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Your favourite HP m/m ships 2/?: Regulus x Barty Jr

uhm, this might not be one of your favourites, since this is requested by, well, me. i just really have a thing for young soft death eaters and a lot of angst and sorrow, so regulus black and barty crouch junior will always be one of my favourite pairs. (tag me in EVERYTHING that exist on this couple, please)

  • barty is a ravenclaw student the year below regulus.
  • they could’ve gone through they’re lives without ever even spoken to eachother, but they don’t.
  • because barty happens to beat an old record of regulus in transfiguration and regulus can’t believe it.
  • so he seeks barty up, corner the one year younger boy when he’s alone just to get a look at mcgonagall’s new little wonder child.
  • and barty is arrogant and besserwisser, but he’s also charismatic and has that kind of strong presence and fire in him that makes regulus think about sirius.
  • and in regulus, barty for the first time sees an equal, someone who’s really worthy of his time, someone who’s not childish and dumd as his classmates.
  • they discuss philosophy together, they read poetry for each other and they talk about their families, they share their deepest secrets and their biggest dreams. they talk about a future. they laugh and they cry.
  • they taste each others lips, feel each others soft skin, let their fingers caress each others hair.
  • it’s all a big secret. their family’s would never understand and regulus can’t loose his family, not like sirius did.
  • so they always meet in secret, never speak in public.
  • times get darker.
  • it’s regulus fault that both of them join the death eaters.(at least regulus will for ever blame himself for dragging barty in to that crap)
  • one does it because it’s what expected of him. the other one because it’s the last thing that’s expected of him. really, both do it because all they really want is their parents to notice them, finally pay some god damn attention to them and love them.
  • maybe they also do it because of the tense somewhat exciting electricity that’s in the air. because time’s are a changing and they want to be a part of something, something bigger. and they want to do it together.
  • if it’s regulus fault that they join, it’s bartys fault that they stay.
  • it scares them, because they both know that they’re on their way to lose each other. they’re slowly growing apart and they no longer tell each other everything.
  • however, they never stop loving each other. both clinging to old memories, old versions of the other. clinging to the hope that things soon will change, and that the other will change with it.
  • but they never get time for any change, because regulus died.

send me your favourite m/m hp pairs (and maybe a headcanon) and i’ll make aesthetics for them!

a list of things my 15 year old brother has said

• it’s Tuesday, binch

• I will eat SHIT

• Hey, are we playing Advanced Warfare? HAH JUST KIDDING NOONEPLAYSTHATGAME

• *incoherent screaming*

• ugh, i hate the “poeliticks”

• Yeah! Eff the children iN ITS ASS

• I’m gonna deck your dick so hard!!

• *whilst grunting* Poke em haaarrd.

• Mike, my dumd-ass brother

• Monique, what happened to you? You used to be so dank.

• Oh, I love butthole and buttfart. Mike don’t put that on your tumblr.

• *Losing a game* DUDE! “F” me. “F-er”

• I’m a hot meat lover.

• *with a mouthful of food* I WILL CHOP OFF MY DICK TO PROVE IT!!!!

• Yeah? Well, you can suck my nuggets! *whispers* My nuggets.

• Do you know how hard it is to suck someone’s nuggets without them noticing?

• Save successful! WOW! Thanks GTA!!

• *on teamspeak* Wait…. why are you guys having fun!….

• *pauses show we’re watching* Hey, did you guys know..,. that…. we know more about space than., the water….


• Ya wanna play some ball bITCH

• You were hashtag getting swole! You were hashtag getting swole! (he said this twice one right after the other, same emphasis, no reason)

• *gets killed by an enemy* Dumb ass shit ass

• *on his birthday of all days* Mike, your cakes over here you dumb idiot



Hey guys, this is my 1st giveaway ever and literally all of this needs to go!! I’m moving on to college soon and almost all of these things I’ve either lost interest or need a better home!

As for the Yu gi oh cards I’d really preferably like to trade those for other cards but if not then giving them away is fine too!! ☺️

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Portuguese Contractions

As my Portuguese teacher puts it, Portuguese is the queen of contractions. Take a look: 

in (em) + the (o, a, os, as) 
em + o = no (singular masculine) 
em + a = na (singular feminine) 
em + os = nos (plural masculine) 
em + as = nas (plural feminine) 

Eu estou no correio / I’m in the post office 
Os livros estão nas caixas / The books are in the boxes 

other em contractions (facultative): 
em + um = num
em + uma = numa
em + uns = nuns
em + umas = numas

- - - - - - - - - -

of (de) + the (o, a, os, as) 
de + o = do (singular masculine)
de + a = da (singular feminine)
de + os = dos (plural masculine)
de + as = das (plural feminine) 

Gostei da foto / I liked the foto 
Estou falando dos cachorros, moleque! / I’m talking about the dogs, kid! (a direct translation: I’m speaking of the dogs) 

*Side note: De or a contraction of de always follows the verb gostar (to like).
Example: Eu gosto de você. Você gosta de mim. Gostaria de saber se você namoraria comigo. 
(I like you. You like me. I would like to know if you’d date me.) 

other de contractions (facultative): 
de + um = dum
de + uma = duma
de + uns = duns
de + umas = dumas
de + este = deste
de + esta = desta
de + estes = destes
de + estas = destas
de + esse = desse
de + essa = dessa
de + esses = desses
de + essas = dessas

- - - - - - - - - -

for (por) + the (o, a, os, as) 
por + o = pelo 
por + a = pela 
por +os = pelos 
por + as = pelas 

Obrigada pela comida / Thank you for the food 

- - - - - - - - - - 

to/at (a) + the (o, a, os, as) 
a + o = ao 
a + a = à 
a + os = aos 
a + as = às 

Eu vou à escola / I’m going to school 
Vamos ao Brasil / Let’s go to Brazil 

*Side note: almost all countries have gender in Portuguese (e.g. o Brasil, os Estados Unidos, a China, etc.) 

- - - - - - - - - -

Para (colloquial contractions) 
para + o = pro 
para + a = pra
para + as = pras
para + os = pros 

Eu vou te levar pro Rio / I’m going to take you to Rio (de Janeiro) 

*Side note: States and cities that are geographical landscapes (like river, bay, etc.) have o/a in front. (e.g. eu moro no Rio de Janeiro, mas minha mãe é da Bahía


#DailySeventeen Day 6: Bias wrecker



I love Jihoon to the moon and back, he is my all BUT this awful human being called Kim Mingyu and his cute smile always ruins everything. He’s dumd, unhygienic, adorable, handsome, funny and cute but I don’t like him. I really don’t like him even if I always save his pictures, I only do that because I need to see him to hate him even more, that’s all. I don’t like him, I HATE YOU MINGYU.

anonymous asked:

list of movies where marilyn was a dumd blonde?

I don’t know why people assume that Marilyn wasn’t talented because she played a few dumb blonde roles, she was an amazing comedienne and those roles were very contrasting with her real self. I guess because Marilyn played a dumb blonde so well people forget how hard it is. Marilyn actually played quite a few diverse roles in her career, you should check them out!

  • The Asphalt Jungle (1950)
  • Clash By Night (1952)
  • Don’t Bother To Knock (1952)
  • Niagara (1953)
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)
  • River Of No Return (1954)
  • There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954)
  • Bus Stop (1956)
  • The Prince and The Showgirl (1957)
  • The Misfits (1961)
  • Something’s Got To Give (1962)

Before anyone states, “Why is Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in there?!” if you watch the whole film, the conclusion comes about with everyone realizing that Marilyn’s character, Lorelei is really smart.

Marilyn reportedly suggested the memorable line, “I can be smart when I Want to. But most men don’t like it.”

Most of her earlier roles were dumb blonde co-starring parts,

  • All About Eve (1950)
  • As Young As You Feel (1951)
  • Let’s Make It Legal (1951)
  • Monkey Business (1952)
  • How To Marry A Millionaire (1953)
  • The Seven Year Itch (1955)
  • Some Like It Hot (1959)
  • Let’s Make Love (1960)

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“Today was a very enjoyable day.  Thank you for frame shopping with me, Makoto-senpai.”

“Anytime, Rei.”

Done for the last day of MakoRei Week: Glasses

Just imagine Makoto deliberately stopping at a random toy store on his way to meet Rei just for the sake of making that joke.

BSM #37 You know his girlfriend, he hates you, but it changes. *Maybe trigger warning* Only for the boys with girlfriends.

A/N: It’s awfully long. Oh well. Didn’t want to split it up in two. I don’t care. I hope I’ve done this right. It’s a bit like the last one, you’re not siblings, but something causes you to become close. The request was only for the boys with girlfriends, so only Louis, Liam and Zayn for this one.

LOUIS (age 14): When you were younger, Eleanor was your babysitter, and even though you were too old for a babysitter now, you still hung out with her. You didn’t understand why she wanted to be around you, but she always assured you that she did. The only downside was, that her boyfriend Louis hated your guts. You didn’t know what you had done, but nevertheless, the famous boybander wanted nothing to do with you. It wouldn’t have been a problem if he had just ignored you, but as soon as Eleanor left the room, he would say cruel comments about you. The exact same things as your parents told you every day. That you were stupid, ugly and waste of space. You couldn’t grasp why he did that to you. Around everyone else, he was the sweetest guy. But not to you. Eleanor knew about your insecurities that naturally had come after your parent’s comments, but she didn’t know why you had them, or just how much they affected you. She always attempted to convince you how amazing you were, but with all the people telling you otherwise, you didn’t believe her. After Louis’ comments got worse, you began to fall into a depression. You did everything you could to avoid him, but it all went to shit when your parents asked Eleanor if she could watch after you one day. You didn’t believe you needed a babysitter at your age, but you didn’t want to argue with your parents. And that wasn’t the worst part. The worst part was, that Eleanor wasn’t home that day, so Louis was send over to watch you instead. When you heard this, you locked yourself into your room, and did everything in your power not to have a panic attack. “Y/N! We’re leaving now! Louis is already here!” your mom yelled through your door. Immediately after the door slammed, you could hear footsteps coming towards your room. “Hey Y/N!” Louis yelled cheerily through the door. “Go away please!” you yelled back, voice already wavering as tears clouded your vision. He was silent for a while, until he asked in the smallest voice you had ever heard. “Are you crying?” A sob racked through your body, and you could hear both your mom’s, dad’s and Louis’ voice in your head telling you how pathetic you were. “Why do you care!” There was no answer, and suddenly the door swung open. There was Louis, with the most sincere expression you had ever seen him wear around you. “Y/N?” You flew right up in his face and started screaming: “I know I’m stupid! I know I’m ugly! I know I’m worthless! Your job is done! You have convinced me! Now go!” Louis stood shell-shocked. “I’m sorry.” You laughed humorlessly. “I didn’t mean it Y/N. I-I have no excuse. I’m so so sorry.” You looked at him, some of your anger seeping out of your body. “What made you change your mind about me?” Louis send you a guilty look, mumbling something about Eleanor. “You talked to Eleanor?” He nodded. “Okay. Can we make a deal? I already have to listen to that shit from my parents. If you never say such a thing again, I will forgive you. Deal?” Louis ran and hugged you, chanting ‘yes’ in your ear. For a long time you were wary about him, but he proved that he was an okay guy. He really was.

ZAYN (age 13): You had never felt such a level of relief as when your parents told you they were going on vacation without you. You were almost ecstatic when you heard it was a three-month long vacation. Now, you’re probably wondering why in the world that would make someone happy. See, your parents where the main reason behind your endless list of insecurities. Them, and all of the kids at school. You had one or two friends, but everyone else hated you, and made sure to let you know how dumd and waste of person you were. But again, mainly your parents. While they were gone, you were going to live with your cousin Perrie and her famous boyfriend Zayn. You had never met him, but from what Perrie told you, he was a great lad. You and Perrie had always been close, so she knew you were insecure, but she didn’t know your parents was the reason. Anyways, finally was your parents leaving for their trip to Africa, and you were unpacking your bags when Zayn was suddenly standing in your door. He had seem nice enough when you arrived, but you hadn’t gotten the chance to talk to him much. “Hi Zayn,” you greeted. “Hello.” And just like that, he was gone. You thought it was weird, but didn’t think more of it. Unfortunately, things made a turn for the worse. Even though your parents were no longer there to bring you down, Zayn proved to be a great substitute. It really surprised you the first time he whispered a comment about your looks in your ear, as it was not pleasant in any way. It continued like that. He brought you down every time Perrie was not around, and when Perrie came one day and said she would be gone for the weekend and that Zayn would look after you, you almost burst out crying right then. However, you let her leave, and sat in the living room, waiting for Zayn to start his comments. And right you were. The minutes later, Zayn was telling you that he had seen your grades, and then proceeded to tell you just how stupid you were. You had always kept a stone face around Zayn, but since you knew Perrie couldn’t rescue you, though unknowingly, you started crying. You simply broke down. Zayn stopped, looking mildly confused. “What’s wrong?” Suddenly you were mad. Extremely mad. “What’s wrong?! WHAT’S WRONG?! WHAT DO YOU THINK?! You have been bringing me down since the moment I got here! As if it wasn’t bad enough that my parents did this, now I have to listen to you too?! I thought I would finally have a break from being told how worthless I am, but for some reason, you love being a dick to me! Why?! What have I done to make you hate me so much?!” Zayn was silent, and there was no expression on his face. Suddenly though, his face crumbled, and he looked about ready to cry. “What have I done?” he whispered to himself. You were surprised to say the least. Of all the reactions you had imagined, this was not one of them. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I guess I was a bit sad that I didn’t get some alone time with Perry, and I have been stressed, and I took it out on you. I am so sorry. Let me prove to you that I am not like this normally. I am not asking you to forgive me. I’m asking for one more chance.” You were very hesitant, but his sincere expression and tone made you nod. And he proved that he wasn’t a dick. In addition, he helped you feel better about yourself. With the help of Perrie of course.

LIAM (age 15): Your mom and dad were going on a week long vacation without you, and had send you to live with a good friend of the family. Sophia had always been like a sister to you, and she knew all about how horrible your parents were to you. They didn’t hit you or anything, they just always reminded you how big of a disappointment you were. It had send you into a limbo between having a depression and not. You didn’t really have a depression, but you felt like the smallest thing could give you one. With no friends, Sophia was the only support you had. Many times had she tried to get you away from your parents, but her attempts were fruitless. Now, you were going to live with her and her boyfriend Liam. You thought it would be just what you needed to hopefully get a bit better, but it turned out that you parents were not the only ones who could bring you down. From time to time, when Sophia was out of ear-shot, Liam would throw out a cruel comment or joke about you. It wasn’t often it happened, but when it did, it pushed you that little step closer to the abyss that was your mind. Your parents rang you one day to tell you that they prolonged their vacation, and Sophia said it was fine that you stayed for a while longer. Liam didn’t seem pleased, but neither did he seem annoyed.  Sophia had to leave for a day to help her friend who was going through a tough break-up, and when she told you, you were a bit scared at the thought of having to be left alone with Liam for an entire day. You didn’t believe he would hurt you, but by now, his comments had definitely send you spiraling into a depression. After Sophia told she was leaving in a couple of days, the comments from Liam stopped. He seemed distant, and refused to meet your eyes. You were confused, but not as afraid about the upcoming day alone with Liam as you were before. At first when Sophia left, Liam just kinda paced around the house, mumbling things under his breath you couldn’t understand. Every time he walked past you, he looked at you with something in his eyes that you couldn’t decipher. Finally, he sat down next to you on the couch in the living room, and you were a bit scared. But what came out of his mouth next, wsa not what you expected. “I’m so sorry Y/N. I’ve been an ass to you, and I have no explanation. Sophia told me the other day what your parents make you go through, and the kids at your school as well. And I realized that I have treated you just as bad as them. And you don’t deserve it at all, as you are the greatest person, and I don’t have an excuse to my behavior. I am so so sorry. I don’t ask of you to forgive me. But can we start over? Blank canvas?” You were shocked into silence. “Do you know what you did to me Liam? I got a depression because of you. Not only because of you, but you were the last push in the wrong direction if you like.” During you little speech, you started crying. Liam looked absolutely heartbroken, and pulled you into a hug. It took you a while to hug back, but when you did, it was a silent, ‘let’s start over.’


I’m having a crysis here, and you send me this? You send me this, cuz you want money\attention to your site and ads, and\or it’s probably a virus or someshit like this…

Even if it’s true and harmless (I don’t believe so), I don’t know this person, thus what made them think I’m gonna look at the links or whatever…

Holy jalapeno, this is dumd.