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170321 SHINee World V in Vancouver

Taemin: Minho….your English is good <3

Minho : Thank You :)

Jjong : good English ( thumps up)

Minho: ur English is good too

jjong: thank you too

Taemin : What about me ?

Minho: hmmmm…..not bad

Taemin: what???

Minho : Taemin you ..Not bad …so so…lol

Key: hey …what is this shirt ? freestyle 

Taemin:……“no money” …I’m hot …ok cut …I say u know….haahahaha

cr: 525silverriver

venialityyy  asked:

What are the 104th and vets thoughts on feminism and how active is such an emancipation wave in the SnK world?

Mikasa: The kind of feminist who punches everyone who talks shit
Reiner: Too sexist for that
Bertholdt: Wants women to be equal, but not that hard
Annie: Likes the idea but doesn’t do anything for it
Eren: Totally thinks women are just as badass as guys, isn’t too informed on intersectional issues though
Jean: Thinks feminism is cool, but can’t really stop using problematic language
Marco: ‘Hate breeds hate uwu’
Sasha: Will wear a vagina costume and stare at you until you realized the true beauty of female empowerment
Connie: Likes feminism, but fucks up checking his priviledge
Historia: Wears ‘down with cis’ shirts to make ppl uncomfortable
Armin: This is what a feminist looks like
Ymir: Trans inclusive feminist who thrives on the ‘lesbian man hater’ trope
Levi: “Who run the world”
Hanji: “Girls!”
Erwin: Would be one of the ppl who don’t care about feminism until they have a daughter, is for equality in general though
Nanaba: Feminist to the last breath
Mike: Thumbs up

As for the world: What emancipation wave lol since the whole situation of women is kinda different there feminism is not as big and doesn’t have as much room

Morning sex

A/N: Life is busy, so here is a drabble. Enjoy.

Warnings: Smut.

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You’ve been arguing with Dean this time around more than usual.

It was of course for nothing. Him letting his socks next to the pile of dirty clothes instead to put them on the pile, you not closing properly the toothpaste, him not completely cleaning after he shave, you not always hanging his shirts the way they should. Small nothings that get you on each other nerves simply because you didn’t have a monster or two to kill and get rid of the extra energy. 

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Birth and Bloodletting: Part Four


He didn’t want to believe Keir’s words. But the smug superiority of them, the male knew something. Something world shattering. And he was going to get answers but first, he had to get Feyre and his children out of this Hellhole.

“Get her out of here! Winnow her somewhere besides this fucking cell!” Rhys snarled.

His mate was ready to give birth to his children and she was in a dank cell, a cell meant to suffocate magic, a cell where nightmares were made flesh. She was vulnerable and he was blind and-

“No,” She said through gritted teeth. “It’s too late. They’re coming.”


Nate stripped the shirt from Keir’s chest. He bound the male’s arms to the iron chair. He took a generous amount of satisfaction from seeing the male in pain. Nate dug his nails into Keir’s arms, meeting his eyes.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?”

Keir looked back up at him, his face stony. The only indication of pain was the intensity of his eyes. The same eyes that he, himself, had. One of the reasons he avoided a mirror.

A small smile etched on his grandfather’s face. “You would know, wouldn’t you?”

He clicked his tongue; memories of his grandfather breaking his bones, memories of Keir learning that he was an artist, Keir breaking his wrists, his fingers, jarred in his mind. Memories of relearning how to sketch, hiding his reasons for needing the extra practice, needing to be left alone to draw, to paint. Memories of turning Baylor away, lying to Baylor, while Ash healed him. His cousin knew. He refused to heal him unless he had the truth.So he told him under secrecy. And if Baylor ever figured out that he or Ash hid something like that from him..

Keir tilted his head, “You didn’t tell anyone about our family bonding experiences. Why?”

Nate lowered to his haunches, meeting his eyes. “Because when I got older, able to fight back, I wanted to be the one to kill you.”

Keir’s smiled widened, “And now you don’t get to. Shame.”

Nate took the circlet from atop his grandfather’s hair and looked at the glittering metal. Breaking the circlet, Nate examined the sharpened jagged end of the metal before turning his eyes on Keir.

“Do you know what it feels like to have metal sink between your ribs and into your lung?” Nate tilted his head. “Did you know that when you pierce the lung and blood starts to fill your precious air space that you start to pray to the Mother? Pray that you live long enough to get to your Cauldron Blessed cousin so he can heal you in secret? Because I do.”

He slid the jagged metal between Keir’s ribs. “You look so surprised that I would do this.”

The male’s lips parted, his eyes widened and his breath shuddered at the contact of metal piercing his lung. Blood spilled onto Nate’s fingers. Giving the male a grim smile, Nate twisted the circlet with a  jerk of his wrist.

“After all Keir, I am your blood.”


Feyre had barely registered that Nate had winnowed back into room; her nephew’s face was set with grim determination, his red-stained fingers shook. Bay looked up at him, his brows furrowed. 

She worried about him also but she was more focused on the pain. And Cauldron it hurt. If fucking hurt. She thought getting her neck snapped and dying was pain, no. This is pain. “I don’t understand,” She gritted out. “I st- still have a month before I’m due.”

Azriel quietly rolled up his sleeves, “Between getting to Rhys and the strain of your magic and stress, you  jump started your labor.” His eyes slid to Bay and Nate. Nate’s face mirrored Azriel’s and Bay’s was bone white.

“Bay, go find Cassian and Blake,” Azriel said. “Tell them Feyre is giving birth. Nate, hot water, towels, a sterile blade.” Just in case. “Go.”

“Yes sir,” Nate said. Taking Bay’s wrist, Nate winnowed.

Azriel lowered to his haunches, his face a calm mask. The only thing belaying the calm was the intensity of his eyes. “Are you ready to give birth?”


The High Lady let out a strangled cry. Beside her, Rhys was rubbing her back, his voice strained. “You can do this, Feyre darling.”

Rhys’s shoulders were tight, his face strained. But his shadows told him he was struggling. Rhys wanted to eliminate him as a threat to his mate, for whatever reason. His mate was defenseless, giving birth, in the home of the worst monsters in all of Prythian. And he was blind. The High Lord didn’t see him, the male who would lay down his life for him and his court, he saw a male who was extremely close to his vulnerable mate.

“Rhys,” Azriel said. “I am not going to hurt her, I need to help her. Will you let me?”

“Yes,” Rhys ground out.

“Well thank the Cauldron,” Feyre gritted. “Can you please help me?”

A smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“I found everything you needed,” Nate winnowed in. Azriel glanced at his son. Nate held…a lot of towels and a bowl of water, steam billowing from the clear liquid.

“Very good,” Azriel murmured. He settled between Feyre’s legs. “It’s time.”


The female had heard Keir’s groans from where she was. She had heard the male- Nate- list the things Keir had done to him. She had no love for Nate or his family but what Keir did. That was unacceptable. A child should not have to live in fear or be targeted by such cruelty. Keir was a necessary evil that she had to tolerate but now that the plan had failed, she needed to erase herself from the scene and let him get the punishment he deserved.

The female surveyed the guards in front of the door. Stone faced and armed to the teeth. She supposed they were just doing their jobs. But she needed in the room, needed to get to Keir before his interrogation truly began.

Her lips curled into a ruby smile, her head tilted, her shock of ever-changing hair slid over her shoulder. “You want to let me in.”

The shorter male blinked slowly, his hand moving to the bar to open the iron door. She smiled, slipping into the room, “Thank you.”

Keir sat chained to an iron chair, the circlet atop protruded in his side. Blood was still seeping from the wound, thick and black. The skin beneath his arms blackened and peeled, his fingers bent in unnatural positions, ash bolted his palms to the chair. He looked to be in a great deal of pain. Good. He deserved it. He looked up at her. “Ter-”

“Ah, ah,” She tisked. “We need to have a chat before you are subjected to interrogation.”

His face hardened, his eyes betrayed a hopeless glint. He was realizing she wasn’t here to save him. “Bitch-”

She gripped his bound arms, her black nails digging into his bleeding skin. “You are going to forget everything you know about me. The only thing you are going to remember was you staged a coup and that you failed.  And when they interrogate you, you will feel the pain in a tenfold. You will believe you deserve it. Because you do.”

Keir’s face slacked, his eyes blinking slowly up at her. “Who are you?”

She smiled, “Very good. It’s been interesting doing business with you, Keir. I hope you choke on your blood.”


Charred flesh littered the floor, the smell vile enough Cassian had to cover his nose with his elbow. What the fuck happened here? Stepping over a blackened corpse, Cassian spied a ashy-blonde head of hair.

He paused, lowering his elbow. “Bay, what the fuck- why are you here?” He was supposed to be in Velaris with Feyre and Aysel, not covered in blood and soot and looking like he had seen a ghost.

“FeyreisintheCellsgivingbirthyouneedtogo.” Bay was speaking so fast he could barely make out the words, his sons eyes were wide with panic. “Now.”

Blake blinked. “Care to run that by us again?”

Bay glared at him, his voice over enunciated. “Feyre is in the Cells giving birth. Get your asses down there now.”


Feyre clenched her teeth, her chin to her chest, and pushed.

She took in breath, filling her lungs with air. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she tried to keep her magic contained, her palms against the brutally cold stone beneath her. Inhaling sharply, Feyre pushed.

Azriel’s eyes flicked up to hers for mere seconds, “Again.”

She shook her head, sweat beading her skin.“I can’t.”

“Yes you can, Feyre.” Rhys encouraged. “You survived Amarantha and Hybern and Tamlin. You survived near-starvation, war, death. You can do this.”

“Shut up,” she groaned. “It’s your fault I got pregnant in the first place.”

Nate snorted; a smile tugged on Azriel’s lips.

“Again,” Azriel repeated. “Nate, get the towel ready.”

Her nephew knelt down beside his father, holding out a plush ebony towel. He was steady, save for the slight trembling of his hands.

She pushed.

“I see hair, Aunt Feyre.” Nate said. “You’re doing so good.”

Rhys’s breathing hitched, his palm stiffening at her back. She blinked the tears from her eyes and smiled at him, her fingers gripping his thigh.

“Big one,” Azriel coached. She gritted her teeth and pushed.

She heard it. The most beautiful sound she had ever heard. Her child was crying and so was Rhys.

Azriel looked up at them. “It’s a boy.” She could almost hear the but in his voice. Was there something wrong with her son?

Nate leaned over, wrapping an ebony towel around her son before placing him in Rhys’s arms. She glanced at her son. A shock of black hair and blue grey eyes. He was beautiful.

“Hello Bat,” Rhys said softly, his thumb brushing their son’s cheek. Nate dug another towel out, readying for the next birth. “Rhys, do you want to cut the cord?” Azriel glanced over her legs at her mate. Rhys cut it. Azriel’s eyes looked to hers. “Ready for the next one?”

She looked back and nodded.


Cassian and Blake stood guard at the entrance of the Cells. It was too much. His mate’s unseeing eyes flashed in his head. He didn’t trust himself to stay calm so he opted for guard duty and his thoughts kept going back to the female Blake was dancing with. Her eyes.

“Are you alright, Commander?” Blake asked.

That was the question and Cassian hated answering it. So he opted to not answer it at all. Blake’s eyes glanced at him. “Cassian?”

“I’m fine, Blake.”

Blake snorted. “So that’s where Bay get’s it from.”

“Excuse me?”

“Both of you pretend you’re fine and when asked how you are doing, you both dismiss the asker with an ‘I’m fine.’ It’s obvious neither of you are.”

A female appeared in front of them. The same female Blake said was dead. Cassian slid his hand to his sword. “Who are you?”

She smiled up at him. “That is for me to know and you to forget. You do not remember me dancing with Blake. You remember a golden haired and brown eyed female instead. She was killed. Run through with a sword. Nothing was amiss and you never had a second thought about it.

“I remember nothing,” Cassian said. 

“Very good,”  she smiled. Darkness wrapped around her and she disappeared.

A minute later, Cassian turned to Blake. “Bay and I are dealing. We will be fine. Eventually.” He just hoped he wasn’t lying.

Blake paused. “Do you hear that?”

Cassian sighed, unsheathing his sword. “We have company.”


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Unspoken Rules of Crossfit
  • Take your shirt off before entering the gym
  • Bring a clean, post WOD shirt to put on and then take off again before doing some skill work post WOD
  • No such thing as “too much chalk”
  • Always drop your weights/KB/DB from the highest point possible
  • 10lb plates look cool. Use as many as possible
  • If you don’t like the coach’s music, go ahead and change it mid-WOD
  • Talk shit to everyone you beat, even if they used heavier weight/“did the WOD RX’d”
  • If anyone beats you, explain how you’re injured/sick/are tapering for an alligator wrestling match
  • Go ahead and just grab which ever piece of equipment is closest to you.
  • Leave your equipment out so the next class doesn’t have to pull a bar from the rack, they’ll thank you for it!
  • Tell people about the time you met Rich Froning
  • When you get to the gym, take all the stuff out of your gym bag and just kind of “strew it about”
  • Do your own warm up
  • When coach is explaining the workout, that’s a great time to catch up on instagram. Don’t worry, she’ll go over it for you again later
  • Kick the chalk bucket over
  • “Baptise” a bar with your DNA, blood is X-Treme!!!
  • After the WOD, hang out by the next class and talk really loudly. Don’t stick around to cheer though.
  • You can never have too much chalk
  • If the WOD has lifting and running, keep two pairs of shoes out. Change shoes every round.
  • Wear a belt for rowing, it’s basically a DL
  • Set the damper on the rower to 10. That’s how people know you pull like a badass.
  • Only talk to the people who RX the WOD
  • Give girls tips on lifting. They’re girls, so naturally they are weak and don’t understand stuff
  • If a girl gives you a lifting tip, don’t acknowledge it, you don’t want to encourage that kind of behavior.
  • Use the girls tip to PR later, pass the cue off as your own.
  • Wear gloves
  • Break equipment and then just put it in the corner without telling anyone.

When it comes to sportswear, Laurent is a little tease. He wears shorts just that little bit too high up his thigh and tight t-shirts. At least when he’s in a good and devious mood. When he’s feeling a little shitty he prefers his sweatpants and a slightly looser shirt. Damen likes him both ways of course: the hot tease and the moody and cuddly Laurent. He always wears his hair up, but strands always end up falling into his face, curling slightly from his sweaty temples. He refuses to wear a head band though; Damen looks silly enough in them and Laurent will certainly not be embarrassing himself like that.

“I know this is a problem almost everywhere, but I’m very upset it’s almost impossible to find Disney Princesses t-shirts here in Brazil. One day, I cried tears of joy ‘cause I found an Aurora t-shirt, but then, when I tried it on, it was too right because of my “generous” boobs and I cried tears of sadness. A few days ago I even looked at a little girl at the mall with envy because she was wearing a Belle t-shirt! The only wearable Princesses items I own are Ariel and Aurora slippers.”

Mikael Granlund - Small Spoons

Anon: hii i know that mikael granlund isn’t on the list but would you still write about him? if not then maybe patrik laine for this one?? so my request is something with him being very tired and stressed and he comes home late and you guys cuddle (with him as the small spoon) and he falls asleep on you

A/N: I was majorly jamming to One Direction as I wrote this, no idea why, but I got in my feels. Minnesota is my mom’s favorite team too, so that’s cute. Mikael is cute. Lot’s of cute. Hope you enjoy!! I’m almost through my requests and then I’ll open requests again! 

Warning/s: None that I know of

Word count: 716

Song: Tee Shirt - Cover by Jess and Gabriel (bc I love them)

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hoseok sitting on yoongis lap, one knee pressing tight between yoongis thighs and the other leg pressing against the outside of yoongis thigh. hoseok riding yoongis thigh wearing only panties and a t shirt thats too big for him. yoongi gently tucking hoseoks panties under the swell of his ass so he can gently run his finger down hoseoks hole. yoongi gently pressing his finger into the tight circle of muscle between hoseoks legs. hoseok pressing his forehead into the side of yoongis neck, letting out deep breaths. yoongi pushing his finger in inch by inch, so careful and gentle so he doesnt hurt hoseok. yoongi finally pressing his whole finger in before he starts to move it, listening to hoseoks laboured breathing against his collar bones. yoongi gently asking if he can put another finger in, running his free hand up an down hoseoks back to comfort him. hoseok barely nodding against yoongi, but shifting his hips slightly so yoongi knows he wants it. yoongi gently pressing a second finger into hoseok. this time hoseok moans quietly, sucking in tight breaths as yoongi presses in. yoongi gets both fingers entirely in, and then he starts flexing and shifting his fingers , and hoseoks arms tighten around yoongi’s neck as if to hold on, and his eyes are glassy and his breath is catching on every inhale. yoongi turns his face so his mouth is against hoseoks hair when he asks “does jt feel good, baby?” in his low voice and hoseok just whines, soft and airy, and yoongi thinks its the most erotic thing hes ever heard. yoongi can feel the hardness of hoseoks cock pressing against his thigh, the precum oozing out of him making his panties wet and uncomfortable against both their skins, but hoseoks pressing down, rubbing himself against yoongis thigh while simultaneously pressing back on yoongis fingers and yoongis so hard in his shorts, fully clothed while hoseok melts on top of him, but he doesnt move to touch himself because he wants hoseok to feel good, but hoseoks knee is pressing between his thighs and against his bulge and all he wants is to rut against hoseoks thigh. so yoongi starts moving his own hips while he twists his fingers inside hoseok and hoseok keeps making these erotic noises and pressing himself into yoongis thigh, forehead in the juncture of yoongis neck. and yoongi asks “are you okay baby?” and hoseok just nods and gasps and scrunches his face up. so yoongi presses deeper, and he finds a rough patch of skin and drags his fingers over it and hoseok comes in his panties, come spilling out the sides of his underwear and running down yoongis thigh, and hoseok goes completely limp against yoongi, breath deep and uneven. and yoongis still so hard, but he stops moving his hips and gently slips his fingers out of hoseok. hoseok gently lifts his head to look at yoongi and his eyes are like glass and theres a shining blush high on his cheeks, so yoongi takes his face in his hands and kisses him as gently as you would a diamond. “did that feel good?” yoongi whispers against hoseoks mouth, and hoseok smiles gently and presses his knee down between yoongis thighs and whispers “yeah”

Things I want to do with Gray

(Will obvi be updated on the reg)

•touch his arms
•cuddle next to his arms
•trace the muscles on his arms
•make him wear shirts that show off his arms
•make him stay scruffy sometimes
•stare at him
•touch his back
•i would willingly massage his back
•make fun of his pasty thighs
•adopt a dog together
•rest my head over his shoulder while he’s too focused on editing trying to get him to stop and take a break to eat
•take a cheesy candid of him wherever we go so he has a good insta post
•wipe my lipstick off his lips after we kiss
•hug him a lot because then his arms are squeezing me and ultimately hopefully killing me so I can just die happy
•go hiking with him at Runyon
•go get food with Ethan as our 3rd wheel
•help him buy clothes and sit in the fitting room while he tries clothes on and hates them all
•watch him work out while I eat a bag of chips
•play with his hair while he sleeps in my lap
•run my fingers through his messy hair
•laugh at his bed head in the morning
•convince him to keep his hair a little longer
•make fun of his hat hair and try to sort it out
•make fun of his Ethan tattoo on his foot
•poke his side to make him laugh when he gets too serious
•make him wear sweatpants more often
•tell him to not wear socks and slides
•wow touch his side where the muscley part is and just realize how soft it is
•like have you noticed how soft his skin looks
•hold his lil baby hand
•I would really probably rather hold his arm really
•grab his arm whenever I want like when waiting in line at Starbucks
•watch him struggle to put on and take off a wet suit and not help
•make him sleep instead of edit bc he’s cranky and looks cute in his lil editing robe


We’re out for dinner as Alfie is 25 today! I bought him front row tickets to see Seann Walsh too, so we’re heading there after. Also, I popped into primark earlier and bought THE white embroidered shirt (farrr too long, looks like a dress but hey I’m wearing it anyway!) and these cute loafers that were only £2!!!


I haven’t posted any selfies in about 10 years so here have an outfit from the other month that I liked (don’t reblog pls!!). But yeah, life is too short to not match your sunglasses to your dress

(in which it’s been a pretty good week and I’m sort of on top of things, so prayer circle I actually get some Chisolm’s 7 writing done this weekend because oh my lord I’ve been unproductive after work lately haha)

Guess we’re goin’ at an arcade today, sweet. Also, we’re back with this beautiful title card.

Okay that’s like the first time i see Steven wear something else than the star shirt. I love the fact that he wears a jacket AND sandals. I dress illogically like this too often.

Also, a stealth mission? Sounds important, why do they have to be quiet?

Amethyst come on don’t make sweet potato look bad infront of his moms.


Okay Garnet, HOW? Are you some kind of a magician or is this place just having some really fucked up logic? Where even are they?

Oh hello, mister.

anonymous asked:

What's wrong with the all lives matter thing? I thought it was a good thing 😨

think of it like this, girlie

you’re at a charity marathon that is raising money for breast cancer patients. everyone is wearing pink so they can support the cause. it’s pink balloons everywhere, pink packaged snacks n drinks etc. but then some random ass person comes in with a blue shirt on screaming “WHAT ABOUT THROAT CANCER?!!? THATS IMPORTANT TOO?!?” uhhh?????? no. the theme is breast cancer. that’s what we’re focusing on bc it’s been the most deadliest cancer as of lately and we’re just trying to raise money to help these patients suffering from it. then the person goes “OH?? BUT STILL. #THROATCANCER MATTERS. BYE. IF U DONT RAISE MONEY FOR ALL CANCERS URE WACK”

how replace “breast cancer” w black lives/muslim lives and “throat cancer” w white lives.

see how kinda fucked up it is?? like black lives, muslim lives are the problems the world is trying to focus on and fix because they are important people who has been hurt so many times throughout history n as of lately. no disrespect to “throat cancer” but sorry y'all not di main focus. this isn’t a throat cancer event. “breast cancer” is more important rn bc people suffering from it needs the most help.