these are freaking amazing!!

Look I knew that Derek Jacobi was in Murder on the Orient Express but I did not know that his character’s name is freaking Edward Henery Masterman.


LoT 3x07 atomwave headcanon

so this episode was freaking amazing. i am having all the mick feels rn which i cannot even BEGIN to describe coherently! but there was something at the end of the episode that struck me as odd. you know when they’re sitting around eating lady johnson’s pecan pie? all of the team seem to be sitting around the main table in the middle - except ray. he’s sitting off to one side, at a table for two, alone.

ray, the most enthusiastic about being part of the team, is actively not sitting with the team? but then i looked closer. while most of the legends are drinking champagne, ray has a bottle of beer. and - wait. there’s another bottle of beer on his table for two. in front of the empty chair.

for a closer look:

HMMMMM. WHO ELSE ON THE WAVERIDER DRINKS BEER OH MAN THIS IS A TOUGH ONE. and who is currently brooding alone in the kitchenette?


so why would ray be sitting at a table for two with two bottles of beer? my highly atomwave-biased answer would be: he’s worried about mick, about how he’s coping with having confronted his father in vietnam, and wants to keep an eye on him, wants to try and talk to him, make sure he’s alright. bc you KNOW nate will have told ray everything that happened out there. and lets be honest, mick doesn’t look like he wants to be here, with the team, celebrating. even tho, hello, food is one of mick’s favourite things in life. he still looks like he’d rather be somewhere else. it would be just like ray to give mick one of those bright smiles and convince him to stay, just for a slice of pecan pie, and a beer.


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Without hesitation, Hanzo grabs Jesse by the front of his blue and white gingham shirt, and he crashes their lips together. He fists the shirt and presses himself against Jesse’s body, suddenly desperate for contact. His cowboy tastes of the spices Ana used in her jerky and sweat from a long day’s ride in the sun.

– Chapter 19 “Constellations” of Petals on the River by bamfbugboy and @ijaat

This commission art was done by @Kazimo. Please check out their artwork and consider commissioning them! Kazimo captured this moment so wonderfully, and we are so touched by the thought and care that went into this piece! Thank you very much!!

im so sick of the characterisation in media of the playboy man, the guy that sleeps around and knows he’s attractive and jokes about it,  but as soon as the woman (who is probably ‘uptight’) starts to be interested in someone, the man gets all jealous and shitty abt it and starts making snide comments and refusing to speak to her, bc he just assumed she would always be there, dateless and alone, just waiting for him to notice her, and in the end SHE’S the one who ends up apologising and repairing his poor broken ego and they all live happily ever after. fuck that.