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Skinwalker Ranch

Skinwalker Ranch is a ranch located in Utah that is known for paranormal and extraterrestrial occurrences. Many people have reported strange events in the area, ranging from cryptids to unexplained lights in the sky. Some of the most unnerving encounters include:

  • An encounter with an unkillable wolf has been reported on the property, telling of a wolf that was completely unaffected after being shot five times at point blank range while attacking a calf. The wolf was unaffected, and simply walked away.
  • Other strange wolves have been spotted on the property, including one so large that it towered above a car being driven by one of the ranch’s occupants.
  • Sometimes in the night, the entire pasture would be lit up as though illuminated by powerful stadium lights. Bright shafts of light would also be seen beaming from the ground to the sky.
  • Unexplained noises occurred frequently, with sounds like heavy, earth-moving machinery being heard from underground, and mysterious voices being heard as they worked in the pasture, seemingly floating above them.
  • Crop circles and other anomalies like circular ice patterns and large holes in the ground would appear all over the ranch.
  • Cattle mutilations were incredibly common, resulting in the loss of 20% of the herd in only 20 months. One day, all four of the ranch’s bulls went missing, and after a search were discovered stuffed into a small trailer like sardines. The trailer was locked, and the locks were covered in cobwebs. No one could explain how the locks were untouched, or how four massive, aggressive bulls ended up crammed together in a small trailer.
  • UFOs of various shapes and colours were often spotted flying back and forth above the ranch. On one occasion, the owner of the ranch thought he saw an RV in the pasture, and, thinking it was lost tourists, went out to help. As he approached what he thought was an RV, it rose straight into the air and flew out of sight.

Skinwalker Ranch remains under investigation, and is fenced off and heavily guarded to this day.

I think we all just collectively dreamed up the 2010 album speak now by taylor swift. It just doesn’t sound like something that is OUT THERE and EXISTING in the same universe as us?? Like, no one even knew about Taylor and John Mayer and there she was just explicitly calling his creeptastic ass out BY NAME. Then she told us about her crush on the owl city guy and like WHO SAW THAT COMING?? She legit dedicated a whole song to him and they met like once? Iconic. And let me see her owning her petty ass on better than revenge and dragging both camilla and joe’s mediocre joke of a song all in one track!!! Followed by the sweetest after-breakup song about THAT SAME JOE that any ears will ever hear? Critic who said she couldn’t sing? Torched him. Taylor Lautner’s roses? Left them there to die. But perhaps my FAVORITE part on the whole album is Innocent. The “I forgive you because you’re an overgrown child who i shouldn’t have expected more from” is THE perfect patronizing song for a grown man attempting to steal your thunder. Like the fact that taylor just let it allllll hang out in the open on only the THIRD album of her career, and the fact that she did it all alone???? It just can’t be real

my boyfriend mentioned this the other day and I said I would type it up properly so here’s a heartwarming story about a game my friends and I used to play as small children and by heartwarming I mean buckle up kids because what the fuck was wrong with us

two things you need to know about my childhood:

  • I grew up in buttfuck rural England
  • in rural England there is absolutely fuckall to do apart from go into old forests and fuck with ancient gods

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If you like Friends but want a more updated version, you should watch Happy Endings:

Happy Endings is a beautiful show that was canceled too soon. But more importantly, it is so much like an updated version of Friends that one of the characters even calls them each by their friends equivalent at one point (while drugged after going to the dentist…obviously).

Your new Monica is Jane Kerkovich-Williams: a bisexual goddess control freak

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She is married to Brad, your new Chandler: 

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Jane’s sister, Alex, literally runs out on her own wedding in the pilot. Also in the fashion world (owns her own shop).

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Then there’s Penny, who is the wacky single girl friend (definitely a less dramatic backstory than Phoebe… )

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Waiting for new Joey? Look no further than Max, the gay/jewish player.

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Thinking, “Hey, I could do without a Ross”? Well, don’t worry. Dave is definitely sometimes a jerk but in no way as creeptastic as Mr. Friendzone Divorce Guy. Also, he’s the chef of the group, you know, some things have to change. 

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Go, watch, be happy. All episodes are on hulu, last I checked. This is an easy show to plow through and definitely worth it. 

Kurance Things!!! (AU where I don’t kill him)

- Lance starts bonding with him through face masks. It’s silly at first but it makes Kuron happy that Lance wants to do this with him. Lance will manicure Kuron’s nails and even do pedicures which was embarrassing at first but it felt intimate to Kuron and he didn’t think anyone would want to take care of him like this after the real Shiro came back.

- Kuron has more anger issues than Shiro but he’s also more sensitive. Sometimes he can feel himself getting riled up after an insensitive comment and Lance will weave their fingers together or rub circles into his back until he calms down. Sometimes Lance steps in to defend him and will take Kuron away and hold him, whispering reassurances until his breathing calms down and his hands unclench.

- Kuron is protective af. Like, he will throw hands at the wind if it blows Lance’s hair out of place. Sometimes he goes with Lance on missions and they have to gather intelligence. It’s clear that Kuron is the muscle so people tend to make nice with Lance. One guy got a little too nice and the next thing they knew Kuron loses sight of Lance and Lance is unconcious and in this guy’s car being driven to who knows where.

The car jerks to a stop and then theres a huge dent in the roof of the “car” and a metallic hand punches through, ripping away metal and reaching in to grab Mr. Creeptastic by the neck.

Yeah he’s dead now.

Anyway, Lance wakes up and stumbles out of a medical pod asking what happened and that’s when he sees Hunk’s unspoken approval in his eyes.

“Kuron saved you and brought you to the pod.”

Lance looks at Kuron with a shining blue eyes and a bright, dopey smile, making the other man’s heart stop.

“My hero.”

- they don’t really confess? They just gradually start doing couple shit (holding hands, sleeping in the same bed, going on “outings” without the others ahemdatesahem, thoughtful gifts that raise brows from the others.) They never talk about it. The others don’t ask. They just assume they’re official and don’t want to be asked. Except Pidge is a little shit sometimes and puts Kuron on the spot in front of the whole team.

“Hey, K?”


“How did you know you loved Lance?”

And it was quiet before but now you can hear a pin drop and Kuron locks eyes with Lance who looks like he’s going to murder the green paladin. And then he’s looking at Kuron, eyes apologetic and sad.

And Kuron aint havin that.

“Well,” he begins, taking a deep breath and willing Lance to look at him and he does. “I think I knew my heart was his when I realized that anytime I look at him, it doesn’t matter how badly things are going to shit, if things aren’t going to be okay because he gave my life meaning.” And Lance is crying silently now and Kuron doesnt know if thats good or bad but now that he’s started he can’t stop. “The moment I realized that he looked at me and saw ME and not… someone else,” he whispers, walking slowly toward Lance and he’s relieved when Lance meets him halfway. Kuron reaches for Lance, cupping his cheek with his prosthetic hand and smiling when Lance leans into it.

“The moment you saw me and saw someone worthwhile when I couldn’t even see it in my own reflection, I knew I was done for. Lance, you are everyth-”

He doesn’t finish because there are soft lips on his. They’ve never done this before. And he can almost tune out Pidge and Hunk’s high five and their celebratory whooping and hollering.

He responds with everything he has and he and Lance are breathless when they finally pull apart but Lance can barely begin to catch his breath because he’s giggling uncontrollably, a manifestation of the joy he feels bubbling in his chest. And it’s contagious so Kuron can’t help but laugh too and Lance almost dies because as close as he and Kuron are, Kuron has never laughed like that before.

thatoneawkwardfemale  asked:

I'd like to know about skin walkers and why they freak you out

One of the things that really just gets to me is the idea of something being present without your consent or explicit knowledge; something that is clever and knows what it’s doing and absolutely has dangerous intentions. Another thing that really gets me is what I can only describe as “human, but to the left”; something that looks human, is definitely at least humanoid, but there are certain things that are so catastrophically off that just looking at it releases this unholy terror that can only come from looking at the truly unknown. Skinwalkers have both of those elements.

They are capable of shapeshifting, so they can infiltrate groups and be right there in a place you think is safe. They can even imitate the appearances of people you know, who will then act incredibly strangely. Imagine you’re camping out in the middle of nowhere and your friend goes off to get more firewood, and when they come back, they’re speaking in a guttural voice, they seem to be copying you and merely “acting” like they’re human; they’re walking around like a puppet being pulled on a string, they look like your friend but they are most definitely not. Or imagine, like in that story @doubleshuck posted a few days ago, that you’re out in the wilderness and you hear something calling for help, and it’s your voice. I cannot even describe how much that kind of thing freaks me out.

Things that are so inherently wrong, things that are devious and do these things to lure people to them, things that imitate and infiltrate and are therefore impossible to fight against… I cannot think of anything scarier than a skinwalker.

I don’t know about you, but I love these things. Here are some of my favourite creepy Wikipedia articles, plus a few lists, to keep things spooky.


1976 Tehran UFO incident | Alien hand syndrome | Automatic writing | Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery | Beast of Exmoor | Belchen Tunnel | Bell Witch | Borley Rectory | Bunny Man | Capgras Delusion | Corpse road | Crybaby Bridge | Devil’s Footprints | Donner Party | Dyatlov Pass incident | Exploding Head Syndrome | Flatwoods Monster | Great Hill Cemetery | Green children of WoolpitThe Hands Resist Him | Headless Horseman | Human combustion | Mary Celeste | Mothman | Multiverse | Original Spanish Kitchen | Overtoun Bridge | Phantom limb | Polybius game | Rendlesham Forest Incident | Robert the Doll | Shadow person | Skinwalker Ranch | Sleep paralysis | Smiley Face murder theory | Vanishing hitchhiker 


Haunted locations | Cryptids | Demons | People who have disappeared | Psychic abilities | UFO sightings | Unusual deaths

Emily Fields: the rundown

Season 1: 

Emily is characterized as a young talented athlete with a promising future in swimming all the while questioning her sexuality who turned into a confident strong woman who sometimes faces slumps but bounces back and trusts her heart. Always the loyal one. In this season we see her begin to question followed by confirming her sexuality and being more confident in it. I’ll always be an Emaya fan, got to respect a first love with so much chemistry. Although I did feel in the beginning that Maya sort of pressured her into coming out at certain points, I feel like when that moment came it was great. I’m glad she told her dad first, I love how she always had the daddy’s little girl dynamic. Even though Pam is my favorite PLL mom, I was irked when she didn’t initially accept her daughter but I was like yaaaas when she stood up for her against Paige’s dad. Which brings me to Paige in the first Paily encounter. I’ve disliked Paige from the beginning I can’t like someone who attempts to drown someone I like so much. Emily I’ll chalk that little fling to being young and naive. Worst season for Emily fashion wise but character wise, fantastic.

Season 2:

Emily decided to give Samara a chance which I think would have been a good relationship had it not been for A ruining things prematurely. ANYWHO, how creeptastic was the fashion show. Other than that, A really worked hard to not only keep her in Rosewood, but ruin her future as well. I’ve said from the beginning that Emily and Hanna get physically hurt worse, hate it or love it its my opinion and thats how I feel(Ali excluded, only speaking of the core four). Once Emily got the all clear from her mother to stay in Rosewood, A decides to replace her muscle rub with HGH leading to an ulcer. That was wild. Bravo for Maya coming back, I think they would still be together had she not got killed. I’m glad that at the end of the day they knew how they felt about each other, regardless of the tragedy that would soon follow, more cool dad points for Wayne Fields for helping her search when Maya went missing. Again I hate that at a point in this season the parents took Dr. Sullivan’s crap advice and made them split up for a short time but all the girls played up a great set up to catch A. Granted, once again, Emily was physically harmed. Then the whole almost died due to being locked in the barn thing, if it wasn’t for Ali she would’ve been done-zo at 16. Mona was def off her rocker at that point.

Season 3:

The summer they spent apart doing their own thing seemed to work the least in her favor, due to her not knowing how to grieve properly. I find it odd that the new A came for her first by the whole drugging and placing her at Ali’s grave. This is the season where Paily officially kicked off and although I’m not a fan, they had their share of good moments. When Nate came to town I knew something was fishy. I still to this day don’t know why Maya’s family didn’t give her information about funeral arrangements etc considering they were together but I digress. I wasn’t entirely surprised when he came unhinged and almost killed her but damn “the lady killer” episode was one of my favorite summer finales.

Season 4:

Only thing that really happened to her individually was her taking her mom’s pills and ‘’someone’’ calling social services. Emision had a nice little reunion though. Mama Fields struggled by almost getting ran over in her own living room, it broke my heart watching her break down in the hotel.

Season 5:

I knew she’d be too quick to welcome Alison back and then she was lashing out at everyone else who thought otherwise. Then Ali started disappointing her and then she started accusing her of being A. I feel like most of this season everything she did was Ali related. Paige punked out and left. Then when Ali was found innocent via the liars, she felt like she owed her an apology. I think Ali could chop her arm off and shed still forgive her. 

Season 6:

Once out of the dollhouse, she fell right back into the whole dating anyone who walks past her by starting something with Sara Harvey, even though she was a complete stranger that you invite to live with you. I think she should’ve focused less on helping her and more on helping the other girls then she wouldn’t have felt so blindsided by Cece revealing that Sara was red coat(she deserved to be hit btw). Five years forward she comes out the least successful with practically nothing going for herself and the worst of it all is that Wayne Fields is dead. Out of all the PLL dad and they kill Emily’s dad, not Hanna’s piece of shit dad who doesn’t support her or Byron who cheats but somehow manages to divorce and get his wife back or Peter who has secret kids, they kill WAYNE. damn them. I wasn’t going to touch on the whole eggs thing because I knew AD would find a way to f that up. If my eggs were destroyed I’d have plenty more things to say.

Season 7:

I dont hate the whole Sabrina thing and if Emison wasn’t endgame I’d want them to work it out. I don’t know why she feels so compelled to let Paige know everything but whatevs. Although it’s kind of rude of me to say but I’m glad she hit Noel when he was coming at her and Hanna, even though he ended up falling and getting his head chopped off. Emily is once again there for Ali, and regardless of if the baby is Emily’s, I have the sneaking suspicion that she’s going to help her raise the baby.

Fave moments so far:

Her coming out


“You don’t have a monopoly on pain, Spencer”

“So Meredith is our alibi? see you in jail”


When she found out about her dad’s heart condition after he saved her at the school.

Her showdown with Sydney

Season 4 when her highlights were poppin’

What I want for her in the final 10 episodes:

Her to finally be happy with one person as opposed to bouncing from girl to girl,  how emission evolves, the aftermath of AD and the liars friendship afterwards.

The Long Road Home: Part 1

Summary: Fate made you and Gabriel soulmates, but a spell has severed your bond completely and removed the archangel from your reality.  Will you be able to find your way back to each other or will you both remain lost?   (Sequel to Homeless)

Pairings: Gabriel x Reader, Destiel (side pairing)

Warnings/tags: angst, soulmates

Word Count: 4556

Author’s Note: This was written for June’s @gabriel-monthly-challenge statement prompt:

He remembered how excited he used to feel watching the sunrise.  Now all it brought was exhaustion and dread.  

I told you guys there would be a sequel.  I’m sorry it took so long.  My original idea was going to be a lot more concise, but in the interest of doing the journey justice, this is going to end up being multiple parts.    

Special thanks to my wonderfully amazing beta @sumara62.  Your suggestions and feedback are simply invaluable, as are your kind words and encouragement.  My work wouldn’t be what it is without you, my dear.  So thank you <3

Tagging everyone at the end (if you see a line through your name, I couldn’t get your tag to work, sorry!)

Gabriel had never been good with rules.  Well, that wasn’t completely true.  He was fantastic at breaking them.  Anything other than that, however, was a little iffy.  

He got it.  He really did.  You weren’t a fan of surprises.  He imagined most of your aversion to him stemmed from the fact he couldn’t help but be a constant one, though it wasn’t like it was his idea to have stealth mode permanently activated with you.  

He also understood how it might feel a little creeptastic having a stranger around without your knowledge.  Except he wasn’t one.  He was your father damn soulmate. 

Not that that little fact mattered much anymore.  

You couldn’t see him.  You couldn’t touch him.  You couldn’t feel him.  You couldn’t even remember him.  Every shred of evidence he had ever existed had been erased from your life.  The worst part of it all?  You barely wanted to acknowledge him.  

Father forbid, however, he didn’t acknowledge you or your damn sanctions.  

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