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Wrong Taxi (Part 1)

Summary: You get into an already occupied taxi and what ensues can only be bad luck. (Done for Kait’s 5k AU Writing Challenge).

Word Count: 2,757

Warnings: Drinking. Throwing up. 

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble series, but it is definitely not lol. I hope you all enjoy this first part. It’s gonna be a fun ride :D

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The heartache was more than you could have ever foreseen. You were blissfully unaware of how much value you had placed on your relationship with your now-ex boyfriend. It was a slap in the face when he broke up with you and you found yourself crying in a bathroom stall at work. Cursing at yourself, you wiped your eyes with the coarse toilet paper, hissing at the sting it caused on the sensitive skin. Kleenex did a much better job, but the box was currently sitting on your desk, which was in the middle of the vast office you worked at. And the last thing you wanted was wandering eyes and gossips flowing around the office with you in the center of it all.

Blowing your nose, you groaned and buried your face in your hands. Expletives ricocheted back and forth inside your brain, almost all of them directed at your former boyfriend, but some of them were for yourself. You had been foolish, utterly and completely foolish. Thinking that he was as in love with you as you were with him, you had even asked him to move in the previous week. He had just smiled at you and told you he’d think about it.

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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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“Don’t bother,” he replies grimly, “I said I wasn’t interested in this. If we fucked, sorry for leading you on, if we didn’t, I don’t know why you’d want to be associated with me anyways.” And Harry wants this conversation to end right there, now that he’s said his piece, so he looks back towards Y/N and says, “These are organic grapes, no?”

The girl gets the hint, leaving with a huff and Y/N tuts her tongue at him.

“You’re so mean, Harry! What if she really liked you?”

Harry shakes his head, “She liked my cock not me.” He says apathetically, and Y/N’s face turns towards sheepish like it always does when the mere mention of his escapades comes to head (which it doesn’t often, but he knows Y/N has ears and she hears things), “‘sides, she was rude to you. I don’t like that.” He straightens out, “Did you take your medicine?”


Harry doesn’t really like people, but he likes Y/N

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Hello! Can I make a request? I saw somebody else do this & i couldn't help requesting it here because I love your writing! RFA + V & Saeran 7 minutes in heaven? Huehuehue 🌚

(●♡∀♡) Ooooh!

This might be a little self indulgent. Also, I’m assuming this is a spin the bottle type game? Or it is now in this hc post.


- His huge ass grin when the bottle landed on you and everyone else’s groans made your face completely red, but you followed him along in the closet anyway.

- I mean…He was a gentlemen, right?

- As soon as the door closed, you were pinned against the wall, blushing furiously as he leaned down to whisper in your ear

- “We don’t have to go too far, princess, but I would love to kiss you.”

- “I- Okay. Yeah, okay.”

- Part of you couldn’t believe he was asking you permission, but it was nice he was willing to at least make sure you were okay with this.

- It was sweet at first- He tipped your chin up, lightly brushed his lips against yours before placing a soft kiss on you. 

- But as you kissed him back, it just got deeper and deeper.

- Soon you had your body flush against him, feeling his half-hard cock against your thigh as you slipped your tongue in between his lips, teasing him with a light nip on his bottom lip

- You even managed to get him to let out a low groan that sent a fast shot of nerves right to your crotch.

- “Whoa whoa whoa, break it up you two.”

- Seven had opened the door while the two of you were, erm, busy. Zen instantly pulled away, a light blush on his cheeks as he cleared his throat.

- You could see Yoosung moping and Jumin looking pissed in the background, Seven just waggling his eyebrows at the two of you.

- Part of you wanted to smack him for being so dumb, but you ended up stepping out and instantly pulling your phone out.

- As the bottle spinned again, you saw Zen pull his own phone out and that blush deepen at the message you had sent him

- Like hell you were going to let just seven minutes be the end of it.


- He was so smug when you were chosen to go in with him. Zen was yelling and trying to make excuses for you to not go in with the ‘trust fund jerk’, but when you told him to hush, you almost made Jumin grin as Zen nearly lost it

- He let you step in first, closing the door behind the two of you. Before you could even have a coherent thought about the situation, he had you pulled to him and his lips greedily on yours.

- When you made a surprised noise, he pulled back a bit.

- “Is this what were supposed to do?”

- “W-Well, yes-”

- “Good, we only have a few minutes.”

- He started kissing you again, nipping your lips and starting to kiss down your neck as his hand slipped under the band of your pants-

- “Jumin!” You scolded him instantly, clutching his forearm as his middle finger slipped in between your legs and started teasing your clit

- “We have a few more minute-”

- You let out a gasp as a shudder ran through your body. How in the hell was he so stoic through all of this?

- You felt his breath against your neck as he attempted to say something else, but the door opened before he could.

- “Bzzt, times- Oooohoho shit.”

- Jumin just reached for the door handle, pulling it closed and holding it as Seven and the others started a fuss

- You ended up laughing, finally finding it in you to pull his hand out of your pants, giving him one last peck on the cheek.


- You nearly joined everyone in a groan when the bottle landed on him as he let out a doofy grin

- But, you smiled as you joined him in the closet. Yes, he was basically a living meme, but he was sweet and cute, too.

- The door closed, and you could hear how nervous he was in the little laugh he let out

- “So, Mc, whatcha going to do now?”

- You rolled your eyes, but pulled him a bit closer to you and planted a kiss on his cheek

- Okay, you missed a bit in the dark and felt your nose hit the frame of his glasses, but you kissed his face and counted that as a win

- He laughed a bit, cupping your face in his hands and managing to meet your lips with his own. Nothing hardcore, just a sweet and gentle kiss.

- “Have I told you how soft you are, mc?”

- “… I would find a better way to word that, Seven.”

- “Softer than our precious Elly~”

- “Seven.”

- You felt his breath against your lips as he chuckled before kissing you again, letting it last a bit longer

- Even though he was such a dork, his kisses were so sweet and careful. 

- You returned his kiss, and soon the two of you were starting a string of soft kisses.

- … Until the door flew open with a stern Zen interrupting the two of you.

- “Alright, alright, it’s been seven minutes!”

_” Oh, you misunderstood the name of the game, Zen. It’s minutes with Seven, so there’s not a time-”

- “Out.”

- The two of you laughed, but you both left the closet. Though, you made sure to grab his hand and make him sit next to you afterwards. 


- As soon as the two of you were shoved in the closet, you could just imagine how stiff she was due to nerves

- (Was she going to kill Seven? Yes. Right when she got out? Yes.)

- She certainly wasn’t going to do anything, but that didn’t mean you weren’t going to

- Carefully, you slipped a hand in hers. When she gave your hand a squeeze back, you slipped your other around her neck, pulling her closer to you and giving her a soft kiss on her lips.

- She froze, but after a few more soft pecks, she started returning them.

- It was awkward, clumsy due to the dark, but after a bit you pulled away and giggled, still holding onto her hand

- “M-Mc, you didn’t have to-”

- “You’re too cute, I wanted you to relax a bit.”

- She clammed up, but you knew she was blushing. 

- The two of you ended up just holding hands for a bit longer, and then Seven slammed open the door with a loud “BZZT!”

- (Seven may or may not have gotten socked right in the gut)


- When the bottle landed on you, Yoosung turned such a bright red. Seven pushed the both of you towards the closet, and once you got in Yoosung was rigid with nerves.

- “Mc, you don’t-”

- “Shh, it’s fine, Yoosung.”

- Your hands found his, and you could nearly feel the heat radiating off his cheeks

- Apparently the both of you moved to kiss at the same time, resulting in the two of you bumping noses. You pulled back and giggled, Yoosung letting out a shy little laugh in return

- You cupped his cheeks, pulling him towards you more carefully now, planting a soft but decent kiss on his lips.

- He clumsily returned it, his hands finding your hips and pulling you a bit closer.

- After a few kisses, he was starting to get the hang of it a bit, but he froze with a small yelp as you nipped at his bottom lip

- (Okay, might have moved a bit too fast there)

- He pulled back a bit, his hands leaving your hips.

- “W-Was that okay?”

- Your hand found his and gave it a squeeze. “Yeah, that was good.”

- “I haven’t really…You know.”

- “That’s okay, I mean we can always practice.”

- When Seven opened the door, you got to see how red Yoosung’s face had gotten from that, and it was hard not to giggle.


- No one really objected when the two of you were going in the closet. Not even Yoosung, but he did look a tad grumpy

- V, however, was blushing like mad. As soon as the door closed, he was going on and on. “Mc, you don’t have to do anything, it’s alright, don’t feel pressured. We can just talk.”

- You ignored his anxious ramblings, slipping to your knees, lifting his shirt up a bit, and placing a kiss right above the waistband of his pants.

- He let out a soft gasp, instantly covering his mouth. You could tell he wanted to say more, to insist that you didn’t have to do a thing, but you’d be damned if you weren’t going to continue.

- A few teasing nips and you unzipped his pants, pulling them down enough to slip his half-hard cock from his boxers. You felt a blush creep up to your cheeks with the realization you were going to finally give this man a blowjob, but you shook it off, giving his cock a few pumps to get it to stand at full attention

- He let out a strangled and low moan, trying his best to keep quiet. You could hear him start to whimper your name, but you didn’t give him a chance to finish before you slipped the head of his cock in your mouth

- You knew you were running short on time, but you were desperate in making this feel amazing for him. When was the last time he was able to fully relax?

- You started pumping your hand along his length as you bobbed your head, sucking on his tip and loving his free hand wrapped desperately in your hair

- You could feel him straining to stop himself from thrusting into your mouth, so you let your hands rest and hold his hips as you finally took him fully in.

- God the sound he made

- It didn’t take long for you to taste a hot and salty liquid in your mouth, his nails digging into your scalp as he struggled to keep his groans quiet enough. When his grip loosened, you teasingly and slowly pulled his cock out of your mouth, loving the little whimper he let out.

- You stood up as he quickly pulled his pants back up, both of you thankful he was able to right before Seven pulled the door open with an annoying sound

- You just smiled and left the closet, V still leaning against the wall with a stunned blush on his cheeks


- As soon as the two of you were in the closet, he had you pinned, your chest flush against the wall.

- “Do you think we could sneak a quickie?” He teased, his hands already fumbling with your pants as he grinded against your ass

- Sure, the two of you may or may not have been seeing each other in secret… And you might have been teasing him through text during Seven’s silly RFA afterparty….

- But you weren’t expecting him to already be raring to go, jfc

- You bit your lip as he tugged your panties down, his lips teasing at your sensitive neck.

- “Try to stay quiet.”

- You didn’t get a chance to respond before he slipped the head of his cock between your wet folds, rubbing it against your clit before finally moving back a tad and pushing inside you

- You started to let out a groan before moving clamping a hand over your mouth

- Saeran wasted no time in trying to get you to come as quickly and as hard as possible. One hand kept your hip in place as the other reached around to rub your clit. The two of you didn’t have long befor-

- “Bzzz-OOOKAY!”

- As quickly as the door had opened, you only caught a glimpse of a surprised Seven before the door was slammed shut.

- Saeran only paused for a moment, a bit surprised at how fast seven minutes had came and gone, but he wasted no time in starting his pace back up

- Guess the two of you had all the time you needed, now.

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can I request nct neighbour au for jaehyun and mark just like the seventeen one? those are so good. but take your time :) thank you!

a lot of you wanted some more nct stuff on this blog, plus jaehyun’s birthday is tomorrow so!! take this as a little gift for the lovely boy of nct~ (and mark heh)


  • smiling sunshine, dimple angel of the apartment building that is so nice that he smiles at everyone and then ends up walking straight into the front door,,,,,,,jaehyun please looks where you’re going more often you clumsy kid
  • whenever he’s coming home, the kids from the nearby park will call out his name and ask him to join them
  • and if he has time you can find him holding a jump rope or helping one of the kids reach the basketball net
  • other times you can see him running down the straight, obviously late for his bus and trying to juggle his notebook, backpack, and phone
  • and he has this really childlike obliviousness about him,,,,,like he’s always just smiling and positive 
  • and if he does anything to embarrass himself he just laughs it off 
  • and if he meets a neighbor that might be in a bad mood, just talking with him usually makes people feel so comfortable and at ease,,,,,,he’s literally got a healing smile
  • keeps a lot of sports memorabilia in his apartment and it’s cute he like has the flag from his favorite national teams up on the wall and he invites people over to watch games with him
  • he likes to keep things clean, but his desk is always over piling with notebooks because he keeps forgetting them at home and then buying new ones to write in and in the end he ends with a huge stack on his desk that taeyong is always nagging about when he comes over
  •  but other than that,,,,,,it’s a really normal apartment and jaehyun never worries about like decorating or anything. he cooks for himself (decently) and so the only thing he spends money on is sports + groceries 
  • and you’re ,,,,,,,,,, not the best cook to put it lightly and you know jaehyun because whenever you bump into him at the grocery store he actually looks like he knows what he’s doing while you’re just like ???????!!!!!!!
  • and it’s like your third attempt at trying to make edible ramen,,,,that you just break one afternoon and you end up ringing jaehyun’s doorbell and when he opens the door you’re like “Save Me”
  • and he’s like “???? IS THERE A FIRE??? ARE YOU GETTING ROBBED? ILL CALL-”
  • and you just put the packet of ramen in his hand and you’re like “i suck,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,at Cooking”
  • it takes him a second but he burst out into that heavenly laughter and is like “so you need help?” and you’re like “please,,,,,,im so hungry” and he’s like “ok, ramen is easy. i can teach you in no time”
  • and you stand beside him as he boils the water like an expert and tears open the ramen and he’s telling you about how you should add in other things aside from flavor packets, like maybe vegetables or spices
  • and he’s doing this so effortlessly and in your head you’re like: how
  • but then also you peek up and you see how relaxed and happy he looks
  • the handsome set of his jaw, the way his eyes are a soft chocolate brown 
  • and you realize only when he goes “almost done” that you’ve spent the last five minutes staring at him and not paying attention
  • and you’re like “o-oh yay!” and jaehyun invites you to try it with him
  • and he dips the spoon in and carefully blows on it before offering it to you and you want to take the spoon
  • but he’s like “i can feed you!” 
  • completely oblivious to how he’s making your heart race and you taste it and ofc, it’s amazing and you’re like “how are you so good at everything??” and jaehyun’s like “im not good at EVERYTHING” but you’re like
  • “well you’re good at sports, cooking, and you’re cute that’s basically everything-”
  • and jaehyun grins but then his eyes widen a bit and he’s like “pardon me, but did you just say cute?”
  • and you’re like OH mY G OD ,,,,,,,, i did,,,,,,,,,and you’re like “WELL ILL BE GOING NOW”
  • but jaehyun is like “wait we should eat this ramen together-”
  • and you’re like dkjsfkdlf thank you for teaching me,,,,,i made a fool of myself i must go,,,,,,,,,,
  • but jaehyun’s face softens and he’s like “i think you’re cute too, so stay and have some ramen?”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,w,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,but also how can you say no to him and so you sit down beside him and he pours some ramen into a bowl for you
  • and as you’re sitting you’re trying not to blush TOO much
  • while jaehyun’s just thinking to himself,,,,,,that if if two cute people cook ramen together, does the ramen also become cuter?????? whatever, he just hopes he can cook with you sometime again soon~~~


  • always has someone over at his place because his hyungs don’t trust him living alone 
  • taeyong is basically his damn roommate
  • he doesn’t spend too much time at home so he never has the opportunity to make it messy, except if he has like haechan over,,,,,,then he ends up with something from his closet missing and like half his supply of snacks. gone
  • he has like one poster on his wall of his favorite Canadian hockey player and it’s important to him because his brother sent it over when mark moved,,,,,,taeyong is like “it’s crooked” whenever he sees it but mark is like “hyung,,,,,,,it’s the sentiment that counts.”
  • sleeps just about anywhere in his apartment,,,,,,,like most people go to sleep in their bed but mark just knocks out where-ever. the couch, the floor, the kitchen table, while he’s brushing his teeth,,,,,,he just lives a very hectic life
  • his refrigerator gets covered in polaroids that jisung and jeno insist he put up and mark isn’t one for decorating, but he lets his younger friends do whatever because like why not 
  •  he gets nagged on by them for being “boring” but mark is like i just don’t have time to do anything ????? i barely had time to eat my morning bagel???? 
  • you think mark is really cute, ever since you moved in down the hall but like????? all the other neighbors are always like “we don’t know anything about him because he’s never around.” and you kind of get sad
  • because you get a glimpse of him like every two weeks and even then you can’t even properly introduce yourself because he’s either running out of the building or talking with a friend whose coming over
  • and you know,,,,,it’s not like you’re going to try and press the issue. you just smile whenever you two happen to pass each other even in those three seconds of interaction
  • and mark always smiles back,,,,,,,,,,,because he’s sweet
  • and you don’t know if it’s the sleep deprivation or just confusion but you hear someone trying to unlock your door when day
  • and when you go over, you open up and you see mark - shocked to see you
  • and he’s like “why,,,,,,,,are you in my apartment?” and you’re like “um,,,,,,,i live here. this is my apartment, you’re over there down the hall.”
  • and mark blinks and looks at his key and then at you and he’s like “thaT’S WHY it must have not opened up??? i kept putting my key in but it wouldn’t turn!!!”
  • and you laugh into your hand and you’re like “yeah, that’s probably why” and mark apologizes and you’re like don’t worry but then you’re like,,,,,,this is my only chance to ever talk to him so you’re like
  • “we haven’t ever,,,,,introduced ourselves but im your neighbor!” and you tell him your name and age and he grins and tells you his age and you guys just chat for a bit
  • and then out of nowhere he goes “you don’t have any chips do you?” and you’re like “i do, why?” and he’s like “i wanted to buy some on my way home, but i totally forgot and i just remembered because the hockey game is on later tonight and a friend of mine ate all my snacks the last time he was over”
  • with that mark rolls his eyes and mumbles haechan’s name but you’re like “oh, ill give you mine! hockey sounds fun - ive always wanted to learn more about it”
  • and mark perks up and he’s like “im from canada, hockey is like religion to us!! you should come over and watch the gam-”
  • but he stops himself and reddens and is like “it must be creepy for me to just ask like that, like who’d just come over to watch a game with a stranger haha”
  • but you shake your head and you’re like “i’d love to!”
  • and you get your chips and that’s how you end up sitting on mark’s couch, mark pointing to the players on the TV and explaining positions and goals and soon enough the two of you are literally sitting on the rug, nose in the TV, watching the game so intently and sharing chips
  • and when the team scores, you and mark burst into cheers like you’re literally in the rink with the fans
  • and you’re high-fiving each other and grinning  
  • but also,,,,,,,once you look into each others eyes there’s a little hint of embarrassment because,,,,,,, you guys are still new to each other but also like ,,,,,,,,,, interested in each other
  • and neither of you says anything
  • until the door opens and in walks doyoung whose like “oops am i interrupting a date?”
  • you and mark: A WHAT NOW 

I have this really soft fondness for a WWI AU

Conner, Wally, Dick, Roy, and Kaldur are sort of a squad of misfits. Probably why they’re put together, commanders thinking they’d be decent canon fodder. But they get on like a house on fire once they get to know each other.

 Kaldur’ahm is constantly battling the incredible amount of racism as a biracial soldier. His father was African American and his mother was a Pacific Islander. 

The you have Wally, the smart talking red headed Irish American who deals with that prejudice, but damn can he run. He wanted to be a soccer player - got drafted instead. 

Conner is a tank, but he’s got some major authority problems and anger issues. 

There’s Dick, who would be the model soldier - but he faked his age when he signed up for the army. He went in under the name Robin, aged 18 but when the team finds out he’s only 16, they cover for him. They’re pissed, but it’s too late to send him home now. They become a little protective of him.

Then there’s Roy, their sniper. Nothing odd about him, he’s just a jackass. 

They would look out for each other. Like, they insist on Kaldur being their leader despite higher command sputtering and refusing to give him rank. He gets it anyway. Wally and Dick end up falling in love, and they all keep the relationship quiet. 

okay this is going to get long so readmore

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Okay but Michael ‘Mogar’ Jones the fighter with bloody, bruised knuckles and a hunger for the fight, for the thrill of it, trained as a shield. Trained as a bodyguard, as the front line soldier, and he’s fucking good at it. He’s proud of it, even if the people he defends don’t particularly interest him, even if he’s not all that attached. 

He takes his cash and he takes the praise and he beams from it. Because really, much as Mogar fights for himself, Michael is always eager to show off what he’s capable of, to show his value tallied up in violet bruises and broken bones. 

The trouble with counting his worth that way is when he fails, when someone slips through his defense and tears the man he’s meant to be shielding down to nothing. And even if it weren’t for the threats that accompany failure Michael Will Not face the condemnation, the disappointment of a botched job, and he runs. 

Maybe that’s how Gavin finds the smart-mouthed brawler on the streets of Los Santos, long before Geoff, long before the Fakes. The only gold on him is in flashes of stolen jewelry, quickly pawned off to pay for rent, for food, the basic essentials that he’s only barely keeping in check. He pegs the man as an easy enough target, charming him with a honeyed voice and lingering touches as they walk along the same direction, flirting along the line of distraction and interest.

Until Michael snatches the hand in his pocket, grabbing back his wallet and nearly leaving behind bruises, ready to give the silver-tongued stranger an impromptu lesson in back-alley brawling that Gavin’s already learned one too many times. 

(Put the rest under readmore because I didn’t intend to ramble about this as long as I have, whoops)

Also on Ao3

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All the cool kids are doing it, so I wrote my first OMG, Check Please! fic… I blame @wrathofthestag, who sent me a picture that I had to turn into a fic. I also blame @disraeligearsgoestumblin, @victorineb and @wraithsonwingsposts - you all are terrible influences! 

         Bitty was toweling off his hair when he heard his phone buzz. Resigned to the fact that the Georgia humidity was going to ruin any careful sculpting he wanted to do, Bitty huffed a sigh and went to check his phone.

        J-Z: Thank you for the cookies, Bittle.

         Bitty grinned at the text. He paused before typing, wondering if he shouldn’t cover himself up before responding to Jack. He gnawed his lip for a minute and smiled. Well, if he got a little thrill out of texting his crush in the buff – that was between him and the lord, no reason for Jack Zimmermann to worry his pretty little head over it.

        Me: Anytime, honey.

         Bitty sighed and flopped on his bed, phone resting on his chest. Lord, just thinking about that boy made him feel flushed. He gave a little yelp when the phone buzzed again, sending a tingle through his body.

        J-Z: What are you up to?

         “This boy,” Bitty said to Señor Bun, who offered Bitty a sympathetic look.

        Me: Nothing much. Just working out and eating more protein!

        J-Z: Haha.

         “Lord, he puts a period after everything,” Bitty showed the text to Bun.

         Me: I am! I’ve been doing the chest press variations you showed me, I think it’s made a big difference.

         J-Z: Yeah?

         “Yeah?” Bitty looked at Bun. “What the hell does yeah mean?”

         It sounded kind of like flirting, but one never knew with Jack. He could just want Bitty’s new chest measurements to mark off on some sort of Team Workout Progress chart he made in his spare time.

         “He’s not flirting, Jack isn’t programmed to flirt…right?”

         Bun didn’t seem to have a lot of thoughts on the subject. Bitty looked at the text one more time and screwed up his mouth. Well, Jack wanted to know about his progress, maybe Bitty should show him. Just because Jack was a hockey robot didn’t mean Bitty couldn’t have a little harmless fun flirting.

         “He’ll probably just think it’s informative, right?”

         Before Bun could talk him out of it, Bitty hopped up. Running a hand through his hair, Bitty held out the camera, made his signature selfie face, framed the shot to show off his chest and abs, and flexed his pecs. His heart was hammering, so he took one second to check his face in the picture and then immediately sent it to Jack.

         Me: Much better, right?

         Bitty sat his phone down and shivered, the AC finally driving him to put some clothes on. When he was decent, he checked his phone – no new messages.

         Bitty frowned. Not even a haha for his efforts? That was disappointing. On a whim, he checked the conversation – maybe Jack had responded and his phone had just failed to notify him? Bitty looked at the texts, nothing since he sent the picture.

         The picture.

         What was that in the background?

         Bitty pulled up the pic and promptly dropped his phone.

         His mirror. The full-length mirror that Moomaw had given to him on his 14th birthday. Bitty hadn’t even noticed it behind him. Sadly the camera had, offering the viewer a full-length view of Bitty’s completely naked backside.

         “Oh God,” Bitty whispered, wrapping Bun in a panicked hug. “I just sexted Jack Zimmermann.” 

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’ It wasn’t my fault! ’
’ I just want you to know that it’s okay… ’
’ I just want you to know that it’s okay… being scared. ’
’ And, well, if you need a friend, someone to talk too… ’
’ I have a friend. God, up above. ’
’ Don’t you condescend me. ’
’ You don’t mock me. ’
’ The day I need a friend like you, I’ll just have myself a little squat and shit one out. ’
’ That’s not what I was doing. ’
’ He’s/she’s a fucking kid. He’s/she’s supposed to be stupid. ’
’ What’s your excuse? ’
’ With lines like these, I don’t know how good it is. ’
’ I guess we’ll have to make do. ’
’ So… any boogeymen? ’
’ You got that kid killed, and I got his fucking blood on me! ’
’ We have to tell them. ’
’ We have to stop them from going outside. ’
’ We have to tell them. The people in the market. ’
’ They won’t believe us. ’
’ I’m not sure I believe it, and I was here. ’
’ What we saw was impossible. ’
’ You know that, don’t you? ’
’ What we saw was impossible. You know that, don’t you? ’
’ What do we say? How do we… convince them? ’
’ We gotta discuss how we’re going to stop that thing from getting in here. ’
’ What do you mean getting in? We shut the loading door. ’
’ Yeah, but the entire front of the store is plate glass. ’
’ You can’t convince some people there’s a fire even when their hair is burning. ’
’ Denial is a powerful thing. ’
’ What are you saying? What are you proposing? ’
’ If we all prepare… to meet our maker… ’
’ Oh, prepare to meet shit! ’
’ How about if your ass prepares to meet my size ten work boot! ’
’ The end of times has come. Not in flames, but in mist. ’
’ If you hit me again, if you dare, you’ll be on your knees. ’
’ You’ll be on your knees to me before this is through. ’
’ Now listen people. We are experiencing some kind of disaster. ’
’ I don’t know whether it’s man-made or natural. ’
’ I do know that it’s definitely not supernatural. ’
’ The only way we’re going to help ourselves is to seek rescue. ’
’ We’re going out. ’
’ I’m not discussing this any further. ’
’ I know. I just want to ask a favor. ’
’ Tie this around your waist. ’
’ It’ll let us know you at least got three hundred feet. ’
’ Sure there’s no way I can talk you out of this? ’
’ There’s nothing out there. Nothing in the mist. ’
’ What if you’re wrong? ’
’ I guess… the joke will be on me afterall. ’
’ You don’t have much faith in humanity, do you? ’
’ People are basically good; decent. ’
’ I can’t accept that. ’
’ Sure, as long as the machines are working and you can dial 911. ’
’ You throw people in the dark, you scare the shit out of them - no more rules. ’
’ I had you in school, didn’t I? ’
’ Like uh, how they… they thought that there were other dimensions. ’
’ You know, other… other worlds all around us. ’
’ Well maybe your window turned out to be a door. Isn’t it? ’
’ They must’ve ripped a hole through by accident. ’
’ That’s how their world keeps on spilling through into ours. ’
’ I didn’t understand half of it. ’
’ Well, we gave it a good shot. ’
’ Nobody can say we didn’t. ’
’ I really don’t want you running all over the place. ’
’ You gotta come look at… the boathouse smashed. ’
’ Well, you’re a local - any idea what they do up there? ’
‘ I’m sure you’ve heard the stories. ’
’ You know, real reliable stuff. ’
’ Motherfucker! Aw, shit! Motherfucker! Cocksucker! ’
’ We have Judas in our midst! ’
’ I wouldn’t have done that if there had been any other way. ’
’ Shut up, you miserable buzzard! ’
’ They do it in the Bible, don’t they? ’
’ Stoning people who piss you off is perfectly okay. ’
’ Welcome to Sesame Street, kids. Today’s word is ‘expiation’. ’
’ It appears we may have a problem of some magnitude. ’
’ What do you know about this mist? ’
’ I don’t know, man, I’ve got nothing to do with it. ’
’ How was I supposed to know what you meant? ’
’ You should’ve said what you meant better! ’
’ I’ll call the studio when the phones get back up. ’
’ What choice do they have? ’
’ How did you two always manage to make me laugh? ’
’ You have incredibly low standards. ’
’ Don’t go out there! There’s something in the mist! ’
’ You want me to report you? You want to lose your job? ’
’ Look, I’m gonna be taking down names, starting with you. ’
’ And in the mean time, shut the fuck up and listen. ’
’ As a species we’re fundamentally insane. ’
’ Why do you think we invented politics and religion? ’
’ We got you now, you sorry son of a bitch! ’
’ That’s what we get for not fixing that roof when we should’ve. ’
’ Well, you take that up with the Devil when you run into him. ’
’ You just chat it over at your leisure. ’
’ Want another reason to get the hell out of here? ’
’ I’d like to leave before people start drinking the Kool-Aid. ’
’ Put more than two of us in a room, we pick sides and start dreaming up reasons to kill one another. ’
No one ever talks about abusive friendships so I'm going to and you better pay attention because this is important

People know all about abusive relationships- how to spot the signs, how to leave, etc. But no one ever talks about abusive friendships, which can be just as damaging and often is. It’s also a more dangerous trap because people don’t even realize that they’re actually being abused by their friends

I’m writing this post based off of my own experiences and what I’ve seen in others’. Feel free to add anything you might find relevant upon reblogging, because you could seriously help someone. 

The vast majority of my ‘friendships’ have been abusive to me (as much as I hate to admit that), and it’s a horrible experience that I never want anyone else to live through.

I just want to add the things one should look for so no one else has to deal with the same bullshit I always did:

  • You’d rather be by yourself than hang out with that person (NOT the same feeling as being drained because you’re an introvert- you just really don’t want to hang out with that person specifically)
  • You have to always be on guard and watch what you say because your friend might bitch you out or get irrationally angry
  • He/she/zhe insults you and tries to pass it off as “I’m just saying…” or “I’m just trying to help you”
  • Seeing their name on your caller I.D. puts the fear of God in you because you’re not sure whether they’ll be kind or ready to tear at you for some unknown reason when you pick it up.
  • You’re always there when they have problems, but when it comes down to YOUR problems they brush them off as unimportant, give shitty, half-asses advice (when it’s easy to tell they just don’t care), or turn it around to make it about them and effectively have a “my problems are more important than yours so shut up” moment
  • They insult the things you find joy in (yes, this includes fandoms) but heaven forbid you show any distain for something they like, even if you only respectfully disagree- you MUST like what they like OR ELSE YOU’RE STUPID!
  • They tell other people your secrets or tell other people your worst personality traits and basically talk smack about you. Which prevents others from wanting to be your friend.
  • They ask for your advice/opinion and then get mad when you give it
  • They insult your family for really insignificant reasons or for no reason at all (I’m not even kidding guys. It can get out of hand. I had a friend who constantly insulting my parents and my brother and even said my mother couldn’t cook worth shit. Rude.) 
  • Say you are unable to do things because they “know you” and use that as an excuse to say you can’t do something you want to do. “You can’t do that, you’re too short LOL” yeah fuck you too asshole
  • You’re afraid that if you end the friendship they will go into Bitch Mode and tell all your darkest secrets and talk crap about you to everyone.
  • You have reason to believe that their Bitch Face is actually their True Face
  • They can’t seem to find anything to talk about except talking crap about other people and expecting you to agree with them (my 'best friend’ insulted another friend of mine, who I had ASKED OUT ONCE and was quite fond of, and got mad at me when I said anything in her defense.) 
  • The previous point leads me to the one where they insult your other friends. 
  • THEY ALWAYS TRY TO PIN THEIR PROBLEMS ON YOU EVEN IF YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Usually this happens after they ask for your “advice” and then blame you for everything later or make another problem out of YOUR OPINION.
  • They consistently use the wrong pronouns (if you’re trans*- and this doesn’t include times when they have to use the wrong pronouns because of safety reasons for you) or out you (as LGBTQA+) at inappropriate times, and then get angry when you call them out on it- “but it’s obvious you’re gay anyway, so why does it matter?” “It’s too hard to use the right pronouns! Just deal with it!” (even though they’ve known what the correct pronouns are for MONTHS and after constant reminders)
  • And lastly if something feels off to you or you just feel upset or off-put by your 'friend’ (or GROUP OF FRIENDS in some cases) It’s a toxic friendship and it’s NOT good for you!

If you feel you’re in a toxic friendship, end it. Right now. It may hurt, the other person may throw a hissy fit and try so say YOU’RE the bad friend (you’re not!), you might not want to hurt the person’s feelings (which you shouldn’t worry too much about because they didn’t really care about your feelings, now did they?). Just end it, and don’t look back, even if you’re left completely friendless.

Being friendless is by far much healthier for you than staying with a group of toxic friends who put you down and make you feel like shit. I know that sound convoluted but it’s absolutely true.

And remember that it’s not the end of the world and that you WILL find new friends- hopefully ones who are decent human beings and you’ll have a real friendship waiting for you.

Don’t continue to just live with it. Do something about it and in the long run you will be much happier, trust me. If in reading this list you were heavily reminded of a 'friend’ I’d suggest looking at the friendship again- it’s probably toxic, and not the Brittany Spears kind.

anonymous asked:

I love your blog! Do you have any make up tips or advice for someone just starting to use it? Things like essentials or tutorials and what to avoid. I'm extremely new to it.

I am also somewhat new to makeup (my mother literally never wore any when I was growing up) so everything that I’m recommending on this post is based off of personal experience. I have extremely oily skin and focus all of my attention and helping keep my skin as clear as possible, so most of my recommendations are for products of that nature.

I highly recommend subscribing to Birchbox to try out new products. You fill out a profile listing your skin and hair types, and let them know what you’re looking to accomplish beauty wise. They send you wonderful samples each month, generally these are large enough for multiple uses. They will occasionally send you bullshit samples (I personally do not care about cheap perfumes) but it’s 90% awesome products. 

Regardless, I hope you find this helpful! And thanks for the love. :)

1. Skin Type. Skin types are generally: oily/acne-prone, dry, sensitive, or a combination. Try to avoid using products that don’t suit your skin type, chain drugstores such as CVS and Rite Aid generally do a good job at stocking a variety of products (and there’s always Amazon). If you don’t know your skin type, start out using products for sensitive skin and see how they work for you.

Read more

2. Lotion. There are all sorts of different types of moisturizing lotions for every different part of your body. Although it may seem tempting, don’t ever use hand & body lotion on your face. You know how the corporations love to make us spend money! I recommend:

  • Jason: I love this facial lotion! It’s for sensitive skin and smells incredible.
  • SheaMoisture: This facial lotion is perfect for oily/combination skin.
  • Bath & Body Works: My absolute favorite hand & body lotion. Smells incredible and makes my skin so smooth.
  • Gold Bond: This is a great unscented body lotion.
  • Coconut Oil 101: For those of you who prefer more natural products.

3. Exfoliate. Make sure you exfoliate at least once a week! This promotes healthy skin cell growth and makes your skin feel incredible. I recommend:

4. Concealers/foundation! Ideally you’re looking for something that doesn’t doesn’t feel “heavy” or “sticky” on your face. If you’re uncomfortable using brushes, you can use clean, dry hands to gently pat concealer into place.

5. Eye Makeup. I was going to write a bit about applying eye makeup, but this is a pretty in-depth guide that covers the basics based on eye shape. Also: what color eyeshadow you should be wearing. I recommend:

  • Maybelline: These can get $$ but last literally forever.

6. Lipstick. Lipstick is unfortunately not something I can advise you on, because I do not wear it. I do, however, wear tinted chapstick which I absolutely love. Fortunately lipstick is covered in several of the guides I linked to down below.

7. Facial Wipes. These are a great way to remove makeup, excess oil, dirt, etc from your face. I recommend:

  • Garnier: For oily skin.
  • Burt’s Bees: For dry/sensitive skin.
  • SheaMoisture: Just because I would jump off a cliff if SheaMoisture told me it was good for my skin.

8. Nail Polish. If you can afford it, get your nails professionally done for $25 every two weeks (gel polishes last the longest). Most nail polish brands that you can purchase online or in a store for relatively inexpensive will last you a week tops. This is unfortunate, but the price we pay for our beauty. Here are some inexpensive brands that I enjoy:

  • Sally Hansen: I wear this brand in black every single day of my life and LOVE it. This is the longest lasting nail polish brand I have found thus far.
  • Wet N’ Wild: These are super inexpensive and relatively easy to find. Also- that name tho.
  • Essie: If you can afford it, turn to Essie for long lasting polish! This is the nail polish I will buy when I have the money to afford it.

9. Face Mask. I am OBSESSED with face masks. Literally. I just love the way they feel and how they make my skin super smooth and soft. I do two a week, which is not recommended for all skin types. If you have sensitive skin or dry skin, one a week should be plenty. I recommend:

  • Peel Off: This is a less extreme (and much less expensive) version of the blackhead mask you see heavily advertised on social media. It does make your skin feel incredible, but it doesn’t really help whiteheads or plain old acne the way mud masks do.
  • I use this mud mask every week. I bought it last August and still have about half a jar left. So incredible, so beneficial (for my skin at least), and does visibly reduce acne.
  • If you live near a CVS stop by. They actually make decent masks that are super inexpensive. The one problem I find with these masks is that they aren’t very thick. I like thick.
    DIY Banana Face Mask

Additional Resources

Coconut Oil 101

Makeup For Beginners

Makeup For Beginners 2

Makeup Tips From a Makeup Artist

Makeup Tips For Folks With Sensory Issues


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Like We Used Too {Part 1}

Mark x Reader
Genre: AU/Fluff/angst/implied smut (is that a thing?)
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There were other ways you wanted to spend your Saturday morning, being at the mall wasn’t one of them. You walked through the hustle and bustle of the mall trying to find a last minute outfit for the engagement party of your two best friends. You caught the scent of coffee, the strong aroma reminding you that you hadn’t had your daily fix yet. While waiting for your order your phone rang,

 “Hello?” you answered, giving a slight nod in acknowledgment to the barista as you grabbed your coffee.

 “Y/N! What are you up to?”

 “I’m…” you hesitated knowing that you would get lectured and face your friend’s disapproval, “At the mall,” you finished.

 “Oh good!” she expressed delightedly over the phone, “I don’t know what you’re wearing tonight but you need to make sure you dress drop dead gorgeous.”

This was a typical request of your best friend and you knew she only made this request for a specific reason. Still to give her the benefit of the doubt you inquired anyways, “Why?”

 “Well first of all, you’re my maid of honour so you have to look good next to me,” she teased, “Second of all, I have someone I want you to meet.”

 You called it, rubbing your temples in frustration, “Monica, how many times do I have to tell you I don’t need to be set up with another guy. It’ll happen when it happens.” you sighed into the phone.

 “Y/N, I only mean the best for you. I just want you to be as happy as I am.” she tried persuading.

 “I’m glad you’re happy Monica, but maybe we both have different ideas of what happiness is,” you said as you walked into the store.

 There was a long pause on the other line and you were hopeful that she understood and would finally lay off, “Or maybe you just need to get laid.” She cackled, knowing she would ease the tension between you two.

 You stopped in your tracks, surprised at her sudden statement but a grin formed on your face, “Excuse me, I get plenty,” you defended.

 “Oh yeah? When was the last time?” you could picture her sitting there and smiling.

You couldn’t recall the last time, you couldn’t even remember the last time you went out on a date. “Fine, I’ll look nice.” reluctantly, you gave in.

“Perfect! We’ll see you tonight, oh and Y/N you can’t look as good as me though. Remember, I’m the bride” your friend teased, celebrating the small victory she had just won. 

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Dean Ambrose - Caught Red Handed

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #6, #13 and #33: “I’m in love with you”, “I hate you so much I love you” and ““Bite me”. “If you insist””

Requested for - @myfakelife121

Warnings - Implied smut (again), swearing, some fluff..maybe?

Word Count - 3381 Words

A/N - If you’d like to be tagged in any future fics, feel free to message us :)

Originally posted by violettevision

So, it had been three years since the destruction of The Shield and the infamous trio were now back together and once again being pushed as the strongest faction of the decade against Triple H’s new innovation of Evolution (although it was The Shield holding nearly all the gold) and pretty much the whole wrestling world was happy - except for me.

Since you had become the Women’s champion creative had decided that to really finish The Shields whole ‘we have all the gold’ facade they needed the Women’s champion as basically their Valet, who occasionally faced off with the ‘new’, more like rip off Evolution’s token bitch Alexa Bliss - which honestly you didn’t mind, in all fairness it rocketed your popularity sky high and obtained you some good matches and a hell of a lot of credit from other wrestlers. But the worst thing about the entire situation was travelling with one particular ‘lunatic’ of The Shield.

You could never quite place my finger on it but there was something about that man that for one, drove you crazy and made you want him in your bed then, there was the other half that was repulsed by his attitude and wanted to be as far away from him as humanly possible. However, you knew that those feelings of sexual tension would never be reciprocated by him. You were pretty sure the guy hated your guts, you were also pretty sure he had used every excuse under the sun not to be near you at any given time. Roman and Seth often tried to convince you that he was just ‘difficult’ and didn’t really hate you - but that was often hard to believe when he’d sigh or roll his eyes at you when you simply coughed.

It was one horrible and shitty, stormy night in Portland, Oregon and you and Dean (of course being the last to arrive because he wanted to stop four times) found ourselves talking to the hotel receptionist who sounded far too happy to be informing yourself and Dean that there’s only one single bedroom available. You both rolled your eyes at each other, he even had the audacity to claim it was your fault you were late. It was a minute or so of hard stares before accepting that neither of you were going to travel to the next town over a 3:20 am. You sighed and satirically thanked the annoyingly preppy and over enthusiastic Beatrice, as you turned to face Dean. You gave the unbearable man one last eye roll before snatching your bags off the floor and trudging towards the elevator with his heavy boots clunking along the floor following suit behind you.

You flung open the door to the rather, for once, not too seedy looking hotel room. Your eyes were instantly drawn to the decently sized bed in the centre of the hotel room, you huffed remembering that both of you and Dean were too stubborn to sleep somewhere else meaning that ultimately you were going to have to share. You let the heavy bags fall off of your shoulders and onto the floor; not really caring where or how the landed as fatigue suddenly hit you upon seeing the comfy looking bed. You lazily reached down into your bag and retrieved my night time clothes before half signaling to that ignorant bastard you was going to change.

The minute you came out of the small, yet seemingly lavish bathroom you cast your gaze upon the lunatic fringe, in just his boxers sprawled out across the whole bed already fast asleep. My top lip curled in annoyance as you snarled, climbing into the small space on the bed and trying to shove his muscly frame over to make some sort of room. You growled when he wouldn’t budge hardly an inch and flopped yourself down pretty much on his whole arm.

“Argh fuck” he groaned sliding his arm out from underneath you, you giggled slightly in an almost evil manner. “You little bitch” he said a playful tone; something that surprised you. Usually, he’d have said it with a lot more meaning and hatred lacing his gruff voice.

“You were taking up the whole fucking bed and wouldn’t move, you literally weigh a tonne when you sleep” you murmured back to him snuggling down into the warm sheets, a comforting sensation as the rain lashed the windows of the high building. He rolled over so he was facing you before chuckling and mumbling an incoherent sentence that you couldn’t even read from his lips in the barely illuminated room - the moon providing the only light in the whole room, yet even that was barely a soft glow. You just shook your head at him; those rare feelings of fondness swelling in your heart. Just as you were about to roll away from the Lunatic you heard him faintly whisper something, yet this time it was a lot clearer. “I’m in love with you, Y/N. You sat up in confusion as you began to repeat those six words over and over in your head, like some sort of mantra. Maybe it was just his lethargic state producing false and irrelevant mumbles…or maybe it really was the truth. You shook the thoughts from your head and turned over to sleep, once again burying yourself back into the soft sheets. Yet throughout the night you struggled to get a fully beneficial sleep as those words just played on your mind like some stupid repetitive song that you just couldn’t banish from your memory.

After last nights sleeping arrangement and Dean’s slip of words; which you discovered he clearly remembered nothing about it, the car ride to the arena over was somewhat awkward - well for you at least. About halfway through the journey you were tired of Dean’s complaining, Seth’s emo playlist and Roman’s severe case of road rage so you plugged you earphones in to ignore the rowdy bunch, but it didn’t help much as it surrounded you with you own thoughts which still continued to dwell on Dean’s words. At some point during the journey you could feel yourself drifting off into a light sleep, the rhythm of the road lulling you into a peaceful sleep; one where you could still sense your surroundings. Your head came to rest on Dean’s broad chest to which he didn’t resist, he simply let you stay there even letting his arm drape around your frame. You smiled to yourself almost unnoticeably just as you felt yourself slipping into a heavier slumber.

You were gently shaken awake by Roman, the ‘dad’ of the three of you as you arrived at the arena. Your eyes fluttered open adjusting to the bright sunshine as you now saw Dean sat in the driver’s seat, you stretched out your limbs as they cracked one by one.

“Hey doll, we have like an hour til the match” Roman spoke as Dean and Seth began grabbing luggage bags from the trunk. You stretched your arms and nodded lethargically, slowly making your way from the all too comfortable back seat. You reached to grab your bag only to see that Dean had already got it and was halfway across the car park, you shrugged and felt your heart swell slightly at the gesture that probably meant nothing more to him than a favour (despite his sleep induced mumbles). You grabbed the various jackets that were left in the trunk before joining Dean and Seth leaving Roman to lock up the rental.

It was now just five minutes before your tag match with Dean against Kevin Owens and Alexa and you and Dean were sitting with Roman and Seth in the gorilla position just chatting as you usually would. Yet once again that annoying arrogance that Dean carried around with him when it came to you reared its ugly head; at every given moment he was talking over every word you said, with a sick smirk etched on his face. Both Roman and Seth could sense how much it was pissing you off, yet gave you a small nod as you kept your cool and simply prepared for your entrance.

Throughout the whole match, your focus was off and Alexa Bliss was beating the absolute shit of you; you just couldn’t distract your mind from those words that Dean had spoken to you. No matter how hard you tried, those stupid words were just glued to the forefront of your mind. Oh and the small factor that for the whole match Dean made it his sole purpose to try and distract you and in fact along with his unnecessary distractions those thoughts nearly cost you the match and definitely would’ve if you hadn’t managed to scramble to your corner and tag an extremely smug look Dean who hit Owens with two Dirty Deeds to obtain the pin.

You walked through the curtains back to the gorilla to where Roman and Seth were still seated in the same place as you had left them fifteen minutes ago.

“Well done you two” Seth spoke standing from the crate and pulling you and Dean into a hug, Roman nodded from his position on a chair and stood to give you both pats on the backs.

“Hey, you three up for drinks at the hotel bar”” Dean questioned wiggling his eyebrows at the three of you as he changed into a new vest and slung his jacket over his shoulder. Both Roman and Seth shook their heads, Dean shot them both a confused look as you shrugged your shoulders in some sort of agreement to his proposal.

“Sorry man, gotta skype the wife and kids” Roman spoke as the four of you began to walk towards the parking lot. Dean nodded as a notion of understanding and slapped his brother back.

“Ah fair enough brother, family first ‘n all that, what’s your reasoning Rollins?” Dean question his gruff voice echoed through the bare parking area as a raised a very much comedic looking eyebrow at the Architect. Seth rolled his eyes at Dean as you and Roman began (once again) loading the bags into the trunk.

“If you must know Ambrose I’m a little preoccupied with some stuff tonight” Seth shrugged as a light blush appeared on his cheeks even under the dimly lit parking lot. You looked over at him and a small bubble of laughter escaped your lips as Dean looked confused as ever before what Seth was implying finally dawned upon him. His top lip curled in disgust.

“Ugh yeah don’t want to hear anything about that thanks very much” he grunted getting in the back passenger seat next to you. “Just me and you for drinks the doll face” he winked, you inwardly rolled your eyes as displeasure racked your body. Yet you were secretly desperate to be alone with him again; even if had been an utter asshole all night.

“Sure thing, when we get to the hotel I go get change then I’ll meet you down there” you smiled at the man who you honestly believed had more mood swings (well regarding you) than any pregnant woman in the world. He just nodded a sly; almost shy looking smile etching his way onto your face - the sight caused your heart to warm in a way that you just hated but couldn’t stop.

As we arrived at the seedy hotel; which somehow seemed a great deal more aesthetically pleasing in the dark of the night, you grabbed yours and Dean’s bags (knowing he’d head straight to the bar) and took them up to the hotel room so you could change into something a little sexier than workout leggings and a Dolph Ziggler top.

You pulled out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans along with an olive top that had one of those cute lace up corset-like fronts from your suitcase; you knew the top would definitely show off your cleavage a little to much but you just shrugged and threw the clothes onto the bed and went to retrieve your favourite pair of Louboutin boot heels.

As you stood in front of the full-length mirror in the only luxury part of your hotel room; the bathroom, you gave yourself one last check over and touched up your eye makeup and smoothed the material of both your top and jeans before giving your reflection and a curt nod. You swiped your phone and purse off the nightstand and made your way down to the hotel bar.

Your eyes scanned the dimly lit bar rapidly, trying to spot the shaggy-haired man, that you had such a love-hate relationship with. Your eyes lit up a little as you saw him at the bar already nursing a drink probably a jack and coke you thought to yourself as you walked towards where Ambrose was perched.

“Hey Dean” you smiled as you sat on the empty seat next to him; he returned the smile, something which shocked me but I brushed it off just as I noticed his eyes flicker down to my well pronounced cleavage.

“I got you a drink” he spoke, his voice already sounding grittier as a result of the harsh liquor. You nodded in thanks and took a sip of the drink, a grin crossed your lips as you tasted the familiar coconut flavour of Malibu.

“Oh my god, you remembered my favourite drink” you giggled as you downed pretty much the whole thing before placing the drink on the bar and wiping your mouth. I noticed him signal the barman for another round “You tryna get me drunk or something” you nudged his shoulder lightly. He playfully rolled his eyes at your comment.

“Hey, of course I remembered your favourite drink I’m an amazing friend, what can I say? Also, I’m not trying to get you drunk but, ya know what’s a celebration without being at least a little woozy” he announced as he ordered yet more alcohol from the bartender.

“Friend huh? Ya know, I’ve always thought ya hated me” you shrugged taking a rather large gulp of your new Malibu and coke.

“Nah I just do it to piss ya off, ya cute when ya pissed off” he shrugged, offering you a shot of whatever liquor he had just order, you gingerly took the shot from his hand as your mind once again began to race a million miles an hour at his words. You necked the shot and sighed at the almost soothing burn as the liquid travelled down your throat, you shuddered and brushed the thoughts away putting it down to the ‘dutch courage’ he’d gained.

As the night went on more and more shots were ordered and consumed, yet you both only remained slightly drunk; you opted for the term ‘tipsy’. You checked your phone and saw the time. You nudged Dean’s shoulder, “Oh my god, it’s so late you!” you exclaimed as you lazily shoved your phone in his face.

“Sure is Darlin’” he smiled swigging the rest of his drink, “We can go back to the hotel now if you’d like” he hopped off the bar stool and offered you his hand. You gladly accepted his offer but grimaced as you stood on your feet, suddenly remembering the pain these shoes put you in. You pouted up at him as a small wince left your lips.

“Carry me?” you asked quizzically with another pout of your lips. He raised an eyebrow at you before leaning down, allowing you to wrap your arms around his neck. You giggled as his muscular arms wrapped around your waist and brought you up to his level, your head rested on his shoulder as he carefully walked out the bar, your smaller frame securely wrapped around his much larger one.

The loud ding of the elevator in the eerily silent hotel lobby gained your attention; forcing you to lift your head from his somehow comfortable shoulder. Dean rested you on the hand rail of the elevator, his herculean frame standing between your legs as you wrapped them around his waist for support; his crotch pressed closely up against yours, sending those rather x-rated thoughts rushing through your head. You shut your eyes and took a deep breath in as you tried to expel the dirty thoughts, for them to only increase when your eyes fluttered open to see his baby blues boring into you, you were just about to speak up when your words were forced to a halt by a pair of soft lips colliding with your own. You squealed in surprise but melted into the quick and messy kiss, you hips beginning to roll against his in a subtle movement of desperation. He reciprocated the movements as he began to grind his own hips into yours, his hands gripping your ass causing light and breathy moans to fill the small elevator. Your manicured hands tangled themselves in his messy locks of hair as you tugged at them, as your mouths continued to collide in the heated kiss. The both of you were so lost in the heat of the moment you had failed to realise the elevator halt to a stop and with the signature ding, you opened your eyes to see your boss; Triple H standing in the doorway of the elevator. You pulled your mouth away from Dean’s quicker than you’ve ever done anything and coughed awkwardly as your boss wearily stepped into the elevator a questioning look animated across his face.You unwrapped your legs from Dean’s and stood up beginning to smooth out your clothes as a few awkward glances were exchanged in the elevator. 

“Aye kids, there’s something called a room ya know. These elevators they all have cameras now” Hunter chuckled as he stepped out of the lift giving Dean a pat on the back and wink which he returned with a smirk. As soon as the heavy metal doors shut obscuring you both from prying eyes Dean slammed your shoulders against the flat wall of the elevator and began roughly trailing his lips down your neck, his hands once again finding their way to your ass. 

The elevator doors opened again as you reached your floor, Dean gripped your wrist and almost dragged your towards your hotel room as you tottered along behind him in your heels. Before you could even blink he had the door unlocked and he was pulling you into the room by your hips. He slammed the door shut and threw you down onto the bed; stripping his t-shirt off then crawling on top of you. His lips straight away beginning to attack your neck as his hands pretty much tore your top in two, you moaned lowly at his kisses as your hands moved towards his belt. Dean pulled away to remove his belt; to met by the sight of your frame laying on the bed with mussed up hair, glassy eyes and swollen lips.

“Fuck you’re beautiful” he sighed placing another peck on your lips as he removed your bra, “I literally, I hate you so much I love you” he muttered his hands harshly massaging your breasts. “Like you get on my nerves but fuck are you amazing” you smiled at his words as your kicked your heels off of your feet.

“Hey Dean, Bite me” you challenge him; pulling down to your level and biting his lip hard enough to draw just a little blood. You pull away and smirk as his eyes turn black with lust. 

If you insist, sweetheart. I don;t think you realise what you’ve started though” he smiled and chuckled darkly as he flipped you over onto your stomach, planting a rather painful yet in every way pleasurable bite near your collarbone. 

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A/N: OMG guyss! I’m so sorry that this took so long. Also it’s so long it’s a legit fucking novel. Anyways, i hope you all enjoy this slightly smuttier number :) ~ Moxxii

Life of the Zodiacs #3

Missed The Last Chapter? Read it Here :)

thank you to @kaylaofcastaway @books-beast-and-readerry and @azurekid for helping me edit and/or cowrite chapter 3!

“Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

Cancer groaned from being woken up so abruptly and rubbed her eyes, “What time is it?”

“Pancake time!” Aries and Pisces cheered and pulled the half asleep redhead out of bed.

They dragged her into the kitchen only to find that it was no longer empty as it had been five minutes earlier. Capricorn sat at the table with a steaming cup of coffee reading the newspaper, Aquarius was laid out on the couch watching the news with Virgo, and Libra was sitting next to them, but she was much more concerned with whatever was happening on her phone than the tv.

“Where’s Taurus?” Aries looked around for her food enthusiast friend. “I totally thought she would’ve woken up earlier if it meant she got Cancer’s rockin’ pancakes.”

“Sagittarius texted she’s still asleep,” Libra updated the small group.

Aries frowned, “What about Leo?”

“Ya, I wouldn’t expect him for a little while,” Libra spoke without looking up from her phone. “It takes him forever to get ready. Oh, and Sagittarius says he’ll be here when pancakes are ready.”

“I guess I better start making them then,” Cancer yawned and began searching for bowls.

Pisces plopped down in a chair across Capricorn, “You know, with Taurus being an actual chef and all you’d think she’d at least help you out.”

However, everyone seemed to have forgotten that a crucial part of making pancakes was missing, except for Capricorn who was smirking in his chair waiting for them all to realize what he’d already known since the night before.

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Warm Me Up ch. 38

*Note: if you can’t read the full thing, go to the OP. Mobile doesn’t show the read more link for some reason. 

Extra note: Everyone is free to stop reading any time they don’t feel comfortable :)

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Over the last couple of days, Nico hadn’t told Will many details about how his reunion with his father went. When Will got home, he found Nico listening to music, writing in his journal, his eyes puffy and bloodshot. Despite it, there had been a small smile playing on his lips and a kind of serenity in his eyes. He had looked at Will, smiled, then continued to write.

Will had showered and laid beside him, asking if he was okay, leaning against him as he wrote. He didn’t want to press if Nico didn’t want to talk. The best Will could deduce was that their talk had gone decently well.

Now, two days later, Nico seemed distracted as he walked around the house, mindlessly picking at small things- arranging the drapes, twisting the blinds open or shut a little, moving the salt and pepper from the table to the counter to the stove and back, and rearranging pillows or couch placements. Meanwhile, Will was catching up on Once Upon a Time. The most surprising thing had been the fact that Nico hadn’t snorted or made a sarcastic comment yet.  

Suddenly, Nico plopped down beside him. He didn’t say anything, but Will grabbed the remote and paused his show. Then he turned to Nico and raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked.

Nico’s legs started bobbing up and down anxiously until he pulled them onto the couch and folded them beneath him to sit cross-legged. “I want to do something.”

Will furrowed his eyebrows. “Okay.”

Nico took a breath and began fidgeting his hands. “When I went with my dad, it was really awkward. Then we got back here, and I started arguing with him. There was… a lot of crying and yelling…. He apologized a lot.” Nico frowned and looked down. “I don’t know if I want to forgive him just yet. I feel like I have to figure out if he means it.” He glanced up with ebony, mysterious eyes right into Will’s soul, leaving him breathless. “I want him to meet you. As my boyfriend. And if he’s okay with it, I’ll start forgiving. I’ll let him try again. If not…. I don’t want him in my life.”

Will’s eyes widened and he twitched back in surprise. The reality of what Nico had said settled and left Will as anxious as Nico had been all day. He was going to meet Nico’s father?

“If you’re not comfortable, it’s okay,” Nico assured. “I just… I figured this was the best way to figure out if he truly wants to try to be a good dad for me.” He shrugged, eyes downcast, hands weaving together and coming apart nervously.

Slowly, Will lifted his boyfriend’s chin and smiled. “Okay,” he said with more strength and certainty than he felt. “I’ll meet him. When?”

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The End of a Dream (1/1)

Rating: M

Killian and Emma have to wake up in the aftermath of the Wish Realm.

He hasn’t let go of her hand.

From the moment Gideon’s spell lifted and Hook’s arms wrapped around her: hook into hip and chin on forehead, warmth and leather bleeding through around her singing safe-safe-safe into her skin, he hasn’t let her go.

He kept their fingers clasped as she hugged her father, as she held her son. He walked with her to thank August, standing silently beside her metal warming under her grasp.

It’s not like she’s in a huge rush to let him go either.

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The Night Ahead (Part 3)

summary: bucky came out of cryostasis after just a few months. with the help of steve, he’s trying to piece the fractions of his mind back together. while flipping through old HYDRA files, he remembers something from his days as the winter soldier: you.

pairing: bucky x reader (sort of?? it’s complicated)

series contains: angsty angst, sadness, bucky reliving memories as the Winter Soldier, violence, people die a lot, bucky trying to cope, really awful translations of German, Russian, and Romanian (thanks to google translate i apologize in advance)

a/n: as always, thank you for the comments and reblogs. any kind of feedback is loved and appreciated. MASTER LIST | PART TWO

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“What kind of contract were you on?” he asked me.

Bucky had knocked on my door early the next morning. I was already awake, but I had pretended to be annoyed when I opened the door and allowed him to come inside. He sat down in one of the recliners in the corner of the bedroom, while I sat at the foot of my bed.

“It was really more like a lease agreement,” I said. “HYDRA paid the organization I belonged to for my services, and I was at their disposal until that lease was up.”

“What organization?” he wanted to know.

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Jughead & Reader: From The Beginning Part 4

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3

Summary: You and Jughead have a knack for getting into trouble but the two of you have managed to stay above water. However, things start taking a dark turn for you and the only one there to help you through everything is Jughead Jones, your best friend you’ve been in love with since you were kids.

Requested by: my-emotional-self

Listen to: I Need You - Kim Sung Kyu

It felt like time had froze. Like the world stopped spinning and you were just stuck, unable to escape. Nothing was going like you planned when you were back in England. You were supposed to come home to your parents, apologize for your past behavior, see Jughead and tell him you loved him. He was supposed to tell you he loves you back and you were supposed to be together. That’s what you expected. That’s what you prepared yourself for. But instead, you were met with turmoil.

You lost your parents and the love of your life was dating one of your friends. How could things possibly get any better?

Curled up in bed, you contemplated how you were going to manage these unpleasant and unfortunate situations. While you rolled onto your back to stare at the ceiling, there was a knock at your door. 

“Who is it?” You called. You barely recognized your own voice.

The door opened and Archie popped his head in. “Can I come in?” He asked. 

You nodded and sat up in bed. Although you didn’t want to talk to anyone at the moment, you knew Archie meant no harm. 

“I wanted to see if you were okay,” he said as he sat on the edge of your bed. 

You sniffled and pulled your knees into your chest. “Things can only go uphill from here, right?” You asked rhetorically. 

Archie sighed heavily. “I hated telling you about Jughead and Betty,” he said. “No one knew how to tell you and I figured it was better coming from me than you finding out some other way.”

It was painful thinking about how you leaned in to kiss Jughead but he pushed you away. If you had known beforehand that he and Betty were dating, you never would have made that embarrassing mistake. But you sort of understood why Archie kept it from you so you couldn’t hold on to any betrayal you may have felt at first.

You shook your head. “It’s fine. I’m glad you told me.”

Archie sat next to you and let you rest your head on his shoulder. “My dad’s going out of town tomorrow. I was thinking about having a party. I don’t know if you’d be up for it, but I think it’ll be a nice way to relieve some anger and frustration.”

At first you thought there’d be no way in hell you’d ever go to a party under these circumstances. But then you figured it’d be good for you to actually get out of the house and to actually see some people. 

You sat up straight and looked at Archie with half a smile. “I’ll be there.”

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Am I Enough PT 2

Bucky X Reader 

Summary: An unexpected turn in your relationship with Bucky sends you on a journey that will hopefully find you back home one day.

Warnings: angst 

A/N: Hello everyone, I just wanted to start out with how thrilled and honored I was to have all of you read my new story. I am still getting the jitters from it all. Sorry it took so long but here it is. This chapter is more of a stage setter for what is to come and no bucky we catch up with where the reader is now.  

“When did this start between you two? How long has it been? Did it gradually come to be or did it just hit you one day? I asked if you had ever thought about the others, in a I-could-possibly-date way. Wait, was that when it all began? You actually thought about it and realized she would be better for you. I shouldn’t have asked, I mean I was so happy that you chose me over them but I brought this on myself didn’t I?“ 

“Can’t you just tell me? Answer me, dang It! Do I now mean so little you can’t even give me a proper answer. I love you with everything I have in me, but that’s not enough for you is it? I wanted to believe that this would last forever but….“ 

Two weeks that’s how long it had been since you left. The road had taken you out through several states till you stopped at a quaint town. Big enough that you could get confused but small enough for people to know almost eberyone and of all things it was call Normal, Illinois, because heavens knew you could use all the normal you could get. You managed to snag a place to stay at least for now and a job as well. Lucky for you the college had just gotten out so you found a room to rent for the next 2 months before school came back. 

It’s funny how in the movies people can just up and run away from their previous lives but not for you. The one plus side was that You could avoid all other text and calls from the team. It also kept your mind off if him. You spent part of your car ride on the phone with your boss telling, well lying that you had a family emergency that would take you away for a while. Luck struck again as she gave you the two months you asked for. The only problem now was your apartment. You couldn’t afford 2 rents. The rent in normal was about half it was in new York but still. This had taken quite a few more phone calls until you found a few friends that wanted to rent it out for a couple weeks at a time. It would be risky especially if they cancelled but you had a smidge of faith left that it would work out. 

Now that you were at least for the foreseeable future to remain here, you focus on your new job, mostly because the other option is soul sucking grief. It was a standard retail job in Uptown Normal, a little boutique that sold nic-nacs. It got you through the day and you made money. You threw yourself into it taking extra shifts and doing whatever necessary for the job. Anything to keep you from going home at night. 

The problem now was the nights, with nothing to occupy your thoughts, no tv or computer, you focused on what had happened. You had thought maybe the whole thing was a misunderstanding that Bucky would chase after you and explain. As each day went by your hope faded piece by piece. You weren’t hiding you still used your credit cards, your drivers license, he could find you, any one could find you. But no one came, you must have been right in everything you said. You would have at least expected one of the others Steve or Tony at least, but you guess that was too good to be trhe friendship as well. How did this happen you had always prided yourself on being a decent judge in character, but apparently not the people you were those closest to you. 

It turns out it was good you left. You would feel bad for ever forcing yourself onto others. When you thought this there was a knock on the door. Your head jerked up, zeroing in on the door, you weren’t expecting any one. Maybe it was a simple case of wrong door. Again the knock, but this time it was followed up with, ”(Y/N), I know you’re in there please just open up.“ 

Gah, it was Steve. You start to have a mixture of feelings the first was surprised, he had come to get you. You were great friends so why not but you would have thought he would stay with Bucky, support him in this time. This led to sadness, tears picking your eyes because Bucky couldn’t even come himself, he must have sent Steve. Which then provoked anger, that stupid pompous man couldn’t even take the time to come find you and fix things himself. When that thought hit you, grief ran through you wrapping it’s way through, making your limbs heavy and your breathing shallow. 

That was it Steve had come to say that Bucky didn’t want you back that you could stay right where you were. Far away from him, he didn’t need some has been hanging around his new girl. Once more the knocking began, “I’m coming in we need to talk." 

With that he quickly dismantled the lock and stepped in. You stare at him while he approaches, but as he gets closer you get scared you didn’t want to hear it. No you could move on right now, you could pretend this whole thing never happened. You scoot away from him whimpering slightly and shaking your head. 

"Whoa hey, I just want to talk.” He raises his hands, halting all forward movement. 

“No,” you shudder out, your voice weak. “I know what you want to say and I don’t want to hear it. I get it he doesn’t want me. I’ll stay away I promise.” At this point your voice has broken and tears run down your face. You keep shaking your head keeping Steve at bay. 

Steve heart breaks even more, his friend has done a real number on this girl. You were still huddled against the wall but now you had your hands over your ears, refusing anything he had to say. He sighed, kneeling down before you and wrapping his arms around you pulling you to his chest. For a moment, you resisted pushing against him, didn’t work very well as he continued to hold you in place. 

Finally you fell into him allowing his comfort, you start to cry, aobs that wrenched through your body. For you it was finally accepting everything that had happened to you. Taking in every feeling that you had held back through this whole thing. All this time you had refused to accept them, that everything that was happening you deserved, so you didn’t have the right to feel emotional about it. You were though, sad, angry the basic but fierce emotions held you. All you could do was cry while Steve held you. 

Eventually the tears took their toll rendering you exhausted and quickly sliding into sleep. Steve felt you go limp against him. Glancing down he took in the tracks from the tears on your face, carefully wiping a few more away. He couldn’t even imagine what you were going through, he knew in some sense, had seen and talked with you, about how much Bucky had meant. You had discussed hopes and dreams, what the future would look like and how much Bucky had changed you for the better. To have all that taken away would make anyone’s heart shatter. He still didn’t fully understand what would make Bucky do this to you. 

You shiver slightly more from the lingering fear than the cold. He finally took in the apartment while looking for a blanket to wrap you in. It was sparse to say the least you hadn’t taken much with you when you left. A small studio, no bed, no dresser just an open suitcase with your clothes spilling out of it. In your haste you hadn’t taken what you needed just enough to escape. From the info they had gathered they learned about your new situation and from what they could see you didn’t plan on coming back to New York anytime soon. 

He scoops your legs up draping you over him, but still firmly in his grasp. He pulls the blanket from your small blowup bed and wraps you in it. Looking down once more, he knows you intend to stay but not if the team and him have anything to do with it.

Lifting his hand up he whispers, “Guys, we have things to do. Let’s get started." 

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A Convoluted Code

A/N: This is hours late, but here it is!

Originally posted by gdiminyoongi

Pairing: College au! TA! Taehyung (based off of 707 of Mystic Messenger

Genre: Fluff (Soon), Comedy

Word Count: 3.2k

Summary: Technological Special Agent, Kim Taehyung, never made mistakes… until he did, and that led him to you, a mistake he couldn’t live down

It started out as just another petty job so that he could buy another computer. As if the multiple screens that surrounded him in his office plus the five laptops lying around weren’t enough for him. However, he was the best, and he required the best equipment.

The job was simple enough, hack into this guy’s phone and see if he’s cheating, but even the best make tiny mistakes.

Usually all he needed to hack into a person’s phone, laptop, and any other accounts was just a phone number, this was thanks to how connected everyone’s accounts were.

Then Taehyung could sift through what he wanted to, report back, get the money, and call it day. The customers he worked with were usually fairly prestigious, so he figured that they would be intelligent enough to write down a stupid number correctly.

And with that foolish assumption concerning the snooty, the best had made a mistake.

It was somewhere between his third caffeinated soda and second bag of chips he realized he hadn’t hacked into Seung Chanwoo’s laptop, it was yours. However, he realized this only after hacking into your laptop camera, it was then the texts he had just read from you and a Soha had finally made sense.

You: Oh btw, I can’t close it anymore

Soha: What? Why not?

You: It’ll snap right in half, and I need it until I can find the money to get a new one… or a sugar daddy that’s around my age, whichever comes first tbh

Soha: Yeah right, have fun writing your little heart out

Maybe a man and his mistress wouldn’t be talking about getting sugar daddies.

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