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Needy Puppy

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Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean


Notes: Dog hybrid Au, mentions of heats, bondage, 

Words: 2,946

Summary: Your hybrid dog boyfriend is at your house when his heat starts unexpectedly, a few of the boys come to help restrain him and leave you two alone so you decide to help him out~

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A Night Out

Cho Chang was sipping her Martini in the corner of the café. “I love this place. Never thought I’d say this but Blaise Zabini made a fantastic and much needed safe space. It has a much better vibe than most wizarding pubs.”

Though ‘The Liar’ had more muggle than magical customers, the concealment charms were done so well witches and wizard could walk and talk freely without any risk of exposure. There was even an enchantment in place to notify magical folk if someone knew about the wizarding world or not, making it a lot easier to flirt without falling on your face, which was useful since this was the only place in Britain where queer witches and wizards could try to court muggles or each other without the risk of being outed.

If you didn’t have someone’s permission to mention they were queer to people outside of the pub, then you couldn’t bring it up. It was physically impossible, a trick Draco Malfoy had learned during his career as death eater. Every time he woke up because of a nightmare, bathing in cold sweat, he thought about how he’d used his teenage mistakes to create a safe place for lgbt people like him with one of Voldemort’s favorite spells, and then he could relax again.

“I agree. In most pubs everyone keeps looking at me like ‘Oh, there’s the bitch that abandoned our saviour, how dare she show her face in public.’ Like, have they ever even thought that there might have been a reason I left Harry that wasn’t self-centered and awful?” Ginny took a sip of her wiskey. Since she’d become a mom free nights like this had become way to sparse for her liking, so she made good use of them when the opportunity presented itself.

Cho nodded in agreement. “Last week I was at the leaky cauldron, and some middle aged wizard actually came up to me, saying 'I’m so sorry for your loss, Cedric was a wonderful and gifted boy’, like, yes I miss him, but am I supposed to mourn about him 24/7? Am I not allowed to smile and be happy? It’s not that I don’t care about his death but it’s been fifteen years! I never opted to be the national face of mourning lovers!” She chucked back her drink and let out a frustrated sigh.

“Anyone need a refill?” Oh, if her mother could see her now. Molly would jump out of her skin.

“Evening Malfoy, haven’t seen you here in ages. And a vodka tonic since you’re asking.”

“Pans, get us some shots will you?” Malfoy sat down next to Ginny with a dramatic sigh.“That ex-husband of yours will be the death of me Weasley, I swear to Merlin.”

“Don’t offer drinks if you’re not getting them yourself, you idiot.” But Pansy went to fetch them anyway. She knew how tired and worn out Draco’s job made him, and his nights off were even more scarce than Ginny’s.

“Sorry love, tough day at work. Can’t be bothered.” He let his head rest on Ginny’s shoulder. Only three years ago they’d met for the first time since the war, but with both of them being recently divorced and queer in a homophobic society they had gotten over their differences quicker than expected.

“Not introducing me now, are we? How rude.” A tall blue haired woman in a tailored red suit approached their table.

“Ginny, Cho, meet Gabrielle. Gabrielle, meet Ginny and Cho. She’s the new Hogwarts nurse and a pain in the butt. Wouldn’t get too cozy with her.”

Ginny didn’t respond. The hair, the combat boots, the long row of piercings in her left ear, the suit. This was her. This was her dream girl. Damn.

The woman unapologetically moved first over Draco and then over Ginny, flopping down in the corner of the booth. Pansy came back with a tray full of vodka shots and began a rapid conversation in Chinese with Cho. Judging by the tone of her voice it was gossip.

Normally Ginny hated it when they locked her out of conversations like that, but the impression of the clad-in-red ass was too fresh in her memory, rendering her unable to think of anything but that. Anything but butt.

“Well Gin. Long time no see eh? Last time we met was at my sister’s wedding I think?” Ginny looked at her with new eyes. Of course. That Gabrielle. Gabrielle Delacour. She hadn’t recognized her since she now had short hair and a lean, mature body.

“Je crois que tu as réduit Ginny au silence, Gab. Félicitations, ça n'était jamais arrivé avant, même quand elle m'a vu avec Pansy dans un bar gay à Paris.” Noted Draco.

“Honnêtement, avec un corps pareil je me fiche pas mal de son silence.” Gabrielle let her eyes roam the redhead’s body for a bit, before downing her first shot and extending her hand.

“I believe new introductions are in order. It has been way too long since that wedding.” Stunned, Ginny shook her hand. There was a firm grip from both parties despite the fact that Ginny felt like she could die right there on the spot. She’d thought Fleur was beautiful, but the suit and bright blue hair dye of her sister made her feel things she’d never experienced before. Things she didn’t even know she could feel. Damn.

After another round of shots Ginny could still only listen to the woman sitting next to her, still a bit too dazed to form a full sentence. It was probably the veela blood in her veins. It had to be.

“While Ginny’s still searching for her tongue, I have to ask Draco, how exactly is Harry going to be the death of you?” Cho was usually the quieter one, but she’d downed a few drinks and could now almost outdo Pansy when it came to gossip. They were a good couple, Chang and Parkinson.

“How not is a better question. He came into my classroom three times before lunch, three times! I think even my least intelligent students are starting to notice how often their defence professor has potion related questions now. I even confiscated a betting list. Three sickels if 'Drarry’ becomes 'canon’ before the end of the year.” Draco stressed Drarry and canon with greatly exaggerated air bunnies. “I don’t even know what canon means, but if I guessed it right about half of my sixth years are going to lose some serious money if me and that idiot don’t snog before June.”

“Oh quit your whining Draco, it’s not like you don’t want 'Drarry’ to be 'canon’ or something.” Gabrielle grinned at him, looking way to smug for Draco’s liking.

He let out a deep sigh. Yes, of course he wanted to snog Potter senseless sometimes, but the messy haired man didn’t seem to grasp the seriousness of the situation. The school board already wasn’t happy with Draco as a head of House and potions professor, and turning the saviour into an unnatural, disgusting homofile could very well be the last nail in his coffin. Even if he was the only Slytherin teacher and the snakes would therefore be left without guidance if he was fired.

The needs of his students were much more important than his need to be loved. Need to be loved, ulgh. Since when did I become so sappy? Sappy for Potter of all people.

“I think Harry knows exactly what he’s doing. Or not exactly, obviously. I mean we’re still talking about Harry here, but he knows the complications of a possible relationship. He wants to use his fame for something good, something noble.” Ginny had found her tongue back, apparently. She’d also made quick use of the situation when Draco lifted his head off her shoulder by leaning into Gabrielle. Inch by inch they were drifting more towards each other, like slow working magnets.

So you’re saying he just wants to fuck me to make wizarding Britain less homophobic? Should’ve seen that one coming.”

“Draco! Don’t say stuff like that! If Harry is really going to use you I will personally knock him of his high horse and tell him he can’t treat people that way. But I won’t have to because he’s genuinely interested, and he doesn’t use people. That’s just not how he is. Get over it Malfoy, you just turned into a lovable person.” Ginny looked at him with fire in her eyes. Try to disagree with me and I will fight you, they seemed to say.

“Drarry? Is that how the kids are calling it these days?” Gabrielle snorted, removing the sudden serious atmosphere out of the conversation. “I’m sure I could think of a better couple name for the two of you.”

Draco muttered something that sounded like ‘This is exactly why I didn’t want to bring Gabrielle with me’, but other than that he responded by dropping his head on the table with a loud thud.

“Ah, look! He’s embarrassed!” Ginny upright laughed at him while slamming her hand on the table. Smooth as fuck Gabrielle “supported” Ginny’s laughter by putting an arm around her muscled waist.

“What about Malpot?”

“Or Potfoy!”

Suddenly Pansy grew serious. “Guys. Guys. Guys. Hear this. Harky.” Cho nearly choked on her drink.

“No, no, no, no, no. Listen. It should totally be Draky.”

“Aaaand…. I’m leaving.” Draco got to his feet and dramatically swung his cloak over his shoulder. “At least Harry and I have a ship name that sound better than Gabinny.”

“Oi! At least Ginny and I do more than awkwardly talk about potions.” Gabrielle put another arm around Ginny’s waist and pulled her on her lap. “Can’t say that about you two.”

“Can’t say what about who?”

Draco turned on the spot.

And was met with a pair of emerald green eyes.

Translation of the french lines (provided by the lovely @jk-destroyed-our-best-gay-ships ):

“I think you rendered Gin speechless Gab. Congratulations, that has never happened before, not even when she first saw pansy and me in that Gay club in Paris.”

“Well, with a body like that I sure don’t mind her silent to be honest”

This one shot is for @sappypotter because she was feeling down. Hope things get better soon!

Summer Boy || Jeon Jungkook (M) pt.02

Picture mine

{ pt.03 }

Jungkook x reader

Genre: Smutty plot

Word count: 6,512

~ Sorry I took so long to update and it’s not much but here is part two! I’ve been a bit busy these past two weeks but hope you enjoy ♡

it’s roughly edited sorry

   “I’m going! I’m going!”

I dabbed the liquid product against the side of my neck, blending it with my finger. I pushed my hair away from my shoulders, making sure I didn’t forget any spots. The weather was extremely hot so I couldn’t exactly go out with a turtleneck on. I moved my hair over my neck just as an extra precaution before opening the door, seeing Coco standing on the other side of it. She raised her eyebrow suspiciously at me and I just smiled at her like nothing was happening.

    “Breakfast is getting cold.” She said looking past me into the bathroom, as if to find somebody in there. I gave her a small ‘okay’ and followed her out of my room and into the kitchen where everyone was at. They all looked up from their plates as we walked in and I took the empty seat next to Emi at the island table. I greeted them all a good morning as I poured myself a glass of orange juice from the vase in the center.

     “You look well rested (Y/n).” Mina said speaking up with a bit of food still in her mouth. The other girls giggled under their breaths as I eyed them, with the edge of the glass against my lips. Bitsy nudged my arm with her elbow before passing me a plate of food Coco had served for me.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I said simply with a shrug from my shoulder, setting the glass down in front of me.

     “Come on guys. We all know (Y/n) isn’t the type to kiss and tell.” Emi said settling everyone down. “Or should I say fuck and tell.” I gasped as everyone busted out laughing again. So much for her being the innocent one of the group. Bitsy reached in front of me to give her a high five for the clever comment.

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Zootopia / Robin Hood fanfiction TAKE A STAND Ch.27 Dark Promise

(AN/ Hey Guys it’s Garouge/Crewefox here with another chapter of Take a Stand, this is a real quick update, so thank you to everyone who supports this fic and let’s get cracking with this chapter…)

Here’s the link…

Chapter 27- A Dark Promise

“Look at your daughter then look at my kit,” Marian instructed to the Hopps matriarch, before taking a gulp of her beer “they love each other just like any other couple, nature had nothing to do with it.”

Bonnie was quiet for a few seconds, she then opened her can of beer, downed half of it with one gulp before saying to Marian “Fine, let’s talk.”

“Ok, there’s one thing I want from you before we continue any further,” Judy demanded “I want you to apologise to Nick and me.”

Nick noticed Bonnie’s fur stand on end and whispered to his girlfriend “Wrong move carrots.”

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Strictly Professional (Part 3)

Summary: Misha’s gone before you wake up, and you begin to doubt everything that happened with you and him the night before. Was it just a misunderstanding, or did everything the night before really not mean anything to him? (FUCK MY SUMMARIES ARE TERRIBLE)

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: angst, language

Strictly Professional Masterlist


Ok. Calm down. Get a grip.

Before you completely jumped to conclusions and assumed the worst (which was something you did way too often), you took a few deep breaths and tried to focus and assess the situation rationally.

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One Last Kiss

Hey, @mouserzwuzhere here is your gift from the @mlsecretsanta exchange! Sorry it took a little while to get it to you. It just kept going!

I went with some Marinette and Jagged Stone brotp and fake dating in one, so I hope you enjoy this! It was fun to write! :)

“You want me to what?”

“Please, you’re the only one Fang seems to actually like. We need an evening to rehearse without interruptions.” Penny sighed. “Look, I’m willing to pay you very well. It’s just one night.”

“I’d have to ask my parents. I dont know if we have enough room for a crocodile.” Marinette glanced over at her mother who was looking increasingly concerned by the conversation she was having.

“Oh, we’ve already rented a room in a hotel nearby. You could stay there with Fang. He really just needs someone to keep an eye on him. He gets lonely.”

Marinette smiled. “Well…”

“Please, Marinette.”

Marinette glanced up at her mother. “Mama, could I stay the night at a hotel with a pet crocodile?”

Sabine raised a brow. “What?”

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lose your heart and your head (1/?)

summary: Now that they’ve both graduated, Annie convinces Jeff to join her on a cross-country road trip.
Word Count: ~4,500
Author’s Note: Shout out to @bethanyactually for being the best beta any writer could ask for, always helping me create better, more IC scenes.
I was hoping to post this all at once for the classic trope day, but the idea has already gotten away from me. I hope the story carries you away, too.



“I’m not going to take no for an answer.”

Apparently, in their time apart, Annie’s lost her ability to hold a conversation because Jeff doesn’t understand what the hell she’s talking about.

“First of all, yes, please come in. So glad you could stop by.” She’s not fazed by his sarcasm even a little, too busy unfolding a map across his kitchen counter. “Secondly, no for an answer to what?”

She waves him closer with a grin, and despite the warning signals going off in his head—it’s a trap and giving the inch it’ll take to hear her out will have her snagging a whole damn mile out from under your feet—he takes a seat on the barstool next to her.

“We’re going on a road trip.”

Jeff raises his eyebrows, waiting for further explanation.

Annie lets out an exasperated sigh, like she can’t believe he isn’t caught up yet, and fixes her bright, manic-with-the-promise-of-a-big-project eyes on him. “You know! A cross-country road trip to celebrate the fact that we’re both college grads now. A final adventure before we have to put our whimsy aside in the face of adulthood and corporate America!”

“Okay, Britta. You know I’m thirty-five, right? I’ve pretty much already faced adulthood.”

“That doesn’t mean you’ve outgrown the need for an adventure! Come on, I’ve already planned the route and booked the first couple hotels. All you have to do is pack, show up, and drive some of the way.”

His eyes drift to the map. Annie has circled several cities in red pen, and he wouldn’t be surprised if she had a twenty-page itinerary all typed up and ready.

He has to admit, it’s an appealing proposal. But…

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26. Tending an injury (from this list)

“Sorry,” said Chat almost mildly as he held up her leg, taking in the nasty scrape that ran up about twenty centimeters from her ankle. “How did you say you got this again?”

Marinette flopped back onto her lounge with a sigh and grudgingly admitted, “…Playing video games.”

Chat, pulling out the bottle of antiseptic spray and studying the scrape at an angle, raised a single eyebrow. She couldn’t actually see the eyebrow, but it was effective nonetheless. “…Do I want to know how?”

She threw her arms over her face. “No.”

Because, you know, of course it was Chat who would come to her rescue when he’d found her limping home from an exciting afternoon at her favorite gaming café.

The Chat whom she’d gone to the gaming café to get off her mind, because he was on it more often than not these days, and it was unnerving her.

That Chat.

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Wouldn’t Let You Fail (Part 2)

@doriiii1121 replied to your post: omg I wish u could make a second part [to Wouldn’t Let You Fail]
Anonymous asked: I DON’T KNOW HOW I ONLY JUST READ WOULDN’T LET YOU FAIL BUT I CRIED BECAUSE IT WAS SO AMAZING? I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU COULD DO BUT I NEED A PART 2. (if possible obviously) (im sorry that fic got me hyper for no reason)

A/N: Shoutout to the @hamwriters groupchat for helping me figure out what the hell I’m doing for this fic, especially @alexanderhamllton, @sunshinemiranda, and @saynotofics! Y’all helped me tons <3. [also this is actual trash, im sorry] Part One is here.

WC: 3794

TW: Swearing. Lot’s of it. [if anything else please let me know it’s late and im tired]

Pairing: LMM x Reader

January 2018
You nervously wrung your hands together as you stared at the large document in front of you. At the bottom of the page was a line for you signature, and box for you to put how many more months you’d be continuing your stay at Hamilton: An American Musical as the first female playing George Washington. And you weren’t exactly sure how much longer you wanted to stay.

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While The Grass Grows 1



It’s also on ffnet

When a new school year started, Marinette noticed almost immediately that Adrien had gotten taller. Although she was trying hard not to notice too much, it was obvious that he had filled out a little too–his shoulders seemed broader especially, and from what she could see of his forearms, he was probably working out. Alya asked her several times during the first week of school if she was okay, and Marinette had to come up with new excuses each time ‘it’s just a little hot in here’ 'I’m just disappointed to be back in this classroom’–but Alya, perceptive as ever, clearly wasn’t fooled.

It was well into October before Marinette realized that actually, Chat Noir was taller, too.

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Caught in a Web Part 2

Summary: Dan was offered to join Willow Grove Academy, Britain’s most prestigious and renowned private school, on a full scholarship. All of the other students are rich, unlike Dan who comes from a modern lower class society. Things become complicated when he lies about his background to Phil Lester, the most popular and richest boy in the school.

Read part one HERE

During second period French class the next day, Louise attacked Dan for answers.

“You totally lied to me, you are from a family of billionaires!” She accused him. “The whole school’s been talking about you. I feel so stupid now!”

“Oh great,” Dan muttered under his breath, and then said louder, “Look Louise, we’re not friends because of wealth or anything. Phil’s actually a really nice person, and so are Chris and PJ.”

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Bad Dates 1/?

A/N: Just something that I came up with. My first drabble series. All stories are true. Most are from personal experience, however I have a plethora of single friends.

Tagging: @bovaria @beccaanne814-blog @avengerofyourheart (If you don’t want to be tagged, please let me know, I don’t want to be a pain)

Warnings: Swearing (Which is usual from me)

Feedback is welcome!


Part 2

“I’m done.  I’m through. Dating is for the birds!” I blurt as I burst through the doors into the common room.  "No offense Sam" I mumbled as I looked at who was present.  

“Come on Y/n!” He grumbled

That brought you out of your irritation and you chuckled and pressed a kiss to the top of his head, “you know I love you.”  

“But for the rest of the world.  They can suck it.” I continue on my rampage. “Here I stand, essentially homeless because I couldn’t stay another minutes in that apartment with Him.”

At this Sam scoffs, “You know you have a fully furnished room here with us.”

I ignore him and collapse into the overstuffed chair with a dramatic sigh “I am a strong woman, a career woman, I’m a nurse, hell, I work with the Avengers for God sakes. I am a goddamn catch!  

Nat glances up from the magazine she is engrossed in, and raises a perfect eyebrow.  "Bad day?”

I shoot her a glare and see her lips start to turn up into her signature smirk. My eyes roll “you have no idea.  He’s weird, and it’s all falling into perspective. I can’t believe that I stayed with him as long as I did!

She closed the magazine, never breaking eye contact. Her green eyes boring into me, "do tell. Y/n”

“He never took his shirt off.” I blurt out.

That caught everyone’s attention. “Never?”  "What do you mean…“ ”…like. Never?“ "I mean even when you?..

Flopping back with an exasperated sigh. "Never, and he always took so long to get ready.”

“You aren’t exactly Usain Bolt when it comes to getting ready, either.” Bucky snorts out.

“Exactly, so if I’m saying he took forever, that should tell you something.  He locks himself in the bathroom and won’t unlock it for anything. Props on the reference tho Buck!” I notice his lips turn up slightly at my compliment and I feel a blush rising to my cheeks.

“So then if he was so weird, what was the breaking point today?” Steve questioned.

As I start talking, I think back:

Come on Mark!  We are just going to the Grocery! I groan in frustration, leaning against the wall opposite the bathroom door. “I’ll be ready when I’m ready, Y/n” he snaps. “Fine!” I retort.

I had already done the dishes and put a load of laundry in.  I peruse my to-do list, deciding on vacuuming.  After vacuuming the carpet and sweeping the hardwood, I hazard a glance at the clock. Forty-five minutes since Mark entered the bathroom and locked the door. At this point I could have been to the grocery and back.  

Banging on the door “I’m just going to head out, I’ll be back soon.”

I hear a muffled “I’ll be done soon”

Grumbling a “yea right” I head to the door.  And then it hits me.  I really should use the bathroom before heading out, since I have been waiting upwards of 45 minutes to even be ready to head out the door.

Heaving a sigh, I head back down the hallway. “Can I just use the bathroom for a sec, and then I’ll leave and you can have it back?”

“God damn it Y/n I’m not done yet!” He yells through the door

“Well then what am I supposed to do? I have to pee!” I plead.

And nothing in my wildest imagination could have prepared me for his response: “Then just go in the sink.”

“Oh my God!” “He actually said that?!” Sam and Steve exclaim at the same time, as they struggle to contain their mirth at the situation.

Bucky managed to hold out a hair longer before he let a laugh escape.

Nat was strangely quiet, which made me nervous.

She stood up and stormed out of the common room before we managed to catch up with her, muttering to herself in Russian, at the elevators.

“Nat what’s going on?” I ask.

She spins on me so fast i take a step back in surprise. “Did he really say that?” She practically growls.

I sigh, “He did. But it’s done.”

“Well what did you do?” Sam questioned.

“I went to the Mercado on the first floor and asked to use their bathroom.” I stated.

Nat narrowed her eyes “And that was it?”

“I mean no, he said that bathrooms were for paying customers only, which really cemented my decision. So now I have $20 worth of break up food.”   As the elevators dinged open, I glided in “And on that note, Netflix is calling my name.”

The doors started sliding shut, “thanks for listening to my rant, you guys.”

At this, my eyes meet those of a certain super soldier, and I feel a blush rise to my cheeks.

7 on 7.

Married couples had this sort of odd myth that surrounded them that said once you reached a certain stage in your relationship, everything went downhill. The honeymoon stage was long gone and you reached a point where you couldn’t practically stand each other. Romance went out the window. Watching movies on the couch and eating day old pizza became a date night.

That wasn’t the case for Fernando and I.

We acted as if we had just met, like our relationship was fresh and we were just trying out different things to get to know each other. I couldn’t count how many times he’d come home and wake me up from my sleep to drag me off somewhere even if it was to just watch the night sky together.

Tonight’s activity was late night outdoor soccer.

The sun had long ago disappeared and though the time on my watch showed it was nearly 9 p.m., my body was pumping with adrenaline for our little ‘date’ that included some of his teammates and their significant others.

I had been hyping up the night all week once I found out his plan for a 7 on 7 game between the wives and the husbands, largely because I hadn’t stepped into a pair of cleats in years. I liked to think that I was the better footballer between the two of us though I figured we both knew the truth behind that statement. That didn’t alter my confidence though.

“I’m going to beat you so good, Torres,” I remarked as we exited our vehicle.

He only chuckled and threw his cleats over his shoulder to hold onto until he replaced them with the sneakers on his feet. “Are you sure about that? You may not want to talk yourself up so early.”

“I’m confident in my abilities. We never did decide what it is I get once my side wins.” I walked around the car to meet him on his side, leaning against the car as he continued to gather things from the inside.

“What is it that you want? I’m sure you won’t win but I’ll entertain you with a wager.” Fernando stopped digging around in the car for a moment to look to me, flashing a teasing smile that had its own confident air about it without him having to say anything.

“A Ferrari.”

The immediate reaction he had let me know he wasn’t taking my wager seriously. “Yeah. Let’s be a bit more realistic here.”

I laughed and shook my head. “Okay. I want a day of pampering. From you,” I made sure to clarify. “Full body massage, breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared by you. I want you to clean the house…”

“Okay. Wait wait,” he said as he laughed and held out his hands to stop my list of demands. “This is a lot of things just for one win.”

“And you can list off as many things as you want in your part of the wager if you want. I didn’t set a limit for you.”

“I already know what I want though.”

“And what’s that?”

“Sex,” he spoke nonchalantly before returning to gathering his things. “Sex? We have sex all the time.”

“Let’s not go into the dirty details of it,” Fernando replied as he shut the door to our car and walked closer to me. “Just know that’s what I want and I want you wearing a particular thing.” He pecked my lips quickly before walking away, instantly making me follow close behind to the nearly empty park and the empty pitch that awaited us. Hopefully our friends were already here or at least a majority were.

“You’ve got yourself a deal, Torres.”

The first person spotted was Antoine, his voice easily heard as well as I was sure he was trash talking his girlfriend as I had been doing with my husband earlier. I greeted her along with the other ladies, offering words of encouragement that pretty much revolved around stomping our significant others into the ground so that we could hold the bragging rights on a win. The thought of having to listen to them gloat was enough to want me to complete a hat trick tonight.

“So are we ready or what?”

It didn’t take long for everyone to finish sliding into their shoes or change of clothes and we moved towards the pitch. Fernando walked alongside me, playfully knocking my hip with his until I glared in his direction. “You nervous yet? You’re going to have to defend me for 90 minutes.”

“90 minutes?! I thought we were doing 50? 25 minute halves?”

“Oh no, love. Way too easy,” he winked before jogging off to the center. I simply rolled my eyes and followed.

Let’s hope I had enough stamina for this.

The girls and I had already decided on positions and even team name as we flooded our group chat throughout this week with motivation for each other and tactics I wasn’t even sure we were really working to remember so much as we were trying to impress ourselves and seem prepared.

I jogged up near where Fernando stood. He flashed a heart symbol in my direction as a peace offering. I responded playfully by flipping him off which only caused him to laugh.

We didn’t have much longer to play around as the whistle, or makeshift whistle that was Luciano, sounded off and the ball was put into play. The guys’ side gained possession first, easily controlling it for the time being. I had no doubts that eventually we would gain possession. We were just too clever not to.

It may have been a game meant to be a fun night out for the couples but I could tell we were all taking it seriously. Fernando was watching the ball like a hawk as were his teammates and though they may have been the professionals in this scenario, there was no way my team was backing down without a fight.

As soon as he gained possession of the ball, I closed the distance between us and tried to poke it away. My hand gripped onto his waist as I tried to maneuver around him. Thankfully there would be no referee in this game.

“I’m not as young as I used to be,” he spoke though still concentrating on the ball between his feet.  

“You’re right. You’re not as sharp as you used to be either.” It was the perfect moment for me to poke away the ball, hitting it with my toe to squeeze it from between his legs and to my awaiting teammate’s feet. “Better luck next time,” I spoke into his ear before jogging off and following the action.

The game continued like that the rest of the way with one team gaining possession for a bit before being distracted and losing the ball. Fernando was purposely showing off, even nearly nutmegging me if it weren’t for my quick reaction that caused me to close my feet together before he could.

Goals bounced in and around the net on both sides but thankfully, it was my side that came out victorious.

I had definitely underestimated how tired I would feel after 90 minutes of action and while I bounced around for a moment celebrating with my team, I was now bent over resting my hands onto my knees. The guys all came around to hug me and congratulate me with a good game, the line ending with my husband’s smile.

“Good game tonight.”

I straightened and said, “Thank you. You weren’t so bad yourself. I can’t wait until you’ll have to pay up tomorrow. I can already envision that back massage.”

“I’ll make sure it’s a great one,” he chuckled. Nando leaned down and began helping me out of my cleats, dropping the athletic flip flops he had brought for me to slide in. I held onto his shoulder for balance as he did that.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.” Once the shoes were off he stood back up to eye level with me.

“You think I could maybe start cashing in on my win early and get a nice night with you?” I draped my arms over his shoulders as I closed the distance between us.

“A nice night? Define nice night.”

“Just you…” I snaked my hand discreetly under his shirt. “And me. And our bed.”

He grabbed for my hands wound under his shirt. “Sex wasn’t in your deal,” he winked. “If I remember correctly I just owe you a massage, food and a clean home. I don’t think you’re going to get any of this body tonight.”

He sent a love tap to my ass before he began walking off as the others had did towards their cars. “Lovely doing business with you, Mrs. Torres. We’ll have to do this again sometime.”

gif credit to myreligionitsfootball

in your arms

Originally posted by hanbinn

◇ In which you should never tell Chanwoo anything.

◇ Bobby x reader

◇ gang!au

◇ some gang!booboboobooboobooby also ezcuse the fac t thT this is really short like the rest of my writing i promise i try to makr them long but it never works out ;-;


“You’ll never be hurt,” he promises, his voice a mere whisper to match the quiet atmosphere. His words have love blossoming in your chest, and you have to snuggle deeper into his embrace to prevent yourself from squealing out.

“I already know that,” you remind him teasingly, though you like the occasional reassurance. Bobby scoffs gently, making you laugh at his reaction, and then he’s rolling you both over umtil he lays on top of youl

“Well, I want to keep telling you,” he smiles gently. He’s always so uncharacteristically gentle when you’re together, just the two of you, no worries and no responsibilities. “I want to make sure you feel safe.”

“I always do,” you shrug softly, reaching a hand up to play with the hair that had flopped forward, brushing it back carefully, his eyes watching you lovingly. A grin grows on your face, “Besides, with your temper, any person who even thinks about hurting me is too dumb.”

“And that’s the way it should be,” Bobby finishes off pridefully, a laugh rising from your chest as he nuzzles his head into the crook of your neck.


You knew you shouldn’t have told Chanwoo anything. As sweet and kind as the boy was, he was much too eager to please and loyal to your boyfriend and the rest of his members. Which meant that when you told him to keep the bruises and cuts forming on your wrist a secret, and he said, “Of course”, it really meant that he was planning to call your boyfriend as soon as possible to tell him of your run in with Bangtan.

It had been a normal summer day. Business was bustling, the hot weather calling people to buy beautiful flowers to match the blistering heat. The AC had been turned on high in the florists, but you were careful to not disturb the flowers or even the compost that you sold in the shop with the contrasting temperature. An occasional person would enter just to stand out of the hot air and into the cool shop, and you pretended not to see them just because you were that nice of a person.

One particular man who had entered the shop, not bothering to actually buy something but was browsing the flower choices leisurely, as if he was actually going to buy something - though you knew better, but you didn’t try to push him out into boiling weather.

If you looked closer, maybe you’d see how he was constantly scanning the store to see how many customers were still in the shop, or how he was always situated near the register, where you almost always were unless somebody needed your help with something. If you looked closer, maybe you could’ve seen the letter B tattooed behind his ear. If you looked closely, maybe you would’ve seen him approach you once there was nobody else in the store, all of the customers striding out of the shop at random intervals with their arms full of bright flowers.

Unfortunately, you didn’t look closely, and you only noticed the man had approached you once his hand clasped tightly around your wrist, making you instinctively turn around frightfully, backing up a few steps from the man towering above you.

The man’s demeanor has you shivering, fear pooling in your stomach as you try to pull your wrist from his painfully tight grasp. Your phone was under the register’s desk - you wouldn’t be able to access it without him noticing.

“D-do you need help with something?” You curse yourself internally for the stutter in your voice, breathing bated and waiting anxiously for what was going to happen next.

He smirks, tilting his head to the side in an almost patronizing way that makes you want run out of store. “Not much, sweetheart. I just need you to deliver a little message for me. My name’s V.”>

You don’t know why he’s telling you his name - especially with the fact that you’re Bobby’s girl, and Bobby is famous for having a bad temper. The man - V - tightens his grip on you, making you whimper out, your other hand desperately clawing at his hand to get him to release you. He was extremely strong, and he was obviously taking it out on your poor wrist.

“I want you to tell B.I - oh, and Bobby too, for that matter,” he starts, stopping for a second and humming, as if thinking out his next words. “That Bangtan don’t take too kindly to being messed with. Tell them to think of this as a little warning.” He digs his nails into the soft skin of your wrist, making tears pricks at your eyes and the fear in your stomach plummet deeper and deeper.

He releases you roughly, pushing you away and watching with some sort of sick satisfaction as you fall back onto the wall behind you, knocking down a few trinkets and clutching your wrist to your chest, tears flowing down your face not only from the throbbing pain but from the sheer fright coursing through your veins.

A smile lights up his face, and you watch as he gives a mocking little wave before he’s traipsing out of the store happily, whistling a merry little tune that ends shivers down your spine. You’re silent for a second, the seriousness of the situation settling into you, and then you’re quick to scrabble for your phone, whipping your tears away quickly and turning the open sign to closed.

It takes a few minutes to lock up, but you’re glad to be out of the store. The streets are bustling and much more public, so nothing can possibly happen without being seen. You take a seat at the bench you had outside of the flower shop and pull your knees to your chest, still incredibly shaken at the incident as you swipe through your contacts with shaky fingers.

Junhoe, Donghyuk, Yunhyeong… Bobby and B.I were definitely off of the imaginary list you’d made, for the simple reason that you didn’t want Bobby to find out, and B.I would tell him without a second thought. The second Bobby found out, the second he would be out for blood and his temper tended to be unstoppable once it reached certain heights.

You couldn’t call Junhoe, Donghyuk or Yunhyeong because you were pretty sure they were in Japan on business. The only option was Chanwoo. You wait with shaky breaths as the phone dials, shutting your eyes and hoping to calm yourself down.

“_____?” You hear the familiar tone of Chanwoo’s voice, sighing in relief just from hearing the voice of somebody you knew. “Why are you calling me? Are you okay?”

“There - there was a bit of a complication,” you bite your lip nervously, wanting nothing more than to be home and in Bobby’s arms - thoigh you knew he was busy today. “Can you, maybe, pick me up?”

“Uh, okay,” his voice is confused but he doesn’t question you, “I’ll just go tell hyung-”

“No!” You exclaim before you can stop yourself, eyes snapping open as you hear his words. “No, it’s fine, really. Don’t say anything to him, please, Chanwoo.”

“O-okay, then.”

Chanwoo is there within twenty minutes, most of which you kept yourself busy by tapping your foot rhythmically against the wood of the bench. Your nerves have calmed just a bit, but you still jump at every person with red hair who passes, or somebody who’s wearing all black.

You get up from your seat as you see him approaching, not even bothering to let him park the car properly before you’re slipping into the cool interior, your heart calming more in these few seconds that in the past twenty minutes.

He seems to be waiting for you to speak, but with how you’re curled up, wrist clutched close to yourself and breathing still slightly uneven, he realizes that you’re not planning to say anything - at least, without his help.

“So,” he starts with a sigh as he stops the car at a red light. “Are you gonna tell me what happened?”


He raises an eyebrow. “Okay, I guess I’ll just have to call Bobby hyung and ask him what’s going on-”

“No!” You object. He shoots you an incredulous look and you realise just how strange you must seem at the moment. With a sound of reluctance, you setlle back into your seat. “I - someone came into the flower shop.”

He gestures for you to continue.

“He was from Bangtan. He - he roughed me up a little, that’s it. Nothing major-”

Before you can register it, he’s grasped your wrist and pulled it away from where you were clutching it close, making you wince. His eyes are widening as he zeroes in on the swollen skin and the bloody red nail marks.

“_____….” He breathes worriedly. He’s not worried about your injury, and rightfully so. It would fade and eventually disappear in a few days. No - he’s worried about what will happen when Bobby inevitably finds out about how you got hurt - and then hid it from him - and gets angry. You’re sure another one of Bangtan’s goons is still recovering from the last time Bobby got mildly angry.

“You’re not going to tell Bobby, right? This needs to be kept a secret,” you insist. Seeing his uncertain look, you frown, turning fully to him. Your eyebrows furrow as you stare at him unnervingly. “Right?

“O-of course.”


As soon as you got home, you made sure that all the doors and windows were locked. Call you paranoid, but if Bangtan wanted to deliver a warning, they would deliver a warning, no matter where you were.

Chanwoo offered to stay with you after he saw how scared you were, but you quickly brushed him off - Bobby would get suspicious if Chanwoo was staying at your house for no reason, and the plan was to act as of nothing happened for as long as possible.

You decided to take a shower next, figuring that the steam and warmth would calm you down - but your heart still pounded everytime you thought you heard something outside of the bathroom. You carefully washed over yourself, making sure to not strain your sore wrist - you groan when you see finger-shaped bruises on your wrist, the finger nail marks still embedded in your skin. It would be hard to hide, but nothing a long sleeved shirt couldn’t fix.

It’s only when you’ve slipped a shirt over your head that you hear the door slam open. Eyes widening, you scamper to the top of the staircase to take a peek of the door, and who’s standing in the doorway.

“O-oppa?” You ask in confusion, tilting your head. The first thing that comes to mind is that he knows, somehow - but you try and keep a positive outlook and think about other things that could’ve made him angry. “What’s - what’s wrong?”

Your heart speeds up as he storms up the stairs to meet you, snapback placed over his dark hair, eyes stormy as he finally reaches you, reaching for your arm. Instinctively, you pull your hand away, taking a step back. Bobby clenches his jaw, shaking his head as he grips your arm in his hand, “Don’t start this, _____ .”

You continue to struggle against his hold, desperately trying to free yourself from him, but it’s no use - he yanks up the t-shirt roughly, revealing your injured wrist. He inhales sharply, and you whimper as his grip begins to tighten. “B-Bobby, you’re hurting me…”

That seems to snap him out of his reverie, because he’s gently running his thumb over you now, stepping up onto the same step as you so that he can fully wrap his arms around you. Sighing, you gladly bury yourself into his embrace. This is what you’ve wanted ever since the incident happened.

“Who did this to you, baby?” You hear him say angrily, teeth gritted together as he pulls away to stare at you. You shake your head, avoiding his eyes, but he’s quick to grasp your face gently, turning you to meet his gaze.

“I - it’s not important,” you murmur, watching as he only grows more frustrated and angry - not at you, but at Bangtan.

“It’s completely important,” he insists, reluctantly releasing his hold on you. He watches as you sit on the stairs, resting your head on your hands. “Nobody hurts my girl and gets away with it, you hear?”

“Please,” you beg, “I know what you’re like when you get like this… You - you could get hurt…”

He sighs, and then he’s stepping down so that he’s kneeled on the step below you, bowing his head to meet your own shielded eyes. “I promise, baby girl. I won’t get hurt.”

It’s silent for a moment as you relay your choices, trying to ignore the feeling of his hands rubbing up and down your arms comfortingly in an attempt to not give in to his persuasive ways - but it’s no use, of course.

“He…” You start nervously, biting your lip, “He said his name was V.”

Bobby releases a breath he didn’t know he was holding, feeling the sweltering hot anger well up in his body. He knew exactly who you were talking about. But he pushes it down, for your sake, and nods.

“Thank you,” he says quietly, cupping your face gently. You nod, and Bobby almost grits his teeth at how scared and small V has made you look - all from a few minutes in your flower shop. “Come on, you look like you could use some sleep.”

You look surprised, and relieved, watching with wary eyes as he stands. “T - that’s it? You’re not going to go after him?”

Bobby shakes his head, placing a kiss on your forehead. “Not now. My princess doesn’t feel safe - it’s my job to make you feel safe.”

And with a relieved sigh and a tiny smile, you bury yourself back in his arms, and it feels as if it’s the safest place on earth. All thoughts of danger and anger have completely escaped your mind, especially as you’re led to your bedroom, slipping under the warm covers and falling asleep in the arms of the love of your life.

Nothing can touch you, now.

This Awful Energy [Sterek fic]

So I had some pent up emotions and apparently writing a Sterek fic was the solution to that so…yeah I guess I’m writing Sterek again? Maybe? We’ll see. Either way here’s a new fic!

“I fucking hate you!” Stiles shouted, crowding Derek back against the wall - which would have been laughable, Stiles managing to intimidate Derek enough to keep him in place. Except Derek wasn’t laughing. He was cooperating for both of their sakes. It would help no one to dismiss Stiles as weak right now, to ignore his feelings which were hot and fierce against Derek’s senses. The force of his emotions kept Derek back to the wall more than anything.

“You need to stay out of my life Derek! You can’t just- I was happy!”

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All Grown Up (Part 2)

Originally posted by mayfifolle

As requested, here’s a sequel to All Grown Up!

Summary: The Christmas party has come and gone, and it’s clear this new, fresh-out-of-college Jungkook is here to stay. But how exactly do you feel about it? You have no idea. Only now, it’s New Years Eve, and your parents want to spend it with none other than the Jeons. 

Genre: Fluff  | Word Count: 2019 | Pairing: ReaderXJungkook

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You Were Happy Part One

Summary: You were in love with your best friend, and he only cared about his girlfriend. On the upside, you have two boys willing to do anything for you–including searching to the end of the earth when you go missing.

Writer’s note: So like…uh huh, I ain’t got the slightest freakin clue who I’m pairing the reader with. But you know, I’ll just let the story (or the readers if they really get excited about it) decide who’s arms they want to run into. Warnings will be for later on, for now it’s just yep. 

Parts: Two / Three / Four / Five / Six / Seven / Eight / Nine / Ten

You tried your best to focus on your textbook while simultaneously watching the male practice a certain move repeatedly, until his lack of sleep starting affecting his mental state and he went completely insane. It was bound to happen, he lost his mind nearly every other day in some shape or form; it wasn’t like the two of you hadn’t screwed around before when the going got tough and the studying got rough.

But now here he was doing the absolute strangest dance you have ever seen in your life that was something a monkey, chicken and walrus would do if they had formed a K-pop band.

Your pencil dropped from its perch between your lips and clattered onto your open book as you snorted out in uncontrollable laughter.

“What is that? What are those? What are you doing?” You huffed between deep breaths to control yourself to no avail.

Jimin flung himself to the floor, rolling onto his back in his own pool of laughter. God it was such a beautiful sound, you treasured it every time you heard it–thank the heavens you heard it a lot. You were one lucky woman and you knew it.

“You weren’t looking at me so I thought I should get your attention in some way or another.”

“Seriously, for five seconds my book was more important than you–gosh you really are such an idol. But I’m more a fan of your maknae; at least his shit is together 99% of the time.”

“Heey!” He rolled on his stomach, resting his face on his arms. He almost looked offended for a second, but as his forever best friend you were not fooled. “I thought I was your bias, that hurts.”

You rolled your eyes. “As much as this book will if I throw it out you. I can’t even have a bias if you’re all my friends–that’s just weird.” Truth is you totally had a bias and he was giving you such a hard time right now as you were trying to study. The facts were that you loved the boy in front of you.  

Well, other true facts included the undeniable truth that you loved food, sleep and despised studying (all probably more than you loved this boy at times).  But one truth loomed over your head and cast such a heavy shadow over your heart: the boy was not, and would never be interested in you as anything other than a best friend.

Childhood friendzone was a hell of a thing to break.

The first time he told you he’d gotten a girlfriend you’d smiled and congratulated him with a punch to the arm. Then, you proceeded to go home pull out the largest bottle of alcohol you could find and cry until your eyes swelled to the point that seeing was impossible. You were so drunk you wound up calling Taehyung. Apparently you had called to have him pick you up (you at least knew you were drunk and probably shouldn’t drive) so you could go see Jimin and “punch him in his stupid angelic face.” Instead of letting you do as you’d please he came over to your apartment with ice cream and a pack of hair binders–for when the alcohol decided that ice cream should come back up. He weaseled his way as one of your absolute best friends pretty damn quickly after that and you pretty much cried to him about everything you couldn’t whine to Jimin; which the list was getting progressively longer as time wore on.

The second girlfriend was easier–especially since Tae had showed up are your doorstep prepared with ice cream, and a Jungkook carrying a copy of Mario kart that would operate with your gaming system.  He’d come as soon as he heard the news from the still giddy Jimin.

When the third came around the boys were already with you when you got the news. By default you’d had Tae immediately knocking you down with tickles while Jungkook smothered your face with pillows (he knew how much you hated crying in front of them). Unless you were drunk, you didn’t care about really much of anything when you were drunk. You resorted to alcohol way too much–so the boys would tell you as they took away your bottle and replaced it something sweeter like chocolate or a sucker.  

When the fourth reared her head you finally started to realize that Jimin was never, ever going to see you as anything other than his best friend. So, when Tae and Jungkook showed up on your doorstep you smiled at them without a tear in your eye. They weren’t fools so they let themselves in and held you while you bawled this all out to them after your third glass of wine over a pirated copy of the sappiest romance movie you could find. For some reason preying on the maknae’s horrible sense of romance made you feel better, and if it made you smile he let you.

After the fourth girlfriend you lost count of his list. You only knew he’d gotten a new one when the pair showed up unannounced by any form outside your front door. They were there to help fill in the blanks of time that Jimin had once filled–before he began spending his time with other women and ignoring his best friend.  Even if you spent more time with them than you did Jimin, your loyalties were still horribly skewed in his favor.

For now. Little did you know that ranking would flop on its head as easily as it was created.

People really don’t understand the power of words, you can’t take them back. No matter how much you apologize, someone’s memory will always replay your mistakes.

He still toyed with your heart in his palms; it was evident enough by the simple fact that you were with him now rolling around on the floor.

“Y/N?” He watched you studying so intently you became more focused on maintaining a normal, non-blushing skin tone than the words in front of you. “Have you ever been in love?”

“Aish, what’s with this deep thought all of the sudden?” You quickly covered up your loss of breath and lack of a heartbeat with annoyance. “One second you’re dancing like a fool and now you’re lolling your head with ocean-deep questions?”

He smirked, sitting up quickly to lean into your every expression and word as if he could analyze it for the information he wanted. “So you have! With who? Wait, I don’t want to know do I–you haven’t dated anyone so you must have had your pretty little heartbroken. I’m not really good at fights so I don’t really want to beat anyone up.” He scratched his chin with that smiling face of his where his laughter leeched up to his eyes. “But I do want to know what it’s like.”

Oh hell no, back the fuck up Park Jimin. You became a master at steadying your breathing and focusing on anything but the boy in front of you within the first three seconds of this conversation.

You glared at him. “One–I have too dated people, you’re just an oblivious little bastard sometimes.” Not a lie, you went on several blind dates to no avail–they weren’t Jimin. No one could be Jimin except for the idiot in front of you. “Second, yes I have been in love.” And I’m still in love but let’s just leave that little part out–kay, bye. “Third, it feels like…like you are so excited to see them your breath collapses in on you. You want to be with them constantly, like just the simple act of seeing their face can erase a year’s worth of pain in an instant. They’re like the natural healer. Like, I don’t know, you just feel it.”  You cocked your head at him. “Your girlfriend?”  You asked like he was supposed to know what such a vague and stupid question meant.  It was a struggle to even get the words out properly past the ball of spit gathering in the back of your throat.

But luckily, vague and stupid was 90% of what came out of your mouth so he’d become fluent in the language of idiocy. “She told me she loves me. I’ve never been with a girl long enough to–well, you know a lot of girls tell me that, but it’s just….I feel something when she says it you know? I think…I think I love her too.”

Ouch, heart calm yourself. This isn’t anything new. The devil on your shoulder hissed her fine breath into your ear, smothering out the angel that became less and less prominent as time wore on in your hopeless love. This is the first time he’s come to you with this. This is the first girl he feels something for, he’s going to fall in love with her and get married. You know–she’s not going to want you around. Pretty soon she’ll take your spot as his best friend and lover (not that you ever were anything more than a friend). You smiled despite the stabs via pitchfork from your horrible self-centered, split mind.

“Then you should tell her. I think it would make her happy.”

He gave her another bright smile. “Ah, I think so too.” His face lost all expression for a second before slipping into a wide grin. “Hey! You should come over tomorrow, Hana will be there and I really think she should have already met you by now–you are my best friend.” Twist the knife Jimin, make sure it hits that exact spot why don’t you. “Besides, it’s my birthday and you promised me when we were five that we would never ever miss each other’s birthdays.”

You don’t mention that he’s missed three of yours due to his past girlfriend’s being sick, having their anniversary, or a date. You don’t mention that when you were ten you promised to take care of each other after every horrible thing in your life. You were in the hospital last year after tripping down some stairs and the only people that visited you were Jungkook and Taehyung–Jimin only found out after you had stopped by BigHit on a pair of crutches. You don’t mention that when he cried because the girl he’d confessed to rejected him that you two would always run to the other’s aid in times of need. When you needed him because some loser you’d tried dating nearly killed you emotionally with the threat of physical violence he wasn’t there until it was too late, Jungkook having kicked the man’s ass to the moon by then. You don’t mention the thousands of promises that went unanswered on his end.

“I have to study, I have finals coming up, Jimin.” You try to pick up your pencil again but his pout causes you to freeze in annoyance. “You’re such a child sometimes, you know that?”

“Please? I want both of you there tomorrow.” You can’t have both of us, you already chose one so don’t make me watch.

“You’ve got the guys.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and groaned, flopping down on his back. “Pleeeaaasee, Y/N. Taehyung will be so pissed at me if you don’t show up–and Jungkookie will ignore me forever.”

“He’ll ignore you anyways–he kinda doesn’t like you most of the time.” You highlighted a line in your textbook, intent on ignoring him and the sound of your heart cracking like stone in your chest.

“What if I promise you can have your pick of the first slice of cake?”

You paused, narrowing your eyes at him. You’ve waged many fork wars over cake; ever since the two of you were young you’ve both been determined to be the holder of that treasured piece with the most frosting. It was your crack, the thing you’d give up even love for at most times.

So giving up heartache for a piece of frosting with some cake was nothing.


You could never resist his smile.

Where Dreams Come True

ao3 link coming soon!
[Chapter I]


During her junior year, Marinette Dupain-Cheng wins a Walt Disney World design contest, and her prize is a transatlantic two week field trip for her and her whole class to Orlando’s Walt Disney World. With Alya and Nino constantly by Marinette and Adrien’s sides during the field trip, what will ensue? Is Disney World really where dreams come true?

inspired by @fox7xd-drawings snapchat Walt Disney World art and au, thanks to them for letting me write their au, bless them

also bless @hannahhonnies for being my beta and fixing every grammatical mistake made (there were so many) and also writing a bit of the end of the chapter! literally praise her I could not have done this without her

enjoy! xx


“So did you win the contest yet?” Alya asked for the third time in about
two minutes, giving Marinette an impatient glance.
Marinette tapped her foot with anticipation, so much that Alya was
surprised she didn’t just tap a hole right through the floor of her room.
“The results were supposed to be announced ten minutes ago on the
website, but they’re still not out!”

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gift for @oinkpotato

A/N:  I really hope you like this!  Merry Christmas!

rating: teen, for some mild swearing

word count: 2572


             “Hey Lily!”

             James promptly forgot what he was going to say.  He was blinded by a dazzling smile, shining red hair, golden sunsets and warm feelings.

             “Potter?  Are you okay?”

             “Whu- oh, yeah!”  James scratched the back of his neck.  “Um, I had just- I wanted- uh.”

             Lily smiled encouragingly and James swallowed hard, taking a deep breath.

             “Do you want to work on homework together later?  I feel like I wasn’t quite getting whatever Slughorn was saying about the theory behind the combinations of ingredients causing the side effects, as opposed to the ingredients particularly- you know the one?- and I was hoping maybe-“

             “Of course.”  Lily combed her fingers through the front of her hair, tossing it out of her face.  “I have to tutor some younger students down in dungeon three until about 9 tonight, so if you’d like to come down then-“

             “That’s not gonna work, sorry.”  James ran a hand through his hair, and inwardly cringed.  “I have quidditch from 7 until 10, tonight- is there any chance we could meet up earlier?”

             “I’m actually on my way to a prefect’s meeting, before getting a quick dinner.”  Lily grimaced.  “I was hoping to do the transfiguration essay later though.  Maybe we trade what we have at that point and edit?”

             “Right, yeah, sure.”  James mumbled.  “I’ll see you then.”

             “Great!”  Lily smiled at him.  “Oh, and have a nice day.”  She said patting his arm.

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This was tricky to actually achieve but I managed to do so pretty well (I hope) when I decided to re-read Winter’s Flame by @imagine-that-marvel​. So, yeah, this is fanfiction, for a fanfiction. My favourite fanfiction. As requested by @http-bxtchcraft​. Enjoy!

Prompt: Hiya ^^ I wanted to know if I could make a request? Your writing is beyond fantastic. Sooooo, Bucky x reader (female?) where reader grew up in the late 90’s early 2000’s. After a mission gone wrong, reader and Buck get stuck in the 90’s and reader shows him around until they find a way back?? So yes, the thing. Have a nice day, wherever it is you may be!

“Pencils and Cassette Tapes”

Bucky groaned and rolled onto his back, a hand on his head as he tried to ignore the way it was pounding.
“Bucky…” He heard another voice croak, clearly in as much pain as he was.

“What- what happened?”
“The mutant…” You mumbled, as you shakily crawled your way towards Bucky. He was on his back, writing slowly on the floor.

“I thought he was-”
“Detained? I guess not.” You flopped next to him, still reeling from the trip and turned your head. From your proxemics, you could see the beads of sweat bejewelling his pale skin.

“I… I suppose you’re used to this by now.” Bucky stifled a chuckle.
“You’re funny, Barnes.”
“I know. I’m hoping it’ll make up for butting in on your thing with Steve.”

You punched him lightly and sat up groggily.
“Believe me. Travelling between decades is not how Steve and I spend our weekends.”

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