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Bitter Rivals - Stuart Twombly

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stuart Twombly/Reader

Word Count: 9,619

Warnings: NSFW, NSS (Not Sabrina Safe aka an inside joke), 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasms, Alcohol Use, Spanking, Hair Pulling

Notes: I lost a bet with @ellie-bee242 and promised her Stuart smut. So this is for her, ok? Ok. Also thanks to @girlwiththerubyslippers for being a doll and reading part of this and like… screaming at me the entire time lol.

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davestriderwhomst  asked:

is dammek going to be a good boy james we need to know for science

i beg of you. learn to accept that a good character doesn’t have to be a good person. lots of lovable characters are completely terrible. Dammek being a big piece of shit is what makes him interesting.

if him being terrible is too much for you, you also don’t have to like him though. I never understand how people get so wrapped up into characters that liking or disliking one will like… destroy friendships and stuff. Sorry I got kinda into this cause I get like a thousand asks that are literally like pleading with me to reveal some weird overlooked subtext about Dammeks shitty personality that suddenly makes it OK that he is completely awful to everyone around him.

Not every character is going to be perfect, or even like… acceptable. Maybe I’m just like extremely old here but.. isn’t that more interesting?


I love how Adrien gets a magical haircut when he detranforms, but Marinette’s hair doesn’t even move.

Mr. Pigeon / M. Pigeon



What I imagine a transformation would look like without the Sailor Moon posing:

Taehyung probably walks into like the airport Gucci shops while traveling and drops tens of thousands of dollars and everyone’s looking at this young, ostentatious, beautiful bitch like hmmmm ok go off sir

compilation of apps & websites

hey, guys! i’m back again, with another masterpost (!!!) it’s my fifth one this month bc its one of my new year’s resolutions to make a masterpost for each week of the month! hopefully this helps u guys!!!

some tips //

  • using an extension/app/website to block distracting sites is a lifesaver
  • i use the blocksite extension on chrome
  • u can also use forest to block ur sites + time ur studying
  • pomodoro is one of my personal favorites bc it’s 25 minutes of work (which is a pretty short time, so u can concentrate better) + 5 minutes of a break (to refresh urself!!!)
  • remember not to get too caught up in these, bc too many sites + apps are just a waste of time, and u’ll end up studying even less
  • everything in moderation!!!

resources //

wow, that was a long post, and now my eyes hurt from staring at the screen. but hopefully this is useful to someone!!! also, shoutout to @studyquill bc her tags and navigation is so organized and easy to use; when i was researching for other studyblr masterposts on apps and websites, i ended up reblogging a bunch from her tag!!! hugs, mel.


So i tried out that owo chrome extension on sonic related pages and i feel like i’ve transcended to another plane