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BBS As Things I've Heard At School
  • Vanoss : I may be very popular but honestly I am so socially scared of people the only reason they like me os cause I smile and nod quietly while inwardly screaming in fear.
  • Delirious : Honestly if I'm voted most likely to be a killer I wouldn't evn be surprised. I think they even said that about me in pre-school.
  • Moo : I have unfortunately become the mom friend and it has made me afraid of ever becoming a mother.
  • " You're a guy. "
  • And? Women are strong to deal with this bullshit! I can't handle you all I would clearly never be a good mother.
  • Terroriser : You know how most people want all eyes on them when walking into a room? I figured it out. Walk in and start doing really loud impressions!
  • Ohm : I feel I'm the friend who you have around so at least someone is semi-innocent in this massive pile of devil spawns.
  • Wildcat : I have no choice but to hang out with you all - I don't know how to make friends anymore!
  • Mini : You want to know what sucks?! Emily got nominated for Prom King over me. One, she's a girl! Not that there's a problem with the fact she's female but in this case there are two seperate places! And a third if anyone were agender. AND TWO! SHE DOESN'T EVEN ATTEND THIS SCHOOL!
  • Nogla : I'm not actually as dumb as I come off as. *misspells their name on a test* O-Okay well you see...I
  • Lui : Take me back to kindergarden. Snacks, recess and snacks. Away from bullshit and lies.
  • Basically : I had this group of friends before. They only hung out with me to show "diversity" so they didn't come off as racist. That comment madee realize they were. Ditched their asses.
  • Scotty : Only once in my life have I ever...I mean ever! Won at a game! Monopoly, Life, Mario in general...
  • Smiity : *after someone accidently steps on the back of their shoe* Yeah okay bitch. Get ready for that fucking restraining order on your ass!
  • Cartoonz : I have been compared to a southern satan before. I'm not sure which was more true. The fact that I'm very Southern. Or that I'm satan. *hisses and chokes on spit*
  • Angelica, the only sober one: This stuff is basically rat poison. Everybody's wasted.
  • Alexander: (crying) You didn't even know one thing and he asked me the whole thing and I didn't even do it once-
  • Hercules: I'm like an elephant, okay, it's like if I walk into a room it's like okay, he's in there-
  • John: I'm not gonna tell you that that bitch over there, I don't have to tell, I mean I'm not gonna brag-
  • Peggy: (laughing hysterically) Baba booey. (more laughing)
  • Jefferson: Turn this music down! (singing unintelligibly)
  • Lafayette: (speaking rapid-fire French, mildly angry)
  • Madison: (laughing uncontrollably) (coughing fit) (takes another drink)
  • Washington: (happily dancing to rap music with a funny hat on)
  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: i can't believe people actually ship nancy with jonathan, because that completely goes against what the writers are trying to do. they set up your basic trope: good girl is trying to be #edgy and is dating your stereotypical "bad boy", and then this "nice guy" comes along and pays attention to her. listen, jonathan is great and all, but i don't trust pretentious creeps that like to take pictures of girls making out with their boyfriends in privacy without anyone's permission. jonathan also tried to put nancy in this box. "you were trying to be someone else." the writers totally destroyed the idea of nancy simply being that straight A student that wants to rebel. she's not dating steve, or drinking, or shooting guns because she thinks she's being "different". she's doing those things because THAT'S WHO SHE IS. you can get straight A's and want to do well in school while also partying and dating a hunk. speaking of the hunk, steve is actually wayyy better for her than jonathan (i mean i'd be happy if nancy decided not to be with anyone but let's be real i'm a total stevexnancy person) and here's why: he paid attention to her, like really noticed things about her. he didn't make fun of who she was in a condescending way, and he also supports her. like, yes, he's problematic in that he has shitty friends and horrible parents (from what we've heard) and while his initial decisions are rude and selfish, he becomes self-aware and tries to make it up to people. i.e., going to jonathan's to try and apologize and buying him a new camera, or coming to nancy to tell her he confessed to the police even though it got him in trouble, or telling his friends where to stick it and then going to help wash off the graffiti. in short, jonathan romanticized this version of nancy that wasn't really all of who she was and people paint him to be this great guy (would you trust a guy that took pictures of you without you knowing, and then only feeling guilty once you found out?) and steve is this beautiful work in progress that wants to understand how nancy works as a person. so basically the fact that the writers didn't leave nancy with jonathan means that they destroyed that basic story line where the "nice girl" leaves the "bad boy" for the "nice guy" and they did it in the best way possible without completely bashing any one character and i just really love this show.

Nothing infuriates me more then how unimportant people seem to think Bodhi Rook is. He’s the smallest by far on the cover of the DVD, there’s no merch. But, there would be no fucking movie without him.

Yeah, Galen Erso built the flaw, but no one would know about it if it weren’t for Bodhi.

Bodhi risked everything to bring the massage to a man known for his violence where he got tortured and had to watch his only home die, but he’s the least important character. Sure. I don’t fucking believe that.

He doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. I mean, everyone has a dramatic death with a lead up (even the fucking droid. Don’t get me wrong I love K, but he got a bigger death then the man who made the whole movie possible).

But Bodhi didn’t. All Bodhi gets is a grenade thrown into his ship, just enough time for us to see the fear in his eyes, and then it’s over and he’s gone.

It just makes me mad that he’s such an underrated character. And he probably goes through the most over the course of the movie and maybe even before, but no one realizes that fact. I mean, he defected from the people that he was basically forced to work for, only to get tortured and have to watch his home get destroyed, and then he proceeds to go to Scarrif and get killed in less than 2 seconds.

I just, I have a lot of feelings about Bodhi Rook


Where’s Waldo Liebgott? Episode 5 Part 3

Leicester. Square.

You need four, minimum. Feet. Hands. Neck. Balls. Extra socks warms them all. - Yay! We all remembered that one, but we didn’t remember the socks.

We’re paratroopers, Lieutenant. We’re supposed to be surrounded.

  • Psychic: *reads my mind*
  • Me: In first GotG movie Rocket lost his only friend at that time, the one who knows how long was by his side ad he didn't even say a proper 'goodbye' to him. And acording to James' words Groot doesn't even have his memories back after regrowing and he's basically a completely new person and Rocket will never get his best friend back-- and in second movie Rocket losts Yondu who was the only person who fully undertood him, they didn't have much time to became close friends but Rocket still lost someone really important to him, who put him into so much suffering in the movies, I think about this everyday I dont understand I dont undestand I don
  • Psychic: ...same
  • Dean: This is ridiculous! You can't drop everything and just centre your life around some kid because your absentee Dad screwed off and you feel responsible for him
  • Castiel: He needs me, and he can change everything, he gives me hope. For the future
  • Dean: And he's wanted by hell! Marked for Lucifer! You think you can just go ahead and live for this? Put everything else on the back burner for this? And do it all alone?!
  • Castiel: Dean I wouldn't expect you to understand, but I have to
  • Sam: *To Jack* The lack of self awareness is amazing
  • Castiel: We have to be each others home now. We're the only ones who can understand each other
  • Dean: ONLY ONES? I'm standing here aren't I? Haven't I tried? Haven't I bled for the both of you?!
  • Castiel: I didn't say that you hadn't-
  • Jack: *To Sam* So...I'm you
  • Sam: *To Jack* Basically, yeah
  • Jack: And they're like our single Dads?
  • Sam: *Sigh* Yes, and honestly how the tables have tabled
  • Jack: You're not cool, Sam
  • Sam: Burn in hell, Jack

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I just wanted to drop by and say that first of all, I love your theories and analyses. They're so good and I cry daily about them. Secondly I wanted to express my... I guess dissatisfaction with the lack of fan analyses about John and Dave's friendship, in particular from John's POV. They are basically the only proclaimed pair of best friends whose relationship didn't waver during the course of the whole comic, and I just wish people talked more about their influence on each other!

Ok so first of all I have to say that the idea that Dirk and Jake’s relationship seriously wavered on any level but the superficial “are we officially dating” one is, imo, inaccurate. The boys are in love, they love each other and are best friends and this is true across the board for the Alphas.

Thanks a lot for your message though, and I’ve been meaning to say something about John and Dave’s relationship for a while now so sure, I’ve got a bit to say for you. 

predictably as hell this got really long, so meet me under the cut.

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John Paul Jones writing the poem in Latin while at sea is significant because 98% of the time, the people on a ship are uneducated. No man in their right mind really wants to sail (notice I say man. Many boys would take to the seas when they’re 13 or younger as apprentices and cabin boys because they still romanticize it and have not yet realized the horrors of a life at sea). Most people become sailors because it’s the only option left to them, because they’re greedy enough to risk their lives for cash, or they have ambition. So, in most cases, the only man on the ship who is educated is the captain (and often their education is limited as well). The rest of the men on the ship have basic learning at best and they most definitely never learned classic languages like Latin or Greek. So, Jones wrote a bisexual poem in Latin that no one else on his ship could read and, if discovered, would only be gibberish to whoever found it.

Okay, so I know I’m late to the party on this, and I don’t know if this has been discussed in the fandom already, but I’m gonna talk about it anyway! 

I was reading the Rick and Morty comics and in one, the family finds a dead Rick head in the garage. Of course, they assume it’s their Rick, and immediately start freaking out that they have no idea where Morty is. And Summer’s reaction is to go out in the garage and use what looks like a portal gun prototype. Which is awesome! I love that in both the comic and the show, Summers first reaction to losing her grandfather or brother is “I’m gonna do whatever it takes to save their asses!”

The weird thing is that with the prototype, originally I thought it must have been Ricks. But in the show we see his prototypes (kinda?) and they don’t look anything like this. Plus he’s not exactly the sentimental type, so why would he keep an old piece of crap that doesn’t work as well as his compact hand held one? And I don’t remember this turning up in previous comics (though I have a bad memory and don’t have the previous issues on hand, so I might be wrong about that). So I got to thinking, did Summer make that fucking thing? 

And basically, that’s my headcanon now (until I’m proven wrong). Summer (at least in that universe) had been working on a portal gun of her own behind everyone’s back. 

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Hi, I just read your Trans Marco megapost 2.0 and it was really helpful to understand why most(?) of the fandom is convinced because I really didn't pick up on those details. And it all looks like pretty solid evidence. I only have one question to the suit thing, didn't Marco wear a suit in the Bon-Bon Birthday Clown episode and in the season finale, and the Blood Moon Ball episode? So is this basically Disney (the overseers/empire/whatever undermining the writers in a sense?

I mean, for Blood Moon Ball, that’s pretty much explained by the fact the crew hadn’t decided on Marco being trans yet in Season 1.

And as for Face The Music, they actually stated in the livestream after the episode that wearing the formalwear was apparently “something Marco deeply regretted” and they felt incredibly uncomfortable wearing it. So I’m guessing it’s something they weren’t able to change in time from when Daron was sold on the theory, so they used the livestreams to give it a soft retcon.

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I really like the look of Charlie Angus, but (assuming we can only nominate one person?) I don't want to sign anything before I've looked into other candidates. I looked on their website and didn't see anything, do you have any idea who else is running/have any opinions about other options? Thanks!

The candidates who have announced to run:

-Charlie Angus

-Guy Caron

-Peter Julian

Guy Caron isn’t that well known, but he is proposing a basic universal income if elected leader (which is pretty rad). He’s an economist.

I like Peter Julian’s policies (strong environmental, anti-poverty, etc), but I don’t think he’s charismatic enough to do well. He’s very soft spoken.

There are rumours that Niki Ashton might run (whom I’m also a big fan), and Jagmeet Singh.

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So many things I noticed: Mark Bop whispering "Help Me" before Wilford appears with his song; Dark basically saying "You're my best buddy and you're the only one I know that can help me with this."; Wilford conceding to Dark because he needs a memo; Google being a good boy among everyone. Also, I think Dark doesn't get how Wilford is running his business because he didn't have a part lmao

i have a theory about the first part of your ask, the help me part, but that ties into my wilford theory, which i’m currently constructing shhhh

but i don’t think i’ll ever get over the fact that dark has a nickname for wilford oml. or the fact that he respects him like. of course he would team up with bubblegum bitch of all people. 

okay but literally goog was saying that they should all work together like is that precious or what (in an intimidating sort of way)

wilford just does whatever the hell he wants lmao stop that pink boi


female character challenge: two mother/daughter relationships [1 / 2]
↳ Elinor and Merida, Brave

You’ve always been there for me. You’ve never given up on me. I just want you back. I want you back, Mummy. I love you.

I am still writing ageswap au, hopefully now with more bonding with Anakin and Obi-Wan, but

this morning I was thinking of the similar-age au, where Dooku trains Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon trains Anakin, and slowly coming to realize that given Dooku’s motivations in training Obi-Wan and how that would effect Qui-Gon’s training of Anakin -

this Obi-Wan is going to an anxious, high-strung mess. It’s kind of like Obi!whump, especially given the current direction for it, which is Anakin recklessly moving to rescue their parallel selves and necessitating Anakin and Obi-Wan fucking off from the Order. Because Anakin is basically the only positive attachment Obi-Wan has in this fic, so naturally if Anakin fucks off then Obi-Wan is fucking off with him. Cue fights between the padawans and Obi-Wan having various panic and anxiety attacks.

(Ever since JA #7, The Captive Temple, I can’t unsee Obi-Wan having panic attacks. It’s one of the few things I approved of tbh, given that Obi-Wan by all rights should be a wreck after Melida/Daan.)

I had thoughts that it would escalate to the point that Dooku comes to hunt them down, unforgiving as always, and Obi-Wan would try to tell the others to escape and that he would face/stop his Master (chanting the Code to stave off yet another panic attack) only for the alternate universe selves to be like “wow no, we’re adults/a master and a knight??? Give us your lightsabers and we’ll fight Dooku” which is … literally almost the first time that anyone has ever stepped forward to protect Obi-Wan. 

(could hilariously be a situation where knight!Anakin becomes Super Over Protective over P!Obi [much to his former master’s amusement but overall approval given what a fucking wreck this kid is] and starts coaching P!Anakin on the Care and Feeding of Obi-Wans [P!Ani gives him a look like “u think im a fukken amateur or wot m8″])

At this point, basically Obi-Wan and Anakin would have to Leave The Order Forever, even after getting their alternate selves back home. Qui-Gon might (successfully) hunt them down and grudgingly in his own way make sure they’re taken care of, given that this is his Chosen One who is loudly refusing to go anywhere without Obi-Wan. Possibly he directs them toward someone he knows that will help get them on their feet.

Anakin is a bit taken aback because his master is being weirdly supportive??? but Qui-Gon fucking remembers what it’s like training under Dooku. He can’t approve of what Obi-Wan and Anakin have done, but he understands it.

Besides, the two of them might some day turn out to be gr8 contacts or something, no point in completely burning bridges.

this au was actually supposed to have a well-adjusted Obi-Wan, who was perhaps even less emotionally available than canon Obi, but was pretty good at lawyering himself into doing the Right Thing and Loopholing it so that the Right Thing was the Rational/Jedi Thing to do. Then I gave Dooku’s motivations for taking him on too much thought and made myself sad :(

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hi! your art is beautiful. like i'm always so stunned whenever you post. i'm an artist too, but whenever i paint something i can never blend very cleanly. how do you make your skin look so... smooth? if you don't want to answer that's fine :)

ok so this is a really quick and messy example but I slap down some colours that I’ll be using with my flat bristle brush in sai

then I’ll select a colour from one of these areas and, using a lower opacity brush, put strokes of that colour where it touches a different colour to create a transition colour, then selecting that colour I’ll repeat the same idea so that you get smaller patches of colours that looks smoother than before

you can just leave it like that or refine it a little more with increasingly smaller brush sizes for a more painterly look but I enjoy having smooth and soft looking skin so I take my watertool and blur the strokes a bit to reduce texture - I don’t blur too large of an area too much tho, otherwise it all just becomes one even colour and takes away from the point of shading

this is probably one of the main reasons why I only paint in PaintTool Sai and not photoshop haha, I’m so used to using the water tool in my art to smooth out strokes lol

I’ve got a bunch of umimaki art that I’ve drawn over the last few months but idk if I should post them because they’re all more or less rough sketches that I’ve coloured because I’m too lazy to line them and I’m not that happy with them anyway?

  • what she says: i love agent kallus
  • what she means: Agent Kallus is one of my favorite characters, but his characterization before "The Honorable Ones" versus after "The Honorable Ones" leaves much to be desire. In Season 1, yeah, okay, he's not that different from every other obviously evil, cunning, arrogant villain, but I bought it because not gonna lie, I'm kind of a sucker for cunning bad guys that claim they're just doing their job but enjoy following it to the letter. Plus, I liked how earlier on, it was like the rebels were the hunted while the Empire were the hunters, with the Inquisitors and the 'ordinary' Kallus being the main hunters, and I was interested in how he was gonna fight Zeb and what exactly happened at Lasan. But then, Season 2 got pretty bad with Kallus since he hardly did anything besides standing around in the bridge of an Imperial cruiser, which the LSG had already said in promotional material for the show that they didn't want him doing that. And then "The Honorable Ones" showed that even though it's one of my favorite episodes because we finally get to see what makes him tick, his morality and knowledge of what actually happens is actually CONTRARY to what it seemed up to that point. What would've been better is if they had put more signs of Kallus's grey morality in previous episodes so that it would flow better. While yes, some things can be alleviated through novelizations of scenes, it sometimes isn't an 'expansion' on the scene and instead comes more off as something like a sloppy retcon/excuse, like when he kicked that Stormtrooper down in the pilot and then the novelization said that he was extremely angry so he wasn't thinking straight (though I don't know if the author was let in on what the plan for Kallus's character arc was, so it's possible he was just writing what he knew and assumed, but the SWR writers + LSG didn't say anything against it during editing...). While I also do like the irony with how he basically led like four Imperials who've gone rogue to their deaths, I do recognize that it's only ironic because he's literally become the opposite/antithesis of himself from S1-S2, since he's literally a STATE SEC AGENT so even if he didn't have anything to do with them getting arrested/killed, being a state sec officer that has switched sides + committed treason would've been ironic no matter what (though I'm not sure if this is an actual complaint or if I'm just nitpicking with this one, but regardless, I still like it, even though it's kind of expected considering the circumstances.) (the author for three of those characters didn't know about Kallus's character arc either, but you know who did). I don't like that because of the time skip, we've skipped how Kallus got from the ending of "The Honorable Ones" to where he is in Season 3, meaning they SKIPPED THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. I'm torn between if he should live at the end of "Zero Hour", because if he lives, then they have a chance of giving him proper character development, especially so if they introduce the Mercenary/the Fool, and this plotline can also allow for more Zeb coverage that he desperately needs (in addition, we could get more bo-rifle fights, because I also thought that fight back in "Droids In Distress" was cool and that they should do more like that again), but then again, he could die to establish Thrawn's credibility and with that leaked picture, there's a pretty small chance of him trying to make his way out of the mercy of everyone on that ship. I'd still be up for a Kallus novel or comic or short story or something that delves some more into his character, though. So anyway, yes, while I do love Kallus, I wish they had done better with his character arc so that I could say with confidence that the stuff that happens to him was indeed on purpose and say that it is one of the best character arcs I've seen so far.

The fic itself is a bit much for me, but the basic premise of “Mini Clones” is a straight shot directly up my alley, because shrinking is actually my favorite fandom trope second only to de-aging :Dc

The armor is still pretty half-assed, but at least it’s half an ass better than nothing but phase I shinies. Edit: Aaaaand I put Fives in Echo’s armor. Smooth.