I understand my LGBT+ friends aren’t going to find me to share their experiences, even my QPP can be distant at times, which is all understandable, but as an aromantic in a QPR with a man, I have trouble fitting in with my straight friends as well. Basically I’m too straight for my gay friends and too gay for my straight friends. (Part 2 of 3)

Again, I completely understand needing the support of like people, it’s just that, I can’t seem to find that for myself anywhere. I’ve talked to some of my friends and my QPP about this but you can’t force this kind of thing. Lately I’ve just been feeling it more. I’m at a loss, how does one find something like that as 20-something adult? This doesn’t even cover how impossible I’ve found it to even meet girls who maintain interest past finding out I’m aro. (Part 3 of 3)

Ahh, this is a difficult situation, to be sure. My suggestion is to try and become more active in the aro community! Regardless of our place in the LGBT+ community (I really, really prefer to stay out of any sort of discourse so I won’t go into my opinions on the matter) the aro community is full of people who experience that part of your identity. You might be able to find that sense of community here, if you wish. I urge you to use the chat feature to talk to me on tumblr, if you wish! I would be happy to have a discussion with you about it. 

The first step is trying to find friends who have similar experiences that you do! It doesn’t matter what age you are or where in your life you are, you can always find people who share experiences with you. You have a really healthy attitude about it, in my opinion, and I would encourage you to message me or other aromantic people online to try and find that sort of community support! We are here for you!! Stay strong, and once again I urge you to contact me, if you wish! 

Hokay so. Midnight musings. I have a character I take everywhere. They’re a Navy vet. And I’d love to try something new with them: specifically him having married a friend so they could cash in on those gi bill benefits too. School, healthcare, both, whatever. Everything about them would be open since it’s a friend helping a friend and romance doesn’t have to be a thing. Just two pals frauding the man.

We can also toss in some drama ofc because what good is RP with out it?

EDIT: Also worth noting–he’ll probably be straight (idk yet), but he’d still totally marry a bro if his friend needed these benefits for any reason. 

IwaOi being (the Worst) Wingmen

  • Both being too attractive to be a proper wingman to begin with.
  • But they like to help (Iwa for genuinely wanting his friends to get their dream girl/man and Oikawa for thinking he’s born cupid and shouldn’t waste his talent.)
  • They once try to set up their respective friends.
  • They work fantastically together, keeping the conversation flowing, finishing each other’s sentences and acting naturally when they need to find excuses to leave their friends alone without plan. 
  • They find way too many excuses and have a lot of alone time with each other as well.
  • They end up getting together before their friends ever do. 

platonic plots I’m always a sucker for

  • love me, love my person: two people who come as a set and if you can’t love both of them, you don’t get either of them
  • you’re the only one who understands: where they have a shared experience they can’t talk about with anyone else
  • the smol and the tol: lots of piggy back rides and reaching for things and even better if the tol is super tough with everyone else but is just a derp with the smol
  • NO WE ARE NOT DATING, WE ACTUALLY ARE JUST FRIENDS: they get sick of being asked this because why can’t people just be friends and be this close
  • “we’ve been single together forever and you’re my right hand man tbh but now you’ve met someone and are you replacing me? do i not matter anymore? are we still friends? was i just a placeholder” “find some chILL FRIEND OF COURSE YOU’RE STILL IMPORTANT TO ME I still need you that’s not how friendship works”
  • the one who always wants to fight being bffs with the literally cinnamon roll sunshine baby
  • the friends who flirt constantly and everyone thinks they’re hooking up but they’re not, and then one of them meets someone else and the other one is really happy for them 
  • you’re crazy matches my crazy: nobody gets them but each other
  • “our friends set us up on a date because they thought we’d be perfect for each other and we are but we’re not attracted to each other but we’re still soulmates”
  • the sarcastic one and the bitchy one judging everybody together