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We got burned a couple times with some really important story points before, so I knew when we were going to have a third and final “A,” that we needed to make that person a series regular, so we knew they would be available to us when the episode was airing — and however often we wanted to have them on screen up until then.
—  Marlene King (does this confirm they’ve had certain actors cast in past, but had to change them last minute?)

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Imagine you, a four-year-old wolf pup, call Derek ‘Mommy’ whenever it was just you two, but when you get hurt you call him ‘Mommy’ in front of the pack and when you are in bed after with your great-Uncle Peter, Stiles makes a joke about Derek being a ‘maternal’ parent.

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Your understanding of the word “Mommy” didn’t include gender. You’d just started calling Derek that when you’d noticed the other children calling their caretakers that, and none of the Hales had ever bothered to correct you because it was so darn funny and cute. Derek really didn’t mind, and didn’t take a second thought to it now. He was so used to responding to it that your little calls of “Mommy” when you wanted him didn’t even register as strange anymore. You may as well have been his pup, after all, with how much he took care of you.

Honestly, Derek was kind of wary of the day when you got older and realized that he wasn’t your Mommy.

The first time he’d ever been embarrassed of you calling him that was when you’d jumped from Peter’s hold on you when Derek had returned to the loft after being gone all day, Stiles and Scott on his heels while you called excitedly, “Mommy, Mommy!” They’d given him an amused look, but said nothing.

Glancing into your room now, where you’d forced Peter to lay down with you on your bed so you could sleep, Stiles finally approached Derek with a joke on his tongue, “So you’re the more maternal parent, huh?”

Derek sighs, unable to stop the small smile coming to his lips regardless of how he shoots back to Stiles, “Shut up, Stiles.”

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Can I get your opinion on an idea for Hamilton B99 AU? Part 1: The 98 precinct temporarily take up residence and one of the detectives is no one other than Thomas Jefferson! Alexander and Jefferson do not see eye to eye, and their rivalry soon escalates when Jefferson finds out that Alexander was responsible for his breakup with Angelica Schuyler, Eliza's sister! They have a huge police brawl when tensions with the 98 start to burst while Mulligan was arresting a dirty cop from the 98.

Part 2: Washington breaks up the brawl and told everyone that the 98 had to relocate after someone ACCIDENTALLY broke a pipe in the 99 precinct. He also the 99 that congratulations are in order because Jefferson’s transfer papers came through and he is now a detective of the 99 precinct much to Hamilton and Jefferson’s horror who both hate each other now.

Part 3: The reason for Angelica and Jefferson’s break up happened on the night of a charity ball that Angelica’s law firm was holding. By now, Angelica’s law career was beginning to rise and she had the perfect relationship with Jefferson or at least she seems to think so. Angelica took a moment to get a little of fresh air outside where she met Hamilton on the balcony. They exchange a few words and both noticing how they match wits until Hamilton points out that she’s not satisfied.

Part 4: Confused and little insulted by Hamilton’s remark, he explained that she did not strike him as a woman who’s never been satisfied because he never been satisfied in his life either, always wanting more in life. At the time, Hamilton was interning at a lawyer’s firm while he was still in college and despite finally reaching to the top, he was still not happy. He was only out on the balcony to debate his life choice and ended up finding Angelica.

Part 5: So here, he could find a kindred-spirit with Angelica who’s not satisfied either not because of her job, but her relationship with Jefferson. He offered some kind words to Angelica who knew what she had to do now and he bid her farewell after stealing away Angelica’s heart. She broke up with Jefferson later that night. And five years later, Jefferson finally connect the dots after Hamilton was also there that night at the ball.

Part 6: Jefferson figured it out when Hamilton was offering his sympathy for his ex-girlfriend dumping him and not knowing that Angelica was his girlfriend. They also went back and forth with questions about what occupation she had, where was she when she dumped him, what was she doing that night at the ball, and striking them both to the same conclusion that she told him she was not satisfied. In response to this revelation, Jefferson tackled Hamilton to the ground when the precinct went nuts.

Part 7: Angelica did tried to find Hamilton again, but only found out that he left the firm he was interning at and he decided to not become a lawyer. Instead, he left to join the police academy to become a detective of the law because he wanted to have the chance to stop criminals sooner before it was too late to do anything about it. His talk with Angelica was one of the reasons that gave him the convincing of his true calling in life. Too bad, it ended up giving him a black eye for it.

its a pretty cool au in my opinion 

It’s currently 2am and I’m starting to fall asleep at my desk, I’ll finish the palette drawings that were sent tonight tomorrow morning when I wake up. Though I can’t guarantee that I will be able to finish any sent after the 4 I currently have in my inbox considering they’re quite detailed but I’ll try! Goodnight! I hope you guys are happy and feelin’ swell and that life is treating you nicely. Just keep putting out those positive vibes and sweet dreams my friends.