these are for friends in the fandom i have had for awhile these do not include any new friends

perfectlydecadenthurricane  asked:

In one of your last posts about CC you said: "D met B in 2012 in London, showcased by an infamous series of tweets tracking an all night club crawl, lost weekend thing and literal actual orgy these two had with three women" This really happened or it's just a rumor?

The tweets from one of the women were out there at the time, and the intent was to present that first meeting as wild and epic, I think.  As we know, tweets and even photos can be staged. 

 One of the women was supposedly a London DJ, while two of the women were self-described as models and actress wanna be and artist types and close pals who were hanging out in a bar when they were picked up for a wild weekend of debauchery by the other three.  One, a slinky redhead, posted a series of tweets, with everyone’s twitters attached, including some hashtags that were pretty descriptive, including, IF I remember correctly, and I am old, honey, the actual word “orgy” and compared them to playboy mansion nights, saying ‘Lets do it again soon,” or something similar.

 Seems like there was some notion within fandom that the redhead was relentless, talkative, stalkery, and would be trouble.  Sounds a lot like someone he later got saddled with, but best I recall she was well-known to others in London as a local regular on the party scenes who wanted to make it big in show business, and would do whatever it took to make it happen, including trying to make her way to America.  I honestly can’t recall if we got photos or not, but this girl never seemed like a welcomed or sanctioned presence, only a dangerous and uncontrolled one.  It seemed like there was some talk for awhile that D had a dangerous obsession with her for a hot minute, and intervention was required.  It did set him up as a wild and reckless bad boy at the time they were tearing down gay rumors.  So there’s that. 

 D does, and has, made some strange trips (a Saudi Prince’s birthday with Whitney, Usher, and Mariah?) to old London town.  And Washington, D.C.  Japan.  Germany.  Exotic isles with wealthy publishers (Daman) and a soccer team, supposedly for a photo shoot and anniversary celebration.  Wonder what happed to those photos?  D on a beach with other gorgeous men in swimsuits?  Who wouldn’t publish that?  Somebody didn’t, after spending all that money.

 Sorry, I am rambling, which is what pretty pony D causes us all to do.  And he knows it.  But we did get Ben, for those who paid attention and remembered, and pretty much he kept popping up here and there very randomly after that.  D started mentioning him here and there as someone whose music and work he followed, making him more known to us, although he seemed to be well-known in Europe and in the industry.  

Funny, but there was a brunette, too, as the best friend of the redhead.  Maybe this group at iHeart, minus M at the moment, and minus the DJ, is the actual group we had then, shaded to look like something else. Maybe not.

 And since I wasn’t there myself, in the room with the sweaty bodies, I can’t swear that it happened, only that all the tempest in a British teapot happened at least online, and fandom was “aware and alert.” So, REAL real or PR real, it was one of the first with D and his new image, Ben and swinging London added in, we (fandom at the time) were all just learning about PR and the new team, and our focus was D himself. 

 Fandom at that time stretched to folks that were in Great Britain and Europe, too, Paris and nearly anywhere he could go, so it was peak time for D in several global hot spots, and there were eyes everywhere, real and, as we were to learn, paid for, as we witnessed and were part of the actual evolution of social media public relations teams take off,  with interest in Glee actors and their fans around the world.  We just didn’t always know what we were seeing, or who, at first, to trust.  

But we all shared, and learned pretty fast.  Some we thought were friends were PR, some became PR as they were “bought” into a new line of work.  Which usually lasted only as long as they were eventually exposed, then they were dumped.  

They won’t talk, and I don’t blame them, they don’t need to, but the only ones I trust totally are the members of the C and D online site, all good people, as far as I can see.  They were there before me, so I am sure they saw this, have better records, recall more details.  Not saying others aren’t, they are out there, just saying we have all learned better.  And I prefer being the outside agitator.

 I have always kept my distance a little, and am older than the universe (no, I am not M and D’s ‘relationship’), and just say what I need to say, for my own reasons. I sometimes feel the need to “change the story” that we are being fed, since I see what they are trying to do and herd us in a particular direction that normally feels unhealthy. 

 I like chaos theory much better, the truth shakes out usually at random, and out of desperation or necessity. I usually have an agenda, and don’t normally answer asks, so this is rare for me.  I hate bearding as a “profession,” lying as public relations, celebrity news as destroying the respectable institution of journalism (my field, and the decline is tragic and dangerous, imo), celebs leading fake lives to sell themselves to the sheep, as we have been trained to blindly attach ourselves to the stories that we are fed from celebrities in lieu of the truth we should be demanding from our leaders, and the venomous culture of Hollyweird that uses and abuses young artists to create and sell us an image of what the world is, when it clearly is not. 

 And I despise the predators, especially those that eat their own young, like Ryan, Brad, and the Fox crew, then try to whitewash themselves as good guys trying to save those poor young souls they preyed upon, lied to, used, manipulated, and abused, in order to protect the money and investments at all costs, not the actors. I don’t care if D is gay, or bi, or poly, or sleeps around, or sexes to advance his career, or never comes out. He won’t be any different, sadly, than hundreds of others, or perhaps thousands, in that respect.  The whole industry is a nightmare, and they should begin policing themselves and clean up their shit, before the public sees past the curtain of Oz and abandons them for something real.  Or the next sheep movement.  It could happen, don’t think it couldn’t.  I DO want him to find some healthier way of being in this toxic universe, and that includes his team.

 Back to Ben and the wild weekend.  D visited London pretty often after that.  Until he “bought a house!”. And then we got a few random photos of B and D hanging out in NYC while being filmed singing little songs together on the street, and Ben began popping up more in LA.  I suspect that after this album launch, and all the joint exposure they would receive, D will move on to another mentor, and another producer or director or showrunner for that next big artistic venture.  The house made it more convenient for Ben to work with D, and artists often form close relationships, even intimate ones,  with those they work closely with on personal projects or other artistic ventures.  Creatives (although they are certainly not all the same) famously break down walls that the average person would not, in the name of their art.  Or just for money.  Or they just like sex with pretty people.

I don’t like Ben. Many do.  I don’t mind if people don’t agree, this is a discussion, not walking in lock-step. He does have talent.   I call him used car Ben in my head.  He sells luxury, but he is a hitchhiker looking for that long-term limo.  And if he hangs with M, then that blows his whole classy persona, so there’s that.  And it does sort of indicate that D is running with a fast crowd, music wise.  For reference, go back to Rihanna and Kanye and who Ben has worked with, who would set him up with D as a live in producer, and there’s your answer.  Granted, D may not be there much, or very little.  But there is more to it than just M’s sweetie.

But if we get a great album from D, with real critiques and positive public reception thanks to Ben’s work, and it sets D on a new course, upward and onward to A list work, having paid his dues to rise up,  then he would have been at least more useful than the rest of that lot.  Just recall what happened to Kanye after that album, so be careful what you wish for.  We just have to hope that D is WAY more grounded in real life than his fake life seems to be.  But, fake or not, you have to play that shit out.  That means more front page tabloid fodder like all the rest of the crazies, unless you get established for talent, class, and smarts instead of just looks, sex appeal, and charisma.

I just reached 4,000 followers and I wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows me – you guys all mean the world to me and you’re the reason that tumblr is so much fun (and takes up so much of my time haha). I’ve made more friends in 10 months on tumblr than I ever dreamed possible.

For those with bolded names – I’ve made some really good friends through this website (who says you can’t make friends on the internet?), so I want to give a special mention to you. You’re all genuinely some of kindest, thoughtful, and amazing people, and I’m thankful to have you guys in my life, even if we don’t talk that often. I’ve been meaning to make a small appreciation post like this for awhile, and I figured why not do it now.

Love you all,



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