these are basically the only ones that turned out half decent

So I want to talk about Maha Kesley and how much of a bad ass mom she was. I can imagine that on Luna hypermasculinity and violence is basically forced on young boys because what better way to create monstrous child soldiers? They’re basically taught to not show respect to anyone, much less women. But you know what giant nerd is not only respectful himself but calls out other men’s bullshit? That’s right, Ze'ev Kesley. Ran even appeared to also be a half decent kid before he was forced to join the army. In a society where even thinking for yourself is punishable and you’re expected to give up your sons to be turned into monsters, making the decision to teach your sons respect and love well enough that one of them clung to those lessons despite over 10 years of brainwashing is pretty fucking bad ass. Maha Kelsey was a bad ass long before she sacrificed herself for her son.