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Book Ron vs. Movie Ron

In the books, the trio fits together and each of them fills a distinct role.

The movies basically ended up taking all of the good parts of Ron’s character and applying them to Hermione. So Hermione becomes perfect and all that Harry really needs, and Ron is just extraneous.

I could write a whole post about why airbrushing Hermione’s flaws is a problem, but I’ll try to keep this about Ron since I think he suffers the most.

Book Ron is a valuable member of the team. Movie Ron is comic relief and dead weight.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

Devil’s Snare


“Stop moving!” Hermione ordered them. “I know what this is — it’s Devil’s Snare!”

“Oh, I’m so glad we know what it’s called, that’s a great help,” snarled Ron, leaning back, trying to stop the plant from curling around his neck.

“Shut up, I’m trying to remember how to kill it!” said Hermione.

“Well, hurry up, I can’t breathe!” Harry gasped, wrestling with it as it curled around his chest.

“Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare… what did Professor Sprout say? — it likes the dark and the damp.”

“So light a fire!” Harry choked.

“Yes — of course — but there’s no wood!” Hermione cried, wringing her hands.


“Oh, right!” said Hermione, and she whipped out her wand, waved it, muttered something, and sent a jet of the same bluebell flames she had used on Snape at the plant. In a matter of seconds, the two boys felt it loosening its grip as it cringed away from the light and warmth. Wriggling and flailing, it unraveled itself from their bodies, and they were able to pull free.

“Lucky you pay attention in Herbology, Hermione,” said Harry as he joined her by the wall, wiping sweat off his face.

“Yeah,” said Ron, “and lucky Harry doesn’t lose his head in a crisis — ‘there’s no wood,’ honestly.”


[Hermione tells them to relax, Harry does. He and Hermione fall through. Ron continues to panic and shout for help from above]

HERMIONE: [to Harry] I remember reading something in Herbology.

RON: [still trapped] Help!


RON: Help!

HERMIONE: ‘Devil’s Snare, Devil’s Snare, it’s deadly fun; but will sulk in the sun.’ That’s it! Devil’s Snare hates sunlight! Lumus solem!

RON: Aaahh! [Ron falls through]

HARRY: Ron, are you okay?

RON: Yeah.


RON: Whew! Lucky we didn’t panic!

HARRY: [sternly] Lucky Hermione pays attention in Herbology.

So in the book, Hermione wrings her hands in a sudden panic and Ron reminds her to light one of her bluebell flames. Both Harry and Ron fall through at the same time. In the movie, Ron panics and is essentially deadweight while a calm Hermione solves the problem. And then Ron pats himself on the back for not panicking (comic relief for the viewers), and Harry coolly defends Hermione.

Snape calls Hermione a know-it-all


“That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger,” said Snape coolly. “Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all.”

Hermione went very red, put down her hand, and stared at the floor with her eyes full of tears. It was a mark of how much the class loathed Snape that they were all glaring at him, because every one of them had called Hermione a know-it-all at least once, and Ron, who told Hermione she was a know-it-all at least twice a week, said loudly, “You asked us a question and she knows the answer! Why ask if you don’t want to be told?”

The class knew instantly he’d gone too far. Snape advanced on Ron slowly, and the room held its breath.

“Detention, Weasley,” Snape said silkily, his face very close to Ron’s. “And if I ever hear you criticize the way I teach a class again, you will be very sorry indeed.


SNAPE: Thank you, Mr. Malfoy. That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger. Are you incapable of restraining yourself, or do you take pride in being an insufferable know-it-all? [Hermione looks hurt]

RON: He’s got a point, you know.

SNAPE: Five points from Gryffindor! As an antidote to your ignorance, and on my desk by Monday morning, two rolls of parchment on the werewolf, with particular emphasis on recognizing it.

Ron shouts at Snape and gets himself landed in detention on Hermione’s behalf, whereas in the books he just twists the knife.

The trio meet Sirius Black in the Shrieking Shack


Without knowing what he was doing, [Harry] started forward, but there was a sudden movement on either side of him and two pairs of hands grabbed him and held him back…"No, Harry!” Hermione gasped in a petrified whisper; Ron, however, spoke to Black.

“If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us too!” he said fiercely, though the effort of standing upright was draining him of still more color, and he swayed slightly as he spoke.

“Lie down,” [Sirius] said quietly to Ron. “You will damage that leg even more.”

“Did you hear me?” Ron said weakly, though he was clinging painfully to Harry to stay upright. “You’ll have to kill all three of us!”

[Sirius says there will be only one murder, Harry asks Sirius if he’s gone soft]

“Harry!” Hermione whimpered. “Be quiet!”



[Ron snivels incoherently on the bed, nursing his leg]

HERMIONE: Ron! You okay?

HARRY: The dog- where’s is it?

RON: Harry! It’s a trap! He’s the dog. He’s an Animagus…

HERMIONE: If you want to kill Harry, you’ll have to kill us, too!

In the books, Ron is right by Hermione holding Harry back, and while Hermione addresses Harry in a “petrified whisper” and tells him to be quiet, while Ron is the one to address Black directly and say that Black will have to kill them to get to Harry. Despite the fact that he’s barely upright. In the movie, Hermione looks like the brave heroine, sacrificing herself for her friend while Ron moans about his broken leg.

The movies omitted the part where Harry physically attacked Sirius and Sirius defended himself by grabbing Harry by the throat, but in that scene Hermione reacts by kicking Sirius hard enough to loosen his grip on Harry and Ron literally “throws himself on Sirius’s wand hand” in order to knock it out of Sirius’s hand. That’s a far cry from whimpering in the background while Hermione and Harry confront Sirius.

Other examples:

  • In CoS, when they “follow the spiders,” Ron resigns himself to following them. When they get deep into the forest and Harry asks if Ron thinks they should keep going, Ron says “we’ve come this far.” When they do encounter the spiders, Ron holds his own despite being terrified. He literally picks up a full-size boarhound and throws him in the backseat before throwing himself in the drivers’ seat. When they reach Hagrid’s, Ron sits in the car for a full minute and then vomits in Hagrid’s garden. It’s not that Book Ron wasn’t terrified out of his mind, it’s just that he was keeping his fear at bay in order to help Harry (and Hermione). Whereas Movie Ron just whines, cries, begs Harry to go back, and is completely useless in that entire scene.
  • In GoF, when Book Hermione reads Rita’s article about her and Krum. Book Ron is actively concerned for Hermione, saying that Rita is making her out to look like a “scarlet woman.” Movie Ron is barely paying attention as Hermione reads the article aloud.
  • In CoS, when Draco calls Hermione a mudblood. In the books, Ron Both jumps to her defense, but Book Hermione doesn’t even know what the word even means. Ron is the one to explain it to her. Movie Ron jumps to her defense, but in this case, Hermione already knows and explains it to Harry while Ron vomits in the background. Lots of other wizarding world exposition goes to Ron in the books and Hermione in the movies, for example, the discussion of Harry being a Parselmouth later in that same book.
  • In GoF, Ron acts like a spoiled brat to Harry and it’s never explained why. Whereas in the books, he acts like a sulky brat and Hermione explains why.
  • In OotP, Movie Ron makes a comment about going easy on Hermione during a DA practice. and then when she stuns him first, he tries to play it off like he was just going easy on her. Book Ron repeatedly praises Hermione and makes it clear that he thinks she’s better at magic. It’s easy to imagine Book Ron joking about something like that or teasing Hermione, but Movie Ron is completely serious and viewers get to laugh at his conceit.
  • In DH, Ron is freaking the hell out when Hermione’s being tortured, he’s shouting her name and banging on the walls. Movie Ron is much less concerned and emotional.
  • Important conversations that take place with only Hermione and Harry rather than Hermione, Harry, and Ron. the biggest example of this is the scene at the end of HBP where Hermione and Harry are talking about the future while Ron sits on the steps behind them.
  • Ron’s decisions/ideas or decisions that were made as a group turn into Harry (or Hermione)’s decision/idea. Individually they’re just tweaks to the dialogue and seem unimportant, but they kind of add up. Movie Harry will tell Movie Ron to do something that Ron volunteered to do in the books.
  • A lot of little moments where Ron defends Harry or helps him are omitted. It’s not that I expect every book moment to be there, but there are so many smaller moments where Ron tells Malfoy to shove off, defending him from Snape, or even telling Hermione to lay off Harry.

Ron is still comic relief, but he’s the butt of the joke rather than the source. The movies omit a lot of humor, probably because it kind of screws up the tone, but the filmmakers tend to either use Ron as the butt of a joke or have another character (like Hermione) to say/do something that will lighten the moment.

Seriously? WTF, filmmakers.

Michael Bay’s Thundercats

I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and it seems like the sort of thing that should be put on Tumblr.

You know what I need.
I need someone to do a live action Thundercats.
I think it should be Michael Bay
He can make it sufficiently horrific.
Just like.
CGI alien cat people.  Via Michael Bay.
Imagine the weirdass shrapnel physics he could come up with for Mumm-Ra’s transformation.
I mean remember what he did to ninja turtles.
I think he could do it.  I think he could make it the worst movie ever made.
Tom Cruise could play um.  What was his name.  The ghost guy.
Jagger could play the ghost guy.  He’s already half dead.
Jagger should play Mumm-Ra.
He’d be the best thing in the movie because he’d be the only thing that didn’t look eye-searingly uncanny valley.
Or at least not more than Jagger looks normally.
“This movie was an apocalypse for my eyes.  I tried to will myself blind partway through.  The mummy cgi was good, though.”
But the joke is on them.  There was no mummy cgi.  It was just Mick Jagger in skintight acid-washed jeans.
OH OH the robearburbles or whatever the fucking little things were called.
The post-apocalypse Furbys
That’s what they’d end up with.
“They need faces.  To be EXPRESSIVE so people feel sympathy when I set them on fire that burns in improbable ways.”
They end up with basically a three foot high furby.
Anyone who wasn’t high on prescription painkillers could see this is a nightmare that should be stopped.
Michael Bay: “Perfect.”
He slaughters their entire town.
There’s a gratuitous shot of a baby roburblefurby having its head torn from its body, wires sparking tragically.
The audience heaves a sigh of relief.
Well obviously there’s like one or two heroic little digital atrocities who don’t get caught in the holocaust.
They hang out with Snarf.
Comedy relief is attempted.
The audience tries to figure out which one will show more prominently in their nightmares.
Oh wait wait I am foolish of COURSE Liam Neeson will play the ghost guy.
Tom Cruise can be Tigra.
They probably cast Vin Diesel as Panthro because any idiot can see Panthro was as close as the cat people got to being  a black guy.
But racial diversity in a Michael Bay movie would be foolish.
He can barely even manage tokenism.
Oh, I was about to ask whether Jake Gyllenhaal or Christian Bale would be Liono, but of course it would be Mark Wahlberg.
Or however you spell his name.
Holy shit, I got it right.
The best actors in the whole goddamn movie–aside from Liam Neeson, who can’t do shit to save this sinking wreck–are the underrated midlister who should be a star they cast as the lizard-mutant bad guy, and the actress they cast as Cheetara, who gets like five lines and then she spins in a circle and issues a prophecy and passes out till any chance she has to be useful is past.
She’s SUPER HOT THOUGH.  Because it’s Hollywood so gotta capitalize on that cat girl.  Look, she can fly a space-bike in unnecessarily slinky positions.
Is there a reason her bike puts the seat up higher than her head and forces her to shove her boobs against the gas tank?  None of the guys’ bikes do that.  Well, I suppose it’s probably because her bike has insufficient armaments but for some reason she’s using it to dogfight the vulture guy anyway even though she can run faster than it can fly.
Tigra’s bike has a fucking missile launcher.
It’s great.  So much shit explodes.
Meanwhile the audience tries to figure out if Mark Wahlberg’s jaw is doing that thing because of weird cgi or if it just does that.
There’s a part where he is baby teenage Liono before he gets aged up to heroic buff confused dude thanks to unexplained cryogenics stuff.  Mark Wahlberg attempts to play a teenager.
“It’ll be fine if we just use the blur tool on his face to smooth the wrinkles.”
Liono is aged up from 15 to be a rugged 40 or so.  He bangs Cheetara, who is 20 even though she’s an experienced elite warrior.  Bay somehow manages to make it BOTH statutory rape and creepy age difference/rank exploitation.
A man of infinite talents, that Bay.
More Snarf
He’s given absolutely inexplicable amounts of screen time.
They’re so proud of their CGI demon.
Hans Zimmer does the soundtrack.
It’s his seven millionth Oscar nomination.

I’ve been kind of quiet lately… I’m not sure why, but things have just felt very overwhelming for the last few months.  I’m spending most of my not-at-work time sculpting, drawing, or playing Breath of the Wild.  I have mostly been using the internet on my phone lately; I don’t think I’ve actually picked up my laptop in about a week.  I’m being a distant friend, but I will try to work on it.

Project-wise, I’ve been working mostly on the full doll sculpt I’ve been posting on Instagram. I’m hoping to have the basic sculpt done soon, then I’m going to junk mold it and roto-cast him so I can cut it apart and joint and adjust and perfect.  I’ve been vaguely referencing a few First Nation models that I like for his face, but not using them too extensively because I’m looking for a stylized rather than realistic head.  I’m not in love with the face yet so I may need to lean more heavily on photos.  I am cleaning up the dragon casts so work as my masters, and hopefully within a week I’ll be pouring my gang molds so that I can get those into production.  I am remolding EVERYTHING, so there should be fresh birbs, buns, borbs, crows, muses… once I re-make the molds, I’m going to start working on that request list that’s in Google Docs.

I’m also trying to finish up Wroc and I’m still trying to decide what I want to do about fish girl.  I’m kind of over her fin ears, so I’m thinking of cutting them off and just giving her either human ears or elf ears.  I can’t quite decide.  Both her and Wroc are going to be hand-casts only, since I don’t see them being especially popular.

But yeah, I’m still kicking.

anonymous asked:

okay hannigram is canon. for sure. but when do you think their relationship would actually become sexual? they are obviously now the most openly intimate mentally that theyve ever been but when would that necessarily lead to real physical intimacy (besides the small physical intimacies we've seen so far)?

I think it would certainly be a slow build for sure. This is actually so relevant to some of the interviews with Bryan floating around at the moment where he says they didn’t use the takes where they kissed because he feels like it wouldn’t have been right for them to go there in that moment in canon, and I actually really agree (but it will haunt my dreams if they don’t just let us see it we kNOW YOU HAVE THE FOOTAGE BRYAN PLEASE DON’T TOY WITH US LIKE THIS).

I do think Will thinks of himself as straight at this point in canon, but Bryan said two things in these interviews that make me think he would actually take them all the way if season 4 did ever happen: 

“You can have this intimate connection with somebody that then causes you to wonder where the lines of your own sexuality are.” [x]


“I feel one is ominisexual and one is heterosexual and there’s a lot of influence going back and forth, who knows with a six pack of beer what would happen.” [x]

And this actually goes back to my post from earlier where I said bringing sex into the mix would eventually be a natural progression for them. It hasn’t happened yet, they were never in a position before now to actually have a good, informed, consensual sexual dynamic, but when you fall in love with someone in the way Will and Hannibal have fallen in love, especially if they are going to be living together as Murder Husbands, it is bound to happen.

Fuller seems to be all about the slow, natural progression of things, so I think the most exciting thing about a potential season 4 would be watching them settle into this life together, and watching that intimacy blossom and evolve, and I think it would be best to progress very slowly over time…

Did you see how Hannibal allowed Will to initiate all the contact after they killed Dolarhyde? I think it would be exactly like that in the beginning for them. Hannibal would want everything Will has to offer, almost desperately, he has been waiting to get a taste of that sweet lil graham cracker for years, but he would never push Will into something more intimate than he was comfortable with. He would find a way to make his desires known, but he would make it clear that it was up to Will to set the boundaries and the pace.

It might start with their knees brushing under the table at dinner, Will sliding his fingers across Hannibal’s as he passes him a knife in the kitchen, Will slowly inching closer and closer to Hannibal as they sit out on the veranda overlooking their sprawling backyard. Their thighs sit warm against each other as they sip wine. One night Will rests his head on Hannibal’s shoulder. The next night his head has slipped to his chest and Hannibal’s arm is wrapped tightly around him.

Will takes up gardening and asks Hannibal to pass him his pruning shears, tells him the white roses will look beautiful on their tablescape that evening. He snips one, brings it up to Hannibal’s nose to get a good whiff, and then teasingly drags the blossom down his chest. 

That night as Hannibal prepares their meal Will places one strong hand on Hannibal’s back and lazily, almost mindlessly, begins to rub small circles as he speaks. He lets out a small chuckle when the knife nearly slips out of Hannibal’s hand as he chops.

That night after dinner they have their nightly wine on the veranda, all casually snuggled up as they have been for several nights in a row, when Will begins nuzzling at Hannibal’s neck. He drags his lips ever so gently across the flesh just below his ear. Hannibal audibly moans. Will knows he’s making him hard but he also knows that’s all he’s going to allow Hannibal for the time being. At that point neither one of them are sure if Will is just slowly getting comfortable with being physically intimate with a man for the first time or if he’s genuinely starting to enjoy the teasing a little too much.

Things probably give after a particularly brutal murder. Let’s just say they take out someone who really had it coming but he doesn’t make it easy on either of them. The feeling is so reminiscent of their very first kill together that both of them instinctively end up clutching at one another all over again, only this time watching Will in action has made Hannibal visibly aroused, and Will would be lying if he said he wasn’t right there with him. 

They kiss, full on, open mouthed, desperate, clutching at each others backs and shoulders and hair. Their hands are covered in blood and it gets everywhere but they just can’t be bothered. Hannibal whispers into Will’s ear and asks him if he’s finally ready to go a bit further. Will says he thinks he is but he doesn’t know just how far that should be. They should maybe get cleaned up and create their murder art and put their dinner on ice first.

Once they’re back home they both desperately need a shower. They would normally do this separately but Will is right on Hannibal’s tail after he hops in. Hannibal asks Will is he can suck him off after he washes his back. Will agrees and Hannibal probably comes untouched during because he’s so fucking desperate for him and he’s finally getting his first taste.

Will eventually starts slipping into bed with Hannibal several nights a week. More blow jobs happen but Hannibal never asks Will to do anything to him, just lets Will come around to it on his own, and the first night Will jerks Hannibal off under the covers he comes so hard he leaves a few stray tears behind on his pillowcase.

Andddd I’m going to stop here because this is way longer than I intended and I now think I need to turn this into an actual fic, but basically I think it would be a teasingly slow build up to them actually doing anything sexual, Will would set the pace, and once they got there it would be hot as hell and they would both be so into it and life would be absolutely perfect and glorious. :’)

been thinking more about the sokovia accords and how… impractical they are? time for a random history lesson, but thinking back to the league of nations and how they, despite having no regulated army, had to decide unanimously whether or not they could even just send a country’s army/forces to go and help another country in need, and of course this led to decisions and crises being prolonged and left out to dry for way way longer than was necessary or helpful – basically bc nobody could decide whether or not it was a good idea to send x to y, it meant that shit just got worse and worse whilst all these powers wasted time deliberating, and the actual problem got worse. so. y’know. #teamcap

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Hi! I'm completely new to this studyblr thing but I've always wanted to make my notes look so much more attractive than before. Just wanted to ask, what's your advice for beginners like me (especially if I don't draw so well) and maybe some suggestions for brands of paper and pens I can use? Thanks so much! :) And your posts are awesome btw.

Hello! Welcome! My advice would be experiment with the types of notes you like and which are most effective for you. Save some of your favourite examples and use them as inspiration for your own. Here are a few quick suggestions:

I suggest reblogging ones that you like and then tagging them with something like ‘ref’ so you can see them later. At least that way they don’t get lost in your likes. Here are a few notetaking posts that you might enjoy:

For stationery, basic notebooks are cheapest and work perfect for what you need. I’m a fan of spiral notebooks because you can bend them more easier than other ones. I’m a big fan of the Arc Notebook by Staples which has lined paper perfect for notetaking. Muji paper is good too, a lot thinner though so I prefer the Arc paper. For pens my favourite ballpoint pens are the Staedtler 432 Ice Ballpoint pens. I like their Triplus Fineliners however I find that after a while the nibs bend to make the size of the lines go really thick. The Muji 0.5 gel pens are great as well. They’re a good selection of colours and have lasted for a long time! If you’re not bothered about colour coding, then Bic or Papermate pens are just as good. For highlighters, I love Zebra Mildliners! Stabilo Swing Cool Highlighters are also pretty good. I hope this helps, and thank you! xx

I feel like Ashton deserves so much more appreciation than he gets?? He’s the one that always makes videos to tell the fans how much he loves us and to keep us up to date, he could probably keep a beat going while getting a leg cut off or something he’s such a good drummer, he’s so MUSCULAR, his hair is so luscious like can you imagine running your fingers through that shit?? and his smile is so contagious it’s basically sunshine, he has like 3324687 different laughs and every single one of them is so adorable, and I srsly could go on and on bc he’s just perfect. It’s not 2013 and he’s not 18 and baby cute with short hair anymore but he is still my sweet child and deserves more love than the world has to offer tbh

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody: Liam Dunbar x Reader (Teen Wolf)

Request from Liz: Hi! I was wondering if you could do a liam dunbar imagine from teen wolf? I didn’t see on the rules if you do names but mines liz but you can also do the Y/N if needed. For the theme I was thinking a beach day? Thank you so much!

A/N: EEEEEEEKKK!!!! *insert pterodactyl noise here* okay. I APOLOGIZE THIS HAS BEEN SITTING IN OUR INBOX FOR SOME TIME…. OOPS. So I basically wrote the story and there are two versions, one of them I have already sent to you, Liz, so I hope you enjoy and it is what you would like it to be.  Liam is bae and I’m crying cuz his little existence is so perfect lol! THIS IS A QUEUED POST. IT WAS WRITTEN ON MAY 25TH 2015. please don’t kill me for not being on a lot these days… :D

~Sara =]

You ran a hand through your hair as stress washed over you in a wave. Finals were just around the corner as well as your exams and final culminating projects. You had never been under this type of pressure before, as you were still a freshman. Books had been piled all around you as you bounced from subject to subject, trying to cram information into your head, and it wasn’t really working out in your favour. Head in your hands you were ready to give up, to give in to the procrastination. But you tried to persist, and frankly it was harder than you thought. A faint knock came from your door and you looked up quickly. Any distraction was welcome just about now. The door opened slowly and standing on the other side was your crush, Liam. From what you heard from Kira and Malia, he fell pretty hard for you too. His dirty blonde almost brown hair was sticking up in unusual ways, as it he had run his hands through it too many times. His piercing blue eyes were somewhat softer than normal today, as if he just wanted to have life chats instead of ripping someone’s head off.
“Hey, Y/N.” he said hesitantly. Non-aggressive talks weren’t really his thing, but hey, at least he was trying.
“Hey Liam. What’s up?” You ask as he inches closer to your bed, where you had spread everything out.
“Well, I kinda wanted to ask… Um, well– here’s the thing,” he started, running his hand through his hair making it stick up even more. Your phone buzzed, with a new notification. You got up from your little circle and walked halfway across the room to get it.  
“Hold on a sec, Liam.” you said as you check the notification. It was from Stiles. The pack was heading to the beach and he wanted to know if Liam had asked you yet.  You decided to give Liam the satisfaction of asking before you told him Stiles had spoiled it.  "You were saying?“ You turn back to Liam as he looks up at you startled, not expecting you to be finished so soon.
“Umm…. Well, so they had this idea. And they wanted to know if you’d wanna come with?”
“Sure, where to?” you ask, masking the smile that was trying to show itself.
“The…. the um– the beach?”
“Is this a date, Dunbar?” you ask quizzically, ask you slowly make your way over to him, trying to act confident. You loved how nervous he was about the entire situation. It made you giddy.
“I guess it is then,” he says as soon as the two of you are inches apart.
“Let’s go, then.” You say as you grab his hand and lead him out your bedroom door, stopping in the hallway. “I need my bathing suit. You, stay.” you say and Liam nods obediently, as you giggle. You walk back into the room to get changed looking at your textbooks and papers that were strewn everywhere. You had finally gotten your distraction.
“Uhh…. Y/N?” Liam called from behind the other side of the door.
“Yeah, Liam?”
“They’re in the driveway.” That was your cue to hurry up, you grabbed a loose fitting shirt, shorts and your flip-flops, as well as a towel, a nice book and shoved everything that your weren’t wearing in a bag, running out to meet Liam.  
“Wait!” You squeak and run back to get your phone. You were back within moments. “Alright, ready.” you grab his hand and run downstairs. You emerge from your house, as you slightly cringe from the daylight, letting your eyes adjust. Parked in your driveway was Lydia’s car and Stiles’ jeep. You took a couple steps towards Stiles’ jeep, but Liam stopped you.
“There’s only room for one more person in each car.” How that ended up working out, you don’t know. But you ran into Lydia’s car almost immediately, knowing that they wanted all the juicy gossip. Plus, you had some unresolved life chats with Lydia and Kira.  You took a seat in the back of Lydia’s car, three heads turned sharply to meet your presence. Lydia look at you through the rear view mirror, Kira and Malia turning their head to you in anticipation.
“Status?” Lydia asked, no hint of excitement in her voice.  Kira looked at you expectantly, and Malia, who had only begin to understand love interests was starting to take to liking the gossip shared between you girls.
“Officially taken by Mr. Liam Dunbar!” you squeal in excitement after a long pause. Fastening your seatbelt, all three girls shared your excitement. Lydia cranked up the music on the radio of her car and the four of you partied the entire ride towards the beach. Frankly you were ecstatic that you and Liam had finally gotten together as it had been a few very intense months between the two of you. And you were pretty sure that Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Kira had put money on it, so there was bound to be money exchanging hands sometime soon. Kira asked you questions about you and Liam the entire ride there, occasionally pausing to explain some things to Malia, as she still didn’t fully understand the concept of first dates –seeing that her first was with Stiles after he chained her up for the Full Moon.  Lydia pulled into a parking lot just behind Stiles’ jeep.

The most of the day went by in a blur. There were many things that happened and you just couldn’t bare to remember them all. Stiles, Scott, Isaac and Malia playing beach volleyball, which Malia basically dominated at. Lydia almost burned in the sun as she was WAY too caught up in a fashion magazine which was typical. You and Kira went swimming with Scott and Liam, also getting piggybacks from the boys as they tried to get out of the water, the struggle becoming very real for the boys within 0.04 seconds of standing up in the water. But the one thing that you would never forget is when it happened. That moment that you were waiting for since 7th grade. It has only been about two years since you started liking Liam and only about 6 months that you’ve known that he’s liked you back, but it felt like forever. You have been really good friends for basically ever, but the fact that you could be something more intrigued you, and made you feel warm inside. As soon as Liam ran out of the water with you on his back, Scott and Kira about a metre and a half behind you, Liam declared that you two had won that race. You fell off of his back, your feet touching the sand as he guided you to face him. Your eyes met, and just for a second your heart stopped, faces barely inches apart. His eyes stared at you in amazement, and you looked at him with hope- as you expected for this to now become your future.
“Can I kiss you, Y/N?” He asks you and you nod almost immediately. His lips gently caressing yours as you carefully entangled your hands in his hair, his hands holding your waist. He pulled away only after a moment. “I really like you.”
“I really like you too, Liam.” you say after you giggle, pulling his soft face back in for another kiss.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the technical details of making a GIF look good under 2MB for Tumblr


I am getting angry, my Gifs are suddenly 7x as big and i dont know whats causing it.


how do you keep your gifs under a MB? ive been having issues where my gifs have increased in size an insane amount even thought they are still 500x500 and 90 frames.

First, a few months ago, I started using 400x400 instead of my previous typical size of 480x480 (fitting into the 500x500 size bracket) because Tumblr had just started allowing GIFs to be 2MB at 400x400. Then, about a month after that, I heard that Tumblr started allowing 2MB @ 500x500, but I had already found that by scaling my animations down to 400x400, which trimmed an extra 70400(the extra 80 on each edge - it’s late, I don’t know if I math’d that right) pixels per frame, allowed me to turn my quality up a lot higher. But higher quality AND twice the file size? LIFE CHANGING. I went from being able to store between 16 to 36 frames of animation to 48 - 72, and that’s been really nice. 500x500 with 90 frames is probably not going to happen for you unless there are fewer than 300 total pixels of change going on per frame, and you have transparency enabled.

So, here are some fundamentals about the GIF algorithm.

First, one of the ways that GIF saves file size is by reducing the total number of colors saved in the images. Most modern day computer graphics are displayed in 24 bit color - that’s (8 bits/1 byte) to represent 256 levels of brightness for the Red, Green and Blue channels of a pixel. GIF says “You know, I can store a palette of colors which are 24 bit themselves, but I’ll only build an list of up to 256 of them, and then just refer to each of them with a single byte as its index.” So we go from 16.7m allowed colors in an image down to 256 of them - but we can pick exactly which colors we want those to be, based on image content. The more total pixels of the same color you have in an image, the more likely it is to make in into that palette. Let’s say the color palette builder spent 255 of your total colors by the time it was 50 pixels from the end of the image. Let’s say that those colors in the palette are all in the green to blue range. Then let’s say you have two shades of orange at the end of your image, and they’re really similar to each other. One of those shades covers 30 of the remaining pixels, and the other shade covers 20 of them. The orange which covers more pixels will be the one between the two that is fit into the palette, and the remaining colors will be “close enough” and replaced with the color of orange that covered more image area.

Next, GIF compresses with LZW, or run-length encoding, meaning that the more repetitive data you have you have in a row, eg; the more pixels of the same color you have in a row, the smaller the resulting file size will be.

It’s like: “Show color #5 for the next 50 pixels in a row. Next, show color #120 for 20 pixels.”
Those 2 color change instructions covered 70 pixels worth of image space, and that file is going to be rather small.

If you have a lot more image detail going on, the instructions would be more like: “Show color #5 for one pixel. Next, show color #8 for one pixel. Okay, now color #20 for two pixels. Now a single pixel of color #5 again.”
Those 4 color change instructions covered only 5 pixels of image space, and that file is going to be HUGE.

Try this experiment. Create a 256x256 image which has a black to white gradient from left to right. and save it as a GIF. Then create an image which is a black to white gradient from top to bottom and save that as a GIF too. The left to right gradient will be much larger because it be like: “White for 1 pixel! Next shade darker than white for one pixel! Next shade darker for one pixel!” and it will take 256 color change instructions to store a single row of pixels, and that’s 256 instructions on 256 rows. That’s not a small number. The top to bottom image on the other hand, will be like “Oh hey, a whole row of white 256 pixels. Let’s see, next row is a shade darker, and look, it’s 256 of those in a row too!” - So what would be stored in that image would be 256 color change instructions total, with one per row.

Next, if you’re using Blender’s Cycles as your render engine, the higher the number of samples you give your render, the smaller the file size is going to be. Why? Because noise. What you need to do is render your animations with a level of noise that’s low enough that the color differences between any two pixels next to each other are not different enough that they would get their own unique colors on the palette. Go ahead and set your samples up higher than you normally would, and let your animation render for 8 or 16 hours starting when you go to sleep, through when you go to school or work or whatever. Get back home at in the evening, and you have a super crispy animation ready to GIF an post.

It’s crucial to render to a lossless image format so you’re not getting weird DCT/JPEG/MPEG artifacts in your animations before you convert them to GIFs. I use these formats, for these reasons: AVI RAW(8bits per channel, smallest file size, fastest to load into other GIF exporting apps if image is perfect and needs no additional processing), PNG(16bits per channel, nice if you want to do some basic levels, curves or color correction on it after the fact), or Open EXR[not multi-layer](32bits per channel, fantastic for post-processing in both Blender and After Effects); When in doubt, use Open EXR, because while those files are a bit larger - the time you spent waiting for the render is more precious than the extra bits you spent to store the file, and you can’t go back and get the extra render data that would normally be in the EXR after the fact if you’ve already saved it as an AVI or PNG.

Protip: If you have an animation that’s on a white or black background, adjust your levels so that some of the unnecessary noise at the top and bottom if your histogram is clipped to pure white or pure black, producing more pixels in a row of the same color. This works best with 16 or 32 bit images because there is more intermediate data between the clipping points to stretch out, and you’ll get less banding in the final image. I used that trick just recently in the “Insomnia Attacks Again” design.

Last tip, and then I go bed. Photoshop has a “Lossy” setting in its GIF export dialog. Using lossy is like getting the color palette picker drunk. “[hic] Eh, this sequence of colors is (orange, orange, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange, orange), but it all looks orange to me! Orange for 6 pixels in a row![spills drink on bartender]”. The more lossy you have, the more drunk the color picker. The less lossy, the more discerning the color picker. DO NOT CROSS LOSSY WITH TRANSPARENCY. NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT. Try it out, and you’ll see why. It looks like someone covered a pair of Crocks with Glitter. Double bad taste.

Okay. I ran out of it. I bed now.


A Few Thoughts...

So a few days ago the reviews for Dianna Agron’s new play McQueen were released and as most of you know, they weren’t great so I wanted to take a minute to share a few thoughts on this. Now, I will not have the opportunity to see McQueen so these are just my general thoughts on what I’ve read and heard from people. 

I’m not going to get into all of the details regarding the reviews. For the most part, most of them did not like or “get” Dianna’s role in McQueen and overall she did not receive great reviews. I’m not going to say that none of the critics are right or that we should discount what they said BUT in the week or so leading up to the press nights, the overall audience reaction to both the play and Dianna were glowing. Everyone seemed moved by the play and by both Stephen and Dianna’s performances so it was a huge shock to hear such negative reviews from the critics after the press nights. 

So I basically just wanted to post this to say that as a Dianna fan I won’t be posting the negative reviews or focusing on any of them. I know Dianna is not perfect and I know there are things as an actor that she needs to work on, but I also know that there are lot of amazing aspects to her performance from McQueen so I’ll be focusing on those instead. Dianna is a professional and I’m sure she will take these reviews in stride and work to improve on the critiques.