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Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch located in Utah that is known for paranormal and extraterrestrial occurrences. Many people have reported strange events in the area, ranging from cryptids to unexplained lights in the sky. Some of the most unnerving encounters include:

  • An encounter with an unkillable wolf has been reported on the property, telling of a wolf that was completely unaffected after being shot five times at point blank range while attacking a calf. The wolf was unaffected, and simply walked away.
  • Other strange wolves have been spotted on the property, including one so large that it towered above a car being driven by one of the ranch’s occupants.
  • Sometimes in the night, the entire pasture would be lit up as though illuminated by powerful stadium lights. Bright shafts of light would also be seen beaming from the ground to the sky.
  • Unexplained noises occurred frequently, with sounds like heavy, earth-moving machinery being heard from underground, and mysterious voices being heard as they worked in the pasture, seemingly floating above them.
  • Crop circles and other anomalies like circular ice patterns and large holes in the ground would appear all over the ranch.
  • Cattle mutilations were incredibly common, resulting in the loss of 20% of the herd in only 20 months. One day, all four of the ranch’s bulls went missing, and after a search were discovered stuffed into a small trailer like sardines. The trailer was locked, and the locks were covered in cobwebs. No one could explain how the locks were untouched, or how four massive, aggressive bulls ended up crammed together in a small trailer.
  • UFOs of various shapes and colours were often spotted flying back and forth above the ranch. On one occasion, the owner of the ranch thought he saw an RV in the pasture, and, thinking it was lost tourists, went out to help. As he approached what he thought was an RV, it rose straight into the air and flew out of sight.

Skinwalker Ranch remains under investigation, and is fenced off and heavily guarded to this day.

So I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now, and I might even make a short fic b/c I like the plot so much. This is based on the assumption that the world is nice enough to have Daryl and Carol survive Negan’s war.

But imagine this:

Most likely this will happen during the premiere of season 9, knowing the rate at which TWD is going. It is two years after All Out War, just like how they time jumped in the comic books. We get to see Rick and Alexandria, Zeke and the Kingdom, and Maggie at Hilltop, and how far they’ve come after two years of recovering.

Mayyyybbbee Dwight at the Sanctuary… but I’m not sure about that one yet.

Then we get to be introduced to Caryl again, maybe by Jerry delivering food, or Zeke coming over to say hi. But we find out that they live together in the creeptastic loveshack full time. Carol is part of Zeke’s council while Daryl hunts for the Kingdom, but they live alone in their house… cause they like being alone with each other *wink* *wink*

Bonus: We get to be introduced to Caryl by seeing them waking up slowly for the day in bed, their clothing no where to be seen as the cuddle into each other as close as humanly possible, and Gimps gives a middle finger to the ageist haters as he has Carol show off some skin. 

One can hope right…

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Everyone loves a good old haunted hotel story, right?

Well, I just remembered I have a good one I haven’t told yet. I was staying at this hotel in a small village in Scotland about a year ago now, and honestly it’s one of the coolest places I stayed during that time period. I was travelling a lot so hotels were basically my home for several months, and while a lot of non-chain hotels are a bit creepy, nothing quite matched this one’s atmosphere. It was very beautiful and very authentic, with the big reception desk and the original fire hoses and old elevators where you would have to open and close the slide doors yourself. And it was very, very haunted.

I like a little background noise when I sleep, especially in a place like this where there are other noises to drown out and the atmosphere was more than slightly creepy. I fell asleep with the TV on and the sound set low, and slept for a couple of hours before I was suddenly awoken. I realised it was completely silent, and as I looked up at the TV, I saw a police officer there, very clearly. He was in full uniform, though it looked different to the usual uniforms, and his finger was still on the button for the TV. We looked at one another for a moment, and then he spoke: “You need to turn this off.

I sat up properly, and asked the only logical question: “How did you get in here?

The police officer straightened up, and pointed around the corner to the doorway. I realised suddenly that it was light even though the TV was off; the light was coming from the direction the officer was pointing in. 

They let me in,” he said.

I untangled myself from the covers and crawled to the end of the bed, looking around the corner to the door. It was wide open, and standing side by side in the doorway were two nurses. They were dressed in very old-fashioned uniforms, probably World War Two era. They were completely still and silent, just staring into the room, and I looked back at the police officer. Before I could say anything, he cut me off.

It’s time for you to go back to sleep,” he said, and then he turned and left the room. The nurses parted to let him through, and the door swung closed behind them. I distinctly heard it click closed again. 

I sat there for a moment before pushing myself back to the end of the bed, wondering what was going on. It occurred to me that I must be dreaming, and I tried to wake myself up, but slowly it dawned on me that I was completely awake. I wondered if it had been something like sleep paralysis, but no; there was no denying I had been moving around. Not to mention the television was off, and the remote was on the nightstand on my boyfriend’s side of the bed. I looked over at him to see he was still asleep; almost as soon as I looked at him, he woke up and asked me if I was OK. I said I was fine, but something really weird had happened. He listened, and when I was finished, what he said only made it weirder.

That’s fucking crazy. I had a dream you were sitting up and talking to some strange man who had turned the TV off.

Top Three Balem Creeper Faces

Balem displays a wide variety of what are best described as creeper faces (all of them are directed towards Jupiter, naturally). In this post, I run through the top three creepiest creeper faces displayed by the First Primary of the House of Abrasax.

3.) Creepy unfocused stare of creepiness.

2.) Creepy look of sadistic pleasure (this is literally his face as Jupiter’s crying out in horror at the sight of her mother’s imminent death).

1.) Creepy creeper smile (no words).

Devil’s Footprints

In early February 1855, hoof-like marks appeared in over thirty locations across Devon and Dorset in England. The footprints were around four inches long and three inches across, mostly in single file, and around eight and sixteen inches apart. The tracks were estimated to have a total distance of 40 to 100 miles.

All hope of a rational explanation was abandoned when the full scope of the footprints was discovered. The footprints were found in impossible locations, and whoever – or whatever – made them would have had to defy physics in order to walk there. Houses, rivers, and other obstacles were travelled straight over, and the footprints even appeared on the top of roofs, high walls, and even entering and then exiting drain pipes as small as four inches across.

(The photograph is from a similar incident in 2009.)

2P Italy's Phone Contact Names
  • 1P!Italy: Wimpy n Shit
  • 2P!America: Asshole With The Baseball Bat
  • 2P!China: Literal Fucking Drug Lord
  • 2P!England: The Muffin Man Who Lives Down Drury Lane
  • 2P!France: Man Whore 101
  • 2P!Russia: Tolerable One
  • 2P!Germany: The Dummkopf
  • 2P!Japan: Only Sane Person I Know
  • 2P!Canada: Creeptastic Polar Bear
  • 2P!Romano: Gucci Bastard
  • 2P!Austria: Soft Grunge Satan
  • 2P!Prussia: Lutz's Brother
fanfic: trophies (part one)

Continuation to Should’ve Run Faster. So. This was supposed to be one additional one-shot in itself, and then it reached 8000 words before I was even finished with the chapter and I remembered the Ravenstag!Dipper thing I’d been thinking about earlier. This is half of it while I revise the second half. Sorry it’s huge – I got carried away, so it’s under a cut. I also cross-posted to AO3 here: commentary and criticism welcome in regards to the new direction/slight shift in tone. It continues to be dark as hell, and Bill continues to be batshit insane. Slightly older but still teenage Deerper, no shipping whatsoever, ain’t no fluff on this train, etc. Same warnings as the first story. 

I’m sorry, Dipper. I really am.

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This is one of my favourite creepypastas, and because I can’t find any version of it that wouldn’t be impossible to read on this format, I’ve transcribed it directly from the screencap I have of it.

Story originally appeared on /x/ on October 10, 2013, and was written by a user known only as hawkeye !!ASKzWwNPKxw. Accompanying photograph was taken by me and isn’t associated with the piece in its original form. Aside from grammatical corrections and a quote from the author from a reply to another user at the end, the story appears exactly how it does in the original image.

It’s long, but well worth the read, and has stuck with me ever since I first saw it. For those of you that have experienced something like this, it’ll hit even harder.


Human Nature

So, first let me describe how I’ve spent the last three summers.

>Live in Ohio
>Be camp counselor at INNAWOODS camps in hocking hills region of southern Ohio
>Clear creek valley is one of the most biodiverse areas in the entire world. (Not kidding. More than some rainforests)
>Nearest civilization is town of Rockbridge (TINY) many miles away.
>Everyone lives in cabins with no air conditioning, power, or lights
>I’m assigned to the older boys, because I’m better with the bushcraft
>Teach then bataonning, fire building, debris huts, edible plants, the works.
>One night every week, we camp out, use the skills, and sleep under the stars
>Every week, each cabin has to do a “Camp Improvement Project” (chores)
>Little kids pull weeds on what few (unpaved, barely maintained) paths we have
>Big kids (14-17) use saws, rakes, and shovels to clear out new campsites, or refurbish old ones
>There’s always been a rivalry between the older boys and girls, especially among the counselors

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