these are chibis and they took way too long

[FA] VIXX 6 KRATOS - Chibi version -

Took way too long that I might end up crying because my drawing programs were acting up after an update…

But I finished it finally!

Haven’t drawn digitally lately because I’ve been sketching nor have I really drawn any chibis either… Haha so rusty ~

Will be more fanarts lately on!


Pixerys Lavellan x Dorian Pavus

Some cute fluffy pavellan thing involving hearts and hands.  …And uh, in a different vein from how Fenris usually does it.

This took way too long to finish, mainly because I was fooling around with chibis, but it’s finally done! Something to throw into the tag before I bunker in my nuclear shelter for the rest of Doriquisitor por… -ahem- aPPRECIAtioN wEEK.

-thumbs up- Cheers! -disappears into underground shelter-